A Little Knowledge Is A Terrible Thing – Actually Dangerous


Conservatives Want To Learn – The LEFT Figures They’ve Learned All They Need To Know.


The Rot Of Our Freedoms Can Be Pointed To Our Educators . . . But the Educators from Pre-School to Postgraduate are Not the Root Of The Rot of our Freedoms.

When I Was in Junior High School (Chomedey High), Located just North of Montreal, there was a Community Meeting (Akin To An Educational Townhall) Established by the High School for the Area’s Parents.

Everyone Was Invited to Attend . . . So I went, which Made me the Only Student to be there. And the Only Reason I was there, was because it was on my Way to a Pizza Joint where I was to Meet some Friends.

The Theme Of The Panel Discussion Was . . . “Are The Children Going To Pot?”

I Listened for a While, and When the Discussion was Thrown Open to the Audience I Got in Line for the Microphone, where a Few Adults Spewed all Manner of Opinions about what’s Wrong with our Children & How the PTA could Make Some Changes to Fix Things, Not that there seemed to be so Much that was Broken with my Friends that Needed to be Fixed.

When My Turn Came At The Microphone . . . I Did Something the Adults Before me Didn’t Do. I Introduced Myself, Said where I Lived, where I went to School, In which Grade . . . And then Said the Following; And I Remember it as if it was Yesterday . . .

“You’re Asking The Wrong Question . . . The Question Should Be – Are The Parents Going To Pot?”

And Without Waiting For An Answer I Left. A Few Weeks Later, I was Contacted by the High School, which Wanted me to Sit on a Panel of Highschool Students, at another Scholastic Town Hall to Debate my Question.


This Was About 1964 . . . And even though I Didn’t Know much about Anything, I Knew that the Parents of Many of the Students I Knew, some of which were my Friends, had Parents who Weren’t Like my Parents, who (My Parents) Made Certain that my Two Sisters and I Adhered to a Family Code of Responsibility & Values.

The Other Parents Weren’t Old Fashioned Like My Parents. And Unlike my Parents, where Everything was About Family, Many of the Parents of the Other “Kids” I knew, were Almost More About Themselves than they were about their Kids, which was just the Tip of the Iceberg.

It Was The Beginning Of The New Generation . . . The Precursor to the Original Me Generation, with Events like Hippies, the Beatles, Woodstock, Getting High, Free Love & Everything Else that could be Put-On the Menu.

It was the Generation which was the Catalyst for the Parents at that Time, to Begin the Surrender of Parenting to the Teachers & Psychologists, because Too Many of our Generation’s Parents Wanted to be Hip.

And More Than Just Being Parents, They Wanted To Be Our Cool Friends.

Until My Sisters & I Married . . . Supper was Always at Home with our Parents. And Supper was Always Something Homemade.  And even After we Married, unless there was a Special Reason . . . Sabbath Night (Friday) Supper Was Also Always At Home Together.

While It’s True The Educators Screwed-Up Our Society Phenomenally – Who Gave Them The Green Light To Do So?


We’re Watching Educators Resist Going Back To School. Why is it that the Men & Women who Work in the Local Grocery Store, Bakery, Food Processing Plant, Garage, Delivery Service, Post Office, EMS, Police, Fire – Etc, Etc, Etc have No Problem Working?

The Problem We’re In Today Didn’t Just Start . . . This Problem Started Way Back, even Before FDR’s Socialist New Deal, as it has Like a Cancer – Metastasized Throughout our Many Generations, Strengthening Along the Way, Until it has Matured to Where We’re At Now.

Want To Fix The Problem? . . . Take Back Our Schools – Decertify The School Unions Or Start Paying For Charter Schools.

I Heard Former Governor Mike Huckabee On The Harris Faulkner Early Afternoon Show (July 15, 2020), when Huckabee Meekly Suggested that the Problem with the Rioters, Looters, Vandals, Arsonists & Assailants, was that they Didn’t Get a Spanking when they were Young – Faulkner Fought Back Her Derision At Hearing These Words From Huckabee.

I Don’t Think Much Of Faulkner Anyways . . . Who like all the “Centrist” Fox News Hosts, Faulkner Endeavors to Appear to be Holier Than Thou, as a Philosopher Queen who Can See Every Side of Every Argument in the Most Benign Way.

But Huckabee Was Right. Perhaps if there was Someone in the Lives of these thugs, at Home or at School, who Taught Conservative Values of Respect . . .  with a Needed Whack Across the Ass or a Ruler Across the Knuckles, America Wouldn’t Be On Fire Today . . .

. . . Stores Wouldn’t By Looted. People Wouldn’t be Beaten-Up. Cops Wouldn’t be Killed. And our Society Wouldn’t be in a Tailspin.

It All Starts At Home . . . Migrates To The Schools & Ends-Up On The Streets.

I Doubt Very Much . . . If the Governments Can Decertify Teachers’ Unions – Probably Not. But Chartered Schools Should Be Where It’s At, where Bad Teachers Can’t be Protected by the Power of Bad Unions.

Spare The Rod . . . Spoil The Child.

So – Instead of Pumping Money into all Forms of Feel-Good Social Endeavors – After The Fact, Instead . . . Invest Public Money (Tax Dollars) where it will Do the Most Good, Right at the Heart of the Problem, Starting with Pre-School through High School . . . And Defund All The Universities.

Another Reasonable Solution Would Be To Forbid Unions From Publicly Funded Institutions From Financing Candidates.

Maybe The Time Isn’t Right Yet . . . But Sooner, Rather Than Later – It Will Be Time For Conservatives To Take Back Our Streets, Institutions & Freedoms.

And Understand This . . . If we Don’t Continue to Exercise our Freedom of Expression, in Spite of Everything the LEFT is Doing to Curtail our Right to Publicly Express what we Think, Believe, Write & Say . . . It Will Be Curtains For Us.

As It Is . . . Freedom of Expression is Already on the Chopping Block in Most Academic Institutions, with Most Social Media, Mainstream Television & Print Throughout the Continent.

It’s Not If This Is Going To Happen . . . Because It’s Already Happening.

I’ve Been Called Every Name Under The Sun – and Some Names I can’t Even Recognize. And what the LEFT Can’t Do through Ridicule & Embarrassment, they Try to Do through Intimidation, Fines, Court Orders (Gag Order) & Legislation . . . “For The So-Called Common Good”.

Less Than A Decade Ago . . . While at Home, Watching Television, I Got a Phone Call from a Moral & Financial Supporter, who with a Shaking Voice Told me that she Just Heard that there was a Warrant Sworn for my Arrest with the Ontario Provincial Police Based on a Verbal Hate Crime. She Was Terrified.

In The Long Run . . . There Was No Hate Crime, just an Aggressive Commentary from me Defending Freedom of Expression on the Language Use of One’s Choice. The Prosecutor Refused to Act on the Complaint. But that Gives you an Idea of How Low the LEFT are Prepared to Stoop to Stymie Freedom of Expression.


We Are Bearing Witness Today . . . As Opinionists are beginning to Fight Back – Even Liberal Writers & Speakers are Starting to Understand, that the Fruit of Their Past Efforts to Demean People Like me are Coming Back to Bite Themselves In-The-Ass-Big-Time.

I Have No Sympathy For Any Of Them . . . They’ll Reap What They’ve Sown.

But I Ask You, As I Always Do At The Middle Of Every Month . . . For Your Financial Support, For Me To Be Able To Deal With The Arrows & Slings . . . for me to Continue to Finance the Costs of Running & Maintaining Galganov.com.

And Because I have No Sugar Daddy or Corporate Sponsor to Help me Cover the Costs, Except for the Handful of People who Generously Kick-In Every Month – I Have No One to Answer To Except The Truth.

And From Here Through November In Both Countries . . . There Will Be Much Truth To Answer To.

Therefore, if as Usual, You can Help Me Carry The Load Somewhat, I Will as Always be Very Grateful. To Financially Support Galganov.com, CLICK HERE To See How.

Thank You In Advance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In my entire childhood, I never got a spanking I didn’t richly deserve–and my parents passed on quite a few I should have gotten in favor of a very stern lecture that unfailingly reduced me to sobbing mush. I am blessed to have both of my parents still with me now that I am 61. Dad is 90, mom is 86. I wouldn’t raise my voice to either of them on a bet. However, I’ve graduated from idiot child to responsible adult in their eyes and that’s everything to me.

  2. You hit it straight on – so agree with you. Thanks for the work you do Howard! I am in a place serving people, cannot tell you where I am due to fear of Covid issues from the overseers, trying to do something positive in a negative world. I soon will do the 50CC Diaper Run to give support to a pro-life home – again doing something positive in the face of what I deem negative. We must all find ways to turn a light on – you do such an excellent job with the keyboard! Let’s not get weary!

  3. Like you I grew up in a household that punished for things done wrong. Starting school in the South, the ruler was not spared should you be disrespectful or caused someone pain.My children were raised by my wife and I, not like many homes today. We expected our children to behave and be respectful. Now as grown ups they are respected in their professions and in life. They both still greet me with a hug and kiss and are always concerned about my wife and my health. Their mother died at 45.

  4. Also had parents who believed in physical discipline when needed; I was also a disciplining parent. Discipline leads to self-control, respect of others, & better choices in life. Went thru dilemma as young parent as child psychologists were pushing that discipline squashed child’s creativity, their psyche & sense of self. Saw neighbors following that w/result of tantrums, even hitting parents. So decided to go to Bible for guidance. Cannot go wrong following God’s guidance in the matter.

  5. I am the same age as you. My parents didn’t spank either my older sister or myself. Yet, being brought up in a Conservative Jewish home we were taught how to behave and had good examples set by our parents. We were not spoiled and I worked from the time I could. At first, it was a lemonade stand then a paper route and during the summers as a teen I would do errands for neighbors like mowing lawns and in the winter shoveling snow. I earned all of my belongings from my bicycle to my comics.

  6. I have often said that growing up should mean a month or two on the farm…real work…real responsibilities…learn to run equipment…be responsible for your actions and get you butt kicked if you screw up but learn from it!

  7. I was spanked as a child, my father used a belt which today is against the law. Only the person spanking’s bare hand on a child bare hand or bare butt is permitted today at that’s from the last Supreme Court ruling on corporal punishment back in the early 2000’s.

  8. Thank you for such a great article, Howard. You are so 100% right on the mark!

  9. I have had the same beliefs for years. Our problems started with the erosion of the traditional family structure and values. It’s at the very core of many of today’s problems. We are all products of our environment and if that environment is without structure, support , direction, responsibilities and most importantly respect, then we see the results that we’re living today.

  10. Wow did you ever hit it this time. I was talking to my daughter while TV was on about the age group doing their horrible mess to stores and police officers. What age are these animals I said to her she told me. So I said if U had kids they would be UR age.I do not have enough words U were right. It started with the PARENTS not being who they should have been PARENTS. I grew up in late forties and all of the fifties. WE learned respect or else run for your life here comes dad or mom. U were right

  11. For many, the words “PUNISHMENT & COMMON SENSE” no longer exist in the Dictionary–as proven by all the criminals who are being let out of jail. Many parents act as FRIENDS to their kids because they don’t want to be DISLIKED by them. If the kids don’t RESPECT the parents, how can they respect AUTHORITY figures, especially the Police Officers. DISCIPLINE is KEY to Kids’ upbringing! Playing “killing” GAMES on their phones REMOVES them from REALITY! PRAY for them! Very SAD world we live in! AMEN!

  12. Electronic killing games are OK! for the children, but playing Cops and Robbers or Cowboys & Indians played outside is not OK! As for children, myself and my children knew the rod. Today’s parents are not smarter then a 2 year old. My granddaughter called for help by me for her 2 & 4 yr old. She can’t believe how much better life is for them but also the kids. Are you smarter then a 2 year old? If you can’t outsmart a 2 year old G-D help you. That child will be 13. Good luck with that!

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