There’s No Business . . . Like Show Business

I Do What I Do . . . Because I Really Do It Well. And I Don't Know How Not To Do It.

Like It Or Not . . . The Travesty Of This Impeachment Is Happening. It Will Be Showtime For The Politicians & A Rating Bonanza For The Media – In Essence, It’s A Monkey Trial & Much Ado About Nothing . . . Of Importance To The People.

It Is Inconceivable To An Honest Person . . . Just How Dishonest Are The Politicians & The Media . . . Which is why I feel Compelled to Write, Say & Do all the Things I Write, Say & Do.

I Always Start With The Premise That People Are Liars. Everyone Exaggerates. But Some People Go Way Beyond That.

I Won’t Lie To You (Never Have – Never Will), When I Say or Write, that I Love what I am Doing, Not just Because it Makes Many People Feel Good to know that they Aren’t Alone in their Thoughts & Feelings. Or that I’m Spreading Facts & Truth in our Society, where Facts & Truth are in Short Supply . . .

I Love What I’m Doing By Writing & Speaking, Because I Simply Love What I’m Doing.

I’ve Written Multiple Times In The Past . . . that, when I was Young, Teenage, and even Pre-Teenage-Young, I always Believed the Greatest Calling a Person could Have, Was to be a Journalist . . . Even More So Than Just Being A Writer.

And Not Just Any Type Of Journalist . . . But a Journalist who Could Ferret-Out the Truth About Weighty Issues . . . And Purvey that Truth to all the People, As A Champion Of The Fifth Estate.

But I Never Figured In All My Younger Years . . . That I Could Ever Measure-Up to this Calling, so I set my Sights, Not in a Specific Direction, but Wherever I was able to Fit-In for the Moment. I was Pretty Good at a Lot of things . . . But Not At What I Wanted The Most.

I Wasn’t Particularly Good in School. And whatever I Needed in Terms of Average Grades just to Get By, that’s what I Achieved.

I Took An Aptitude Test In High School . . . Which Said that I was in the High 90-Plus Percentile in Communication Skills. According to the Guidance Counselor, She told me that my Scores in that Category were Greater than Anything she had ever Seen Before. And Suggested that I get into Sales.

I Was A Pretty Good Salesman, But I Hated Selling.

What I Was Really Good At . . . Believe It Or Not – Was Making Deals. But Few of the Deals I Made were ever Profitable to me. But, I Nonetheless Made Deals, Made some Money & Built a Business that Anne & I Have Owned (Promar Media Group) for Over 40-Years.

But A Funny Thing Happened To Me 25-Years Ago . . .

Prior To The 1995 Quebec Referendum . . . for Quebec to Separate from Canada . . . I was always Focused on the News – Especially Editorial Opinions. And Because of my Own Opinions, based Upon the Many things I Saw, Read and Heard, I Wrote all Manner of Newsie Things, Including Published Letters to the Editor – And Then Came 1995 When Canada Almost Lost Quebec As A Part Of Confederation.

Like Everyone Else In Quebec, I was fully Engaged in the Layman’s Debates of Quebec Separation, with Co-Workers, Family & Friends. I Heard (Listened Intently) all the Political Debates Between the Politicians. I Read all The Opinion Pieces by Both Sides – Pro & Con Separation in the Newspapers. I Saw & Heard the Elitist Pundits Shower us “Little People” with their Wisdom.

Here Was My Take-Away After The Referendum – I Understood Better How The British People Probably Felt On September 30, 1938, when Neville Chamberlain Said from the London Tarmac, as Chamberlain Stepped-Off the Plane from his “Peace-Talks” with Hitler & Mussolini . . . We Have Just Negotiated “Peace For Our Time”. And Less than One Year Later (September 3, 1939), almost to the Month, the World was at War Against The Nazis & Italian Fascists.

50.58% To 49.42%

It Was On October 30, 1995 . . . After Taking Comfort From Hearing & Reading all the Prognostic Opinions from the Talking Heads, Writers, Opinionists, Intellectuals, Radio Talk Show Hosts, the Politicians & Such . . . That The Separatists Will Probably Lose By 60% . . . Imagine how the Anglos (English Speakers) and Federalists Felt when the Separatists Lost the Referendum by Less Than 1%?  I’m not Even so Sure the Separatists Lost.

Anne & I Hosted A Catered Referendum Party At Our Home, where we had an Extremely Eclectic Group of Friends in Attendance. There were Black People, Jewish People, Christian People, French Speakers, Captains of their Industries . . . and People who Just Worked with their Hands . . .

After the Results Were Announced . . . The Separatist Leader (Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau) Looked into the Cameras & Stated over the Microphones for all to Hear:

Who Beat Us? Not French Patriots. It Was Money & The Ethnic Vote, Referring to all Ethnics, but Specifically to the Jews, who in an Extremely Jewish Riding (District), Mont Royal, where the Population in the Wealthier Part of the Riding was about 98% Jewish, the Vote Against Separation was about 98%.

Parizeau Went On To Say . . . WE WILL GET OUR “REVENGE”.

In Addition . . . Parizeau Focused On That Jewish Part Of Montreal, As The Reason For The Separatist Loss.

Anne & I Spent a Lot of Money on the Catered Food. And we Worked Hard to Set the Tables, Put-Out Ample Chairs, Lay-Out Plates, Cutlery – Etc. We even Set-Up Additional Televisions so People could watch from Various Rooms.

But – As The Results Came-In . . . and after Parizeau’s Ethnics & Money Remark, Everyone in our Home Crowded Together in just one Room. And No One Touched any of the Food or Sat on any of the Extra Chairs.

One Guest . . . Who was an Executive with a Major International Company said to me . . . “Now I Know What It Feels Like To Be A Jew”.  Another Friend, whose Parents were Holocaust Survivors, said to me, with a Pale Face . . . That Bastard Was Talking About Us, Meaning Jewish People – Him and Me, since we and our Wives were the Only Jewish People in the House.

Our Friends . . . Very Quietly Left The House, Literally Minutes after the Despicable Statement from the Premier of Quebec (Jacques Parizeau). And after the Last Guest Left . . . Anne Turned To Me And Said . . . “Tomorrow, We’re Putting The Property Up For Sale”.

I was so Infuriated With What had Just Happened, Not as much with what Parizeau Said, because I Expected Nothing More from Him, but Mostly with the Way our English Media & Politicians Came so Close to Losing Canada by Waging the Worst Campaign Imaginable, While Leading The People Down A Garden Path.

To Me . . . It was No Less Egregious than what Chamberlain Told the British People from the Tarmac of the London Airfield after Chamberlain’s Meeting With Hitler.

I Turned To Anne & Said . . .  “We’re Not Going Anywhere. I’m Going To Beat The Shit Out Of This Man”.

And The Next Day . . . I Formed The Quebec Political Action Committee (QPAC) . . . Found My True Calling as a True Activist, Went To War & Never Looked Back.

I’ve Been Threatened By Politicians & Thugs. I’ve Been Defamed & Demeaned By The Media. But I’ve also Been Named as the 1996 Newsmaker of the Year by a Major Montreal Newspaper (News & Chronicle). I was Invited to March in the St Patrick’s Day Parade. I’ve been Featured in Time Magazine, The Economist & Too Many European Newspapers to Mention.

BBC London Loved having me as one of their On-Air Guests. But I Loved More-So, Being on my Own Montreal Radio Show, from where I Sued & Beat all Manner of Media for their Deceptions, Lies and Incompetence.

When Anne & I Decided In the Year 2,000, that it was Time to Sell our Near Montreal Horse Farm and leave Quebec for Ontario . . . A Journalist from the Montreal Gazette, which I had Embarrassed Multiple Times & Sued (Won) . . . Called and Asked for an Interview, to which I said Yes.

We Met . . . And he said to me. You have a Beautiful Property & I’m Sad to see You Go. And Please Don’t Confuse Journalists like Me with Editorialists, Who get all the Exposure.

I Just want you to Know. Had you Not did what you Did to Set the Separatists and the Media Back as Much as you Did, Premier Bouchard (Parizeau’s Replacement) would have Called a Snap Referendum, and the Separatist Side would have Won . . . He Put Out His Hand To Shake & Said Thank You, And Wrote An Incredible Story About Our Small But Perfect Horse Farm, which was Featured in his Newspaper – The Montreal Gazette.

I have Spoken in Canada’s Parliament. I have Met With US Members of Congress. And I Spoke At The Harvard Club. I have Fed Hungry Children. Helped Shelter & Feed the Homeless. Created & Financed Campaigns to Protect & Shelter Battered and Abused Women. I’ve Raised Tons of Money for Animal Shelters, Including Houston Animals which Suffered the Ravages of Hurricane Harvey.

I Even Helped Stop The Canadian Seal Hunt, While Dancing on the Broken Ice Flows of the Atlantic 30-Miles out to Sea, with Men like Paul Watson (Co-Founder of Greenpeace) and Billionaire John Paul DeJoria (Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Hair Products).

I Do What I Do . . . Because I Really Do It Well. And I Don’t Know How Not To Do It.

It’s Probably The Only Thing In My Life That I Can Do That’s Exceptional. And Whether I Get Support From All or just Some of the People who Benefit in one way or the Other from What I Do . . . Writing, Speaking & Getting Right Into The Fight . . . Is What I Will Still Continue To Do.

GALGANOV.COM HAS NO SPONSORS . . . And No Fee Structure for anyone & Everyone to Read what I Write, or to Listen to what I have to Say, which I Broadcast from Time to Time in my Podcast. There’s No Paid Staff, No Editors, No Researchers & No Fact Checkers . . . There’s Only Me & Anne Who Helps Edit.

The Only Revenue Receives . . . Is Support from People Like You, and Whatever I can Afford to Spend. I Won’t get Rich Doing this, but I also Don’t Want to Get Poor.

So . . . If You Appreciate What I Write, Say & Do? And If You Can Afford To Help Support . . . PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hello Howard. You remind me of my younger days when I was full of energy and did my writing and speaking up for the sake of our little town. Now I am 82 and running out of energy. Wish I could still be in the fight.That is why I admire you and will support you what I can. There are not enough people like you in this world that will speak up for the silent masses. This is by far the best writing you have done in as long as I can remember. Thank you so much for what you do for us. Your friend.

  2. Howard, you just lifted my spirit. I am part of a group of Toronto taxi owners who lost their life’s work because Toronto prefers uber over taxis. We are suing Toronto for $1.7 BILLION. We lost the first round but we are appealing and we will win. This fight has all the elements that you often write about; clueless, greedy politicians, uncaring buerocrats, ignorant uninformed people and reduction of any semblance of democracy.

  3. I opened your ‘Big Brother’ editorial too late to comment. When you said “Our Cellphones, Computers, Cars & Smart Televisions are Listening & Recording Devices where Every Word we Utter is Stored in Perpetuity for the Purpose of Big Brother.” So, why are MY emails saved in perpetuity and 30,000 plus Hillary Clinton’s are lost? Because, when I worked for the government, we WERE TOLD to watch what we put in emails because that stuff could come back to bite us. Anyway, another great editorial.

  4. Howard, excellent editorial. It amazes me just how much you have done in your lifetime. I may not be an activist but I love to learn the truth & love conservative/libertarian fighters. You do have a way with words that reaches the hearts & minds of those who seek justice & the rule of law. I don’t even remember the first time I read one of your editorials or how I even got a hold of your website. I do know, it was one of the best days of my life. Thank you & looking forward to more editorials.

  5. Howard. Thanks for your bio that I had not heard before. Keep up the great things you do and hopefully I’ll be able to visit you in Texas someday. Just read a great article by Dr. Jack Devere Minzey, born 6 October 1928, died 8 April 2018, who was the Department Head of Education at Eastern Michigan University. He explained the current civil war and defined it as what is occurring now in the USA. Maybe you are aware of his article. It is a very truthful view. Hopefully Donald Trump wins 2020.

  6. Howard, I understand; my parents married in the depth of the great Depression and i was born in 1930. We also lived in poverty and had no support. Growing up, I saw that no work was available. Since we lived on the family farm, we existed without much money. when I graduated college I got a low paying job out of desperation, (Eisenhower’s recession). Later worked for the government for 34 years. Six months before I was eligible to retire, congress cut my SS by 83%.

  7. Excellent editorial and recap of your and Quebec history. One of your longest yet. I for one are glad Canada is still together but see some positives in a western separation maybe even joining the States might not be top bad and no doubt would bring a huge economic boost never mind the tax savings.

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