Hamas Palestinians Are Being Creamed – How Sad . . . Too Bad


It’s Coming Down To A Public Battle Between Good & Evil – There’s No More Sitting On The Fence.

You’re Either With The Good Guys . . . or You’re Dancing with the Devil – But Either Way, if You’re Not Entirely with us . . . Then You Are Entirely With Them – The Kiss-Ass Middle No Longer Exists.


The Oxymoron – Innocent Palestinians.

The More That I’m Reading & Seeing Evidence Of The Jewish Slaughter . . . at the Hands of the Arabs who Call themselves Palestinians, who Identify with Hamas . . . the More Disdain I Have for Any of these Butchers and for all my Co-Canadian Citizens, Americans & Europeans who are Weeping for the Poor Innocent Palestinians.

Innocent People Don’t Cheer At The Slaughter Of Others.

If You Need A Refresher . . . Remember The Day After 9/11 2001 – When the Twin Towers Came Crashing Down, the Plane of Heroes Crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania, and the Plane that Crashed Into the Pentagon . . . Now Remember  How the Innocent & Peaceful Palestinians Cheered in the Streets of the West Bank & Gaza, as they Gave-Out Candies to Celebrate the News of the American Genocide Caused by Islamists.

These Are The Same Palestinians Who Celebrated The Slaughter Of Jews On October 7, 2023.

There Are Few Palestinians Who Won’t Vote For Hamas. There are Few Palestinians who Don’t Chant . . . From The River To The Sea. There are Few Palestinians who Don’t Spread Hate & Lies About Jews, for Example . . . Jews Control all the Banks, Control all the Media, Use the Blood of Christian & Moslem Children for Jewish Rituals, like Making Matzos for Passover . . . And Even After Irrefutable Proof of the Holocaust . . . There Is No Shortage Of Anti-Semites Who Say It Never Happened.

And Even The Day After The Slaughter, Murder, Rape & Human Degradation Caused by Palestinians Against Innocent Jews . . . The Anti-Semites Worldwide Are Saying It Never Happened.


What Can Be More Important Than Screaming The Truth Of The Slaughter Of 1200 Innocent Jews . . . And the Subsequent World Assault on the Global Jewish Community by Academia, LEFTIST Governments, LEFTIST Political Parties, LEFTIST Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) and Brainwashed (Inculcated) Mostly Young Fools Who Have No Understanding of History, Geopolitics or the Truth.

Maybe The Nazis Would Not Have Gotten Away With The Holocaust . . . if there Would Have Been Brave Clear Voices to Scream-Out the Truth Against the Propaganda, Who could Have Used their Voices to Organize Resistance . . .


Historically, the Nazis Worked Hard to Keep the Real Meaning & Function of their “FINAL SOLUTION”  Away from Public View . . . Even From The German People.

Some Readers Left The Registry Because They Don’t Like My Support For Israel.

I Don’t Care Who Leaves The Galganov.com Directory. I Don’t Care Who Hates What I Have to Write & Say. I Don’t Care Who Threatens Me for my Views . . . And I Don’t Care Who Gets Pissed-Off with my Prominent Stars, Stripes & Star of David Windshield Sticker that Says . . . I STAND WITH ISRAEL.

We All Have To Speak-Up & Shout Out . . . Whether it is About Jew Hatred or the Newly Festering Hatred Against Christians. We Have to Call the Galoots-Out for Who & What they Stand-For . . . And How Much They Want To Impose Themselves & Their Beliefs Upon Us.


We Are Bearing Witness To The Nascent Rule By Tyranny In The USA & Canada.


Promise Yourself, Your Family, Friends & Neighbors . . . That You Won’t Be Silent.

Make the Promise that you will Spread the Message of Freedom on Your Emails, Blogs, Radio Talk Stations, Letters to the Editor & Street Demonstrations . . . That Your Voice Will Be Heard & That You Have No Intention Of Taking A Knee.

Write, Email, Phone & Visit Your Political Representative(s) . . . Let Them Know that Your Vote & Support Doesn’t Come Cheap . . . And That They Work For You Opposed To You Working For Them.

Don’t Be One Of Those People Who Ask After It All Turns To Crud – How Did It Happen?

Don’t Let It Happen . . . Make This Your New Year’s Resolution – That You Will be Part of the Solution & Not the Reason for the Problem.

As We Move From 2023 To 2024 – Don’t Let 2023 Be The Last Year Of Our Freedoms.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happy New Year, Howard. I for one have not remained silent about this and other important issues. I have numerous links on FatherlyAdviceAndRants about this and the COVID-19 vaccines.

  2. Have a blessed 2024 Howard and Anne. That we may find some peace in this world of chaos. So my prayer for us all is, that the peace of Yahusha the messiah, that only he can bring will reign over this world.

  3. Happy New Year Howard and Family. I, like you continue to spread the word . I have reached out to around 100,000 followers and Like you if they don’t like what I write then…..too bad. Have a great and prosperous 2024. Cheers.

  4. When I asked a Jewish friend, “Why didn’t the Jews leave Germany when they saw others being taken away?” She said, “Because they were Germans. They did not think anything bad would happen to them” We are American Citizens. Will anything bad happen to us? When Marxism takes over, we don’t have a country anymore.

  5. May your words resonate to everyone and take your advice. Hope this darkness shall pass too, Israel will live, the hostages will be returned, and peace will have a chance 🙏 Wishing you and Anne a healthy New Year. Judith

  6. The Islamic Jihad Iranian Hamas operatives and supporters in Gaza are being crushed. True. Israel is suffering a number of casualties, 173, since October 7th and that is painful. War is so. There are very few innocent Islamic folk in Gaza or in Judea & Samaria. What to expect? The operation will continue until the Islamic murderers are all either killed or they surrender. The hostages are returned. Pipe dreams are not longer sellable here. After? Not all options.

  7. Happy New Year HG, all the best to you and Anne. I have never been silent, have always stood up for Truth & Facts with the firm belief that The Truth will set you Free. I Pray the Truth/Facts will shine thru, and our problems, worries, and concerns will be illuminated, addressed, and corrected to God’s will. Keep up your Great work Howard.

  8. Prince of peace, we cry out for Your divine intervention in Israel and beyond. A blessed New Year to you & yours Howard.

  9. Wishing you & Anne a fruitful & Happy 2024. I too speak out & like you get blowback. If we lose “friends”, they are more like close acquaintances since friends would allow ‘freedom of speech’, express their views as well, agree to disagree & remain friends. I’m presently reading “Marking the Masses” by Tom Hughes & I highly recommend it. It relates how the idea of OWO-gov’t grew. Was shocked C.S. Lewis advocated for it. The idea & method (higher ed) began back in mid-late 40s.

  10. New Year Howard, Anne and darn Alzheimer, forgot the name of your puppy. One place to start about educating the sheeples, especially the young ones is to teach them the meaning of “phobia” When they use a word with phobia and relate it to racism, that’s why most sheeples are dumb and uneducated. I have islamophobia because yes I am scared of radical terrorist islam. For me to start to hate someone, that person, group or nation has to harm me first. Jews never did arm me, I have Jewish friends

  11. Happy New Year to you Howard & Anne. May Israel be victorious and clean up the current problem with Hamas. Be assured that there will be other problems but may Israel continue. The final chapter will only come with the return of the Son of Almighty God Jesus! Blessings to you!

  12. Never say “it can’t get worse”…because it can… never trust your government…remember in November has never been more significant…Trust proven records of actions not promises…Most importantly, trust the answer to the question “Am I better off today than 4 years ago?”….and if not, WHY!

  13. Any “friends” you lose because we stand with Israel weren’t worth having anyway. Anyone who can celebrate the slaughter of people, is an evil ghoul.

  14. Spot on Howard! Any “friends” you lost were not friends at all but are the silent stab you in the back traitors. May the next year be full of blessings for you and Anne.

  15. The reason that a lot of the younger generation feel as they do is that the schools have not taught them History and that it will repeat itself if not learned and understood. My personal feelings of Hamas are “Kill them all, let God sort them out”!

  16. Happy New Year to you & the family. Keep up the good work in 2024.

  17. “ We All Have To Speak-Up & Shout Out ” no truer words are spoken! The time come and I stand with what you say. It’s time to stand strong.

  18. How odd that readers would leave your directory over this. One would think they must not have been paying very close attention to who you are and the values you have championed all along if they expected something different at this juncture. Please keep telling it as it is in 2024. Happy New Year!

  19. Silence is, indeed, the weapon of tyranny! I thank my lucky stars that led me to your editorials. I have a duty to speak the factual truths wherever and whenever I have the opportunity to do so. Happy New Year—it WILL be good as we take back our countries. And I don’t hate “Palestinians.” No—I just recognize they are hate-filled people whose sole purpose is to kill all Jews. One can’t feel sorry for these brutal criminals. The history is clearly on the side of Israelis—and Jews eve

  20. I remember seeing the “Palestinians” dancing and celebrating on 9/11 and afterward. I had no doubts before. How could people possibly side with terrorists?? The Jews are God’s Chosen People – I grew up knowing that and my mind has not and will not be changed. I am so grateful to have found your writing! Blessings to you, Anne, and Falcon! May 2024 not be as bad as I’m pretty sure it will be.

  21. Palestinians are not afraid to shut up roads, shops, stores, shopping centers, etc in Canada with their flags so why should anyone supporting Israel be afraid to show their flag in the end? Bonne année 2024!!

  22. Howard, Have a safe, healthy and Happy New Year. Keep telling the truth about the PURE EVIL we are witnessing everyday. All the best!

  23. What America better be waking up to is the fact there are Millions of anti-America militant saboteurs crossing our southern border by the tens of thousands daily. Scattered strategically across our Nation and throughout our Cities. Who is planning this wide scale maneuver of locating, housing, feeding and clothing. These empty handed ‘southern border’ intruders. In these sub freezing temperature Norther States. Now where is the funding for these Billions of Dollars Necessary to pay”We ARE NE

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