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A Wowser . . . By Definition – is Someone Holier-Than-Thou, who Professes some sort of Puritan Life or Belief Against the Life-Style, Beliefs & Language of Others.

I Read All The Comment & All The Emails – Sometimes I Smile. . . Sometimes I Grimace. Yesterday (August 18, 2020) I Did Both.

Yesterday – My Headline To The Editorial Was . . .

“Because She Has A Vagina & She’s Not White”, which Offended a Whole Bunch of Readers, and Caused a Greater Number of Readers to my Defense. As a Matter of Fact, this Editorial in Mention Helped Raise a few More Dollars for

What Offended Me . . . was the Response of those with such Tender Eyes – who were so Offended.

1 – The Headline Did Exactly what a Headline should do. It Attracted Attention, Defined the Meaning of the Story (Editorial) & Created Thought.

2 – The Words I Used . . . Perfectly Described my Thought Process and the Situation which I Focused-On with No Room for Innuendo.


3 – Instead of Focusing on the Importance of the Story (Editorial), some People Focused on my “Crude” Language, which Blew Me Away, Considering the language was Not Crude – But the Gravity of the Reality of Why Biden (The DNC) Specifically Choose a Woman of Color Over all Others – who would be More Qualified & More Moral Americans, Thousands if Not Millions of Whom who would do a Hands-Down Better Job in the White House as Biden’s Number Two . . . Was As Crude As One Can Define.


I Remove Comments All The Time.

All of the Time, there is an Algorithm Built into my System of that Blocks Comments that have Offensive Words. I Never Really Look at those Comments Saved in the Back-Door of, since they Never See the Light of Day.

But – Every Now & Then . . . There are Offensive Comments that are Published, which I Personally Remove . . . Sometimes those Comments are a Call to some sort of Violence in One Way or Another. Sometimes the Information is just so Wrong, that it would be Inconceivable for me in Good Conscience to Leave them on the Comment Page. And Sometimes the Comments are just Stupidly to the LEFT.

But I Can’t Be Living On This Computer 24/7, Believe it or Not, I too have a Life & I Certainly Don’t have the Wherewithal (Money) to Hire a Staff to Do It For Me, since I am a One-Man Staff who Doesn’t Take a Salary. No One Gets A Salary At

But – I Do Verify & Read what is Commented & Emailed to me on a Regular Basis, even when I am on Vacation (Rarely Ever On Vacation) or on a Quick Getaway. And if I’m Not with my Computer, whatever I need to Delete has to Wait Until I am.

I Just Finished Sending Personal Thank You Emails to the People who Help Support Financially, of which there are Not Many, Considering the Many Thousands of People Who Read And Depending on the Month – Contributions are Attributed to as many as only 75-100 People, who Contribute as much as $5 – $100 Each, with $100 being Very Much in the Minority.

Forget the Value of my Writing, for which I do Ascribe a Value, even though I Research, Write, Edit & Maintain the BLOG for Free, there are Real Costs Associated with Managing, from the Costs of Constantly Tweaking the BLOG, Upgrading the Servers, Email Distribution Providers & Never-Ending Security Upgrades, for which there are Many, and they are Expensive.

And Every Now & Then We Get Hacked, like we were while Anne & I took a Few Days off to Go to Huntsville near Algonquin Park in North Central Ontario . . . and a Couple of Hundred Miles on a Side Drive for a Day to Toronto, when the Credit Card Service was Hacked by People who Were up to No Good.

All Of The Proceeding – Costs A Lot Of Money . . . And Without the Support of the Few People who Pony-Up, I Don’t Know if I could Afford to Carry-On in the Manner that I Do, since I am in No Way a Rich-Guy, because, even with the Support I Receive, at the End of the Day . . . I Have To Make-Up The Difference, Because It’s Never Enough.

I’m Not Writing This To Solicit Pity, Approbation Or Gratitude – But it Seems to Me – that the People who Contribute The Least (Nothing) Criticize The Most. So – if I Piss-Off & Lose All the People who Criticize me the Most for What I Write & How I Write It . . . Where’s The Loss? Certainly Not Financial.


Be Offended At Why Kamala Harris Was Chosen.

Be Offended At The Resurgence Of Racism Where Little To None Existed.

Be Offended At What The Democrats Stand For – Especially Racial Disunity.

Be Offended At The Torrent Of Political Lies.

Be Offended At The Lack Of Honest & Complete News.

Be Offended At The Filth We’re All Subjected To On Mainstream TV.

Be Offended At The Communist Education Our Children Are Receiving.

Be Offended At The New Gender Definitions With Boys Competing Against Girls.

Be Offended At University Rip Offs & The Almost Unrepayable Student Loans.

Be Offended At University Graduates Who Are Too Incompetent To Make A Living.

Be Offended At The Global Push For A Socialized One World Government.

Be Offended At The Never Ending Assault On Jewish People – Anti-Semitic BDS.

Be Offended At The Chinese Communist Party & Their Concentration Camps.

Be Offended At Congress – Both Sides Of The Aisle – But Mostly On The LEFT.

Be Offended At The Phony Push For Climate Change.

Be Offended At The Size Of Government.

Be Offended At The Cost Of Government.

Be Offended At Political Graft.

Be Offended At Nonsense Socialist Congressional Spending.

Be Offended At The Massive Budget Deficits & Debts At All Levels Of Government.

Be Offended At The Incompetence Of Our Elected & Appointed Government People.

Be Offended At The Growing Lack Of Freedom Of Expression.

Be Offended At The Push To Remove The 2nd Amendment.

Be Offended At What Is Going To Be A Rigged Election (Mass Mail-In Ballots).

Be Offended At Politically Weaponizing The FBI, NSA, CIA, Justice – ETC.

Be Offended At An Attempted American Coup D’état

Be Offended At The Bastard Athletes & Owners Who Kneel At The Flag.

Be Offended At The (Canonization) Sainthood Of A Black Thug – George Floyd.

Be Offended At Black Lives Matter.

Be Offended At Antifa.

Be Offended At The Non-Reason For Demonstrations.

Be Offended At The Black-On-Black Murders In Places Like Chicago.

Be Offended At Horrific Liberal Mayors, City Councils & Governors.

Be Offended At The Arsonists Who Are Burning Down American Cities.

Be Offended At The Destruction Of Private & Public Property.

Be Offended At The Looting.

Be Offended At The War On Cops.

Be Offended At The Black On White Violence.


But If You’re Offended Because I Called The Choice Of Kamala Harris To Be Biden’s Running Mate By The Democrats . . . A Choice Based On A Person Of Color With A Vagina . . .

You Can Kiss My White Ass & Find A More Politically Correct Blog You Can Relate To.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on Bud. Time we started calling……. Offended over accuracy and truth. They can also kiss my!!!!!

  2. Howard you are absolutely 💯 % correct!!! Absolutely no one should be offended by your column yesterday. It really shows all of us what is truly wrong with the world we live in. Keep up the great work. Appreciate you!!!!

  3. If the prudes who wrote to you about using the word that Dr. ‘s use in their office or any other time, forget them HC they are not worth you getting upset over it. They are goof balls ha ha. Oh Lord I wish I could send you money and as I said maybe next year will be better for me to do so. But you do not let ANYONE tear you down about what you write, or how you do it. Your a strong good person and what you say is honest. People don’t like it get a grip get off go read comic books. Take care.

  4. Didn’t know so many people could be offended by truth and fact.,Guess anything is possible with a little mind. Al Seitzer, Chandler, AZ, USA

  5. Sorry, I left a comment but put it on the wrong line. Hope you find it.

  6. Thanks again Howard for telling IT the way IT is. Most people that are so offended when the cold hard facts are put to them are the Very people that encourage the Bad guys by Not Standing Up for their beliefs because they are so Afraid of giving any possible offence i.e.(Mitt the Turncoat). I am OFFENDED that my FREEDOM(S) are being Dissolved before my very eyes. Stand Up – Speak Up while you Still Can. Freedom Lovers, and your Grandchildren will Thank you.

  7. I can not believe that some of your readers were offended by the word vagina, this is a medical term that every woman hears during her annual physical, maybe you should have used a more colorful word such as Pu..y (trying not to offend any one). They should be offended by the language used by the Liberals when they are referring to the President on the United States. Howard, please don’t hold back, you’re writing it as it is and if they can’t take it, there is always CNN & MSNBC.

  8. It is unbelievable that such violence is permeating through America. Lots of Security people, they too were attacking the white guy, looked like the back of his head was smashed in. Lots of iPhones pictures, they must have quite a gallery. The man lay inert throughout the video, few people trying to help, no paramedics, or police. It’s sjhcoking and the MSM does not show footage like that, Fox may show some occasionally, like they did of this man being beaten. Is this what Americans want?

  9. Howard, people should be offended at all you list, but they’re not. They have become so brainwashed, so uneducated, so left-in-the-dark, so desensitized to radicalism, so believing that leftism is normal and acceptable, so manipulated, so deprived of independent and critical thought, and so instructed and directed how to act, that they have lost all sense, knowledge, emotion and will to be offended by what is going on. To me, not enough people shout the truth like you do.

  10. Wow Howard, what enlightenment. The video you included Shows those, peaceful protesters” as they really are. I knew the truth but many will be enlightened if they watch the video all the way through. They would probably rejoice if they had killed the guy who may have permanent brain damage. Thank you for providing REALITY!

  11. LOL loved your loss comment, great editorial couldn’t agree with you more.

  12. Your list is dead on!!!!!!! Couldn’t agree with you more!!! Excellent!!!!!

  13. Howard, you made my day!!! Especially the last sentence…. hahahaha Love your sense of humor even though it’s true. I’m referring to the KISS.. lol Thanks for always being here to share “THE TRUTH”!!!! God Bless You, Ann & the rest of your sweet family. You make my day!!!!

  14. It is a strange coincidence to me that the Chinese virus occurred almost on cue with the U.S. Presidential election. In the early days of the virus, that Dr. Fauci predicted would occurred during a speech given in 2017, was seeded in all U.S. states concurrently. At the same time the World Economic Forum announces a meeting in January 2021 to lay out “The Great Reset’ (Global Socialism) that the Trump Administration and the Republicans vigorously oppose.

  15. Was not offended, kinda surprised those other women were. I chose to leave it alone. We choose whether to be offended by something. If it is against me personally, I might be. I DO SUPPORT WHAT YOU DO to get truth out there for us. On the Portland thing, I watched video. My understanding is they were having these kinds of issues prior to the Floyd mess. From the looks of it, it’s becoming another Chicago. Big city life is not for me. Anyway, keep up the good work you do.

  16. The video was removed??? Was that your point? You tube censorship. Yes, that does offend me! Keep up the great work HG.

  17. Regarding the driver of the truck on the video: If he had been carrying, all of that could have been avoided. No police around? You’ve got to take things in your own hands.

  18. What you called Harris was actually too kind. She is a leftist, Marxist, loony! I see video has been blocked by YouTube. Don’t want the truth to be seen by too many folks.

  19. re: But If You’re Offended Because I Called The Choice Of Kamala Harris To Be Biden’s Running Mate By The Democrats . . . A Choice Based On A Person Of Color With A Vagina . . . ROTFLMAO

  20. Perhaps what was offensive about your description was the truthfulness of it. But, it was most kind of you to offer the offended a list from which to choose a purpose for offense which might suit them better. On the other hand, because you were available to unload on, you may have saved a dog from being kicked! People who want to be offended are usually able to find something (and usually it is about color or this case a twofer).

  21. Tried to watch the video, but YouTube says it has been removed for violating terms of service.

  22. Your comments were spot on and IF anyone was offended they should go and take a nap !! Your offeneded list was very good and complete.

  23. I don’t have much but this one put me over the edge. In a good way of course. Donation en route!

  24. lol … Howard, I support your blog because I love what you write,… 99% of the time it is what I am thinking…only , you can say it much better then me …so , don’t you change a thing.

  25. Spot on Howard. You know you struck a nerve when YouTube censors you! Donation on way. Is there anywhere the video could be posted by someone else so us late comers can see the video that offended YouTube? Hannity would likely post it on his personal website!

  26. Being a Female of color does not qualify one to be vice president; and using anatomically correct terminology is not crude.

  27. “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

  28. AMEN Howard AMEN !!!! Keep your blog just the way it is. I wish I could have donated but without a good-paying job, like I used to have, money is tight. I was on CERB for the last 12 weeks. I just signed a contract to start work next Monday with Immigration Canada, a very well paying job. If I succeed the 6 weeks of formation and the 5 exams, I will be in and will be able to start supporting you shortly. After 5.5 years of being laid-off by the government, I’m back in with the government.

  29. The video has been removed courtesy of You Tube.. How odd! Love the LIST! I’d love your permission to post the list on my FB page with CREDIT to you of course….. Alone it stands out and I pray many would see it and wake up and maybe re think being a democrat…. Thanks if you can let me know. Will e-mail this as well, as I realize there is so much on your plate… I will let you know in the e-mail I posted here as well! Keep the true clear voice coming, we all need to hear it.

  30. Tried opening the video, and was notified that YouTube had removed it. I receive this as an email not on YT. That is another thing to be offended at!

  31. Another great read Howard…and still so many offended by the ‘real’ truth, just so many snowflakes out there who may one day get what they wish for…then they will find out what they should really have wished for. We need to stick around for a long time, as I keep saying people I haven’t met yet I need to p**off! Hang in there and keep up your great work.

  32. Fantastic Editorial. Had a problem with video FYI…This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.

  33. I am from St George Utah, do not know Pamela Dale who commented on your vagina reference, but she needs to put on her big girl panties, she is no longer living in Kansas, even Utah women have vaginas and are not offended by the word. She & all others offended by your words should be kicked off of your Blog..they don’t deserve to have access to your amazing insight. Mary Bemis, St George Utah

  34. Amazing that your video was removed from FB for violating terms of service… Go figure… and keep the messages coming!

  35. This editorial had me laughing out loud. It sounds like creepy fiction but it’s all happening right before my eyes. Please remain strong and keep speaking the truth.

  36. Howard, when I first read the blog, I was a bit taken aback, however you couldn’t have been more correct. And, I wish the world, or at least the left, liberal, dems were offended as much as I am by “EVERY” item on the list. The government is self serving and self absorbed, time to bring back the tree of liberty. Keep up the good work my friend. Trump 2020 2A All The Way Donation en route.

  37. I missed commenting on Howard’s previous editorial but I agree with Teri Newman’s comment that “a spade is a spade”……. I get so tired of all the racism and political correctness crap constantly thrown out there by the “DEMONRATS!” 🐍🐍 But I’m much more angry by the people fooled and distracted by this crap!…… Results count, not skin colour!!!!!!!…

  38. Okay, Champ! Now that you’ve got that off your chest about what displeases you! Now please write a blog on what pleases you! Give us a positive spin to hang on to! God speed…..

  39. I loved reading this blog today and yes I’m offended at ALL of your points. I tried to watch your video and a window came up that said….”this video has been removed by the tube because…..”

  40. Offended by what you write, never,eyeopening to the folks I send it too. As a retired Vet of the US Army, I quit college in 70 to join the military. I have worked hard for the property and retirement i have. Anyone, talking of white privledge is only talking of the 1% of folks who were born with a silver spoon. Those of us who did hands on work, sometimes multiple jobs to move ahead earned it. Those lazy ones with hands out did not, you can work if you choose too, sometimes for minimum wage.

  41. Good one! Most also applies to Canada as well. Our Canadian and Provincial governments are over sized, over paid, overly corrupt will stay liberal until broke.

  42. To Donald Azevedo, What every anti free enterprise person forgets is, without it, there would be no ‘silver spoons’ to be born with that was attained by work, not theft like socialistic leaders do!

  43. Just keep doing what you’re doing and saying what you’re saying! You know that you have the support & appreciation of 99% of us!

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