Are Liberal Jews Finally Getting-It?


Before I Get Into This Editorial – Understand This . . . Israel Is Not Biden’s Corn Pop Fantasy.

Biden – Through His Anti-Israel Globalist Handlers, Has to Keep his Hands-Off How Israel is Going to Fight this War of Existentialism, which by Definition Could Wipe-Out Israel as a Country, Leading Millions of Jews to their Deaths or Statelessness.

Just Look at the Incredible Mess this Idiot-In-Chief Has Made to his Own Country, and What he is Capable of Doing to the State of Israel.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . As we are Bearing Witness Today – Up Close & Personal Around the World in Countries we Would Have Hoped would be Different, The Level Of Jew-Hatred Has Been Profoundly Disappointing.

I Would Hope . . . With Little Real Hope – that LEFTIST Jews, Specifically in the United States of America,  Have Come to the Realization that the Political Party they Idolize is the Party that Cheers . . . Death To Israel & From The River To The Sea.

After About 4,000-Years . . . Jewish History Is Repeating Our Own Demise.


The LEFT Has Infiltrated the Republican Party to the Point that a Real Conservative Speaker of the House, will Never be Elected to Lead the House with such a Slim Republican Majority.

The RINOS Are Political Whores . . . Who Serve their Sugar-Daddy Masters (Lobbyists) Before they Serve the People who Elected them. And Until Such Time that the RINOS Find a Big Spender in Congress (House) who Pretends to be a Fiscal Hawk, the Likes of Paul Ryan & John Boehner – the Republicans will Not Be Able to Elect the Speaker America Really Needs.

McCarthy Wasn’t Ousted As The Speaker Because He Wasn’t Conservative Enough, but Rather, Because he was Becoming Too Conservative, which led Pelosi (Hakeem Jeffries) to Break her Promise to McCarthy Not to Vote Against him  in a Leadership Review.

The Republicans Need To Elect A Speaker Now & Then Primary The Hell Out Of The RINOS In 2024.


Don’t Believe The Hype . . . Those Who Talk . . . Can’t-Do. Those Who Can-Do . . . Don’t Talk.

Israel Is A Military & Technological Powerhouse . . . With an Unbelievable Incentive to Survive in an Ocean of Jew-Hatred that Dates Back Thousands of Years.

Also – Israel Is Not Without Powerful Friends In Both The Jewish & Christian Milieu, who will Spend & Speak-Out on Whatever it Takes to Stand with Israel. This Isn’t The Mid 1930’s Through The Mid 1940’s . . . When the Entire World Shunned Europe’s Jews & Turned a Blind Eye to the Holocaust.

I’ve Been A Fighter . . . Karate & Krav Maga . . . I Wasn’t Great, But I Held My Own. And What I was Able to Discern at the Stare-Down Before Each Fight, was which Opponent was Someone I Could Beat, and which Fighters were More Likely to Beat Me.


Those Who Showed The Most Bravado Before Each Fight, were the Adversaries I was Least Concerned in Facing. In the Case of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah – Etc, they Survive on Bravado, Hype & False Courage.

To The Israelis . . . The Rage Is Internal – The Retribution Will Be Biblical.


Men Who Butcher Unarmed Women & Children Are Cowards – They’re Not Warriors.


I Promised That I Would Write About Something Positive In This World Of Hurt.

One Week Ago Today . . . Anne & I Drove Several Hundreds Miles Past Ottawa to Look at a Pack of . . . 6-Week-Old 100% European Long-Haired German Shepherd Puppies From Direct Polish Heritage.

There Were 11-Puppies In The Litter . . .  All Of Whom Were Gorgeous . . . We Chose the Largest Male Puppy with an Incredible Amount of German Shepherd Colors in His Long Fur, which Made this Puppy Stand-Out like No Other German Shepherd Puppy Anne & I Had Ever Seen.

The Name We Gave Him Is Falcon . . . Which Is An Incredible Story Unto Itself.


In A Time Of Darkness . . . We Need Light – The Light Of A New Puppy Shines Brightly.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Greetings! Falcon is the inspiration we all NEED! Woof! Woof! Love ya, Boss from Heaven and Shirlee Sutton from our Bunker. Modesto, CA.

  2. Falcon, indeed deserves his own editorial! So looking forward to seeing him. Thank you for these positive few paragraphs, we do need light and the Light of Falcon will shine brightly.

  3. You have “little real hope” about the leftist members of our tribe finally awakening to reality? I must say – you are an optimist, my friend. In southern Florida, where Gayle and I now live full-time; and in NYC, where both our daughters live with their families, there is no real sign of that. Those who already knew, now know and express their views with special intensity. The others (also knows as the majority)? They continue to hate Trump, Netanyahu, and DeSantis.

  4. Congratulations on your new puppy? We appreciate smiling about a very lucky puppy. I also smile thinking how Isreal will win battles on the North AND the South borders. Now a short prayer: Please some respectable conservatives step up against our Texas RINOS and send them to forever retirement. PLEASE! PLEASE!!!! John Cornyn FIRST!!

  5. Howard, Good Luck with the Falcon, I just bought one this past spring, All E. German breeding, he is the Baron of Sandy Hill, my Beagle kennel name. I would never worry about Biden telling Netanyahu anything. He might try but there are no better fighters in the world or a nation that knows it’s enemies weaknesses better. than the isralies. It is just too bad Trump wasn’t President, Iran right now would be a smoldering pile of sand and half burned rags. Israel will never be defeated.

  6. Can’t wait to hear all about Falcon and hopefully a picture of him. I pray for victory for Israel.

  7. re: “Are Liberal Jews Finally Getting-It?” One can hope BUT, I doubt it! Sad.

  8. It is too bad Trump wasn’t President, Iran right now would be a smoldering pile of sand and half burned rags. Israel will never be defeated. Paul E Costello of Hannacroix, NY, United States I agree with you one hundred per cent

  9. Thank you Howard for a great ed. Oh, how I miss D. Trump. He made us realize that his way of governing was giving us the best of what was available. The idiot Biden, needs to lay down on his hammock and have a glass of iced tea. Don’t bother us anymore, Joe. You’ve done enough harm for a century or two. Love that you have a new puppy. A long haired shepherd is a beautiful dog. I pray Falcon swoops up all the love you and Anne can give.

  10. Liberal unJews will never get it. Passively. They may get it otherwise if their actions continue to line up with Islamic bestial monsters. In Israel and for the most left wingers remain in the tribe. Overseas stragglers are, for the most, gone para capos. Enemies. We cannot afford to remain idle as that substrate actively support Obama Islamic monsters and the combined regimes and plans.

  11. Leaving shul this afternoon, I told afriend zbout the antisemitic progressives from a Jewish group that attacked the halls of Congress. Three hundred having been arrested. She couldn’t believe that Jews could be anti Israel. Even among our own vermin live.

  12. Great Editorial. Waiting for Falcon’s Editorial!! Photos too!! RE: Israel: Israel will prevail.

  13. I don’t think the liberal diaspora will ever leave the demorat party. They are totally blind and refuse to see the truth right in front of their eyes. We need rinos replaced yesterday. Evil is among the Republican party and needs to be cauterized out. Money and power are their gods. Am Yisrael Chai!!

  14. Mr. galganov, article: succinct. Bombastic talk is a loser, quiet demeanor or no talk is powerful in action. Have that understanding in my martial arts training. Grand Master Norris is of the utmost example.

  15. Soooo very sorry about your LOSS, and VERY Happy about your gain. Lots of happiness and Love is ahead.

  16. You, my Jewish Friend, are ALWAYS a Light in the Hearts of others like myself. Yes, the proverbial “Hornet’s Nest” had been shaken, and what the Future Brings will NOT be Forgotten. Good luck with your New Puppy.

  17. Ah, a bright spot in the news! Cannot wait to meet Falcon. As always, your thoughts are on point and appreciated.

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