The Nazis, Communists & All Tyrants Knew & Know It


I’m Moving It To Tuesday Night On October 26, 2021 At 7:00 PM EASTERN TIME.

Every Weather Report is Predicting all Hell & Damnation is Going to Break-Loose for the West Coast, with the Likelihood of Severe Winds & Mass Power Failures, which Under Most Extreme Conditions are a Guaranteed Loss of Power Where we’re Staying at Fort Langley.

Therefore . . . I Think It Is Prudent That We Move The Zoom Meet & Greet Two Days Forward.


The Free World, Including the United States of America & Canada are in the Throes of a Global Communist Revolution (One World Communist Government), which in the USA Could Very-Well Morph into a Full-Blown Civil War, Where Only One Side Will Walk Away In Victory.


The Nazis, Communists & All Tyrants Knew & Know That Education Is The Foundation To Their Philosophies Of Hate & Power.


Everyone’s Pointing Fingers . . . But After All’s Said & Done, The Responsibility Belongs To The Person Who Pulled The Trigger.

Let Me Make One More Comment About The Murder Caused By Alec Baldwin . . . The LEFT Will Spin It Every-Way they Can to Save the Reputation of One of their Own.

But It Comes Down To This . . . The Smug, Arrogant, Hot Headed & Condescending Alec Baldwin is 100% Responsible for the Murder of Halyna Hutchins . . . Anyone & Everyone Else Is Secondary.


The LEFT Will Try To Spin This “Crime” As Another Excuse For Gun Control. What The World Needs Is LEFTIST Control.


Maybe You’re Not Jewish . . . But I Am. Maybe You’re Ambivalent To Israel, But I’m A Zionist. And Jewish Or Not . . .  You Should Care Because Israel is the Guardian at the Global Gate that Separates the Jewish People Globally from a Second Holocaust.

As The Jews Go . . . The World Goes:

Biden, his Puppet Masters & his Jewish In-Name-Only Secretary of State – Antony Blinken, are Doing all they Can to Undermine Everything President Trump Did For Israel . . . And For Peace In The Middle East.

For all the Many History Revisionists & Holocaust Deniers, WWII was the Fault of the Jews . . . So How Could They Explain Germany’s Blitzkrieg Of All Of Europe & Britain That Had Nothing To Do With The Jews?

And Then There’s The Middle East, Where Arab/Moslem Tribes (Nations) Have been at War with One Another for Thousands of Years, Certainly Before the Jewish Exile (70-AD) at Hands of the Romans, And Since Israel’s Return As A Jewish Nation On May 4, 1948.

It’s Interesting that Many of the Arab Nations which were Created After WWI and the Defeat of the Ottoman Empire, is OK with the United Nations and the Rest of the World – But It’s Not OK For Israel To Exist . . . Even After the Holocaust and in Ancestral Jewish Lands, Which The Jews Never Relinquished Or Entirely Left.

To The Anti-Semites Of The World, it’s Horrible that as Many as a Half Million Arabs, Most of whom Deserted their Homes in 1948 (At The Behest Of The Invading Arab Armies), who Call Themselves Palestinians from a Country (Palestine) that Never Existed, Have Somehow Became Perpetual Refugees, Deserving a Global Free Ride, But There Never Was Any Consideration . . . For The Three Quarters Of A Million Middle Eastern Jews . . . who were Unconditionally Thrown-Out of their Ancestral Homes & Businesses in the Arab Countries where Jews Lived for Thousands of Years.

And It’s OK That The Biden Handlers Are Using The Addled Brained Biden To Destroy The Only Jewish State In The World.

If the Arab/Moslems are Slaughtering Each-Other in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, North Africa – Etc – Etc, It Seems that Somehow it’s Always the Fault of the Jews, & Even When So-Called Palestinians are Murdering Each-Other (Hamas Versus The PLO), That’s Israel’s Fault Too.

Why Is Israel The Most “Democratic Nation” In The Middle East & Amongst Humanity Blamed For Everyone Else’s Transgressions?


Throughout History . . . Whenever The Jewish People Took-It On The Chin, In One Way Or Another . . . So Did The World.

But It’s More Than That. It’s Actually More than Just What’s Happening in the United States of America. This is an All-Out Global Assault on World Freedom from the Smallest Countries to the Largest.

Remember The Three Most Prominent Things The Communists/Fascists Banned . . . Freedom Of Expression, Right To Own Firearms & The Expression Of Religion.

Why Do You Think The Entire World Railed Against BREXIT?

What Was it to all the Countries on this Planet Save a Few . . . Including the United States of America Through President Trump, that the Anti-Brexiteers were Willing to Spend Anything & Everything to Keep England in the European Union, where Decisions that were Important for Britain Should be Decided In Brussels Instead of London?


Let Me Make This Clear . . . This Is Not Politics As Usual – This Is A Real Insurrection Of The Government Against The People.

Don’t Think for a Second that the LEFT Wouldn’t Lock-Up It’s Citizens for the “Greater-Good”, Because they’re Already Doing it Worldwide, Especially in Australia, where the Citizenry were Recently FORCED to Surrender their Firearms.

If This Is Not A Message For Every Free Society . . . What Is?

They’ve Forced Us to Wear Masks that Do Nothing, Because if Masks Made a Difference, After Nearly a Year and a Half of Mask Wearing, Wouldn’t The China Virus Be Gone?

They Forced Lockdowns. So How Did that Work to Eradicate the China Virus, Other than to Bankrupt our Society, Making the Middle Class Destitute and the Filthy Rich even Richer?

They Accused Donald Trump of Being a Super Spreader of the China Virus for Holding his Massive Rallies, Which Never Spread The China Disease. But they NEVER Accused Black Lives Matter or Antifa of Being Super Spreaders, as they Ransacked America by the Tens of Thousands from Coast to Coast.

About 500-American Citizens Have been Unlawfully Detained for a Riot at the Congress Building . . .That Wasn’t An Insurrection, Yet – Thousands upon Thousands of Black Lives Matter & Antifa Thugs that Reigned Mayhem, Terror, Death & Destruction Upon the American Republic Were Never Charged.

A Young White Unarmed Woman . . . Who was Not Acting in any Threatening Manner, was Murdered Without Cause at the Congressional Building – By A Black Cop . . . It Was Swept Under the Rug.

Do you Think the Murder would Have Been Swept Under the Rug if it Was a White Cop . . . Who Murdered An Unarmed Non-Threatening Black Woman?

We Will Have A Lot To Talk About On Tuesday – October 26, 2021.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I just had a brilliant idea !!! When the American Republicans and Canadian Conservatives are elected, assuming the massive electoral fraud is stopped. a law should be passed that forces all American Democrats and Canadian Liberals and hey, let’s include the NDP morons while we’re at it, to speak in thick German accents, wear jack boots and goose step at all times so it will be easier to recognize who they in fact are. Also all men and Liberal women for that matter should have a Hitler moustach

  2. Sorry I was wrong in my previous comment. This is not the only time that I’ve wrong. The culprit is Alec Baldwin and everything you say about him is true.

  3. Canada is full on totalitarian. A judge ordered an Ottawa woman to stop advising her 14 year old son about the dangers of the vaccine. Parents are now being instructed by the court to what to say or not to their own children! This is where we are at now. It is obvious that there are no limits to the abuse of power by these facist tyrants.

  4. I am agnostic but I am a Zionist and believe that every person on this planet should be free to practice any religion in peace and without violence. A person’s choice of what to believe in should be left to that person or group alone. I am getting more than fed-up that Jews are accused of everything that goes wrong in the world which ain’t true at all. Maybe leftist jews like soros, that I will accept whole hardely.

  5. Israel is the canary in the coal mine. This democracy is all that is standing between the West and the radical Muslim world. Israel is the most effective warship the USA has in the Mediterranean and no American soldier/marine will ever die fighting on its soil. Correction: Taylor Force was a nonJewish American soldier who visited the Holy Land on vacation after surviving tours in Iraq/Afghanistan, only to be killed in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian terrorist. Google Taylor Force Act/Senator Graham

  6. I never thought this could happen in America and certainly not in my lifetime. I am teaching my grands everything I can that is the truth rather than leftist propaganda because they need to know. Luckily their parents are with me in this. We need Trump for 4 more years and DeSantis afterward for 8 if we hope to survive as a nation.

  7. Was Alec Baldwin ever trained in firearm safety? Did he ever apply for or receive a License-to-Carry? Regardless – he remains 100% responsible for murder.

  8. Anyone with half a brain knows Leftism is dangerous and evil. Only Leftists are dumb enough and brainwashed enough to believe what they stand for is helpful and positive.

  9. It’s very simple: Democrats/Liberals/Progressives lie. Constantly, relentlessly, & shamelessly.

  10. Biden and his string masters are creating a deadly force, the non vaccinated, recent unemployed, because of Mandated Vaccine refusers. I have listened to several folks who are going to loose everything over the mandate. like the Jews who were forced to give up their weapons, wear a Star, and be tattooed with a number, they are being separated from others. When they start taking weapons from Honest Folks the fight will start. I believe it will be short and intense, many folks will die quickly.

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