This Is Indeed The World’s Battle To Remain – Free Nations


This Is A Bit Long . . . But I Think It Is Worth Reading.

I Am Not A Conspiracy Theorist! . . . But I’m Also Not a Schmuck. Why did a Hairdresser just go to Jail in Dallas for Refusing to Apologize to a Judge, for the Crime of Feeding her Family by Operating her Own Business, when no Apology was Warranted – Yet the Likes of Crooked Hillary Clinton, James Comey and an Army of Political Scum Who’ve Attempted to Overthrow the Congress of the United States of America & Stage a Thus Far Failed Coup D’état of the Duly Elected President (Donald Trump) of the United States of America – Are Walking Free With Impunity?

What Rights Do I Have? Because I Don’t Know, Until Someone In Government Tells Me. How Is This Freedom?

As Any Free Person In Canada Or The USA . . . Why am I Debating my Right to Shake Hands with a Friend, or Give a Friend a Hearty Hug? From Where did the Government get the Authority to Control my Personal Being?

I Just Watched A Few Minutes of Out Numbered on Fox News, Anchored by Harris Faulkner who Spoke (Opined) about the Government Enforcing their Rules (To Paraphrase) . . . We’ve All Agreed With The Consensus To Our New Social Structure.

In That One Statement Alone, Harris Faulkner Removed All Doubt To Her Credibility – Faulkner’s A Moron!

What Consensus Was Faulkner Referring To? Was Faulkner Speaking about the National Vote We The People Had, with which to Surrender our Freedoms to the Whims of Bureaucrats?. . . Because – if that was the Consensus Faulkner was Speaking About – No One Told Me About The Vote.

Let me Remind Faulkner Who Is Black . . . Not that Many Years ago, there was also a Consensus in America, that Black People were ANIMALS WITHOUT A SOUL, to be Bought, Sold & Traded like Chattel. And Even Less Long Ago than that, there was Consensus in Europe (Germany), that Jews were UNTER MENSCHEN (Less Than People).


I No Longer Believe . . . That Any of the Miscreants who were Responsible for the Attempted Coup D’état of President Trump will be Going to Jail. There will be a Lot of Public Kabuki Theater Involving the House, the Senate and the Media. There Might be some Arrests, but if there will be Arrests, the Arrested will Probably be Low Level Players, or Perhaps some Better-known People willing to Fall on their Sword for one Reason or Another.

But By The Time . . . Anything Happens – After an Endless Series of Twists & Turns of Investigations, Appeals, Delays & Claims of National Security with Reams of Redacted Pages – Elections will have Come & Gone, and the People will have Moved onto other more Current Political Puppet-Shows.

You Know When They Talk About Too Big To Fail . . . They’re Talking About Government.

They’re Talking About Bureaucrats . . . and all the Many Special Interest Groups which Feed Them, the Likes of the Billionaires, which Includes much Bigger Money than any of us can Perceive. And Big Labor & International Businesses, where the Government they’re Loyal to is Themselves. They’re also Talking about Big Media, which is owned by Big Business, which is the Puppeteer (Media) Pulling the Strings of the Politicians, which is the Propaganda Used to Shape the Minds & Loyalties of the People.

I Ask Again . . . Why Isn’t Crooked Hillary In Jail?

And Why are the Democrats Defending a Candidate like Biden, who Isn’t Worthy of Shoveling-Out one of my Horse Stalls? I’m Not a Clinical Psychologist, but I Don’t Have to Be to See & Hear that Biden is a Buffoon, who Can’t Hold a Thought, who Can’t String Several Words Together to make a Cogent Sentence. And I Know Enough Political History to Know that Biden NEVER Did anything of Real Consequence for the American People while he Sat in Government for almost 50-Years.

Not Only That . . . Biden Is A Known Bullshit Artist & Plagiarizer. And to Add a Cherry to the Top of the Unholy Biden Sundae . . . How can the Democrats Explain how Vice President Biden Made his Less than Worthless Son Rich in Ukraine and China?

So . . . Why Are The Democrats Supporting An Empty Vessel Like Biden – Because Biden Is An Empty Vessel . . . Is Why.

A Friend Of Mine In Boca Raton Florida . . . Sent me an Email Today along with a few others, Writing about his Concern for the Future of Freedoms in America as the LEFT is Attempting to use the Virus for all they Can to Bury the US Constitution & Steal The November 3, 2020 Election From President Trump.

I’ve Given this Theory a Great Deal of thought for far longer than just a Few Days. And what I Came-Up with was some sort of Agreement with my Friend, But A Much More Positive Scenario.

FROM WHAT I WROTE IN THE PRECEDING . . . I Truly Believe that the Political Game Throughout the Entire World is so Fixed Against the People, which Includes just about all Political Insiders from Multiple Parties . . . That Had Donald Trump Not Come By When He DidI Believe Our Political Goose Would Have Been Cooked. And our Freedoms would have been Reduced to what the Bureaucrats would Declare them to be.

This Is Not Conjecture . . . The Battle Lines Have Become – President Donald Trump And the President’s “Deplorables” who Cling to their Guns, Religion & Values . . . Versus The World.


BREXIT Happened Because Of President Trump . . . And Only Because of President Trump, who Lit the Fuse, Which Lit the Fire, Which Added the Fuel & Supported the Pyros of Freedom Against the Tyranny of the European Union and their Quest Towards a One World Government did their Globalist Nightmare begin to Unravel.

The Vast Consequence of the Collapse of the European Union is Far Greater than Most People Realize. This EU Concept is Nothing New and has been in Existence in one Shape or Form for Centuries, Causing Brutal Regional & Europe-Wide Wars, which Ultimately Morphed into World Wars.

But This Time . . . The Reality of the Western European Union, Coupled to a One Asian Society Controlled by China, A Middle Eastern Caliphate Controlled by Iran, an Eastern European Union Controlled by Russia and an Americas’ (South, Central & North America) Union Controlled by the United States of America. I can’t Imagine who would have Controlled Africa.

Please Think About This . . . When Russia Took over Territories of Georgia, Ukraine & Crimea, why didn’t Obama Interfere or even Say Anything other than Platitudes Against what Russia did? But, as President Trump Started to Arm the Ukrainians with Military-Changing Weapons, all of a Sudden the American LEFT Seemed to Wake-Up and Not in a Supportive Way.

Why do you Think the Americans & World Didn’t Much Care that Obama Gave the Iranians more than $150-Billion Dollars and Entered into such a Horrible Agreement? But when President Trump Nullified the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, the World Went Apeshit?


When the Chinese Simply Gave themselves the Right to Build Military Islands in the South China Sea in an International Waterway, Obama Didn’t Blink. But, when President Trump Dared to Challenge China’s Self-Taken Hegemony to the South China Sea, the American LEFT once Again had a Shitfit.

And Why Did America Kowtow To Chinese Business In a Full Surrender . . . Before President Trump?

Why did Obama Praise the Venezuelan Dictator Chavez? And Renew Trade with the Horrific Cuban Communist Society? Both of Which President Trump Ended Near the Speed of Light.

And What About Moving The American Embassy From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem?

Why did the American LEFT and the World Proclaim how Moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, which Before the Expulsion of the Jews by the Romans Some 2000 Years Ago Was The Jewish Capital . . . Would Be The Greatest Destabilization Of The World Order Imaginable?

IT IS CLEAR TO ME . . . That President Trump has Utterly Tipped-Over their Applecart in a Way they Never Expected Possible, and Couldn’t Imagine in a Gazillion Years, which is why the Entire Wannabe One World Order . . . Not Just LEFTIST Americans, But the Entire World . . .  As Socialists (Communist) Worldwide Colluded to Destroy the Presidency of the President of the United States of America.

And This Is Their Last Chance . . . While the World has been Paying Attention to Reality TV & Dancing or Singing or Fondling With The Stars, there has been a Raging Battle Ongoing between People who want to be Free & Remain Free & People who Want a One World Government, who will be the Deciders of the all the Fates of Society on the Four Corners of Humanity.

And If President Trump Loses In November 2020 – They Win & We Lose Our Freedoms. And if President Trump Wins & Conservative Republicans Keep the Senate & Win Back the House – The War Will Go-On, because it will Never End with these People, but at the very Least, we will Gain a Generation or Two Until We Have to Fight them Again.

As For The China Virus . . . My Boca Friend is Fearful that the LEFT will Successfully Use it Against the President . . . The Way I See It – It Is To The Contrary. I see President Trump Showing all of America How a Real Leader Leads, while his Useless Opponent Hunkers-Down in his Basement Unable to Come-Up with a Clear & Independent Thought.

ALSO . . . All the Governors & Mayors of America (Canada Too) had the Opportunity to Shine During this Virus. Some Did . . . And Some Were So Dreadful, that they Cursed themselves to Defeat the Next Time they will have to go Before the People during an Election & Explain why they Believed they and their Policies were More Important than Supporting the Constitution of the United States of America and the Rights of the People they had Sworn to Serve & Protect.

There Is A YouTube Video Going Viral (Pardon For The Pun) About Fauci & His Less Than Noble History.

I’m Not Going To Comment On It, Other than to say, And I’m Not Telling You What To Do . . . But if and when they come-up with some sort of Inoculation against the China Virus – I Most Probably Won’t Take It. I’ll be Happy to Take a Treatment, which is Literally Here Now if I somehow Contract the Virus. And Furthermore – I Have Many Friends Who Don’t take the Annual Flu Shot, some of Whom are in the Healthcare Industry, Who Don’t Get The Flu – And even though Anne and I Have been Taking the Annual Flu Shot seemingly Forever . . . as of now, I’m Done with Taking that Too.

Click Here To See The Video That Is Making Such An Incredible Stir – It’s Worth Watching & Is Nothing New To Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are right on target, as usual. I commented yesterday about how the protests against the CCP ended with the release of the virus. Must admit, it did the trick. However, I just got word that the protests have resumed in Hong Kong. Some pirated video will soon be coming out revealing the brutality of the CCP. Also, the saber rattling of the CCP can be heard around the world. I hope we don’t wait for them to make the first strike, I’d rather we damn the torpedos and go for it. CurlyJ

    I have no Love for China. And have no Trust or Confidence in anything China says. Also, because China is such a Draconian Society, it is indeed Possible that one day our Conversation between us and them could truly Morph to Bombs and Bullets -HG.

  2. You “NAILED” it, Howard. There are “Politically Correct” Laws, there are Man’s Laws, and then – there are the Laws in the Bible! I will NOT Kowtow Down to Political Correctness for Anyone. We (here in Arkansas) probably have the Least of the “Compliance Laws”, of any state. I don’t believe in Flu Shots (especially with all that’s going on with them!), and I stay away from people that might be sick. (I’m also drinking about 2-liters of Quinine Water – TONIC Water – a day!) No Kung-Flu yet…!

  3. I haven’t ever had a flu shot and haven’t had even a cold in 20 years. As to your other comments: I’m sick of the crooks and they have to go. Now.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing that video! It was not an easy thing to watch but such an eye-opener. Hopefully enough people will share this and realize the truth that things will change before it is too late. Thanks for the truths that you always share with us.

  5. Misinformation, bad science, slanted reports, and deliberate lies, are one group of people acquiring the power to control what is taught, used, allowed, and accepted by other people less able to defend themselves and taught to trust those sources. Censoring debate and discussion squashes relevant new learning resulting in pain, debilitation, and death. Censorship of USA internet for ANYTHING, except child pornography, is unconstitutional, insulting us since 1776. Hang youtube, FB, twitter etc

  6. Thank you Howard….GOD, GUNS and FREEDOM.

  7. I knew we’d be in deep doo doo if Obooboo was elected and right off the bat, he confirmed it with his apology tour. I hate to admit to believing in conspiracies, but Shrillary was right…EXCEPT it’s the vast LEFT wing conspiracy. From Nancy Pelooser to the FBI frauds to Shifty Schiff, the Stiff, Jerry the Jerk and all the far out loonies (hello Andrew Cuomo) we’re in for a helluva battle. They’ll do ANYTHING to retake their gravy boat. God Love President Trump and hopefully he kicks butt.

  8. You have a very accurate way of defining the setting. The US must find its path again and deal harshly with the 44th Coup operatives and planners. The magnitude of the Criminal activities could have been only been effected under direct direction of Hussein Obama. AG Barr and Mr. Durham must raid the suspects locations, retrieve all evidence and arrest the coup crew. ALL ‘media’ is complicit. No exceptions..

  9. Keep your vitamin D level between 50 to 60 u/ml and your immune system will be strong. No flu shots needed which are mostly not effective anyway.

  10. The leftist hordes definitely need to be fought back. They have no limitations to their depravity and the media have brainwashed their followers and moved the Center Point so far to the left they make even the most out of touch lefty seem like a rightwing brute. We are fighting the walking brain-dead.

  11. have never had the flu shot nor have I had the flu. There is something strange about it all. I will not be taking any flu shot and they have no right to force us. BTW WHAT happened to Roger Stone??? Last I saw he was arrested for WHAT??? I just read one of his books about JFK’s murder. Has he disappeared? Anyone know?

  12. Hopefully more and more people are realizing this whole thing isn’t anything like they said it would be. I & many others will revel in the outing & prosecution of all the players of the deep state. Gotta wonder if this so-called pandemic was released to sidetrack/stop/delay the Justice Dept from arresting deep state members until after the election WITH the hope Trump will not be reelected. The Mikovits documentary was compelling, esp with addition of doctors speaking out as well.

  13. There is an old saying in Ukrainian that translates – “Better to die a Wolf than live the life of a Dog. They are not getting any of my guns. Mr. G, do you know the thinking on the shot guns? If they would have chosen high powered rifles… BUT shot guns???

  14. I read this I watched the video and all I can say is OH WOW OH WOW Scottie please BEAM ME UP my girl & I said weeks ago that this was a scam and we were correct it appears. I would like to go hang that little Dr. and all the rest who are in on this. It is 2’30 A.M. in the morning here in S.C. all of them need to be hung I know great tree’s here in S.C. to do it with. But it is never going to happen. Never will I take the virus and all I can do is Pray to God to end all of it. Take care God Bles

  15. We live, as we always have, to some degree or another, in a “we/they” society. Does anyone in their right mind question that it’s simply a political “power game”. We “deserve” to rule philosophy. We, the “leaders”. You, the followers. Oh by the way, vote for me because I promise to give you……… Same old, same old. In other ctys they used to call it royalty. (WTH that means).

  16. I just tried to watch the You-tube. A notice came up; “This video has been removed due to violating you-tubes service contract”. So much for “freedom” of choice.

  17. Surprise,Youtube removed the Video! About 3 to 4 weeks ago as I watched Facui and Brix;I got that Gut Wrenching Churning in my Gut, that something, many things were amiss! For the last 40 years I have watched my Country Decay to the place it is now.I worked as a manager in a food court at WCU here in NC, I listened to the students just rave about the Socialistic and Fascism the”professors”were boasting and teaching.It made my blood curl!We have abdicated much in the USA.Our Fault to our Shame!

  18. I was a nurse for 33 years-and had a flu shot every year since 1977. I didn’t really have a choice, and don’t regret my decision to comply with my professional responsibility to protect myself, my family, and my patients by boosting my immune response. Think what you like–Vaccines do work–and that is settled science!

    You might be right. But please don’t use the term Settled Science. No Science is ever Settled. That’s a Leftist Talking Point, like Climate Change is Settled Science – HG

  19. You nailed it. The video has been removed by youtube. This year I took a flu shot as directed by the VA, I was not given much option as they said if I did not take it I may not be able to enter a VA facility for treatment? this was in Aug 2019, did they know what was coming? I expect the Gates/Fauuci vaccine will require that you also have the Tattoo or chip implanted to show you are covered, it is coming. I will not take either period. As a good scout, I will always “Be Prepared” for the LIBS

  20. Just checked that video It’s been removed. What is the title?

  21. They have already removed the article from YOUTUBE Howard

  22. Greetings: I was impressed with today’s editorial, even more than usual. Virtually everything you wrote has meaning and insight. Great Britain made the right decision, because of Trump’s urging, to exit the EU. The EU is DOMINATED by GERMANY, and we KNOW how that turned out in this past century! I’m going to make a PREDICTION… GREAT BRITAIN WILL MAKE A GREAT TRADE AGREEMENT WITH TRUMP AND THEIR ECONOMY WILL BENEFIT MANY TIMES MORE THAN IT HAS DURING ITS INVOLVEMENT WITH THE CONTINENT. MAGA.

  23. As usual, YouTube has removed the video which means it violated their “approved truth” Time to find a new venue to expose the REAL TRUTH!

  24. Fauci Video you have referenced has been removed by U Tube.

  25. Thank you, for putting that video at the bottom of your editorial. I was one of the lucky ones, that got to watch it. I wanted the wife to see it the next morning, but it was gone. It didn’t take them long, to get rid of the truth.

  26. EXCELLENT, plus the VIDEO is so TRUE! I had also watched the one with the 2 Docs prior to its being REMOVED from the internet. They made so much sense and that’s why it WAS removed. I, too, don’t get the FLU SHOTS. It’s worth doing some research on this topic. The so-called PANDAMIC has been used to SCARE the people into their CONFORMING with those who wish to DESTROY America. It will also be used to TRY to DESTROY Pres. Trump. This is another RADICAL LEFT vs. CONSERVATIVE coup d’etat! AMEN!

  27. It is like our thinking process is attached somehow. So much of what you write is exactly my thoughts and concerns.

  28. I tried to watch the video. It has been removed by YouTube. That figures….

  29. I am unable to view this video because YouTube has already removed it. I know that posting links in the comment section is not allowed, but is there anyway to find this interview in another place?

  30. Great editorial Howard as usual. The BS just goes on as I just tried to view the article and as usual it has been taken down by Google. Just keep up the good work and if it is anything like some of the articles I have already read on Dr. Fauci it is nothing new. I don’t know how this guy ever got the title Dr. unless it is a Dr. of BS. I wouldn’t believe anything that guy ever says a real scum bag.

  31. They have removed the video citing it violates their policy….censorship rears its ugly head.

  32. Hi Howard I see that Utube has removed the video, was looking forward to seeing it.

  33. Exactly right, Howard. Unfortunately the video would not play due to a message from U-tube that it violated a term of service. More leftist BS. We’ll keep fighting with President Trump to keep our freedoms.

  34. Howard, what a powerful observation and so correct. Americans better wake up and start paying attention or we can kiss America goodbye!

  35. You’re right Howard, no high powered official will go to jail or probably even reach a trial. Some low level bureaucrats might be thrown under the bus, which is a travesty of justice. Just finished an over view of the documents obtained (by court order) from FBI, DOJ, NIH, CIA, etc that shows corruption and treasonous acts, sad day for “the people”! It will be surprising to me if Biden is selected the democratic candidate in November. I’m sure there are a lot of closed door meetings right now!

  36. Results. In order for us to beat the Obamaists we need to get this economy going. We could always beat the Obamas by pointing to the economy. But now 33 million jobs are lost with all these bankruptcies my Obama ‘friends’ are comparing Trump to Hoover and they are right. Forget about supporting the gun toters storming statehouses and putting our cops in danger. Forget miracle cures and drinking bleach : get people working safely and we will beat Biden.

  37. Your video has been pulled, so can’t watch it. They said it doesn’t meet their criteria!!!

  38. Howard, I have been reading and sharing your ideas with my friends and family for years. Sadly, the video you referenced has been deleted. Lucky for me, my husband and sister saw it last night before YouTube deleted it. Is there anywhere else it can be found?

  39. I see the you tube video has been removed, wish I had the chance to see it. I too have never taken a flu or pneumonia shot and won’t. I saw an article years ago that scientists feel a certain portion of the population is expendable and used for testing…I will not be there test subject. As to conspiracies, its what politics thrives on is it not? This would be laughable 40 years ago but not in the “new world” order of things

  40. i am so sorry but in my opinion you are dead on. someone has removed your video. wonder why

  41. Just an FYI. The video is still available on Youtube, only the links are censored and removed. Go to Youtube and search Dr. Judy Milkovits. Well worth the watch, thank you Howard.

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