Remember The Alinsky Message . . .


Yesterday (June 3, 2021) . . . A Reader Wrote A Comment Exhorting Violence. I Left the Comment on the Blog with my Own Comment. Take This As The Only Warning I Will Give . . . Anyone who Incites Violence on will be Permanently Removed from all Activities on this BLOG – Without Exception, Whether that Person is a Financial Contributor or Not.


The LEFT Wants To Sucker-Conservatives . . . to Do What the LEFT Accused (Lied About) President Trump of Wanting to Do . . . To Create a Situation that Would Merit Martial Law.


. . . Whatever The LEFT Wants To Do . . . Is What The LEFT Accuses Conservatives Of Wanting To Do.

INTERESTING NO? . . . President Trump “Temporarily” Called-Out the National Guard on Several Occasions to Protect People & Property as the Democrats’ “Brown Shirts” (Antifa & Black Lives Matter) Rampaged Through American Cities . . .


BUT PELOSI & COMPANY . . . Who Used the Contrived Fear of Trump Mobilizing the National Guard as an Excuse to Foment a Reason for Martial Law, which President Trump Never Did . . . Is What Pelosi Actually Did-Do – by Creating an ARMED WALL Between the People (Citizens) and the People’s House (Congress) because of her Imagined Insurrection on January 6, 2021, which Still Sits there 6-Months Later, even Though the Bulk of the National Guard have Just Recently been Relieved of that Duty.


The Fact That the Biden Administration is Being Run by a Gang of Communist & Wealthy Elitist Miscreants, Doesn’t Make the Biden Administration Incompetent at What They’re Doing. Unfortunately, it Makes Everything the Biden Administration is Doing Extremely Successful, in as Much as the Biden Puppet-Masters’ Quest to Overwhelm & Crash the American Capitalistic (Free-Market) Republic with a Communist Hybrid . . . Is Exactly What They Want To Achieve.

But Try As They May . . . They Will Not Succeed.


The People Who Supported The Election Of Biden Fall Into Various Categories.

1 – They Hated Trump so Much they Didn’t Care Who they Voted for as Long as it Wasn’t Trump. I Bet They’re Sorry Now.

2 – These were Ignorant Brainwashed People Who had No Idea of Trump’s Real Accomplishments & Biden’s Lack Thereof. I Bet They’re Sorry Now.

3 – These were People who Honestly Believed that Biden was Indeed a Moderate and would Govern from the Center. I Bet They’re Sorry Now.

4 – These were People who were Severely Influenced by a Propagandized, Slanted, Dishonest & Pro-Democrat Mainstream & Social-Media. I Bet They’re Sorry Now.

5 – These Were People who Bought the Repeated Lies of Trump Racism, Pro-Nazism and the Totally Defuncted Russian Conspiracy. I Bet They’re Sorry Now.

6 – These were the People who Simply Hated America’s Successes & Wanted Free Stuff through Social Change, whatever they Believed that Meant.

7 – These were People who had a Personal Selfish Interest in the Fall of The Make America Great Strategy.

8 – And Finally For This Segment . . . Because There Really Is Much More – We Can’t Discount the Army of Foreign National Activists (Chinese, Russians, Islamists  – Etc) who Played a Significant Role in the PUTSCH Against President Donald Trump for the Stolen Victory to the Handlers of Biden & Harris.

Why Do You Think The LEFT Wants To Defund The Police?

It’s Certainly Not because the Police are Bad And/Or Un-Needed. To The Contrary, it’s Because the Police Are Exceptional At What They Do . . . And are Really Needed to Control Civil Society to Keep it Civil, so Crime will Not Get So Bad & Rampant as to Demand Extreme Reaction such as an Excuse for Federal Policing Controlled by Washington DC . . . Probably Through Military Intervention (National Guard).


In Case You Don’t . . . Here’s A Reminder . . . Pastor Martin Niemöller Is Famous For His Post Holocaust Poem . . .

First They Came For The Socialists, And I Did Not Speak-Out Because I Was Not A Socialist.

Then They Came For The Trade Unionists, And I Did Not Speak-Out Because I Was Not A Trade Unionist.

Then They Came For The Jews, And I Did Not Speak-Out Because I Was Not A Jew.

Then They Came For Me And There Was No One Left To Speak For Me.

In My Mind . . . Neither Martin Niemöller Nor His Poem Are To Be Celebrated.

You Would Think that Martin Niemöller Spent Time in a Nazi Concentration Camp During the War . . . Because Amongst Other Things . . . Niemöller Opposed the Germans’ Treatment of Jews . . . You’d Be Thinking Wrong.

Niemöller Didn’t Come Clean To Being A Vile Anti-Semite . . . Until Niemöller Was Overcome By His Own Conscience In A 1963 West German Television Interview.


The Preceding Is Why I Have Hope . . .

It Took Martin Niemöller More than 18-Years to Realize & Come to Terms with his Anti-Semitic Pro-Nazi Past . . . But Today . . .  With the Internet and the Speed of Light Transmission of Information and the Immediate Effects of Bad Government Decisions . . . The Realizations Between Good & Bad Are Virtually Instantaneous.

Why Else Are Communist Countries Doing All They Can To Control The Dissemination Of Information Through The Internet?

And When There Are TENS OF THOUSANDS Of People Like Me . . . Pounding the Truth & Facts on Keyboards Throughout North America . . . Writing, Podcasting & Video-Informing Facts . . . Countervailing The Plethora Of Lies, Misinformation & Propaganda Which Fall Like Autumn Leaves Under The Winds Of The Truth.


Overwhelming The System Is The Strategy Promoted By Anarchist Saul Alinsky.

But Unlike the Time of the Rise of the Nazis Throughout the 1920’s to the End of WWII, and the Insurgence of the Russian/European Communists from the Late 1800’s to the Fall of the Iron Curtain and the Birth of Maoist China . . . There Was No Internet – Nor Was There The Transmission Of Truth & Facts At The Speed of Light.

And That Includes The Era Of The 1950’s . . . Until Less Than A Generation Ago.

When You Consider the EIGHT Preceding Reasons I Gave for the Election of Biden over President Trump. . . Not Including Mass Cheating At The Polls & An Insanely Biased & Corrupt Media . . . More than Just a Few of the Biden Voters Would have Either Voted for President Trump . . . Or Would Have Not Voted At All Had They Known The Truth That They Know Now.

And That’s The Rub For The LEFT.

The LEFT Knows that their Window of Opportunity is Minuscule for them to “Fundamentally Change America”, as Barack Hussein Obama Declared During Obama’s First Presidential Election Campaign.

To Assume That The Present Administration Is Stupid & Is Without A Plan – Is A Dangerous Misconception.

BIDEN IS AN IDIOT . . . And has Always Been a Useful Tool for Whomever He Lobbied, which is Why Biden is the President of the United States of America Today. As for Kamala Harris, who is Definitely Not the Sharpest Pencil in the Box, there is No Secret to Explain why Harris was Chosen to be Biden’s Running Mate . . . And Not By The Useful Tool Biden. But Like Biden . . . Harris Too will Sell Herself to the Highest Bidder . . . Just Ask Willie Brown.


With Every Passing Day . . . Democrats In Congress Are Rethinking Where They Stand As The 2022 Election Campaign Looms Close.

The LEFT’S Most Important Strategy to Destroy Constitutional America Is Dying On The Vine . . . As It Is Not Being Able To Remove The Senate Filibuster, which would Allow the Democrats a Virtual Free Ride to Create Two New Democrat Controlled States (Washington DC & Puerto Rico), Overwhelm the Supreme Court with Additional LEFTIST Appointed Judges, Rewrite the Voting Act, Nationalize the Inculcation of School Children to The LEFT’S Socio/Political Philosophy (Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity & Sexual Debauchery), which would all Become Law . . . Except For The Transmission Of Fact & Truth At The Speed Of Light Over The Internet By People Like Me.


As Far As I’m Concerned . . . Unless The LEFT Want To Provoke a Civil War . . . Their Best Shot at Destroying America & Bringing Down the Free World with a Communist Globalized America is Done.

The Internet Is Much Like A Two Bladed Sword – Cutting Sharply In Two Directions.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I believe it was Abe Lincoln who predicted that America would become a great superpower whose demise would come by suicide. Like a venereal disease uncontrollably spreading, wokeness will cause the final collapse of the republic. Major publications owned by white billionaires are digging America’s grave, spreading the poison that white is evil and has to be eradicated along with white history, white art, white literature, and white movies. 

  2. Wait a second Howard…while I’m sure you’re right about misguided deranged souls that voted for Biden and now show remorse, those numbers are not as high to have made a difference. Millions more actually did vote for Trump, the election was stolen. The remorseful voters that you speak of amount to nothing more than being late-arriving red-pilled citizens that are really just icing on Trumps cake. I welcome them.

  3. Well done, as usual. President Donald Trumps success came from his ability to speak to and understand the ordinary working American. His rallies were for them, not the elites. His goal was “Make America Great Again”. He gave hope to the hopeless.

  4. In my own way of thinking and believe me did not mean to be out of order in last comment. Was only saying what my thoughts were of people who hurt have hurt this entire world. Sorry for stepping out of line.

    I Was Certainly Not Speaking Of You – HG:

  5. As always Howard SO TRUE, and could not agree with you more.

  6. Very well stated Howard! My view of the left is like a ship in the middle of the ocean with some of them drilling holes thru the bottom of the ship! Hopefully they sink to the bottom!

  7. We know who is calling the shots in the Biden WH. It is not necessarily one person. Barack Obama in a recent interview set us straight. It is Obama’s third term. As he said, 90% of the actors in the Biden administration are former Obama people. Obama doesn’t have to be there if his minions are running the show at State or any of the other departments. They are all in place to renew the pre-Trump policies of Obama. Biden, Harris, and Pelosi all could die tomorrow, it won’t make any change.

  8. I hope and pray you are correct.

  9. Howard, one of ypur better commentary’s. George Soros is a major figure in all of this, I read where he is one of the money men behind Antifa. I would like to do an audit of the Clinton foundation as well. There is no doubt were at a dead end st. here in the U.S. A civil war in the U.S. will never happen, but uprisings and covert events probably will. I wouldn’t be shocked , that before the end of summer a major event will take place along those lines. Small but effective. a major wake up call.

  10. Read in conservative news this AM that “In April, the Department of Education proposed a new rule to prioritize funding education programs that incorporate the New York Times’ 1619 Project and critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi into their teaching of U.S history and civics.” & that to tune of a $5.3M grant. Public schools are no more than Gov’t mandated instruction. Is it any wonder all new generations are graduating with warped minds? It’s indoctrination, & against parental beliefs & rights.

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