2024 – The Year Of Fight, Flight, Surrender Or Victory


George Soros, Bill Gates, Koch Brothers, The Bush’s, The Clinton’s & Obama Didn’t Just Happen.

It’s Been Decades – Going all the Way Back to President Wilson, FDR and other LEFT Leaning Elitists – With a Brief Hiatus, First While Reagan was in the White House, And Then With Trump As America Strove To Be Great.


At The End Of The First USA/Iraq War . . . About 32-Years Ago (1991) – President George HW Bush Gave a Speech, where Bush Declared that America (And The World) Were Entering Into A “New World Order” . . . So It’s Not As If All Of A Sudden, This Global Assault On Our Freedoms Has Come Upon Us.


In 2008 (15-Years-Ago) . . . A Neophyte Politician with Zero Administrative Experience, Work or Legal History . . . Made this Declaration (Paraphrased) . . . If Barack Hussein Obama Was To Win The White House, He Would Fundamentally Change America.

Obama Won The White House For Several Non-Meritorious Reasons.

1 – Barack Hussein Obama Was Black (Reverse Racism).

2 – Obama Was Exotic.

3 – Obama Had The Power Of The LEFT & Globalists Behind Him.

4 – Obama Was Up Against Terrible Republican Presidential Competitors.

5 – Obama Had Great Speech Writers Which Gave Him Exceptional Voice.

6 – No One Questioned Obama’s Personal History Or Debated His Qualifications.

7 – Obama Pandered To Self-Hating America-Haters.

8 – Obama Ran On A Wave Of Non-Existent (Created) Racism.

9 – If Barack Hussein Obama Didn’t Exist . . . Hollywood Would have Created Him.

Barack Hussein Obama Came a Long Way to Recreating (Fundamentally Changing) America to become a Socialist (Communist) State . . . But A Long Way Isn’t All The Way.

In 2016, As Obama Was Ending His Second Term In The White House, his Remark that he Wished for a Third Term Wasn’t Taken as Seriously as it Should Have been, Since With The Election Of Joe Biden In 2020 . . . That’s Exactly What Happened – Obama Got His Third Term.

The Dufus-In-Chief (Joe Biden) Is Now The Most Disgraced President In American History . . . While the Fault & Bane to All of Biden’s Ludicrous Administration, Is Fundamentally Caused By Obama’s Third Term. Which Leaves Obama’s Hands Clean in all this Mess, Because All That Obama Caused Is Blamed On The Man (Biden) Who Officially Saw-It-Through.


As Hard As The LEFT Tried To Fundamentally Change America, which Included LEFTISTS all the Way Back to President Wilson – And Now Obama/Biden . . . The Framers of the American Constitution Built such a Powerful Socio/Political Structure, so as  to Make it Near Indestructible, which is Why the LEFT Has been so Keen on Changing the Electoral College, the Number of Supreme Court Justices and the Creation of New Pliable States.

The LEFT Have Come Close . . . But Close Is Only Good In Horseshoes.

The LEFT Has Tried To Spend America Into Bankruptcy. They Tried to Destroy the Vital American Energy Structure. They are Flooding America with Immigrants to Change the Future Culture of America from a Melting Pot to a Multi-Cultural Society.

Obama Declared Upon His Presidency . . . “America Is Not An Extraordinary Country” . . . As Obama Toured the World Apologizing for America . . . But Guess What?

To the Great Chagrin of Obama & Other American Self-Haters . . . America Is Indeed An Exceptional Country. So Exceptional as a Matter of Fact, that Obama and all his Acolytes . . . from the Tides Foundation, George Soros, Bill Gates, John Kerry, the United Nations, WHO, the Criminal Court in the Hague and all the Others, are No Different than the Big Bad Wolf, Who Can Huff & Puff & Never Blow-Down The House The American People Have Built.

The People Will Re-Elect Trump & Trump Will Rebuild What The Left Have Broken:

The LEFT (Democrats) Will Cheat For All They Are Worth, and Not Even Try to Hide their Infamy, as they will Shamelessly Try to Rig the Votes Through Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, Unsecured Drop Boxes, Unverified Voter Credentials, Ballot Harvesting and a Propagandized Media on Steroids.


2024 Will Be Upon Us In Just A Few Days . . . In 11-Months – The World Will Return To Normal.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I pray that your optimism comes through and nothing happens to Trump from now until the election.

  2. You are 100% correct. Do not forget “Obumer” (currently serving his 3rd term as POTUS) is not only an avowed Communist but also a Muslim. Furthermore, as a foreign exchange student, he was NEVER qualified to be POTUS. Where the hell was / is the Media? Hopefully, the United States can make it thru the next 13 months —– until we can get Trump back in the White House. Howard, you are shinning light to many us us. Keep up the good work.

  3. When Obama made that statement, evidently most people thought he meant “for the betterment of USA”. That was never his intention at all. But for 2024 election, if DJT wins, I fear the Biden admin will create some national catastrophe in order to declare martial law so that no change-over in the WH can occur. If the left/OWO/UN/WEF, etc. keep pushing for US socialism – communism, there likely will be another civil war. But this time it will be The People by refusing to pay taxes.

  4. My mother’s family name is Barkan but from South America. Obama’s third cycle… Islam’s mortal danger. Economic debacle. Social chaos. The Gaza War is critical to the US as well. Iran has prepared its proxy for years. GAZA is a gigantic camp. Specific areas must be Desdened. And it is being so done. Obama has so far managed to have two agents embedded in the “cabinet” sabotaging the process. And Lapid still at it. Regardless. Hamas Iran Jihad must be destroyed.

  5. From your pen to G-d’s eyes!!! Trump will be sent back to our White House where he belongs. And the world will be much better off and safer because of this. And we will continue to educate the brainwashed public through recognized medical methods. Thank a million times for being the voice of reason and for being unafraid to voice these truths. Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

  6. The Republican party is completely unprepared to combat cheating in the next election, both at the polls and via other vehicles. It is too late to start a grass roots NGO for this purpose so they must outsource this vital task and get it going ASAP. My strong advice is to outsource this to Brigitte Gabrielle of Act4 America who has a great personal proAmerican history and proven track record in DC and already has a grass roots infrastructure in place. Best defense is a good offense.

  7. Agreed, although it probably would be beneficial to do some serious housecleaning within the GOP itself, and not expect DJT to shoulder the full load! Just sayin’…

  8. Both Obama and Hilary Clinton wrote their thesis on Saul Alinsky. Need I say more?

  9. Our battles are just beginning. From protection for the President of Harvard who copied and cheated her way and her non support of Jewish Students. To the protections of Joe and Hunter Biden and their corruption we are in a very bad place. I agree with Karen Snyder that we need to clean up Washington as DJT who did a great job for 4 years cannot fix this mess by himself. Trump has made an enemy in Hillary, and we all know what has happened to several of her enemies, Protect DJT by any means.

  10. IMHO, Mr. trump should not rely on the so called secret service to protect him as well as it did Mr. Reagan. Also the same for the Generals in the Pentagon. With the corruption running rampant Mr. trump would be well to employ trusted protectors on his own, as Obama/Biden associates could attempt an all out attack on him. With as many Islam/Muslim who Biden has let in, Mr. Trumps life is in danger. Conservatives WAKE UP!

  11. Great article HG, Thank you for reminding us how the “brown Soros Puppet” was thrusted on our once beautiful nation. Obama is not only a world class liar – he is a lie from start to finish. When one reverse engineers this POS, it begs the question how in the hell did he get in the WH? Your insightful nine-9 reasons are right on the money. I pray that DJT’s guardian angel is up to the task.

  12. America needs a clean out from those listed by you by any means. The bush family have always been one world gvmt. Do not vote for any bush. Put the best candidate up against them. We r exceptional & people like barry sotero and Michael need sent back to their homeland which is not America.

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