Why Are They So Terrified Of Elon Musk?


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I Imagine Very Few People Know Much About Elon Musk & The Deep Recesses Of Musk’s Thinking (Brain).

If Musk is Honest in His Quest to Free Twitter to Become an Open Voice (Platform) on the Village Square, Specifically in the United States of America & Canada, This Will Be A Socio/Political Game Changer.

I Know That Musk Got Part Of His Big Start At PayPal.

Musk Turned Battery Operated Cars Into a Mega Billion Dollar Investment (Tesla), He Launches Rockets into Space (SpaceX), Provides Global Internet Services Worldwide by Satellites (Starlink), and Now – Musk Just Invested $44-Billion Dollars To Buy 100% Control Over Twitter.

We Also Know That Musk Counts His Billions In The Hundreds.


It Appears that Elon Musk is Not all That Easy to Intimidate. And that Musk’s Thinking is so Unique & Convoluted that an Army of Psychologists Couldn’t Figure Him Out.

I Think We Can Also Assume That Musk Doesn’t Shy Away From Challenges Or A Good Fight.

To Answer This Editorial Headline – The Preceding Paragraphs Explain the Reason(s) why the Establishment is so Terrified of Elon Musk, who they Can’t Bribe, Payoff, Buy-Out and More Likely than Not . . . Intimidate.

Very Much Like Donald Trump . . . I Don’t See Musk Taking A Knee. And as Hard as Musk is Pushed – Just Like Trump – Musk Will Most Probably Push Back.


Besides The Mainstream (Legacy) Media – Social-Media Played A Decisive Role.

There’s No Question that Twitter, Facebook & Microsoft (Google, YouTube – Etc) all Played an Enormous Role . . . In The 2020 Defeat Of Donald Trump To The Imbecile-In-Chief, Who Is Currently Occupying The White House.

So What Happens Now, that Elon Musk has Taken Over Twitter in Twitter’s Entirety, and has Declared Several of the Most Dreaded Words One Can Say to a LEFTIST . . . Twitter Will Be A Free Speech Platform In The Market Square Of Ideas?

Without Pre-Musk Twitter . . . Trump Might Very Well be the President of the United States of America in His Second Term In-Spite of all the Other Headwinds Against Him.

Without Twitter . . . It is Very Likely that the Deep State would Have Been Found-Out to be the Anti-American Colluders they Really Were, and Still are from the Time Trump Came Down the Escalator at Trump Towers to Present Day . . . And Even Before.

Nothing Terrifies Tyranny Nearly As Much As The Unrestricted Use Of Free Speech.

Elon Musk Is A MAGA American Whether Musk Admits It Or Not . . . I Think to a Great Extent, Elon Musk who is Certainly a Citizen of the World by Virtue of His Business Dealings, is Already a MAGA American by Virtue of Where Musk Chooses to Maintain his Global Corporate Offices.

Officially – Musk is an American Citizen Through Immigration. A South African Citizen Though Birth. And a Canadian Citizen by Virtue of His Mother’s Citizenship.

And Even Though Musk’s Enterprises are Manufactured & Distributed Worldwide, Musk Keeps His Corporate Headquarters where it Seems His Heart Is . . . Tesla – Austin Texas. SpaceX & Starlink – Hawthorne California. Twitter – San Francisco.


The Very UN-LEFT Value of Musk’s Management – is that Musk’s Companies are Run as Meritocracies, which Fly in the Face of the American LEFT (WOKE), Who’ve Developed the Concept Through Snowflake Academia . . . That Life Is Easy, There’s A Safe Space For Everyone, And Everyone Gets A Trophy.


If Everything Stays on Course with Musk’s Twitter & Donald Trump’s Third Run for a Second Term, Whether Musk & Trump Collude to Work Together or Not, It Won’t Matter as Long as Twitter Really Does Become an Honest Purveyor of Information on the Public Square.

This Alone Will Offset Much Of The Other Propagandized Social & Mainstream Media.

Also – Don’t Discount the Many Thousands of Conservative Blogs Like Galganov.com and the Mega Millions of Listeners Tuned-Into Conservative Radio.

To Think We Don’t Have A Voice Is To Think Wrong, Especially If Elon Musk Does What Musk Promised To Do.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good Morning, for a different perspective on Elon Musk u might checkout Elijah Streams Prophets and Patriots from 11/15 with John Enlow, and SG. Kind of of interesting….

  2. I hear that Trump is still not allowed on Twitter so I wonder what will happen about that ?? If Elon Musk is going to allow all points of view on Twitter what will he do about Donald Trump ?

    My Understanding Is That Musk Has Welcomed Trump Back. Trump Has Thus Far Said No Thank You – HG:

  3. Trump, Musk are despised for the same reasons as Christianity, Judaism and Western Civilization. Although attempts are made to cancel them – they can’t be cancelled. They are all Maganificent.

  4. Hello Howard, you misspelled Hawthorne Ca. for Musk Space X location. Just mentioning it in passing. Great editorial as usual. Thank you.

  5. Washington fears Musk as he can not be bought much like DJT. When a person has that much money, all the Politicians can do is go after them in some idiotic way, making false claims is one of them. Using the FBI, FCC or other BS law enforcement is another. It will be interesting these next 2 years as I believe nothing much will be done, as Washington Swamp is still intact with the old guard that are full of themselves both sides of the isle. I hope DJT can withstand the attacks that are coming.

  6. Trying not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but looking at the Russian collusion, raid on Trumps home, Jan 6 hearings, would it be out of the question that bogus charges might be in the future (early 2024) for Mr. Musk, by the left tampering with the elections? Good article, thanks.

  7. Hello H.G. What about the 14th, Amendment that the Dems are now trying to use to keep D.J.T. from running in 2024?

  8. Elon Musk resembles Trump in many ways. I love his new worker approach in that ‘if you don’t want to work to the fullest, you’re fired!’ No doubt, Mr. Musk didn’t just ‘sit on his fanny’ in order to accomplish what he’s done. People have become so Lazy which is thanks to the O’Biden Admin. Let us all thank God that the Republicans have won the House! It gives us more Hope! One would hope that Trump & Musk will/would work together to Make America Great Again! Go Trump Go! Amen!

  9. Am not sure many people can work :with” Trump as an ‘equal’. That goes for Musk and DeSantis. But we never know what the future holds until it arrives on the horizon.

  10. Watching the “woke” tremble in terror is very gratifying. To Twitter employees, my way or the highway will revolutionize the place.

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