They’re Using The Pretense Of Democracy As A Shill


If The Russian Collusion Assertion Was A Criminal Hoax . . . As we all Know it was – Based On The Durham Probe – Why Would we Not Believe that the 2020 Election Wasn’t Rigged as well, since the Democrats at the Highest Levels Did all they Could to Rig the 2016 Election?


And Even Though the LEFT and the Talking-Heads Came to the Same Conclusion that the 2020 Election Wasn’t Rigged . . . How Do They Know, since Whatever Evidence there was from Doing any Forensic Audits & Analysis of the Voting Machines, to the Matching of the Mail-In Ballots to the Actual Addresses of the Presumed Voters, Were Discarded Before They Could Be Matched?

And What About The Republican Scrutineers Who Were Denied Access To The Actual Vote Counting?

We Could Also Talk about the After-Midnight Ballot Dumping. The Fake Flood at the Ballot Counting Headquarters . . . And On & On, which of Course the LEFT has Refuted Without any Evidence Proving that None of the Above Happened.

How Do You Prove A Negative When The Evidence Has Been Expunged?

But What We Do Know . . . Is that Bureaucrats in Various States who were Forbidden by Law to Make Electoral Decisions, which were Reserved Exclusively for the State Legislatures to Make, Violated State Laws & Made those Prohibited Decisions Without Consequence.

We Also Know, through their Own Admission . . . that the Media Conspired & Colluded with Each Other to Demonize Donald Trump, While Ignoring all the Failures & Lies of Joe Biden.

So A Big Question? . . . Knowing What We Knew – Why After the 2020 Election Didn’t the Republicans Rally Behind their Candidate Instead of Rushing to Concede the Election to Joe Biden?

How Could The Questions Of Whether An Election Was Honest Or Not Be So Profound . . . So As Not To Be Debated?

Why Did all the Courts Refuse to Hear Any of the Legal Challenges Brought Forward by so Many Conservative States, Governors, Attorney Generals & Individuals . . . Including Being Summarily Dismissed By The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America?

When The Democrats Say . . . that all the Cases Brought Before the Courts were Lost by the Republicans . . . That’s Not Even Close To Being True, because Not One Case that I’m Aware of Ever had a Full Hearing. So How Could The Republicans Have Lost What Was Not Argued?

In Essence . . . It Wasn’t Just The Democrats Who Colluded To Rig The Election.


If You Need Proof – That the 2020 Election was Rigged Against Donald Trump, and was Not Argued by the Republican Party for Nefarious Reasons . . . Just Look at How 21-Republicans Helped Nancy Pelosi Pass a Massive Spending Bill, which was Anathema to What the Republican Voters Wanted or Expected from their Representatives, Especially After the Results of the Virginia Gubernatorial Election and the Almost Victory for the Republicans in New Jersey.

Add To That . . . All The Other Republican Victories Over The Past Week Which Routed The Democrats.


Biden Like Obama Touts His Friendship & Loyalty To Israel . . . The Opposite Is True.

As I’ve Written In The Past . . . When Biden was a US Senator Many Years Ago (1982), Biden Threatened Israel (Menachem Begin) with a Loss of Financial Aide Unless Israel Toed the American Line.

Begin’s Partial Classic Response To Joe Biden Was . . .

“Don’t Threaten Us With Cutting Off Your Aid. It Will Not Work. I Am Not A Jew With Trembling Knees. I Am A Proud Jew With 3,700 Years Of Civilized History . . . . “

Years Later In March Of 2010 As Vice President – Biden Publicly Lectured & Castigated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, over an Extension of Existing & Future Proposed Jewish Settlements.

I Can’t Recall Any World Leader Being Treated As Disrespectfully At The White House . . . Especially An Ally.

In 2010, at a White House Meeting Between Obama & Netanyahu, Obama Left the Israeli Prime Minister Like an Unwanted Visitor, as Obama Went to Have his Meal with his Family. And at the End of a Catastrophic Meeting at the White House where Obama Purposefully Humiliated the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu was Ushered out with his Staff Through the Back-Door of the White House as if the Prime Minster of Israel – Was An Embarrassment Not To Be Seen.


Obama Had Been Quoted Many Times As Saying . . . You’ll Never See Daylight Between the United States of America and the State of Israel. Tell That To The Israelis . . . Especially After The US/Iran Nuclear Deal.

I Used to Wince Every Time Tony Blair Said “Israel Will Never Have A Better Friend Than England”, as Tony Blair’s Wife Campaigned Hard for Palestinian Causes, while Tony Blair Worked Equally Hard on the International Scene to Take a Measure of Sovereignty & Land Away from Israel.

It’s As If These Politicians Believe No One Is Paying Attention . . . Or The People Are Too Stupid To Remember.


There Is A Serious Clash Of Will Brewing Between The United States Of America & Israel – Between Traditional Jews & Reformed Socialist Jews . . .  Within the United States of America & Subsequently Within the Nation of Israel.


Biden Wants To Violate International Law & Force The Establishment Of A Palestinian Consulate On Israel In Jerusalem.

What Do You Think Is Going To Happen . . . When Biden Pushes the Israeli’s Up-Against the Wall? Do you Think the Israelis are Going to Capitulate, since the Israelis & World Jewish Community Waited for More than 2,000-Years to RECLAIM their Ancestral Capitol?

And What Do You Think Biden Will Do When The Israelis Tell Him To F-Off?

And if the Israelis in their Ridiculous Parliament, where Everyone is King & Queen Decides to Comply in Any Way to these Anti-Israel (Anti-Semitic) Demands of Biden, How Long Do you think it will Take for the Israelis to Re-Elect Netanyahu to be the Return Prime Minister of a Huge Conservative Majority in the Knesset . . . ?

Simply By Netanyahu Campaigning With These Four Words – I Told You So.

The LEFT Know This Is Their Only Chance To Change The World, because in January 2023, when the House and the Senate Change over to Swear-In the New House & Senate, the Entire Congress (House & Senate) will Shine Bright Red.

That’s Only If By Then . . .Biden Doesn’t Declare Martial Law & Stop The Vote.

The Democrats & RINOS . . . Especially The Far LEFT – Don’t Care if they Give the Conservatives a Pyrrhic Victory in 2022, as Long as the LEFT Leave Behind a Scorched-Earth, which they Assume Republican Conservatives will Never be Able to Repair.

And Part Of The LEFT’S Scorched Earth Strategy Is To End The Jewish State, Which We Know-Of As Israel.


So Let Me Go Back To The Full Speech Given To Biden By Menachem Begin on June 22, 1982 . . .

“I Am Not A Jew With Trembling Knees. I Am A Proud Jew With 3,700 Years Of Civilized History. Nobody Came To Our Aid When We Were Dying In The Gas Chambers & Ovens. Nobody Came To Our Aid When We Were Striving To Create Our Country. We Paid For It. We Fought For It. We Died For It. We Will Stand By Our Principles. We Will Defend Them. And, When Necessary, We Will Die For Them Again, With Or Without Your Aid.”

From The Time I Could Understand – I was Always Told by Jewish Adults that the Day will Come Again, when the World will Once Again Test the True Mettle & Resolve of the Jewish People.

I Fear That Day Will Soon Be Upon Us . . . And The New Nazi Will Reside On Pennsylvania Avenue.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If it was an honest election, the democrats would be screaming for the audits to take place to prove they won fair and square. Their ongoing efforts to stop the audits screams “we cheated, we’re guilty” louder than anything else. It is for that reason that I am certain the election was rigged in addition to being an election judge and disqualifying 25% of the absentee votes based on totally mismatched signatures.

  2. Biden Biden Biden is all we hear. The first day I watched Biden signing 17 executive orders I said to myself, “There is no way he read or understands all of those.” Now 9 months later watching his presentations and how much he is sheltered Biden is the perfect stooge to have to be controlled by who knows who. I would love to know the construction and structure of the individuals behind him that is in control of this administration and out country.

  3. The 2016 election was a surprise to the Dems and their errors in fixing elections were corrected in 2020. If the 2020 election was fair, then all the exposed irregularities should have been ~50/50 favoring Trump and Biden. Instead they all favored Biden lending credence to the conclusion the election was rigged for Biden.

  4. Dare say most of your readers are so fed up with what’s happening we’re about to SCREAM!!!! Even though Virginia (in Jan) will once again become primarily republican, the VA Senate still has a Dem majority (until 2024 anyway). So for 2 years there will be stalemates likely. It’s pathetic these politicians are paid so much to just do nothing. Or what they do accomplish isn’t for the benefit of the citizens but their agenda & themselves in the process. SICK of it all. TERM LIMITS for Congress!!

  5. Ah the real Biden showed his metal, pointing his finger at the camera, The previous WH caused the children to be separated from their parents, they should be compensated, or words to that effect. How about the families (Angel Families) who lost loved ones at the hands of Illegals. Or our Vets who have to fight for benefits. Did you know that Vets are not told of their benefits when they Discharge, I have talked to many, years after discharge that do not understand or have used their benefits .

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