We Know Who They Are


I Ran Away With Myself . . . I Guess I Had To Vent.

I Could Have Written More, but I Controlled Myself Once I Realized that I was on My Way to Publishing a Short Story. But Thank You Nonetheless, for Reading What I Wrote and for Your Comments & Emails.

The Point Of The Editorial, Was Simple . . . One Cannot Fight Fire With Hope & A Prayer.

We Far Too Often Take-It For Granted . . . That the People we Elect or Place in Positions of Leadership, Authority & Trust, are Decent People who will Act in our Best Interests with Integrity & Competence, Never Believing they Really Could be Snakes in the Grass.

And We Also Far Too Often Believe . . . That the Really Hard-Ass People who Stand Against the Snakes in the Grass are Not the People with Whom we Want to Associate or Have Over for Supper.

The Reality . . . Is that Without Our Street-Fighters in Police Forces & Politics, who Really Walk-The-Walk, Opposed to Just Talking-The-Talk . . . We Would be Living in a Totally Dystopian Society, where Rights would Not Exist Other than for the Rights of the Tyrants . . . Which Is Where We Are Heading.


We’ve All Grown-Up Hearing the Expression – That Nice Guys Finish Last . . . Which Isn’t Always True – But True Enough to Have Real Meaning.

And In Our Current Socio/Political Culture, We Are Finishing Last.

Last Week . . . There was a Vote in the House to Remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee, who at Best is a Sketchy Immigrant from Somalia, who is a Black Female Moslem, Anti-American, Anti-White & Anti-Jewish Racist.

I’m Not Describing My Personal Opinion Of Omar, as I am Describing Omar from her Own Words. She is a Reprehensible Person, who Should Not be Included to Sit on any Congressional Committee, Least of all the Foreign Affairs Committee, which Sits in Judgment of America’s Policies on Global Interaction.

Having Ilhan Omar, who is a Vile Anti-Semite, who Has a Serious Hate-On for Israel Removed from this Committee, wasn’t just the Best Thing to Do, it was in All Reality the Only Judicious Thing to Do.

Yet . . . When the Vote Came Down . . . The Democrats Ran to the Defense of Ilhan Omar, to Vote for the Jew-Hater to Keep Her on this Committee, Which Was Neither A Surprise . . . Nor Unexpected.


When The Nazis Started Rounding-Up German Jews, their Task was Made Pretty Easy by Compliant Elitist Jews, who actually Aided & Abetted the Nazis in the Belief, that the Nazis had Some Justification for their “Fears” of Jewish Disloyalty to the Reich.


As A Matter Of Record . . . A Huge Number of Jewish Germans Held the Belief, even as Germany was Rounding-Up Jews . . .  That I Am Indeed Jewish, But More Than Being Jewish – I Am German . . . Deutschland Über Alles

And Here we are – Almost 100-Years From The Start Of The Holocaust, and After all the Jewish Democrat Members of the House Voted Passionately & Unanimously to Keep a Jew-Hater & Israel-Hater in a Prestigious & Meaningful Congressional Committee, which Gave the Jew-Hater Ilhan Omar the Credibility to Dispense Jew-Hatred Worldwide, as a Member of one of America’s Most Significant International Committees . . . What Does That Say About The Democrat Mindset?

That’s Who We Are Fighting . . . Not Because Ilhan Omar Is an Anti-Semite, which she is, and is Entirely Secondary to the Big Picture of this Editorial, but because that’s the Mindset of the Democrat Party, since I Don’t Imagine the Entire Democrat Party is Anti-Semitic, But Rather, Because The LEFT Has Allegiance Only To Their Ideological Cause, Which Is Neither Righteous Nor Of Value To Freedom.

The LEFT Are Fanatics, Whose Religion & National Loyalty is to Communism and the Pursuit of Ignorance . . . Opposed to the Quest for the American Dream of – Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Make No Mistake About This – The LEFT Will Do Whatever they Deem Necessary to Destroy our Freedoms in any Way they Can. And To Assume They Won’t – Will Be Our Folly.


Who Do You Want Fighting For Us In The Shadows? And How Polite Do You Want That Person To Be?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The only person that can and will fight for us is DJ Trump..he has proven that he can and will. Oh sure he is not perfect, but who is? He is the ONLY person to ever get into political office that came out broker than he went in… he will fight the dems every day

  2. Totally agree w/David from Texas re: DJ Trump’s becoming Pres. again! Does one Believe that the Balloon would still be Flying over the U.S. if Trump had been Pres.? O’Biden is Destroying America! The Dems/Left have become a CULT who are & have indoctrinated many of America’s citizens. Satan is among us, as proven by “the demonic forces of what Satan can do to people”! Christianity is being Destroyed, plus the Truth, Respect & lack of consequences/penalties re: crimes now Rule the Roost! Ame

  3. The voting pubic is horrible in determining reality. Few know how to think and determine reality. This results in 95% of the press promoting “Trump is a bad man.” Trump is a fighter and a thinker who lost half his net worth during his presidency. Biden has increased his net worth greatly during his presidency. A good thinker would need little more than this to determine who should be head of our country. Of course add the fact that everything that Biden has done has hurt our country.

  4. All True. I am voting TRUMP. I am also signing up to ‘work’ at the election center. I want to process voters, but also to keep an eye out for skullduggery. In Michigan we definitely had some ‘mischief’ & it was SILENCED quickly. The most rigged election ever in our Nation’s history. We can NOT let the Democrats destroy us. They Lie, Connive, Shuck & Divide while stabbing We The People in the back.

  5. Speaker McCarthy refused to condemn the capitol police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt. She was unarmed and posed no threat to anyone. Donald Trump would have pressed criminal charges against him. That’s the difference between a RINO and a patriot.

  6. I thought the same things that you thought about those Jewish democrats.

  7. I somehow missed Feb. 2nd but I have read it now along with Feb 4th. I am blown away with your words. They are awesome and so true. Thank You.

  8. Absolutely correct about her as well as the demorat party. Unfortunately you just described over half of the Jews in the United States. How sad they are. They have no loyalty but to themselves. Zero patriotism to America or Israel. I pity them when they see Hashem on judgment day.

  9. I’m old enough to remember when we shot Communists! Now they run for president! Looks like Nikita Khrushchev was right when, so many decades ago, he pounded on his desk with his shoe in the UN General Assembly and screamed at the American Ambassador, “We will bury you!”

  10. Guess what folks, Our Gov’t is full of Anti-Semite, anti-white, anti-law enforcement. This is how they will get control in 24. No true investigations of known criminal activity, Biden Family Corruption, voter Fraud, Money laundering via Lobby and gifts via all other gov’t. It so deep seated, even DJT would have a hard time digging it out, he is the only one with the the back bone to take it on. Civil War is coming to a town near you. Murder is the #1 killer of our youth, done by our youth. SAT

  11. I agree completely. Excellent. However this leads us to the next step. How do we stop 2000 years of antiSemitism. The answer is in changing our culture. Non-Jews do not respect the strong Jewish desire for negotiation rather than fighting. Jews must therefore change and recognize their mortal enemies and fight and defeat them. To do this Jews themselves must gain respect for the physical and be able to fight personally and in groups, in the diaspora, and in Israel. Strength gains respect.

  12. You hit the nail on the head on Omar. The US takes in ‘refugees’ from countries who hate us & still believe they will “love” us for it. That’s not the case with all since the haters infiltrate those refugees & some wind up in Congress or other high positions, always on Dem ticket. One who has caused us most damage is Soros, a Jew who helped Hitler’s soldiers with no remorse whatsoever. Why he’s still allowed to remain in US & have citizenship, I’ll never know. Our downfall for sure.

  13. Thank you, Howard for your excellent truths and insights. The Democrat smuts must be defeated. Donald Trump in ’24!

  14. Howard, I have been reading your blog for a year or more and can’t wait for the next one. My wife and I are RV folks and enjoyed following your trip to FL. I believe you are in a park North of Ocala. We have wintered in Deland for the last 7 years and7 our summers seeing the USA. I would like to stop by and drop off my donation to support you and your efforts to further the truth. We are working on our new home in Summer Field just south of you on weekends.

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