Sometimes The Greatest Speech Is Silence


Yesterday, My Good American Friend Perry Birman who Lives in Boca Raton Florida Made the Following Comment to Yesterday’s Editorial on Rigged Elections . . . “The Curse To Freedom” – August 19, 2023.

Before Continuing – Let Me State That Perry & I Have Some Real Positive History Together . . . But since the Big 2020 Election Steal by the LEFT, Perry has Become Convinced That Trump Can’t Win In 2024, that DeSantis is the New Republican Great Hope & Republicans Failed in the 2022 Interim Elections Because of Trump’s Congressional Endorsements . . . And The People, Including Perry Are Sick & Tired Of Trump’s Boorish Mouth & Narcissistic Attitude.

So You Can Imagine That Perry & Are Not Mincing Words Over Trump.


“Please explain to me why Donald Trump will skip the debate on Wednesday night. Is it A) to make a spectacle of himself to take attention away from the other candidates? B) he’s scared to take the incoming from his rivals seeking the nomination? C) he doesn’t think the American voters deserve to make a fair assessment of him vis a vis the other candidates. or D) all of the above?”


Generally, as a Matter of Course, I Never Get Into Pissing-Contests with Readers Over LEFT & CONSERVATIVE Politics, Not Even With Friends & Family With Whom I Disagree, who Incidentally Are Far & Few Between. But I Decided to Make an Exception in this Case, Because Perry Inadvertently Or Purposefully Gave Me An Opportunity To Dispel The Unfounded Anti-Trump Rhetoric.

To Answer Perry’s First Question (A) . . .

I Doubt Very Much that Trump is Worried About Making a Spectacle of Himself, Since Trump’s Whole Life & Raison D’etre is to be a Spectacle. And for Part Two of Perry’s (A) Question . . . I’m Certain that Trump is Only Too Happy to Take Attention Away from His Opponents. Where’s The Crime In That?

To Answer Perry’s Second Question (B) . . .

Trump Has Been Taking Incoming His Whole Life . . . But More than Any Human Being (Politician) Has . . . Who I Know-Of After 2016 (7-Years).  It Has Been Relentless From All Sides.

Besides, What Could a Tub-Of-Lard like Chris Christie Say to Trump, or Accuse Trump of Doing, Not Doing or Saying – that the Inconsequential Tub-Of-Law Hasn’t Already Said to Any Venue he Could?

Also . . . Trump is Facing & Not Cowering from the Entire Power of a Propagandized Media, Crooked Judiciary, Compromised FBI & Horrific Indictments . . . What Makes Perry Think Trump Would be Scared of a Group of Political Wannabees Who are so Far Behind Him in the Primary, That They’re Not Even In The Same Contest?

To Answer Perry’s Third Question (C) . . .

Not Only Does Donald Trump Think the American People Have the Right to Make a Fair Assessment of Himself Against the Other Candidates . . . No-One In Politics Has Ever Revealed More About Himself than has Donald Trump.

And No-One who is Running for the Leadership of the Republican Party . . . Has Anything Close To The History Of Accomplishments Nationally & Internationally Than Does Donald J Trump.

And No-One Who I am Aware of in the History of Politics, American or Otherwise Has Been More Transparent than Has Been Donald Trump.

It Will Be Argued That DeSantis Has A Stellar Record As A Conservative Governor.

While This Is True . . . DeSantis Won his First Governorship Against a Crooked Black Mayor of Tallahassee (Andrew Gillum) . . . Pretty-Much with the Endorsement of Donald Trump.

Without Trump’s Endorsement . . . The People Would Be Asking DeSantis-Who?

DeSantis Sits With A Full-On Republican Slate (Republican House, Republican Senate & Republican Deputy Governor). Trump – Unlike DeSantis Had to Defend Himself Against Paul Ryan (RINO), Chuck Schumer (Democrat), Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) and a Bevy of “Republican” Anti-Trumpers . . . Not To Forget The FBI, Justice Department & His Own State Department.

In Spite Of The Hordes Aligned Against Trump-45 – Look What Trump Achieved Nonetheless.

Then There’s The Other Reality . . . Who Amongst the Republican Wannabees – Including Ron DeSantis Ever Governed a Country & Brought the World to Heel?

To Answer Perry’s Fourth Question (D) . . .

The Last Question Perry Asked . . . Is Trump Afraid Of All Of Perry’s Questions?

The Answer (My Answer) Is NO! But my Question is . . . What Are All The LEFTISTS & Republican Insiders (RINOS) So Frightened-Of By Having Trump Return As The President Of The United States Of America?

Doesn’t It Seem Strange To You . . . That So Many Rich & Powerful Men (Women-Too) in the Republican Party & Especially Amongst Globalist Businesses are Willing to Support Anyone they Think Can Beat Trump in the Primary – Including The Murdock’s Of Fox News . . . Who Are Going All-Out To Stop Trump?

First It Was Ron DeSantis Who Is Seriously Failing Their Expectations. Now It Seems To Be Vivek Ramaswamy. And to the Best of my Knowledge, there are No Shortages of Rich Republican Corporatists who First Tried to Convince Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire to Get in the Race, then it was Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia & Now its Governor Glenn Younkin of Virginia.

Why Should Anyone Assume That Trump Can’t Redo What He Had Done Once Before?


The Only Thing Trump Has To Say Is – Vote For Me & I’ll Do What I Did Before . . . MAGA!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Apparently Trump will be interviewed by Tucker on Twitter (X) at the same time as the Republican primary. This will be interesting.

  2. Your reader in Boca has witnessed DeSantis do a fantastic job as Governor of his state and appears to be extrapolating this to the presidency. Therefore his naivete must be forgiven. DeSantis needs to remain as FLA governor until the next election. His wife has just been through quite a bit and his young children will need the stability of consistency in their daily lives which will not occur in DC. He should bow out to Trump/Vivek.Americans will respect this and he will remain viable for 2028.

  3. As as Christy goes and along with the other so called candidates, Like most politicians, they promise solutions to the mess they have made. Time to stop listening to these clowns that have a 1 or 2 issue platform! The American Public wants a solution to the destruction of the Constitution and our way of life. So far I’ve only heard one candidate that talks the real issue, that corrupt politicians.

  4. I couldn’t stand DJT until he spelled out his platform for MAGA and was true to his word. It’s now obvious that he is the best chance to save our way of life going forward.

  5. Great spinning Howard. You must be dizzy 🙂 A) I never said he was WORRIED about making a spectacle of himself. I said he WANTED TO. B) If Trump is so used to incoming fire, why wouldn’t he want to lash back at his opponents? Fear? Yes. C) He’s running to be President of the American people, not only his base. 65% of the American people polled DON’T want him. He has a sale to make beyond your readers. D) It’s Trump who is hiding, just like the corrupt, kiddie-sniffing demented Biden did.

  6. Seems to me the the proof’s in the pudding. What did Trump accomplish? Low inflation, energy independence, low unemployment, improvement in the standard of living of most minorities, started no wars, got the middle east on the road to peace, secure borders, strengthened military,….. the list goes on and on.. and all while attacked from all sides including **** RINOs. What he didn’t do was totally clean out the swamp. Is there a fact the libs can acknowledge?

  7. Outstanding, Howard. President Trump, please drain the swamp, term limits passed, secure the border/send illegals home, send the criminals/traitors to jail, fix the voting system for ONLY legal living citizens top to bottom, then the rest of the mess. WE must stand as ONE VOICE against all communists, quit fighting among ourselves, DJT is the ONLY candidate with power, backing, guts, knowledge to fix this mess. DJT works with AMERICA LOVING independents and dems, all others are communists.

  8. Trump is a businessman/investor analyzed the debate in a Risk/Reward Nothing to gain here but possibly giving the Democrats canon fodder to write & distract with on the other hand…. By going on Tritter X Trump will out draw the debate & down grade the media and All commentators from all sides being Out Foxed Pun intended 😁 Win Win Win Win Win Win

  9. Trump does NOT need to debate. He has already been president #45 & knows exactly what it will take to DRAIN THE SWAMP, Right the Wrongs, get the border built (Biden is SELLING THE WALL COMPONENTS TRUMP BOUGHT), Start Drilling & set the world straight. The Indictments are because of FEAR by the LEFT. That is a Flash Flag. It ain’t gonna deter any of us. And the 2020 election WAS A FRAUD! Hopefully, We The People can git ‘er done!!! DJT 2024.

  10. Our Former President, President Trump, left(Unless your head was in the sand) No Doubts What He Stood For, Who He Was, Who He Is! What is Heart is Towards Americans, that has not changed. So, Why Debate?I left the Demo’s when Abortion was Legalized, I left the Republican Party When Paul Ryan became a useless speaker! Now A Conservative Independent! Trump is NOT A GLOBALIST! Neither Am I! AMERICA FIRST!He’s not a Prostitute, O sorry, “Politician”!He’s A STATESMAN. GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY! SE

  11. DUH !!! To All that can’t grasp it. The Donald has ALREADY proven, he can “get-er-done”.

  12. Yes… too much of a New Yorker. But top executive profile. I doubt China will float a ballon over the US or Russia mince Ukraine. Not many illegals marching in either. Will Hillary try her best?

  13. I am always suspect of those who claim to have supported Trump in 2016 but now make statements like “he’s scared to take incoming from rivals”, or “Trump doesn’t think the voters deserve to fairly assess him as a candidate”, and he questions the decision Trump made to skip the debate. Any TRUE Trump supporter KNOWS that Trump put out a number of surveys to his supporters asking for our input about whether he should debate or not. True Trump supporters answered a resounding, “Hell n

  14. Trump won’t debate because he knows when the sale has been made you shut up and never oversell the deal

  15. Debate who????? None of the candidates except DeSantis is close to worthy for the office…..Those like Christie are in it for the $$$$ and glory…. Make $$$$ later on the puke cable channels…..none are worthy of his presence…..My concern is the fortified cheat party and the Trump haters,.

  16. From what I’ve heard/read, Vivek Ramaswamy is also very patriotic, and wants to help USA return to/become the country back to the foundation of Constitution and Bill of Rights, just as Trump. The disagreements/arguments will only get worse and more heated the closer we get to Nov 2024; not to mention the globalists/leftists/anti-Trump elites, etc., will increase doing everything they can to keep him (the biggest threat to their agenda) from winning.

  17. Just a little advice from an 87 yr old man. The Perry/Howard pissing contest should stop now, you have been great friends doing wonderful things together and it will only get worse and jeopardise your relationship to continue on this blog. Respect others opinions & 2024 will reveal who was right, or wrong. Ask not about Trumps character but what he did for America in 4 years that no other president ever accomplished. Maybe Trump IS past his best before date, but then again, maybe not. Socrates.

  18. Exclnt view. Raswrmrat will NEVER get my vote. U left out a pwrful enemy of Trump – the Koch bro. who put power/money over America all the time. I hope Trump interviews with Tucker/Levin at the same time as the debate. Lardo is a rino demorat. Put a d on him. Your friend has TDS bad. Is he a patriot or is he will of the wind? I don’t care for some of Trump’s actions but he is the man I will vote for to help save America. Only one other can save America, is G-d. He will if asked.

  19. It is amazing so many views of DJT, yet how many of you know him personally. I do not know the man on a personal level. Yes, he can sound arrogant, yes, he sounds off on X, and yes, his personality is bigger than any of the folks running against him. To me, he, stood alone fighting Washington Swamp as his own party did not support him as they should have. He made promises and kept them. Biden just lies more and more. DJT is our best hope to save this country from total collapse. Just Him and God

  20. I TOTALLY agree with Susan Sheldon, Coral Springs, Florida. SO right on! Great article Howard Galganov!

  21. I agree with Mr. Birman. No candidate should be “ the annoited one “. There are lots of American Republican voters who are not rinos or whatever , that don’t think Trump should be a shoe in. If he makes the most sense through debate and wins Republicans over , fine. Give him united support. However, i think not choosing to debate , will only hurt his chances of re- election. Just my humble right wing conservative opinion.

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