The Debate Stops Here


First They Came For Him

Next . . . They’ll Be Coming For You

This Is Where It Ends. Perry Is A Friend & A Good Guy . . . Who for Whatever Reason Hates the Possibility (Probability) that Trump will Win the Republican Primary – Because the LEFT and their Acolytes Have Wormed their Way Into the Psyche of Good People with the Claim that Trump Can’t Win in 2024.

Tragically . . . Perry Isn’t The Only One To Devour This LEFTIST/RINO Gruel.

The Good News . . . Once the Dust Settles & Whoever Wins the Republican Primary, I’m Quite Certain the People on the Right who are Not In Favor of Trump, will Change their Tune Once Trump Again Becomes the Republican Nominee.

Before Ending This Debate . . . I Just Want To Fire This Parting Shot At My Friend Perry.

Yesterday, in Perry’s Last Comment, Perry Wrote as Part of his Comment . . . “Don’t Put Words In My Mouth . . .” – In Response, I Would Never Do that to Anyone. What I Did Write, was a Copy & Paste Quote Written Directly by Perry in his Own Comment . . . And This Is Where This Personalized Debate Ends.


This Is The Way Men & Women Of Good Character Settle Their Socio/Political Differences.

No Matter How Much Perceived Rancor . . . There was in this Pro-Trump/Anti-Trump Debate, Not Just Between Perry & Myself . . . But Also With Other Well-Intentioned Conservatives . . . There Was No Personal Insults, Threats Or Acrimonious Rhetoric Between Us.

And That’s Just One Of The Big Differences Between Them (Left) & Us (Conservatives).


Canada’s On Record (Liberals) To Be Making Special Arrangements For The Return Of Trump.

From Everything I’m Reading, which Includes North American, Middle East & European Media, the One World Government European Socialists, Are Terrified About The Real Prospect That Trump Will Win The 2024 Election.

Why Are They So Terrified Of The Resurgence Of Trump’s Return? The Reason is because Trump Has their Number & Won’t Take a Knee to a Communist One World Government . . . Where Unelected Oligarchs Rule Supreme.

If I Was One Of Them (Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg – Etc) . . .  I Too Would be Petrified that their Gig is Just About to be Up.

Half Of Europe Is Quaking At The Return Of Trump, while the Other Half of Europe, Specifically those European Countries which Have Recently Devolved from being Under the Thumb of Supply-Side Communist Management (Economics), and European Countries Like Italy, which has Already Found their Path Away from the Curse of Communism (Socialism) and the One World Government, which is Mired at the EU, UN, WHO, NATO, Paris Agreement, International Court at the Hague . . . Plus All The Other Useless Global Money-Pits.

The Israelis Aren’t Flummoxed By The Return Of Trump, Since Israel Has Never Had a Better International Friend than Donald J Trump. And Surprisingly, I Don’t think Many of the Arab Countries are that Upset to see the Possible (Probable) Return of the Man who Ushered-In the Abraham Accords.

The Big Worry Now . . . Is How Far are the LEFT and the American LEFT’S Globalist Allies Prepared to Go to Screw-Over America Before the Return of Trump?

Make No Mistake About Any Of This . . . The Profligate Spending of American Cash to Undermine the American Economy is Global. The Surge of “ILLEGAL” (Unwarranted) Immigration is Also Global & Has Nothing to Do with People Fleeing from Despots to Get to Sanctuary in America.

Like The Profligate Spending . . . The Surge of Immigrants to America is Designed by the Globalist One World Government to Overwhelm the System, By Creating A Fact-On-The-Ground, which the LEFT is Gambling, that the Incoming Trump Presidency Won’t be Able to Reverse.


“Hard Times Create Strong Men. Strong Men Create Good Times. Good Times Create Weak Men. And Weak Men Create Hard Times” . . . By: G Michael Hopf.

Let Me Put This As Succinctly As I Can . . . Never Before In My Lifetime (73-Years), Have we Needed a Hard-Ass-Leader as Hard as President Donald J Trump.

And Never In The Lifetime Of America & World Freedom . . . Were We This Close To Global Tyranny.

We Are Not Going To Get Two Kicks At This Can . . . And the LEFT will Do Whatever they Deem Necessary by all Filthy Needs Possible, For Them To Destroy The American Dream All The Way Back To 1776.

I’ll Draw Your Attention To The Top Of This Editorial . . . The Caption Says All That Needs To Be Said.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s so scary, being on the tipping point of history. BUT we must stand together to get Trump elected & then support him with all of our energy & our might. We must have the same character & backbone that saw our ancestors take a stand “At the rude bridge that arched the flood, their flag to April’s breeze unfurled.” All it takes is to know in your heart that what you’re doing is right. Almighty God will have our backs.

  2. Why does the Left fear DJT? They know what he can and will do to their Pet Money Pits. Some of them have been lining their pockets for years. DJT is our best hope of obtaining Term Limits. These Life Long Politicians like Biden must go, they are a cancer to this country. There are so many to name but we all know who they are. Once they get a taste of the Hog Trough they want to stay forever. Lobby must be controlled as they feed the trough. Why do Lawyers turn to politics, Money, Money, Money.

  3. 👍🏻 pleased with ‘Debate stops here’ & long live ‘Never Again’. 100% agree editorial, right on the mark. Trump is the only person on the scene who can return North America to where is was before Biden. DeSantis shows a degree of resilience & fortitude but he isn’t a Trump. Ramaswamy, on Fox, did his best to refute the comments he made about Israel etc claiming they were the usual CNN style media spins taken out of context. Who should we believe? Ans: believe & vote Trump in Trudeau ou

  4. Geez Howard, Flummoxed, I’m just a kid from Da Bronx, Ok a 71 year old kid from Da Bronx 🙂 Bewildered would of helped 🙂 Ok on a Serious Note,There were many that Fled Europe, living in my neighborhood. Being just 11 then, I listened to the stories of those who were willing to talk about the Horror’s AND the PRELUDE to those Horrors. I am now seeing that Prelude of what was spoken of come to Fruition today! That Light Beacon on the hill, that once was, has now become a Dung Heap ON THE HILL!

  5. H, you attributed Mr. Ghilchrist’s words to me and while I agree with him, MY comment was about Rama-smarmy. That said, the Disciples of the Church of Trump have to face reality. Since DT pulled a royal flush of electoral college votes in 16 and was a great POTUS, he and his endorsees lost in 18, 20, 21 GA, 22 and 23 GA. NOTHING BUT LOSSES. And after his ’20 loss he became so self destructive that only the people who think he’s the 2nd coming of Christ support him. Trump is a guaranteed LOSS.

  6. Right on Howard we need strong leader ship to get rid of all these leftist wimps and spineless scoundrels

  7. Haha, looks like the Pissing contest is in full gear! I’m for Trump.

  8. Perry Birman … Trump’s and GOP’s losses can be attributed to fraudulent elections a la third world and the collusion of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, intelligence agencies, mass media etc., and a dumbed-down electorate. I admire Ramaswamy even more now since he was the only one to immediately stick his hand up to support Trump and declare global warming a hoax while the rest looked around to see what the others would do instead of taking a principled position.

  9. The only way the Saudis will join the Abraham Accords is if Trump is elected. They respect/revere him. He portrayed strength which is of paramount importance in the Arab World where perception is reality. With the House of Saud on board there will be Middle East peace. Netanyahu will be safe with Trump in power as Trump will cut all US State Dept funding which is bankrolling the Judicial Reforms protests as a facade for getting BiBi out of power at all costs. Then the Obama lapdogs will retreat

  10. I chuckled when I read “Karl Schwab..” -Klaus. But you are spot on that the leftists, socialists & OWO types hate Trump because he is more than capable of putting a ‘monkey wrench’ into their plans for world dominion, esp. China since DJT already cut some of their financial gains. But our military is in no way ready to take on Putin, esp. since Biden has depleted our machinery/munitions. I hope 4 years would be enough for him to get us back on top.

  11. I love the Trump man. He should be a shoe in if there ever was one. I am concerned about what those who hate him will do after he is elected! On the lighter side Howard. Are there any trees in Canada that have not burned yet. Here in Minnesota today we can only see a half mile because of smoke. This has been going on a couple months now

  12. The only man strong enough and knowledgeable enough of One Word Governments is TRUMP!! Pence is a Judas. Ramaswamy is owned by Soros (will not back Israel, turn Taiwan to China, etc.) He is a Trojan Horse. DeSantis is a “politician” who Trump put in office with 2 rallies. Mitch, et al are owned by One World Order. twenty republicans signed not to sanction Schiff(ty) who lied trying to impeach Trump. The party is a mess. Too many Rinos. Ronna is a Rino leader.

  13. The “R’s” cannot win any election of consequence until the voting system is completely corrected!!! One vote per person with proper ID and via traceable / verifiable paper ballot ONLY!!! No exceptions!!! The Dominion software can be remotely manipulated to get anyone elected to any position!!! The “R’s” do not have the go-nads to correct or change the system!!! We have seen video tapes of suitcases of ballots being illegally scanned and the R’s did NOT DO A DAMNED THING —- NOTHIN

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