Death By A Thousand Cuts


The Sea Has Calmed. The Wind Has Died & The Torrential Rain Has Gone Dry.

Anne & I Were In A Hurricane Last Year In North Central Florida. Several Years Ago we Had a Tornado Pass Right Overhead Hitting a Mile On One Side and a Mile on the Other Side while we were in Texas Hill Country Near Austin.

But Neither were as Awe-Inspiring as the Combination of Unrelenting Ocean Surges that Went on for Much of the Day that Breached the Berms, Gale Force Winds that Ripped Apart Structures and the Tornado that Threatened us just Two Days Ago.


Because of the Possibility of Roads Being Washed-Away Near the Coast (Carolinas), We Decided to Hunker-Down Where we Were, Moving the RV to Higher Ground Within the Park to Avoid the Ocean Surges, which would Have Swamped-Us if we Didn’t (Some People Weren’t Quite As Lucky), But We Did, and the Worst of it is that we Have a Great Story to Tell.

We’ll Soon be Moving Back to our Previous Spot in the Park, and Re-Setting-Up our RV as the Park Finishes Repairing the Park’s Infrastructure.


This Is Neither An Exaggeration Nor Hyperbole . . . The Future Of The World Is On Trump.

If Trump Doesn’t Win In November 2024 . . . The One World Government Elitist Communist Globalists Will be Victorious at the Cost of our Global Freedoms. It’s As Simple As That.

How Would You Like To Have That Kind Of Weight On Your Shoulders?

We Will Lose Our Freedoms To United Nations Lunatics. The World Health Organization (WHO) will Dictate Everything from What Medicines we will Require & Who Gets Treated for What. The Climate Change Freaks will Mandate What we Can Eat, that will in their Opinion be Deemed to Either be Healthy for us and/or Supposedly Sustainable to the Planet.

Only The Wealthy & Well Connected Will Be Able To Drive Distances Or Fly. And our One World Government will be Appointed Rather than Elected . . . Freedom of Expression will be What the Government will Mandate . . . From What Will Be Free & Acceptable To Them For Us To Say Or Write . . . To What Will Not Be Acceptable To Them.

And If You Think That Our Final Legal Arbiter Will Be Our Supreme Court – Think Again.

In The One World Government . . . Our Final Legal Arbiter will be at the International Criminal Court In The Hague . . . Where all Manner of a One Global Justice System will be Determined to be a One Sized Jurisprudence  that Fits-All.


First It Was Ron DeSantis The Great American Hope The Insiders Pinned Their Future-On.

When That Didn’t Pan-Out . . . It Became Nikki Haley, who was Amongst the First (If Not The First) Political Executives (Governor – South Carolina) to Begin Erasing Critical American History . . . Demonizing a Major Portion of America for a Civil War that was Fought over Much More than Just the Evils of Slavery.

You Can’t Kill A Country’s History Without Killing The Country.

Nikki Haley . . . Who by Birth & Heritage Had No Connection to the Deep South, or the North for that Matter. Yet Haley Took-It Upon herself to Defame, Demean & Begin the Erasure of One of the Most Significant Episodes of American History, which Became the Catalyst for What’s Happening Today Throughout America, with the Destruction of Statues, Names and Icons of Americana.

And Now Haley Has Sold Her Soul To The Insiders Supported By The Propagandized Media.


They Hate Me Because I’m A Jew . . . Full Stop – No Debate – It Is What It Is.

Anti-Semitism Isn’t Inherited. No One is Born to Hate Jews or Anyone Else. And Like all Hatreds, it is Taught & Cultivated. And More Likely Than Not, Anti-Semitism Becomes a Disease like Cancer that Metastasizes & Moves from One Host to the Other.

The Fact That Anti-Semitism Is Rampant Amongst The Younger Generation . . . Tells Me that it was Learned in the House & More Likely than Not in the Schools, Much Like all the Other Hatreds are Learned Against People who Excel on their Own Merit . . . Who Are Targeted For Hatred, Much Like Successful White Conservatives With High Moral Standards.

Those Who Can Do . . . Those Who Can’t – Teach How To Hate.


Taylor Swift Promotes Barbarians Called Hamas & Pledges To Leave America If Trump Is Elected.

Anti-Semitism (Jew-Hatred) Is Not About To Go Away . . . Nor is Jew-Hatred About to Become Diminished, Especially when Idiot Icons with Good Voices, Nice Scantily-Dressed Bodies & Lascivious Gyrations like Taylor Swift, Promotes Anti-Semitism Through Association, Voice or Silence.

Thank You For Helping-Out Financially – Personal Thank You Emails Will Be Sent Shortly.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ah yes. Nothing like a Hollywood, leftist idiot or famous personality who has self-deluded themselves into thinking their intelligence exists as a direct result of their fortune and fame. Not much different than an elected, political buffoon or appointed head of an institution. The world is full of ‘know-nothings’ who think they are smart just because they blab a lot, saw a youtube video, spoke to another like-minded dummy or occupy an important of famous seat.

  2. Shalom. 100% spot on. She sold her soul when she took Koch Bro (think of soros) money. They supported Trump until he wouldn’t roll over and let them loot Americans. Sadly, she will. She’s not a strong leader/person no matter how they paint her. Dems will run over her like a steamroller. She will sell out Israel as well. Worse than pdojoe. Her heritage tells of her position on Israel. It will b business as usual and the next admin will be the 1 World Government. Glad u guys r safe.

  3. So glad you all are safe. Our daughter, her husband and our 2 grandsons stayed on Folly Beach during that storm. The streets were flooded and they were not able to get off the island until Tuesday. As always , you are right that Trump MUST BE ELECTED PRESIDENT IN 2024. And TS would have done herself a favor if she stayed in school. Yes, she’s made huge amounts of $, but she’s just another brainless twit. Hope she takes Barbra and Cher and others with her.

  4. Haley doesn’t mention that her parents are from a country that has child labor, starting at 6 yrs old. She is a racist and opportunist. She sees how much the blacks are favored in jobs, universities and government employees. Blacks are about14% of our population, yet about 60% of the ads, sitcoms, talk shows and MSM. She is Obama in a skirt

  5. Well… We are safe here. In fact as the days go by and Gaza turns flatter and muddier, it gets safer. Still… We need to have a moment with some generals and a few other Obama’s agents around here. That will be “after”. The US seems to be marching the wrongest way for now. A new strata of soon to be voting demi slaves is in. In 24 the US will decide if sinking or voting for president Trump. Israel and others cannot bet on either.

  6. Another top-notch Editorial, Howard. Glad You & Anne are safe. God Bless You Both. You mention Taylor Swift whom I never liked and when my brother Rick framed her LP on his wall, I visited him and after a brief discussion about her supporting Hamas, etc….he “Swiftly” (pun intended) took Taylor’s framed LP off his wall and threw it in the garbage. I was friends with the late Bob Shane of The Kingston Trio. For the record (another pun) Bob Shane said what you said about Donald Trump. I agree.

  7. So glad you all are safe. Smart decision to move to higher ground. It seems a large portion of US citizenry are truly suffering delusions. It is likely world-wide as well, just different delusions. Common sense only exists in those who Choose to think for themselves, and likely are not college grads (at least in the last decade).

  8. Whenever I hear a Hollywood or gov’t. ‘person’ say “if Trump is elected, he/she will leave the USA”. My first thought is: DON”T COME TO CANADA! TRY RUSSIA or CHINA, I’m sure they will put the Welcome Mat out for you. At this point, I refuse to pay hard-earned money to go to any event when certain singers or actors are part of the event, that includes Disney & others.I wonder about Trump’s safety sometimes. From what I can see, there is no one ready to step in, should it become necessa

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