It’s Got To Be A Woman, A Black, A Lesbian, A Gay – ETC


I’ve Heard More Than Enough . . . About Stormy Daniels, Judge (Justice) Kavanaugh, Russia-Russia-Russia, Ukraine & Impeachment-Impeachment to Last A Lifetime.

What I Haven’t Heard Enough Of . . . Has Been All The Wonderful Things President Trump Has Accomplished In Less Than 3-Years.

What Else I Haven’t Heard Enough Of . . . is How the Media have Forsaken their Commitment to Truth Wherever the Path to Discovering Truth should Take them.

It Used To Be Three Fold-Media . . . The News Media, Opinion Media & Entertainment Media, which in most Cases no Longer Exists as Media Stand-Alones, where one Media Melds into the Other, with no Differential Between the Three, has become an Extremely Dishonest “Entertainment Media” Peddling Fake News.

The Media Has Devolved To Such A Low . . . That it has Convinced an Enormous Portion of the Population that Freedom of Expression has to be Limited Only to Expression that is Acceptable to Some, with no Room for Freedom of Expression to be Accorded to those with an Opposite or Opposing Point of View.

White Straight Successful Men Need Not Apply!

A Perfect Example – Is Expressed In The Title Of This Editorial . . . Where in our Sociological Development, we have Accepted the Fake Media-Fact, that the Next or Future President of the United States of America (or in the Case of Canada – Prime Minister) Must be a Woman? Or Lesbian? Or Gay? Or Transgendered (LGBTQ) Whatever the Hell that Really Means? Or Black? Or Hispanic? Native Or Asian? But Not A White Christian Man.

Whatever Happened To The Best Person For The Job?


Everyone on the LEFT is either Genuinely Worried or Pretend to be Worried about Donald Trump being a Russian Mole, Russian Spy, and or an American Traitor for the Russians . . . that no one Seems to Notice or Wonder where are Bernie Sanders’ Loyalties, who Spent his Honeymoon in Moscow, while Being the Mayor of Burlington Vermont, who Openly Brandishes a Leninist/Marxist Philosophy for the Future of America?

What About Joe Biden . . . Who Stands For Whatever The Polls Suggest He Should Stand For? Or all the Media LEFTIST Flavors of the Day, such as the Mercifully Self-Destroyed Kamala Harris, who was Trumpeted by many as the Female Messiah In-Waiting? Or the Equally Excremental Rising Sun in “Beto” O’Rourke, who Almost Made it to the Senate? . . . Or The Hordes Of Despicable Others, who are Actually in the House, Senate, Judiciary, FBI and a Plethora of Bureaucracies?


How About Bernie Sanders, who is a Capitalist with his Money, while Sanders is a Socialist with Everyone Else’s?

Jewish People like Bernie Sanders are Pigeonholed as being Representative of the  Jewish People, much like George Soros and so many Other Notable Jewish LEFTISTS the Likes of Noam Chomsky, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler – Etc, Who in Spite of their Protestations are all Self-Hating Jews, who can Best be Described, at the Very Least by Me . . . As Jewish Anti-Semites.

IN FACT . . . Jewish Men & Women like Sanders, Soros & Company are always Held-Up by Other Anti-Semites and/or Anti-Semite Wannabes, as Poster-Folk for Who and What the Jewish Population is and Stands For. Which Is An Egregious Lie.


During WWII, as German & Hungarian Nazis were Rounding-Up Jewish Men, Women & Children for Mass Extermination (Slaughter) to the Concentration Camps . . . George Soros, who Pretended to be a Non-Jew (Christian), was Busy “Confiscating” Jewish Wealth from as many Condemned Jews as he Could, to Turn over to the Murderers of his Fellow Jews.

A Kibbutz, Especially in the Early Years of the Reconstituted Nation of Israel, was a Socialist Farm where Everyone Worked at Whatever Job for 100% Equal Pay.

Today, Kibbutzim (Plural For Kibbutz) still Exist . . . However, they are no Longer Socialist, but Rather Working Farms for Profit.

Bernie Sanders Said He Served . . .  but Won’t Reveal Where he Served on a Kibbutz in Northern Israel for a few Months in 1963, along with his First Wife – But it is Assumed that he Served at the Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim, if he Served at All.

The Problems With Sanders’ Story Are Two-Fold . . .

1 – Sanders Refuses to Say Exactly on Which Kibbutz he Served, kind of Hinting that it was Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim.

2 – The Other Problem . . . is that No One on any Kibbutz, Including the Sha’ar Ha’amakim Kibbutz can Ever Remember Bernie Sanders Being There. There are no Records of Sanders being on a Kibbutz, or What Sanders did on Whatever Kibbutz he Claimed to have been Working at.

Whether Sanders Actually Served At An Israeli Kibbutz Or Not Is Irrelevant, because Sanders has for Decades used his “Jewishness” as a Political Ploy of Convenience . . . To The Point Today, where Sanders, as a “Self-Professed Jew”, has Teamed-Up with an Anti-Semite in Congress (Ilhan Omar – “It’s All About The Benjamins Baby”) for Sanders to Win the LEFTIST Anti-Semitic Vote, while Sanders Himself is Amongst the First to Pillory the Jewish State of Israel.

Jews Like Sanders Are What Jews Like Me Don’t Need Nor Want.


The Feast of Dedication . . . is Recounted In The New Testament (John 10:22), where Jesus Attended the Second Temple to Celebrate the Almost Two Hundred Year Anniversary – Re-Dedication of the Second Temple, Rescued in Battle by Judah (The Hammer) Maccabee.

Two Hundred Years Before The Birth Of Christ . . . There were – just like Present Time, Powerful Forces at Play to Destroy Judaism (The Jews), with the Help – Then, As Is Now With Self-Hating Jews – who Aided & Abetted the Sworn Enemies of the Jewish People (Seleucid Empire – Greeks & Syrians) led by Antiochus.

In The Second Century BC – The Greek Hellenizers (Seleucids) Attempted to Force their Belief-System of Idolatry (Polytheism) upon the Monotheistic Jews, who Believed then, as Jews Believe Now, that There is Just One God and Only One God.

In Addition to Trying to Force Jews to Pray to Idols (False Gods), which many Did, The Hellenizers also Prohibited the Observance of the Jewish Sabbath . . . Sun Down to Sun Down . . . Friday to Saturday. And Enforced the Prohibition of Circumcision.

Judah Maccabee . . . Led his Guerrilla Forces Against the Far More Powerful & Well-Trained Seleucid Army, Including Hellenized Jews, to an Existential War, where the Under-Manned, Under-Equipped & Under-Trained Jewish Forces Vanquished the Hellenizers and their Allies.


To Many . . . Chanukah Represents the RE-DEDICATION of the Second Temple, to be Sanctified with the Light of Blessed Burning Oil in the Seven Candle Menorah Associated Worldwide with the Jewish People. But there was Oil Enough for just One Day, which was Lit Nonetheless . . . And Miraculously, the Oil Burned for 8-Days – Therefore, the Celebration of Chanukah is the Festival of Lights for 8-Days in a 9-Candle Menorah Called A Chanukkiah.

The Center Candle, Which Is Often Referred To As The King, Is Used to Light a Candle for Each Day the Oil Burned some 2,300-Years Ago. By the Eighth Day, all 8-Candles are Burning Bright with the King (9th Candle) in the Center.

To People Like Me – Jewish Conservatives . . . Chanukah is the Celebration of Courage & Victory in the Face of Indomitable Odds, Where & When Men & Women of Conviction are Prepared to Fight & Die for Freedom.

The Story Of Judaism Is Replete With Jews Who Will Not Surrender. And Jews who Sell-Out . . . Because being Jewish isn’t Easy, and is Very Often a Dangerous Act of Faith & Commitment.

Throughout Jewish History . . . From the Time Moses Purportedly Descended from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, when many Jews who Followed Moses through the Desert, Stayed Loyal to their Belief, as many Jews Chose to Worship a Golden Statue of a Calf Instead.

During the Inquisitions in France, Spain & Throughout, many Jews Resisted, while many More Converted. And during the Period of Enlightenment, many Famous Jews Renounced their Judaism for the Benefit of Enfranchisement, Fame & Fortune.

During the Holocaust, Most Jews Surrendered. Some Jews Served as Literal Slaves at the Pleasure of the Nazis for Better Treatment & Fear of Losing their Own Lives. While Many Jews Fought To The Bitter End.

But There Have Always Been Maccabees – Jews Who Will Not Surrender . . . Who Will Always Stand & Fight.

As I Am Writing This . . . I am Staring Outside our RV Fifth Wheel, Looking at Three Flags, which I and Another Fellow Jew Erected so Proudly Yesterday.

There is the Canadian Flag of my National Country on the Right Facing the Flags. There is the Israeli Flag to the Left Side of the Canadian Flag, and There is the Stars & Stripes in the Center of Honor Where it Belongs– All Proudly Waving.

And in Front of these Three Flags of Freedom, Stands A 5-Foot Chanukkiah, Brilliantly Crafted by my Friend & Neighbor, which will be Lit on Each Night of Chanukah – Starting Tonight.

Freedom At Any Price – Anywhere! Be A Maccabee . . . Happy Chanukah!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What a beautiful message today. Love your knowledge of history. I hope you and Anne have a wonderful Chanukah and may God bless you during the years ahead.

  2. Can you take a photo so we all can enjoy?Without Gods love to hold our hands and guide us through these times of confusion and downright hate.

  3. A very Happy Chanukah to you Anne. This is a time of great importance to Jewish people & to Christians. Both are being demeaned, marginalized & as in the case of Christmas has been commercialized to no longer Christmas but ‘Happy Holiday’ with Santa, decorated trees & greater numbers of presents. None is about the birth of Jesus, but celebrates bigger, more expensive gifts. I do less gift giving at Christmas & more at each birthday of family. This year we will celebrate the birthday of Jesus.

  4. Howard, Happy Chanukah and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Happy Chanukah to you and your family Howard. Thank you for writing what you write and sharing it with us. God Bless!

  6. Howard, at this special time I wish you and your family God’s blessing. May you and your readers enjoy good health and happiness now and throughout the year. A special thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.

  7. Happy Chanukah! To you, your wife, your pets and your horses as well as all your Jewish friends and neighbors, in Canada, the U.S.A., Israël and the rest of the planet Earth.

  8. Chag Sameach Howard and Anne. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thanks for all the truth you bring to us.

  9. Howard, this is one of your better commentaries, hitting the name on the head. The Best Person For The Job is no longer a legitimate consideration among American voters.It has become far more important to them that any candidate be a member of whatever minority they choose than suitability to accomplish the job, especially among Democrats and independent voters. GOD help us!!! Have a wonderful celebration of CHANUKAH and Christmas. Howard, this may be your best commentary. American voters, p

  10. Let’s talk about white men. Old white men built the USA. Old white republican men freed the slaves not democrats. Why are white men constantly under attack by the left.

  11. Even though I do not comment much, I read every letter you publish and I love every one. May you enjoy a merry Christmas here and may your New Year be the best than it has ever been for you and your family. May God bless ya all.

  12. Happy Chanukah Anne & Howard and a very Happy, Healthy New Year Joy Parsons, Kennesaw, Georgia USA

  13. Happy Chanukah Howard and Anne. After the resignation of Scheer, and after some serious thinking about the leader of our Conservatives I feel that the Conservatives should ask Jody Wilson-Raybould to become the Leader of the Conservatives. I think she and the Conservatives are a good fit and believe they would be the next government without a doubt.

  14. As always, great commentary. Happy, happy, joy, joy and best wishes for an enlightening, prosperous new year, to your family, and readers. Read Hebrews, chapter 8. Heck, read the whole book! Shouldn’t take long.

  15. Howard, Please, take a picture of those Three Flags and the Chanukkahiah and post them with your next Editorial.It must be Beautiful to see.Raised among Jewish People in the Bronx in the 50’s,I marveled of their Faith And the GOD they Proclaimed! As a Italian (Catholic), I seen to much HYPOCRISY and Abuse!! Excommunicated at 24,I came to know & put my Faith in Jesus, denouncing Mary as the Queen of Heaven and “mother” of God. Loving Jewish people, marching in Civil Rights almost got me killed!

  16. I am not Jewish but enjoy the company of our new Jewish neighbor. She was born in Israel, and is married to a man who supports and honors her. She is a master Violinist who teaches many students. Your writings will help me celebrate with them understanding her better. Her husband Scott was a Navy Man and is a very strong person. Thus far all our neighbors have enjoyed their move to our very conservative area. Happy Chanukah to you and Anne. It would be an honor to meet you at some point.

  17. Howard, I always love your newsletter but today’s was really special. Others have said it, but I love your knowledge of history – I learn something every time. I wish you and your family very happy Hanukkah. Thank you for being willing to stand for all that is true. Be blessed in the new year.

  18. Happy Hanukkah Howard and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for another wonderful year of insight and common sense. Who takes care of your horses and other animals when you are in the USA?

  19. Happy Chanukah to you and yours, Howard. This is another brilliant editorial that hits the nail on the head for all the points. May the lights of the chanukiah illuminate our dark world. God bless you.

  20. Happy Hanukkah Howard and Merry Christmas to you, Anne, pets [Stryker & April] & your horses! Also, thank you for the Jewish history lesson–it’s very interesting. The MAINSTREAM MEDIA has become like HOLLYWOOD. They THRIVE on DRAMA & UNREALISTIC phenomenons just like the LEFT does–thus, being the reason why they FEAR Trump who faces the TRUTH, especially re: the ABOMINABLE GOVERNMENTAL CHANGES which occurred during the HUSSEIN OBAMA “DOMINION”! Let’s hope for a more coherent year ahead! AMEN!

  21. Your message brought tears to my eyes and I’m not Jewish! If only people would realize how much the Jewish people have given to humanity they would be behind you 100%! I do believe that are many of us are.

  22. I learn things every time I read one of your posts, and I marvel at the depth of your knowledge and understanding. Happy Chanukah to you and yours. May God continue to bless your efforts in the new year.

  23. Outstanding. history and good old ” Common Sense” Blog. Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and happy New Year to You and Yours !!

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