Slightly Less Than .009% Reaches The People


There Are Roughly 350-Million People In America, Give Or Take A Few Million Here Or There.

Yesterday, I was Reading that the Trump Town Hall on CNN Delivered an Audience that was 5-Times Larger than the Normal Audience Size for CNN During that Coveted 8PM Hour.

The Audience Size Was So Large, that it Eclipsed all the Other Cable Audiences, which were Broadcasting Simultaneously on Competitive Channels. The Audience Size was So Large & Impressive, That It Overwhelmed The Audience Size Of Fox News At The Same Time Slot.


The Audience Was So Large . . . That It Mirrored the Massive Audience Sizes of Tucker Carlson, Before Carlson Was Unceremoniously Given the Old Heave-Ho.

So How Large Was This Massive Audience?

The Audience Size Was Slightly More Than 3-Million Viewers, which is as Large as any Audience on Fox News, which up Until the Departure of Tucker Carlson, was Pretty-Much the Largest Audience on Cable Television.


In A Nation Of Some 350-Million People – 3-Million People Watched Trump’s Town Hall.

Not To Diminish The Size Of The Audience, or the Great Success Trump Displayed During the Town Hall, and the Rave Reviews Trump Received After his Performance . . . Approximately 350-Million People Didn’t See Trump’s Success.


Actually – In Simple Mathematical Terms – If you were to Divide the Total Number of Viewers (3-Million) by the Total Number of Potential Audience (350-Million) . . . .009% Of The American Population Saw Donald Trump Shine On CNN In The Belly-Of-The-Beast. Or in Less Precise Terms . . . but just About as Accurate. That’s A Titch Less Than 1%.

Where The Number Of 3-Million Becomes Critical, is How those 3-Million Viewers Disseminate what they Saw . . . To Whom, How Long & How Often.


As A Former Advertising Executive, Media Salesman & Media Buyer . . . The Trick to Successful Advertising is to Reach the Maximum Amount of Targeted Audience (Demographics), Show the Best Commercial Message (Story) Possible . . . With The Greatest Number Of Repetitions Conceivable.

Ever Wonder Why “My Pillow” Is Advertising Everywhere All The Time? – That’s Why.

Mike Lindell Doesn’t Have to Directly Reach 350-Million People. Lindell, “The My Pillow Guy” – Only Has to Reach Enough People who Will-Do the Rest of the Advertising & Promotional Messaging for Him.

So Who’s Not Talking Incessantly About The CNN/Trump Town Hall?

One Of The Many Geniuses Of Trump, of which there are Many, is that Trump Knows How to Get the Message Out-There . . . And How To Keep It Going. Trump Knows How to Stir the Pot – To The Great Chagrin Of His Enemies & Challengers.


As A Response To Trump’s Overwhelming Performance On The CNN Town Hall, Biden’s PR Team Came out with this Utterly Stupid Contra-Trump Ad Message – In Biden’s Own Words.

“It’s Simple, Folks. Do You Want Four More Years Of That?”


YOU BET WE DO! . . .

When Comparing The 3-Dreadful Years Of Biden . . . With Covid Lock-Downs, Censored Free Speech, Fauci, an Open Invasion on the Sothern Border, the Disgraceful Surrender of Afghanistan, the Unchallenged Chinese Spy Balloon, Rampaging Inflation, Unaffordable Energy (Gasoline & Diesel Fuels), High Interest Rates, Unaffordable Eggs, Milk, Cheese & Beef, Government Inspired Racism, Child Debauchery, Gender Dysphoria, Warfare all over the World, China’s Unanswerable Assault on American Industries, Crime in the Streets of America, Lack of all Trust in the American Political & Judicial Systems & the Total Disregard for the American Bill of Rights & US Constitution . . . Etc-Etc-EtcCompared To The Fabulous Four Years Of Trump.


Tonight – From 7:00 O’Clock-On . . . I will Pop some Corn – Tune-Into Newsmax & Watch Trump Continue the Job of Making America Great Again . . . As Only Trump Knows How.

Do You Know How A Rising Tide Raises All Ships . . . I Pray For Canada To Be On That Tide.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard the problem with our country is we have the freedom to think what we want unlike China, North Korea, ad infinitum. 90%+ of the news media is pushing the liberal agenda to a public who, most, never had any education on how to think and determine reality. Here is the entire proper way to find out the truth about the world around you, “make the effort to think before you believe.” Our freedoms have led many down the wrong road. With thinkers and writers like you there is hope.

  2. Captain Trump will save America, but even the strongest rising tide will not save Kanada. Too many morons support the idiot Trudeau and his fellow fascists in the NDP.

  3. I watched CNN for the first time and was thrilled to hear our real President Trump again. And I will be watching again tonight. He is the leader we need, the one person we must have, and the one person for which we will vote. It will be impossible for the dems to cheat again this time and foist that old, demented fool on us and his giggling vp again.

  4. I watched the President Trump / CNN Town Hall but I watched it online via cnn live com With all the links out there I think a Lot more than 350-million people saw it that night and many many more since then. We really need to figure out a way to find a conservative rich enough to start their own media corp. My Nana always said “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride”.

  5. It will all amount to nothing unless the Republicans put into play an effective movement using the same dirty playbook by using ballot harvesting, mail in voting, as well as manning the polling stations with IT experts to ensure that all machines related to voting are offline. And do not expect Mitch McConnell to initiate any of this. It must be initiated by those Republicans who are serious about winning the next election. I suggest Brigitte Gabrielle (Act4America ) to coordinate this effort.

  6. I think 3+ million saw the Town Hall. As mentioned before, a lot were online, or watched the next day as I did. It was one of his better/best interviews. He spent less time than usual praising himself. IF he would behave like that more, he would definitely have more people behind him. That self-praise is the ONE thing that turns people off; I’m surprised he doesn’t realize that. Of if he does, he’s too narcissistic to care. Even so, I will still vote for him. To me RFK,Jr will be biggest riva

  7. We, in Alberta have to decide on our choice of Premier at the end of May. Our choices are Notley’s NDP or the UCP under Danielle Smith.Most of the other parties have not informed Albertans about their platform or their people who are running. But a vote for Notley is a vote for whatever plan Trudeau & the Leader of the Fed. NDP may have. & I know about Danielle Smith before she became a radio host. At the time, I was not impressed so I feel uncertain about her. Research before the vote–essent!

  8. Howard Novick, above, is 100% correct!!! The R’s MUST “grow-a-pair” and use the same crooked playbook against the D’s if America is going to be saved! I do not hear anything like that being mentioned by the R’s —– at any level: local, state or federal.

  9. Point taken about how successful advertising works. However, the Pillow Guy is a PITA, several times in any hour from early morning to late night. It’s annoying and wearing out the mute button on my TV remote. If Trump swamped the TV audiance as much as Pillow guy, he would be annoying and muted too.Trump is smarter than that and hopefully he will win despite all the opposition attempts and dominions to prevent him.

  10. Very informative editorial. As for Mike Lyndell, I purchased two of his pillows right after Bed, Bath and beyond dropped him. And I told them as well. Based on the quality of that purchase I then bought 2 sets of Giza sheets and pillowcases, then slippers. Bed Bath and Beyond have priced themselves out of business, but Mike soldiers on. As usual Howard, thank you.

  11. Maybe only 1% saw the CNN program, but they told countless others. I have talked with probably 50 folks about it and they in turn have talked to many others. The follow up news has helped his message spread. If the GOP does not get its stuff together and play the same underhanded cheating game as the Libs did in 2020 we will lose again and our great country will fall into Civil War. As a White Male, who served this country who fathered normal children I’m concerned for my grandchildren.

  12. If you think my Barack Obama comment was a little strong, check out Wayne Allyn Root’s article “How to destroy America with Barack Obama” on Citizens Free Press.

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