Zelenskyy Is A Performer & We’re All Actors Upon His Stage


William Shakespeare Wrote “As You Like It” In The Very Early 1600’s . . . It’s No Less True Today.

Ukraine is Perhaps the Most Corrupt Nation on the European Continent, which is Led by an Actor & his Pretty Performer Wife . . . And We In The West – Are The Schmucks Feeding The Ukrainian Slush Fund.

In Ukraine . . . There is No Real Opposition Party & No-One who Seemingly is Allowed to Challenge Zelenksyy’s Authority. There is No Real Free Press. And During the Past Few Months, Zelenksyy has Fired or Imprisoned all Manner of Top Military & Government Personal for Either Perceived Incompetence and or Corruption.

And The Cherry Atop The Whipped Cream . . . The So-Called Counter Offensive Is A Joke.

At One Point, I like Others Took Notice of the Fact that the Russians were Using WWII Era Outdated Tanks and other Mostly Obsolete Equipment to Fight the Ukrainians . . . Maybe The Lesson There Is That The Russians Don’t Need Their Best Stuff To Do What They’re Doing.


Calling Ukraine A Democracy Is Like Calling A Jackal A Pet-In-Waiting.

Either Way – Regardless of Who is on the Move, Who is Winning, Who is Losing & Who is Suffering the Greatest Number of Casualties . . . Why Is America On The Hook For More Than $100-Billion Dollars In Cash That We Know-Of, Not Knowing Who’s Getting the Money & Where the Billions of Dollars of American Miliary Equipment is Winding-Up, Compared To The Anemic Support European Countries Are Spending For A European Country To Fight A European War?

Don’t Get Me Wrong . . . I Feel Horrible for the Poor Ukrainians who through No Fault of their Own are Taking a Real Beating at the Hands of the Russians . . . And Not to be Ignored, at the Hands of their Own Corrupt Government as Well . . . But Enough Is Enough.

We In North America Have Already Spilled Too Much Canadian & American Blood & Treasure Fighting Europe’s Wars (WWI – WWII).

When are the Europeans who Seem to Control so Much of the Social Governance of the World with their Hoity-Toity Attitude, Going To Man-Up & Take Responsibility For Their Own Back-Yard?


We In North America Are Bleeding. Inflation, which is Caused by Extreme Government Incompetence, Corruption, Obscene Regulations & Sick Social Ideologies Coupled with Global & Local Corporate Greed & Malfeasance . . . The Likes Of Which I Have Never Seen, Which Most North Americans Can Barely Survive Within The Day To Day Rigors Of Normal Life . . . Is Destroying Everything Our Ancestors Worked To Build.


Until We Can Settle All The Problems In Our Own House – What’s Happening in the House of Another Should Not be our Business.

Retired People In Much Of North America Can’t Make-It On Their Pensions. It’s Hard to Put Food on the Table. And Keeping a Roof Over Our Heads has Become a Real Worry. Young People are Graduating with Huge Debts & Worthless Sick Ideological Degrees, Many with No Marketable or Working Skills. And House Ownership Is Becoming A Faded Dream.


The Governments Of North America Have To Stop Being Santa Clause With Our Tax Dollars.

Let the Bastards like Biden & Trudeau Spend their Own Money – Of Which they Have Plenty, if they Want to be the Big Men on the Global Campus.

No-One I Know-Of Wants To Live In Poverty & Fear . . . so others who are Not Part of our National Families Can Live a Better & More Secure Life than Ourselves.

No One Elected Biden Or Trudeau For Us To Suffer So Others Can Thrive.

In A Year From Now . . . We Will Have A Critical Choice. The Americans Can Choose a Real Conservative Non-Politician as President (Trump), and a Real Conservative Not on the Take Congress (By Lobbyist), Which Will Do What Must Be Done To Right The Capsizing Ship America.

In Canada, We Have Two Years . . . if Nothing Changes and if Canada Can Survive Trudeau’s Communist Surge, for Canadians to Elect Someone who I Pray will be a True Conservative (Pierre Poilievre), even Though I’m Having some Trepidation as to Poilievre’s Commitment to Doing What Really Needs to be Done, To Save What Will Be Salvageable Of What Used To Be The Country With The Greatest Potential On Earth.

By 2024 It Will Either Be Freedom & Prosperity With Trump, Or Dismay By National Suicide.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard you need to be read by every American. Your comments have absolutely hit the nail on the head describing what is going on. I will be sending today’s column to everyone in my address book which is something I should have done years ago. Our country’s citizens still have the freedom to choose their sources of information. It is too bad that about 95% of the news media is so biased and most of our citizens have never been schooled in learning how to think and to determine reality.

  2. Spot on Howard. “We the People” are the sheeple lead by an idiotic moron. There are a lot of patriotic people in this the USA and Canada who really want to make a change for better government. However, we are too old and health ridden that our will to fight is waning. The younger generations have no balls to pursue a republic. “We have met the enemy, and they is us”. (Pogo).

  3. You are absolutely correct about the actor/comic who is becoming very rich off the largess of American taxpayers and who is the head of the Ukrainian government. It was (and still is) my belief that the American administration got us involved in yet another far away war because our government knew about and wanted to protect the bioweapon labs in Ukraine—labs American taxpayers funded. You are right—we must first protect our own “house.” Trump in 2024 will accomplish this.

  4. We asked our accountant if we should just send our huge payment (could have bought a car) directly to Zelensky. She got a chuckle but said a lot of people are asking if they should send to Hunter also. So sad. You are right make it or finish breaking it if Trump does prevail.

  5. Spot on as usual. He plays the stupid political hacks in Washington DC like a drum. Have you seen the founder of Greenpeace talk about this so called global warming. Look it up, he puts the global warming dummies like WHO, Biden and his communist democrats, Hanoi Kerry Gore and many more to shame.

  6. Totally correct. Further, almost 40000 refugees are in Israel, hired by Biden, (Obama), as coup helpers. Many of the anti reform antifa like items are from there. Zelensky must accept facts… corrupt to the core. Sit to find a way to stop acting.

  7. Correct as usual!! However, more than enough of us showed up and voted for President Trump, Nov. 2020. We beat the traitor handily. But Pence didn’t do his job, the courts didn’t do their job, the voting system hasn’t been changed enough for a different outcome in 2024. Why do you think we can vote President Trump back into office? Demorats thought they had cheated enough in 2016, they will never make that mistake again, Biden proved that. Something else has to be the answer.

  8. That has been the issue/problem with federal gov’t for decades w/no accountability. Why would we be senselessly sending $Billions to some country with no idea where any of that money is going or how it’s being used. The WH is using taxpayer incomes from hard work as their slush fund. Bankrupt our economy, initiate a CBDC to then control all other money citizens have & eventually turn US into China. It will bring in one-world gov’t due to international economic crises & corrupt leaders.

  9. Spot On!! Our tax dollars are making others RICH. I had a tight budget for years. I kept my grocery bill at between $50 & $70. Now there is only ME. I now spend over $100+. And they say inflation is ONLY 6%. That is not MY calculation. When Trump was elected, the DemoRats had 4 years to wreak havoc on our election. Now they are REALLY ‘planning’. We better be observing their actions NOW & take names & bring our info to the public or we are in deep do do. TRUMP 2024.

  10. Totally agree with you Howard. Unfortunately, Ukraine is the bread basket for Europe. They go down and Europe starves. He knows this and is playing this card to the hilt. The slush fund is just another conduit back to traitor joe and his crime syndicate of demorats.

  11. You continue to hit the nail on the head daily! If this response were a mere FB comment, it would simply be a string of angry emojis! There are only so many words to express disgust at what’s being done, and done with impunity!

  12. Why are we funding Ukraine? So Biden and Company can get their Kickback. I keep seeing the damage being done by Russia on Ukraine and in return the damage Ukraine is giving Russia. Biden is in their money loop, Receiving kickbacks on every dollar sent. Biden is sharing a small morsel to his Lib followers FBI, DOJ and the like to keep us from getting the Truth. Corruption is at a peak in Washington. Biden is trying to buy young votes with his Debt Relief Lies, and the idiots are sucking it in.

  13. People’s Party of Canada is THE ONLY true conservative party in Canada and it is sad that they have been blocked by every means possible.

  14. I am 82 years old what I see and read is total madness, has been for a long time now. What is going on in our planet is shameful. What you write Howard is so honest only so many read what you write that it should be millions reading it. Satan is truly alive and doing a good job here on this planet. But, we can all believe and have faith and trust in the one who will stop all of this mess and that is our Lord he is the strongest and he will one day STOP all of this. Blessings to you .

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