Just Talking Tough Is Like Screaming Into A Hurricane


If You’re Going To Fight . . . You Better Fight To Win – Or Just Surrender.


Biden and his Leftist Puppeteers who are Pressuring Israel for Measured Pauses – are on the Side of the Terrorists . . . Make No Mistake About-It – Biden Is No Friend To Israel, and the Jews who are Part of Biden’s Entourage, of which there are Many, Are No Different Than The Judenrat Jews Of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

These Decrepit Jews Like Antony Blinken, who think they are so Much Smarter than “Dumb Jews” Like Me, who Won’t Take a Knee, Harkens Back to the WWII Elitist Jews who did the Nazis’ Bidding, by Cajoling German & European Jews to Accommodate Nazi Demands, so the Nazis Would See Jews to be Compliant and Less of a Threat to the State of Germany.

Germany’s Chief Rabbi During The Holocaust . . . Was A Reformed (Leftist-Rabbi) Nazi Ass-Kisser, who was Famous for Negotiating with the Nazis on Behalf of the German Jewish Community, thinking that he was Smarter than the German Jews who were Eventually Loaded Onto Trains (Boxcars) Journeyed to the Hell of the Nazi Death Camps.

Try To Find The Name Of This German WWII Chief Rabbi – His Name Has Been Expunged from the Internet, which is Just Another Example of the Global (Elitist) Erasure of History.

If You Don’t Know What Happened & Why It Happened . . . It Will Happen Again!

Are We Here Again . . . As Bastards Like Antony Blinken Push Israel Into “Pauses”, as Israel Has the Advantage in the War Against Palestinian Cutthroats?

Having Supposed Friends Like Biden, Is Like The Sheep Thinking The Wolf Is Its Friend.


A Mostly English-Speaking Area Of Montreal Located Near Prominent Jewish Communities . . . was Ordered by the Borough Council (Of Côte-Des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce) to Remove Posters of Kidnapped Israeli Hostages.

Why Would Such A Truth In Depravity Be Offensive To Any Community?


To Add To This Outrage . . . Two Montreal Area Jewish Schools Were Fired-Upon.

If You Think This Hamas Outrage Is Going To Be Contained Just To Israel . . . You Would Have to be Dumber than Dirt, Because this is all About a Massive Global Strategy to Completely Obliterate our Way of Life, by Using Useful Idiots (Islamist Beasts) to do the Bidding of the Globalists.

The Moslems Flooded The West.

America has Become a Magnet for Millions Upon Millions of Fighting-Age Men, who are Flooding America from Coast to Coast with Many of them from the Worst Nations Known to Humanity.

The Whole World Saw What Less Than Two Dozen Saudi Terrorists Did On 9/11 . . . What Do You Think Millions of Terrorists who are Already In-Country Could-Do to America, Especially Given that America Has such a Weak Energy Grid, Not to Mention so many other Infrastructure Frailties?

It Has Been Estimated by Some in the Know that there Could Be As Many As 10-Million Illegal Immigrants In America. So for Arguments Sake, Say that Only 1% of these Illegals are Terrorist Thugs . . . That Would Mean There Would Be 100,000 Terrorists In America.


And If You Think That 1% Is Still Too Big A Number – How About Half of that, which would Mean there would be 50,000 Terrorists In America? And if Half of that is Still Too Unimaginable a Number – Try Half Of That, Which Would Bring The Number Down To 25,000.

We Are In Serious Trouble With Few Friends . . . Especially Any Friends On The Left.

Any Jewish Person Who Supports The Democrats Is A Judenrat:

In Case I Never Properly Explained What A Judenrat Is (Was) – Or You Need A Reminder . . . A Judenrat Was an Elitist Holocaust Era Jew, who Believed that He or She was Far More Intelligent & Understanding than the People of the Rank & File Jewish Community.


When The Nazis Come Knocking On Your Door . . . Don’t Be Surprised Who Sent-Them.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov
The Un-Apologetic Jew

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  1. I read so often about Biden does this and Biden does that but IMHO, he is only a puppet; and, that it may be Obama and his puppet masters. George and Alex Soros, orchestrating everything. To me, it seems to be Obama’s 3rd term. And, Obama is not friend of Israel ! or America !

  2. Isreal should have obliterated Gaza by now. They’re taking too long.

  3. Israel needs to do what has to be done and stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks, because it doesn’t matter. Russia attacked Ukraine and purposely targeted civilian areas. Did Putin drop leaflets telling people to get out? Yet, we didn’t see anybody out in the streets protesting. Why is it always Israel that has to be subjected to different standards than any other country? It’s funny, but as soon as Israel has to defend itself, out come all the rats from the woodwork.

  4. Right on about the illegals let in by Biden in the USA. I am sure they are gathering and training to attack within. Don’t want to be there when it happens. Could happen here in Vegas. My powder is dry and plentiful.

  5. We are in need of some serious de-programming of the sheeples !!!! They are totally brainwashed and can’t even use their computers and internet to do proper research !!!! Most Canadians, americans & europeans at 80% are dumber than a rock, SIGH !!!! We are so screwed !!!!

  6. You are 100% correct re: the Terrorist here in the USA. They have had training camps set up for years right here in the US. Some of these are very close to metro area’s. We just moved from the Atlanta metro to South Carolina and there is a training camp near Commerce, Georgia —– just NW of the Atlanta metro area. Further, there are other Terrorists training camps in South Georgia. These have well documented.

  7. Biden and his puppet master (Obuma), will destroy America. With the fall of America a new world order of Oligarchs and the ignorant peasants shall arise. I pray that I am wrong. Israel must keep fighting until Hamas is destroyed. Biden and other gutless world leaders have no clue.

  8. I agree with all except the number of illigal border trespassers. There has to be over 60 million by now.

  9. The U.S. is NO friend to Israel. With Obama beside Biden Israel can NOT placate the U.S. Israel must do what it has to in order to be FREE of terrorist & govern its own country. I live next door to a city, which was once a beautiful city, it is now the largest Middle Eastern conclave outside of the Middle East. ALL of the pilots of 9/11 were sheltered here. Terrorist attacks ARE a concern. We will be ever vigilant. TRUMP 2024. Israel WILL prevail. God Bless.

  10. Israel’s military occupies Northeast Gaza down to the Gazan Med coast. The Israeli Flag was raised yesterday evening by the 530. Now grinding the remaining Iranian Islam. Hamas There will be no cease fire until all hostages are back in Israel, Hamas is decimated and the tunnels system collapsed. The pauses, controlled by Israel. To promp a drift of 200000 Hamas voters to the Southwest. Return will be subject to rigid security reviews.

  11. Every day a new revelation, some new, “oh, by the way…” Today I read that there were reporters embedded with Hamas as they perpetrated those horrors last month! What kind of human pays for the on-the-scene record of such unspeakable carnage? Apparently certain western news outlets, if I understand correctly. Our “leaders” and their abettors sicken me.

  12. 11 million illegals? Decades ago, maybe. The estimate of 60 million is probably closer. If it was freedom they were after we cfould encourage them to go home and fight for it. They’re here to take; they don’t want to assimilate or truly be citizens. They want a handout. They’re barbarians.

  13. Keep up the pressure and the information Howard. As a Canadian, I am wondering why our ?? PM is promoting 500,000 immigrants each year. There is not enough reasonably priced housing for the people here already trying to make a living. When are those people who continue supporting this lunacy going to wake up? I consider myself a “born-again Christian” who cares about people regardless of their beliefs. I have not always felt this way but am still learning.

  14. You are correct Howard. This US administration is no friend of Israel. Neither is the demorat party, state department or cia. They all need the anti Israel occupants cleaned out and sent to Iran to live. Same goes for the defense department. Look for intifada at anytime to start in America and Canada.

  15. At least in Canada, the latest polls indicate that there will be a Conservative majority in the next election, that is if Canada can survive two more years of Justin. It’s hard to believe that Trump or any Republican is neck and neck with Biden and it could be worse if Biden dies and goes to hell where he belongs and the California clown gets elected.

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