Why The Democrats Can’t Afford To Lose


The Democrats Can’t Afford To Lose On November 8, 2022 Or November 5, 2024.


Equity By Definition Means Equal Treatment . . . How is there Equal Treatment by the Biden Government, Academia, the Legacy & Social-Media and the Department of Justice (DOJ) & Federal Law Organizations like the FBI . . . Equitable Between American Socialist Democrats (Communists) & American Conservatives?

The Simple Answer Is . . . There’s No Equity In The Current American Socio/Political World, which is Why The LEFT is so Terrified of the November 8, 2022 Congressional Elections and the November 5, 2024 Presidential/Congressional Elections.

I HAVE ZERO DOUBT . . . That the Democrats will Use Every Nefarious Opportunity Imaginable, and many More Opportunities we Can’t Even Imagine, with which to Cheat & Steal the Elections this Coming November 8, 2022 . . . If They Want To Stay Out Of Jail . . . They Have To.

Or The Democrats Have To Pray . . . that Enough RINOS Like Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham will Win Enough Seats in the Senate to Blunt the Well-Deserved Attacks that will be Coming at the Democrats from a Majority of Conservative Republican Party Members from the House.

There Really Is No Question In My Mind . . . that Conservative Republicans are Going to Swamp the House of Representatives. And even if Conservatives Don’t Win by the Margin I Believe Conservative Republicans are Going to Win-By, they are Going to Win with Enough Members (Seats) to Effectively Use their Subpoena-Powers to Rake the Democrats Across the Coals Like No Party or Political Group Has Ever been so Exposed.

With Enough Conservative Republican House Members (Not RINOS), the Republican Party Can Literally Shut-Down the Socialist (Communist) Democrats to a Full Stop, Render the Pen of the Current Dufus-In-Chief (Executive Orders) Irrelevant, And End Much of the Communist Democrat Policies Dead-In-Their-Tracks.


Unless I was a Democrat Running to be a Mayor or Governor in a Hard Socialist City or State, where the Electors are Socially & Politically Stupid Beyond Description, I would be Willing to Bet on a Slew of New & Retained Republican Mayors & Governors.


Why Would The LEFT Rig The Polls?

If the Democrat Supporters, Including their Base, Knew How Bad it is Going to Be for their Democrat Candidates Running for the House & Senate, Small Amount Donation Money Would Dry-Up.

Also – Rank & File Democrats (Foot Soldiers) would Lose their Enthusiasm to Walk the Streets & Pound Doors for their Candidates, as Well as Make the Gazillion Phone Calls to Turn-Out the Votes.

Then There’s the Democrat Strategy of Using Polling Misinformation to Tamper-Down the Enthusiasm for Republican Candidates, Which Is Not Working.

Why Won’t Democrat Candidates Debate? What Are They Going To Debate-On?

Will the LEFT Debate on How they Raised Fuel Costs to Become Unaffordable by Many? Or How Grocery Shopping Has Become a Financial Luxury? Or Perhaps they Might Want to Debate why Streets in Primarily Controlled LEFTIST Cities are Not Safe to Walk or even Drive?

How About Debating The Surge Of Americans Abandoning LEFTIST States For Red States?

Or Maybe the Democrats Would Like to Explain the American Rout from Afghanistan, the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia & America’s Slow Start to Intervene, or Perhaps the Many MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens Streaming Across the Biden Opened Southern Border.

Perhaps . . . The LEFT Would Like To Debate The Forced Covid Mandates Of Their Making, or the Scourge of Fentanyl & Similar Drugs Flooding America from Across the Southern Border, and the Subsequent Deaths (Murders) of Hundreds of Thousands of American Youths?


Believe Better in the Tens of Thousands of Americans, who Embody the Spirit of the American Ethos, Regardless of Gender, Sexual Orientation, Language, Ethnicity, Religion, Color & Creed Who Routinely Turn-Out to Trump Rallies to Show Support & Solidarity for the Spirit that Created the United States of America.

Last Night (September 17, 2022) . . . At The Youngstown Ohio Trump Rally, Thousands of People Held their Right Index Finger Up in the Air Pointing to God, as Trump Ran Down the Severe Damages the LEFT has Already Caused America in Less than Two Short Years, with the Grim Background of Remorseful Music.

A Conservative Friend Of Mine In Florida, who Has Developed a Maniacal Hatred for Donald Trump, Not Because of all the Great Things Trump did for America and the Free World In His 4-Years As President . . . But Because he Hates Trump’s Character, he Suggested to Me by TEXT last Night During the Trump Speech, that these People & Trump’s Rally Looked like Nazis, Which Sent A Shiver Down My Spine.

I Know What Nazis Look Like . . . They Look Like Black Lives Matter & Antifa, As They Lay Waste To America. They Look Like College & University Students in America who Shutdown Speakers so they Can’t be Heard. And they Look like the Media, which Censors Freedom of Expression & Distorts the Truth they Don’t Want People like You & Me to Know.

These MAGA People Who Were No Different Than You & Me Were Nothing Like Nazis.

Personally . . . As A Non-Religious Jew; I thought the Gesture of the People Reaching Upwards to Heaven While Trump Spoke, was Inspiring & Promising. I Hope To See A Lot More Of That.

Also . . . Last Night’s Trump Rally & Speech Might Have Been One Of His Best Ever.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s very sad when people like your conservative friend compare Trump or the like, and Republicans or Conservatives to Nazis without truly knowing and understanding what they are saying because they simply do not know what the brownshirts, the Gestapo did and not just to Jews, to people “not like them” in action or thought. I hope conservations and Republicans get their act together, become organized and focused to follow through on their campaign talk.

  2. What your conservative friend said about Trump is what scares me the most. We know many people who will vote for anything or anyone EXCEPT TRUMP, they hate him so much!!!

  3. I will vote for Trump once again it’s just too bad I can only vote once !!! Howard keep up ypur good work/words we all need it.

  4. Darn scary when people don’t look at the virtues and accomplishments of a person who worked for THEM and not his self. I had a boss who was so much like Trump I learned quickly, he was not a brash ding dong. He was the BEST boss I ever had. He could separate the wheat from the shaft in moments. There is a video by Tom Klingenstein that speaks to this very thing. I wish all folks would view it. Trump accomplished for US. We need him desperately to finish the job! God Bless .

  5. Howard, you might have mentioned it in one of your past columns, but, what I am looking for is a 2 fisted street fighter and Trump is the right person at the right time. We have to clean this Country of the thugs and evil people.

  6. Like someone already pointed out – You NAILED it!! We need to keep at it to make sure all hear it! I’m doing my best for all to read your blog by resending to many. Thank you!

  7. So many people do not like Trump because of various personality traits, behavior, etc. Personally, I probably would not care to be his friend. However, he did so many great things for this country in 4 years. We had known what Trump was like for YEARS before he was elected; he’s an open book. So one doesn’t like his tweets.? So what? Look at his accomplishments.There have been great people (Churchill, Patton, for example) who could be abrasive, but THEY GOT THE JOB DONE! That’s what counts.

  8. We all are looking forward to a GOP/conservative crushing of the Dems/liberals Nov 8!!!! It can’t happen soon enough & be destructive enough to Democrats to me. The storm only grows bigger as it approaches the target & that’s how I see Nov 8 target. The GOP storm is still brewing, getting bigger & stronger. Just because it has begun thundering yet is no indication of the coming devastation to Dems when it hits. Dems know it, that’s why many are not running for re-election, but running scared.

  9. Agree that Trump’s recent Rally was his Best Ever–Has Perfect Character for these times! The Left believes that Equity means Entitlement! FRAUD is the Main Concern for the Nov. Election, due to the Faulty Machines & Cheaters! The Polls are mainly published by the Fake News who favor the Left. The Dems won’t debate because they have NO Proof! They will Lose, due to: a Progressive administration; budget–economy–food & gas prices; no border control of Illegals; Afghanistan; Covid; etc… Amen!

  10. Would your anti MAGA friend rather have nice haircut, good looks Trudeau (ladies only), an egostistical tyrant ruining Canada. We so often meet people who don’t look at substance but rather character. Poilievre has been castigated for aggresively attacking his opponents duting the campaigns BUT he won, just like Trump did. Now we have the two best Leaders to get America and Canada back on course to be free and great again. People who watch CNN rather than FOX or Newsmax think like anti MAGA

  11. Look at Newsom, mister clean cut, who would gladly steal everything you make to give to folks who do nothing other than vote for him. Pres. Trump is a bold leader, he can separate the BS politicians in both parties and call them for what they are. Why would anyone with Billions risk so much to run our country, he has a Beautiful Intelligent wife, great hard working kids and yes Billions, run for President? He sees where this country is going and wants to help us straighten it out.

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