Easy Question . . . HOW MANY?


If You’re Going To Try To Rake Me Across The Coals . . . At Least Have The Decency To Do It Right.


Several Pissed-Off Readers of Galganov.com Voiced their Anger at me for Voting for and Promoting the People’s Party Of Canada, a Real Conservative Movement at the Expense of the FAKE Conservative Party of Canada, which Effectively Ran on a Liberal Platform, Accusing me Directly or by Inference of Causing the Minority Government Liberal “Victory”.

I Feel No Need Whatsoever To Defend Myself . . . But for the Sake of American & Canadian Values . . . I Feel Absolutely Compelled to Meet their Unwarranted Criticisms Head-On.

1 – I Never Told Anyone WHO To Vote For. And I Made That Clear.

2 – I Told the Readers of Galganov.com Who I was Going to Vote For & Why, which to me was the Right Thing to Do because I’m so Opinionated. And When you Consider that Most People are Guarded in who they Vote for, Prior to and even After the Votes are Counted . . . I Kind of Think that Exposing my Voting Preference to all the Readers of Galganov.com is a Positive Thing Opposed to Anything Negative.

3 – My Vote DID NOT Change the Outcome of this Past Election (September 20, 2021), which I Wish it Had. No “Pretend” Conservative Candidate Lost his or her Riding that I am Aware-Of because of Vote-Splitting. Not by Me or Anyone Else.

And Even if Liberals Did Win a Seat or Several Seats from Vote Splitting, who is it to Say that the Liberals Might Have Won a Seat or More Because People Voted for O’Toole Instead of Bernier . . . Who Says That Vote Splitting Is Only A One Way Road?

4 – There is No Time that I Wrote or Said Anything Negative ABOUT Anyone who Decided to Vote for O’Toole, Regardless of How Little I thought of O’Toole and still do. I Don’t Hold-It Against Anyone who Voted for the Conservative Party of Canada.

We Live In A Free Society (More Or Less For Now) & How Anyone Votes Is Their Right & Their Business.

I Was Just Accused Of Being A “Rhino”, Which Is A Huge African Horned Animal. I’m Certain what this Canadian Meant was RINO, which Stands for Republican In Name Only.

More To The Point . . . I’m a Canadian. The Writer is from Canada. In Canada we have No Republican Party . . . Therefore, Calling me Something that Doesn’t Exist in Canada is a Bit Over the Top Don’t you Think?

Besides . . . How Can Someone Like Me Who Stands Four-Square For Conservative Values Be A RINO – Canadian Or Not?


It Has Always Been . . . That my Biggest Critics with the Biggest Mouths, the Most Attitude, and the Most Amount to Say . . . Have Always Been the People who Contribute Nothing but their Opinions, Which Are Mostly Not Worth Hearing Or Reading.

What’s Also Interesting . . . Is How So Many of these People who Contribute Nothing are Always Telling me GOOD-BYE, that They’re Done with Galganov.com. However, I Have an Instant Notification of People who Sign Onto the Galganov.com Directory and those who Sign-Off. And Very Few Of These Infuriated Readers Ever Sign-Off In Spite Of Their Threats To Leave.

There Are Thousands Of People In The Galganov.com Directory . . . And I’m Guessing, that Unlike Most Blogs, I Spend a Great Deal of Personal Time Paying Attention to Everything that Happens Everywhere on Galganov.com. I Try To Read Everything.

And Assuming These People Do Leave, Who Contribute Nothing To Galganov.com . . . Where Do I Lose?


Just As An Aside . . . To me, the Word “WOKE” is a Vulgar Word in the LEFTIST Lexicon, Surpassing the F-Word. And Now . . . the Word “EQUITY” in the Context of LEFTIST Jargon is Right there Alongside “WOKE”.

Equity Means Nothing . . . Equality Means Everything.


I Detest The LEFT, However Begrudgingly, You Have to Give it to the LEFT for Their Ability to Create Words & Meanings to Baffle the People With Bullshit. And They’re Stupendous At Doing It.


Biden & The LEFT Want Open Borders . . . And Only the Blind Can’t See-It for what it is, as every Manner of Humanity is Simply Pouring (Invading) into the United States of America, with the Exception of Canadians who Travel by Land. I Guess Because we Canadians with our Expensive RV’s, Vaccinations, Shared Values & Equal Respect for American Laws & our Own Healthcare Insurance are Somehow a Threat to the Survival of America.

How Many People Should Rush Into The United States Of America BEFORE It’s Either Enough Or Too Many?

There are Roughly EIGHT BILLION PEOPLE Living on this Planet. Most of Whom do Not Speak English. Most of Whom Know NOTHING About the History & Culture of the United States of America. Most of Whom do Not Share the Judeo/Christian Philosophy of Values & Laws. Most of Whom Know Nothing about Real Equality of the Genders. And Most of Whom Know Nothing About the Virtues of a Free Society (Constitutional Republic) Etc – Etc.

So How Many Of The 8-BILLION People Living On This Planet Will The LEFT Allow To Invade & Destroy America?


At What Point Does America Stop Being America?

Also . . . As History is Proving in Europe and in Certain Parts of the United States of America, Many Immigrants Come to Europe or North America, who Instead of Grasping onto the Culture of their New Home, they Demand to Keep their Culture & Invariably Make their Host Countries Subservient to Them.

I’m Not In The Least Anti-Immigration . . . I’m Just For Smart, Honest & Legal  Immigration.

Want A Perfect Case-In-Point? . . . Ilhan Omar, the Woman who Came to America as a Child from an African Moslem Refugee Camp, who’s Become a Member of Congress and an Influential Leader (Vice-Chair) on the Very Important Congressional Foreign Relations Committee Thinks America is Racist.

Omar Claims That America Is Inherently A Racist Country That Hates People Of Color Who Aren’t Christians.

So Here’s Ilhan Omar with an Arabic Name, who Makes a Big Deal of Wearing a Hijab, who Speaks English with a Foreign Accent, who is a Sitting Member of Consequence in the American Congress, who is Paid at least $174,000 Per Year Plus Perks . . . Who Talks About Racism in America.

Yet – Ilhan Omar Defames America At Every Chance She Gets . . . Not To Mention Omar’s Hyper-Public-Hatred For Jews.


For God’s Sake . . . Call It For What It Is!

I Just Heard John Cornyn (Texas Republican) Say on Fox News that Joe Biden Either Doesn’t Know What’s Happening or is Incapable of Stopping the Flow of Illegal Immigrants Across the Southern Border.

I Would Have a Lot More Respect for John Cornyn if Cornyn Stopped Playing Political/Speak . . . And Said It For What It Really Is . . . It’s Not About What Biden Knows Or Doesn’t Know . . . It’s All About What Biden Wants & Is Doing Purposely.

I Said It Before & I’ll Say It Until The Very End. The LEFT are in the Minority in America. And as Evidenced by the Most Recent Polls, they Show that Biden’s Approval Ratings are Under 40% in Several Very Important Purple Districts.

And No Matter How Much Contrition the Biden Voters are Now Feeling, which are Reflected in the Dire Biden Polls . . . The Fact That Biden Is Destroying America Is On Them. And as I’ve Said Many Times over the Past Number of Months, America Can & Will Survive this Onslaught – The LEFT Won’t.

And Who’s To Say The Next Conservative President With A Conservative Congress Can’t & Won’t Throw The Illegals Out?

We Get The Government We Deserve But We Don’t All Deserve The Government We Get . . . which Brings me Back to the Criticism I Received for Supporting the Values I Believed-In.

When It Hits The Fan As It Will . . . I Know Where I Stood On Principle Without Apology. Can My Critics Say The Same?


Jen Psaki Would Have Been A Model Propagandist For The Likes Of Joseph Goebbels. That’s How Far America Has Fallen.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hey HG, if the conservatives complaining of vote splitting want better results, they should elect an actual conservative leader…O’Toole was more liberal than the liberals themselves…that is hard thing to do! When will they learn?

  2. Greetings: As a long-time U.S. citizen born in Montreal, I just had to take a close look, first at the election results and then Galganov’s comments on it. Bespoken reality is that the nationalist Bloc Québécois neutralizes both party’s results while the far left NDP wastes the rest. No Canadian election will be a majority for the foreseeable future. The Parliamentary voting system sucks. If I want a CONSERVATIVE led P.M. and Hitler ran in my riding, I’m forced to vote for him! OUTDATED SYSTEM!

  3. Change has to begin somewhere. If you keep voting for liberals like O’toole you get what you deserve. Either he now focuses on conservatism or he will lose the next election also. I’d rather have Justin in power than a turn coat and forever say good bye to real conservative values , like freedom of choice.

  4. I have to disagree that the bad things being done to the United States is all on Biden. In my opinion, Biden is merely a temporary tool of a greater power whose goal is a one-world government controlled by (you name the actual man behind the curtain). Once Biden has done the most damage one man can do, he will be cast aside and replaced with the next temporary tool (possibly the current VP) and after she has done her damage, she too will be cast aside. These two will be blamed for everything, thus diverting attention from the true enemy that no one seems able or willing to identify. My question for you is this: who is the man behind the curtain? Who rigged the election? Who writes the script for all MSM to report in unison? Who groomed Obama to become the other anti-American President? IMHO, this power poses a greater threat to our Republic than any prior enemy.

    I Wholly Agree With You . . . I Imagine it is Not just One Man or Woman but an International Cabal who are Driven to Power. We will Probably know or Guess the Names of Some, but we will Never Know the Names of them All – HG:

  5. Don’t ever stop telling it like it is whether here in the states or in relation to what is happening in Canada. I follow your comments not because I always agree (most of the time I do anyhow) but because you have the brass to tell the truth. After all is said and done if those who read your comments can’t understand that simple criteria of your the hell with them. Let them stew in their own ignorance. Keep it up.

  6. Howard you are 200% correct when you replied to a comment that those voted CPC should have voted PPC.

  7. These new immigrants had best NOT get to settled in, because it will only take 1 incident in the right area of the country, more aptly in “Good ole boy country. and all hell is going to break loose, and if someone is predicting problems, this will start the uproar and it won’t be pleasant. They had better all move into California, just to be safe if for no other reason.

  8. Wow, your four-letter definition of equity was original, spot-on, and just plain brilliant!

  9. I thank God for your editorials/blogs they are my Media. I depend on your awesome knowledge and ability to relay it to us in a clear no BS way. I don’t have the ability to do all the research you do, and I have never felt like you told me to Think like you do, but…. I wish I had the ability and knowledge you spend so much time acquiring. Thank You for all you say and for the time you spend getting the information.

  10. Well I know PPC and those who voted for them MUST be on the right track as we are all now being labeled as alt right and white supremacists. Wow HG, a bunch of us Jews are now neo nazi’s.

  11. I agree with everything you wrote. I just listened on FOX to an interview given by Biden not so long ago, in which he states that in the very near future, enough emigrants would come to the US to reduce the white majority to under half of the population, and he considers it a good thing. Personally I think it would be cheaper to the taxpayers to send him and his cohorts to one of these black and brown countries (which look like the only qualifier for the desirable “emigrants”).

  12. I think what annoys me the most from this election is the Bloc “guy” calling Quebec a NATION. Well is you are a nation then start acting like one and pay your own way. Stop taking from the rest of Canada. Alberta has contributed billions to Quebec without so much as a thank you. I think the rest of Canada should vote Quebec out of the Confederation and stop enabling them. I doubt that their language laws and cheap health care, education, better roads, subsidies of athletes would survive.

  13. The U.S. Republicans have RINOs, Republican In Name Only. In Canada, the Conservatives have CINOs, Conservative In Name Only. They are also called red tories, fiberals wearing a blue suit, conservatives wearing a red tie, etc… Like I said in my private email with you Howard, Canada will become the new venezuela before canadians finally wake up, and then it will be too late. Same in the U.S.A. !!!!

  14. I agree with your editorial. People who are calling you a Rhino know not what they are talking about! O’Toole is the best example of a Can. Rino. Unfortunately, I didn’t even know we had a PPC candidate in our riding until we went to cast our ballot. I hope the people who are running get information out about them & their beliefs before the election. I am expecting another election sometime in the next year or two. Starting now would be helpful to the electors to help them make their choice.

  15. I sit here trying to think of what to say other than it ALL makes me SICK to my stomach. What EVIL, EVIL people who are running this country today. Plus NO ONE seems to be able to do anything about them other than talk about them night after night on T.V.as the same I am sure in your beautiful country as well. As for Ihan Omar she must be Satan’s wife and Maxine and Nancy her Mother in -Laws The other three must be Aunts. Al l nuts and EVIL! Take Care .

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