Canada – The Fat Lady Hasn’t Yet Sung


The Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung . . . So It Ain’t Over For Canada – We’re On The March.


My Deepest Condolences To The People Of The United States Of America – As Americans (And The World) Remember the Horrors of 21-Years Ago on this Day (9/11) – as the Islamists Murdered Nearly 3,000 Men, Women & Children In Manhattan At The World Trade Center In New York City.


It’s Hard To Believe How 21-Years Have Passed So Quickly . . . as Anne & I Have Remembered & Paid Homage Every Year Without Fail to the Men & Women who were Murdered by the Saudi Islamists . . . While at the Same Time, Hundreds of First Responders (Fire, Police & Rescue) Sacrificed their Lives Trying to Save the Lives of Others.

We Also Feel Tears Welling-Up In Our Eyers . . . as we Remember the Words & Voice of Todd Beamer on United Airlines Flight 93 . . . as Beamer Said to His Fellow Passengers, After Realizing What was Happening – “LET’S ROLL!”, as Beamer & Others Took Down Flight 93 over the Fields of Shanksville Pennsylvania, to Keep Flight 93 from Hitting the White House or the Capitol Building.


My Solemn Memory Is With The American People Who Still Pay Homage . . . And My Joy of Celebration is in the Unprecedented Victory of a Real Canadian Conservative . . . Pierre Poilievre . . . Who was Elected Last Night (September 10, 2022) By Almost 70% (68.15%) Of The Canadian Conservative Party.

I am Specifically Proud of Myself and all the Other Canadians who Rushed to Join or Rejoin the Conservative Party of Canada with the Hope that Poilievre would Win the Conservative Party Leadership.

I am Proud that Anne & I were Able to Recruit Friends to Join the Conservative Party to Vote for Poilievre. And I am Proud that Anne & I were Able to Donate Some Personal Money to Poilievre’s Campaign to have Some Real Skin-In-The-Game, even though Money is Tight – We Both Thought That Our Freedoms Were Far More Important Than Saving A Few Dollars.

And I’m Really Proud That The Editorials Of Had Some Influence.


Canada’s Real Conservatives Are Absolutely United In A Common Cause Of Freedom.

1 – Poilievre’s Stunning First Round Victory Was Unparalleled.

2 – Conservative Party Insiders Did All They Could To Stop Poilievre & Failed.

3 – The Chosen Insider Candidate (Charest) Took An Ass-Kicking With Only 16% Of The Votes.

4 – Most Of Canada’s Mainstream Media Ignored This Momentous Victory.

Why Am I Pleased . . . that Canada’s Mainstream Media Chose Not to Cover this Incredibly Important National Event During the Conservative Convention & After the Results?

I’m Pleased . . . Because the Canadian Media is Rightfully Scared of Poilievre, which (The Mainstream Media) has been Publicly Bought & Paid-For by the Liberal Party of Canada (Trudeau’s Government) through Parliamentary Legislation, in the Fake Guise of Protecting Legacy Media from Social-Media, When in Fact, the Legacy Media has been Paid-Off to Sing from the Same Political Hymnal as the Liberals.

Poilievre Has Repeatedly Made It Clear . . . Once In Power, It Will Be Katy-Bar-The Door For The Legacy & Social-Media . . . Because their Paid-For Ride will Come to a Crashing End – INCLUDING the More than $1-Billion Canadian Tax Dollars that is Pissed-Away on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Annually.


In Pierre Poilievre . . . We Canadians Also Have Our Own Donald Trump, Who is Not Frightened to Take-On our Own Deep State, Party Insiders And Conservatives-In-Name-Only.

We Canadians Finally Have A Leader – We The People Can Rally Around, who Will Lead-Us Into the Existential Socio/Political Battle to Restore the Freedoms & Greatness of Canada, which the Liberals And Conservatives-In-Name-Only Stole from us Starting as Far Back as the End of WWII.

And As Equally Critical . . . Canada Now Has A Leader The People Will Fight-For.

Much Like American Conservatives will Go to the Mat for President Donald J Trump, Real Canadian Conservatives will Walk on Glowing Coals for the Man who will Lead Canada Through the Wilderness & Out of the Darkness.


Today – With The Results Of Yesterday . . . Spells The Rebirth Of The Great White North.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Again…so well stated. My heart is heavy, as an American today. The “great” Queen did live Long. As for Canada…I sincerely raise my prayers in support and Protection of your new leader. May the Lord grant him the wisdom, courage and personal protection to do what is needed to eradicate the evil and greed from the Canadian political structure and establishments.

  2. Howard — Yes, this is a sad day commemorating the 21st anniversary of the bombing of the WTC, the Pentagon and Flight 93. And it is a solemn week marking the passage of Queen Elizabeth to heaven. But I am so very joyous about the victory of your wonderful Canadian Conservative, Pierre Poilievre! I hope he restores Canada!

  3. The great news that P.P. will now lead the C.P.C. and take on the fibbing Liberals. The Sad news of the Passing of The QUEEN This week ( God Save The King ). 9-11 On that day I was on my way to Ottawa, when I heard on the car radio of the 1st. plane hit the towers I though it was an accident, then I heard of the 2nd plane hit the tower (I knew this was not an accident and I Quickly returned home to watch the T.V. for the next few days. R.I.P. the 3,000 people who died that day.

  4. Canada’s massively corrupt media are in emergency survival mode conspiring to destroy Poilievre. They need to be GONE.

  5. God bless your new real conservative. The old line media, liberals, and the liberals hiding behind the conservative banner, will fight you tooth and nail, and the “deep state” is very deep. But it looks like you have a huge base to work with up there, thank God. All the best to all of you!

  6. Congratulations, Howard (& Anne & Tavor!) on your election win!! I hope he does a great job and eventually gets rid of Princess Twinkletoes!!

  7. Hey Howard. I thought that Poilievre’s acceptance speech was excellent and that he will live up to committing to a positive life for all Canadians. Closing with John Diefenbaker’s Freedom quote put the stamp on it.

  8. Great Pierre Poillievre won now there is Hope for us Canadians! Next get rid of Trudeau and Freeland and shake up Doug Ford as he became Justins right hand man by following the Liberal agenda and not the conservative way in which he was elected. As for the Queen, she served us well, Charles is a question mark??? he was not my choice nor our family’s choice. we will wait and see. He is a climate boy along with his other crazy things he is noted for, hopefully he follows in his mother’s foot

  9. Pierre Poilievre ran an outstanding campaign and will be a leader of the Stephen Harper variety. I hope I am wrong and he has the courage to implement his campaign promises. Only Leslyn Lewis showed true courage during the campaign and revealled who she really is–a very principled conservative. She may be the member of Pierre’s cabinet who helps to bring out the best in him.

  10. Howard and Anne……….. congrats on the winning of a real conservative !!! Your media stinks just as ours does, but, reason will overcome all in the end.

  11. Congratulations on your great WIN in Canada! It gives all of you HOPE for the future! Apparently, your media isn’t any better than ours, but there will be a FIX for this disaster in the future! The Republicans appear to be very quiet in the U.S. at this point. They may be waiting until after the Primaries to WAKE UP? Of course, “it’s all in the timing”! Meanwhile, however, the WOKE people continue to create FEAR into the people which can contribute to their lack of support for the RIGHT! AME

  12. 9/11, or Patriots Day in the USA, was a devastating jolt that brought unity to a divided America – people more clearly saw the dangers of the Islamist terrorists and that American was indeed vulnerable. In 21 short years we have lost that focus and our Christian / Judeo strength. Congrats on Poilievre’s overwhelming victory! With a strong conservative Canada, Pres. Trump will have an ally with both countries working toward the same common goal – making both our countries strong and prosperous.

  13. RIP Queen Elizabeth, you will be missed all over the free world. King Charles, we shall see, but at least he doesn’t ‘run’ Great Britain. I do hope your conservative win will make a positive difference for your Country. North America could use a positive change. Here in the US, as you know, government as well as media are doing all they can to get rid of Trump & everyone else who speaks out against their leftist ideology & agenda. Let’s hope Poilievre is the change we all need.

  14. For he first time in about 7 years I have hope for our once great country. For too long I have said that I am glad that I am old and wouldn’t suffer the ravages of a society gone mad for long. However, I was / am still worried for my adult children and my beautiful grandchildren. There is now some hope that we can get strong leader to replace the fop that is currently running our country into the ground. PP has a very long row to hoe and the Canadian swamp is teeming with imbeciles

  15. Last night , Pierre was a massive breath of fresh air. The conservative party is also polling well , for the upcoming provincial election in Quebec. The tide is turning red and the wind is beggining to blow on all 3 of our coasts !!

  16. I sure hope for all of Canada that Poilievre will work out for the best. The people of Canada know what it is like to have someone in charge like our Biden. Now if we can get Trump elected for 2024, North America will be a great place to live.

  17. Congrats to Canada deleting a real Conservative….We must both stand together against the socialist democrat communist attacks……

  18. 9/11 was a major hit to our country, It is sad that the FBI was “tracking” the folks that flew the planes but did do anything. over 3K deaths along with those who died in the middle east, are in our prayers. So many Vets that paid the price and are the walking wounded still are paying. And we have an idiot in the WH that is dividing us in hopes of Civil Unrest so he and the Cabal can stay in power. I hope Pierre can help save Canada and its good folks, Trump is going to fight to the finish

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