Let’s Clear Some Air


Because Of What I Wrote Over The Past Week, Several Readers, their Friends & Families were Defensive in as Much as Suggesting, that I Went Somewhat Over-The-Top . . . So Let Me Clear-The-Air.

1 – The Mess We Are In Today Is Because Of Academia – Full Stop!

The Nazis & All Sophisticated . . . And Not Overly Sophisticated Tyrants . . . Including the East Germans, Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Islamists – Etc, Use(d) Education to Further their Cause of Brainwashing Children in Order to Mold Future Generations to their Way of Sick Thinking.

That’s Not To Say There Hasn’t Been & Are Not Great Teachers In Spite Of The Inculcation.

I Have Friends who are Retired Teachers from Way Back When . . . And Friends who are Still Teaching Beyond their Retirement Years, Partly for the Money & Mostly for the Love of Teaching. But That Said . . . That Was Then & This Is Now!

Make No Mistake About It . . . There is No Shortage of Great & Dedicated Teachers, But Either Not Enough, or who are Intimidated to the Point, where the Radicals in the Teachers’ Unions are Ruling the Roost to Suppress them. But For Whatever Reason . . . The Educational System Has Become The Enemy Of Free Thought & Freedom Throughout North America.


As For Medicinal Marijuana Use . . . I Have Friends Who’ve Successfully used Marijuana to Deal with Severe Nausea Due to Cancer Therapies & Other Legitimate Health Issues . . . But That’s Not What I Was Writing About.

Recreational Marijuana Is No Different Than Recreational Drinking – NOT True!

I Am Not A Teetotaler . . . And Every Odd Night, While Anne and I are Watching Something on Television, I will Sip on an Ounce or Two of Flavored Whiskey (Crown Royal When In Canada – Bird Dog When In The United States Of America) for the Sheer Taste of It. And if I Never Have Another Drink of Whiskey, Beer or Wine in the Rest of my Lifetime, That Would Be Fine With Me.

But I Don’t Drink To Get Drunk Or Even To Have A “Buzz” . . . I Drink Specifically for the Taste . . . But Weed (Marijuana) or any Other Drug Has No Taste. The Only Reason to Smoke Dope or Consume Dope of any Kind . . . IS TO GET STONED!

Plain & Simple – We Can’t Build Or Maintain A Society On Drunkards Or Stone-Heads.


Just Like Lucy Kept Pulling The Football From The Ever Hopeful Charlie Brown . . . Do Not Believe The Polls.

If The Polls Are Right & Accurate, that After the Greatest Socio/Economic/Political Disaster in our Modern History, Means that the Democrats are Virtually Neck & Neck with Conservative Republicans . . . America Doesn’t Deserve To Survive As A Free Society.

But That Written – We Know The Polls Are Skewed To The Point Of Being Outright Lies!

We Know the Media Lies Like Cheap Rugs by Reporting Bullshit & Not Reporting Facts, Which Cheats People From Knowing The Truth. But then Again, with the Massive Ability to Research Virtually Every Issue Under the Sun, Just by Going to Any of Several Internet Search Engines . . . There Is No Excuse For Ignorance.

And That Being Said . . . Ignorance Can be Fixed, but there is No Fixing Stupid, which Means there are Enough Stupid People to Vote-In Stupid Politicians, which Deliver Imbecile Leaders like the Imbecile-In-Chief, who is Screwing-Up the World.

HOWEVER . . . Even Stupid People Need to Fear Uncontrolled & Indiscriminate Violence, Have to Put Food on the Table, a Roof Over their Heads & Figure Out How to Raise, Nurture & Protect their Families.


The LEFTIST Polls & Media are Designed (Colluded) to Dissuade Soft-Conservatives & Independents from Voting Republican . . . Or Just Not To Vote At All, which in Past Elections Might Have Worked, But This Isn’t Like Any Election In My 72-Year Lifetime.

Even Blue Dog Democrats (Conservative Democrats) are Realizing the Enormous Personal & National Cost Of The LEFT’S Green New Deal, Build Back Better & The Great Reset, to the Point where the November 8, 2022 Election will be a Slaughter for the LEFT, which Explains why the LEFT Has Become Unhinged in their Maniacal Attacks on What is the Very Essence of the “Democracy”, which they are Always Pretending to Defend.


The Lady Is No Bleeding-Heart Liberal.

The Province of Alberta Just Elected a New Uber Conservative Leader (UCP – United Conservative Party) Danielle Smith, who Immediately Becomes the Premier of Alberta, who is a Firebrand & Nobody’s Pushover, who will Not Allow the Eastern Liberals (Trudeau) to Continue to Ride Roughshod Over Alberta.

Just Think Of It . . . Poland Recently Went Hard Right, so did Hungary, England (Whether They Liked It Or Not), Italy, Sweden and to Some Extent France. And Now it Looks like on November 1, 2022, the Israeli Far Right Led by Benjamin Netanyahu, will be Back in Power . . . In-Spite Of All The Public LEFTIST American Threats & Protestations.

Do You Think That After 2-Years Of Biden’s Horror Show . . . America’s Not Going To The Right?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I sure hope we get rid of Biden and company and can’t wait to vote for Ron DeSantis for President in Nov 2024

  2. “RIGHT” on Howard. Like the left has never seen. Just because ‘we’ are quiet doesn’t mean we haven’t been watching. ACTION WILL speak louder than words very soon! Thank you for writing every day.

  3. I agree 100%. We have just GOT to get the dirty rotten Democrats out of power before they totally wreck this country. Understand that Hunter Biden is about to be indicted. Lord, it’s about time! And he learned all his high crimes and misdemeanors from his father.

  4. I’m in agreement with you ” We can’t build or maintain a Society on DRUNKARDS OR STONHEADS!!” And sadly this seems to be the way things are going.

  5. The unfortunate fact is that our current President simply mumbles thru the “bully pulpit” megaphone, repeating a script written by a large group of people (the Swamp, et alia) who are actually manipulating the organs of our government. We are being humbugged over the cliff and may well be unable to get back to a “normal” America, or Canada.. Jim Shuford, Bradenton, FL

  6. Agree w/academia being a very real instrument that got us in mess we’re in today. Professors denigrate young people who ask hard questions, use common sense & think for themselves; then push their ideas, conclusions, & rationale as law (grades depend on it). Graduates are hard-core into progressivism until they’ve dealt with real world a year or so. Personally feel it’s communist-paid influence since 60s & is now (via teachers) in K-12 as well. Agree ref polls especially in critical elections

  7. I love The Donald, but the all-out, unrelenting attack by the disgraceful anti-American media have made him a liability. My vote goes to Mike Pompeo. He is the very essence of what a politician should be.

  8. Correct on both counts: Education and Drugs!!! “”THE FIRST BATTLEFIED IS THE REWRITING OF HISTORY,” Karl Marx. That is exactly what has happened, and is happening, in our educational system! I refer people to the following book: “Inside American Education,” Author: Thomas Sowell —— excellent book!!!

  9. The only thing our Marxist Commie Prime Minister Trudope has accomplished in Canada, is the legalization of marijuana. As a result, we have more stoned potheads in Canada than ever, and now many more on harder drugs. Many of the homeless street people started on marijuana. I have many Dr. friends and Relatives, and they state the fact that marijuana is a gateway drug, often leading to harder drugs, and human misery and destruction. I agree with everything you wrote yesterday Howard.

  10. I was hoping for a Trump / DeSantis ticket in 2024 but apparently, this can’t happen because they are both from the same state, Florida. Howard, if you can explain that one, it would be appreciated. Once Donald Trump was a New Yorker but he has since renounced New York, can’t remember why, for Mar-A-Largo, Florida. I keep saying it, 80% of sheeples should be forbidden to vote because they don’t keep track of what’s going on in the world & with the internet, they have no excuses !!!!

  11. I proudly wear a 2024 Donald Trump hat, have had many positive responses. There are always a few dirty looks, I don’t care. To right this sinking ship we need DJT back in the WH, period. He has the brass to make things happen quickly, if he gets the Rep backing and not the BS he got the first time around. The idiots LIBs and RINOs are still throwing stones, but be cautious while living in a GLASS House. If we fail on Nov 8 to take back WH we will be in a Civil War by Dec. Russia and China comin

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