Screwed By The Tyranny Of The Minority


I Watched some of the Democrat “Debate” Last Night (February 19, 2020), and Came Away with the Following . . . Not one of those Political Parasite Phonies are either Qualified or Sufficiently Trustworthy to Pick-Up Stryker’s (Our Beautiful German Shepherd) Poop.

I Preferred Watching The Arizona Trump Rally.

Some of the Media Described the “Debate” as a Food Fight . . . I Describe it as a Fight between Several Garbage Morons who will Say Anything Untrue and as Derogatory as they Can Make it, to Demean Everyone at the Podium, Including Themselves.

Not one of those Democrat (LEFTIST) Ingrates Emulated the Famous Words of JFK“Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You. Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”?

In Spite Of Their Tumultuous Screeds About Each Other . . . And how they Intend to Spend the Taxpayers’ Money & Control how the People who Pay their Bloated Incomes, Perks & Pensions Should Live . . . And How Much They All Hate Donald Trump, I Heard Nothing of Consequence or Value Concerning how any of these Usurpers of Power will Indeed Make their (Your) Country Better – Not Better For Themselves – But Rather, Better For the People they are Purporting to Serve.

What Is Terrifying . . . Is How Many People Actually Believe & Support These Losers.

I’m Also Shocked & Dismayed . . . At how Many People, with the Inspiration of the Media, are Pushing the Phony Scenario that Everything which is Great about America Today, Since January 20, 2017, the day Donald Trump was Sworn-In as President Trump . . . Is The Result Of Barack Hussein Obama.

THE TRAGEDY . . . Perhaps Half The US Population Believes This Egregious Lie.


I Have No Idea How Many People In Canada Are Real Native (Indian) Canadians, since it seems that Everyone has a Different Metric in Defining who is a Native Canadian.

Hey – In The USA, Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) Got Away for Most of her Life Trading on her Native Heritage. And we all Know how True that is (was) – Not.

If You Believe Some Of The BS from the Canadian Native Groups & Bureaucrats who Make their Money by Propelling this BS . . . there are Millions of Natives in Canada, Which REQUIRE Billions-Upon-Billions, Perhaps More Than $10-Billion Dollars Per Year In WELFARE . . . Then I Have A Caribou Farm To Sell You.

But I Really Question The Number Of Real Natives In Canada, Since The Number Controls The Amount Of Welfare.

The Canadian Natives Can Call The Money – They Receive From Canadian Taxpayers Who Are Not Native . . . Anything they want to call it . . . but in the Final Analysis – It All Comes Down To Welfare.

Who’s A Native, Since Many Natives Are Indistinguishable From Non-Natives By Appearance.

I Liken Canadian Natives, most of Whom seem to Live in Poverty on Reservations, to Palestinians, who also have had Every Opportunity in the World to Really Make Something of Themselves, but have Rather Chosen to Live in Poverty with Handouts, While Their Chiefs Live In Luxury.

And If You Think I’m Kidding About Fabulous Opportunities . . . Natives Pay ZERO Taxes who live on the Reservations. Natives have Absolute Affirmative Action to get into the Best Colleges & Universities, most of it for Free, since there are more Programs for Scholarship than are Offered to Anyone who is Not a Native.

Native Canadians Are Stalwarts Of The Canadian Grievance Industry . . . And According to Them & their Leaders, Everything that is Wrong with the Native Community is the Fault of Non-Natives.


Canadian Natives Are being Screwed Every Day & Many Don’t Have It Easy . . . But the Canadian Natives are Not Being Screwed by Non-Native Canadians, since Non-Native Canadians & Native Canadians have very Little Interaction. Native Canadians Should Look At Their Native Leadership.


The Canada Of My Parents Is Getting Financially Worse & Worse With Each Passing Day.

Our Successive Liberal (Socialist) Governments in Ottawa (National), Provincial Governments & Municipal Governments throughout the Land, Have Created The Perfect Storm For National Failure.

Even our Supposed Conservative Parties are Socialist in More Ways than they Would ever Admit . . . And Now It’s All Coming Back To Bite Us In The Ass.

Canada Has Run Out Of Money . . . and Pretty-Soon, Canada will Run out of “Affordable” Credit. And we Can Only Print so Much Money before our Dollar will be Worthless on the International Market.

The Disparity Between The American Dollar & The Canadian Dollar Is More Substantial Than Just Somewhat.

The Canadian Government & The Canadian Media Don’t Talk Much About The USMCA, because, if the Americans are Going to be Making Billions More because of the USMCA – Canada will be Losing Billions More to the Americans because of the USMCA. And the Rest of the World has no Need for the Stuff we Produce in Canada. Maple Syrup Only Goes So Far.

So – What Does Canada Have That We Can Sell, That The World Needs To Buy?

Canada . . . Especially Western Canada (Prairie Provinces – Alberta & Saskatchewan), is Awash in Petroleum (Oil & Gas) . . . But – Has No Way to Bring their Petroleum to Market, Except Through the USA by Pipeline, where the American Petroleum Industry Rips Canada-Off by Setting the Price they are Willing to Pay for the Captive Canadian Product, at a Substantially Lower Price than the Value of the Global Markets.

Western Canadian Oil Is Also Transported Through the Rail System (Tanker Cars), which is Extremely Expensive, Environmentally Dangerous because of Derailments & Terribly Inefficient.

SO YOU ASK . . . Why Not Pipeline Canada’s Western Oil To The Atlantic In The East and to the Pacific in the West, which Would Reach the Asian Market through the Pacific, and the European Market through the Atlantic?

BECAUSE . . . Holier-Than-Thou British Columbia (In The West), which is Akin to the California Mindset, Doesn’t Want Dirty Prairie Oil Crossing Its Province by Pipeline. And in the East, Separatist Quebec, which has been Living-Off the Proceeds of Western Canadian Oil (Provincial Welfare) and Still Does, Also Doesn’t Want the Pipeline Crossing Quebec.


That’s The Problem – Ottawa Has Been Intervening On The Side Of The Anti-Oil Climate Change Globalists.

At Every Turn – Ottawa has been on the Wrong Side of the Debate, Legally & Politically, until Ottawa has Recently Run Out Of Options to Stop the Expansion of the West Coast Pipeline . . .


So – When Obscure Indian Bands Decided to Blockade Canada’s National Rail Lines in the Excuse of Using this Pressure to Keep the Pipeline off Indian Reservations . . . It gave Trudeau and his Socialist One-World-Order-Anti-Oil-Liberal-Government, the Excuse to Keep the Oil Pipeline from Happening, By Not Stopping The ILLEGAL Rail Line Blockades.

So Where’s The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) In All Of This?

Trudeau Said . . . It’s Not The Government’s Job To Tell The Police What To Do. Okay. If It’s Not the Governments Job to tell the Police what to do . . . Whose Job Is It?

And Who’s Funding These “Native” Blockades? Think American Oil, George Soros, Warren Buffet who is the Principle Investor in the American Rail Lines – Etc.

Here’s The Consequence . . . The Natives are Jeopardizing all of Canada’s Near & Distant Financial Future, by Destroying Canada’s National Distribution System, which Touches Upon Everything Canada Needs to Maintain the National Delivery of Food, People, Fuel, Manufacturing, Assembly, Parts, Retail Sales . . .  and even our Canadian Sea Ports, which are in Jeopardy because without Freight Trains, there will be no way for Ships to Unload Cargo, because the Docks are Insufficient to Store the Mountains of Goods Carried by Ships, which are Taken Away by the Rail Lines.

And . . . If The Trains Aren’t Running – How Does Canada Bring Goods To The Ports For Export?

It’s Too Late For Canada . . . And all this LEFTIST Blockade of Canada’s National Railway Accomplishes, is to Speed-Up Canada’s Up-Till Now Slow-Walking Decline.

Stay-Tuned . . . I Believe The Worst Is Still Yet To Come.

By Howard Galganov

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  1. PM Putz claims that the blockaders are only using their right to free speech. He doesn’t understand that actions are not free speech. In the US this means that participating in BDS activities is not a protected right as it is an action and not speech. Wouldn’t it be nice if the NDP and Conservatives would get together and file for a vote of No Confidience in the head Putz?

  2. Our doofus clown PM is in thrall to his anti-capitalist base of eco-wackos. To pander to them he is prepared to throw the entire country under the bus. It’s time for right-thinking Canadians to grow a pair and do the right thing: turf the idiot and the gaggle of brown-nosing sycophants called Liberal MPs.

  3. Saw only clips of last night’s Dem debate but I must say I was pleased to see Bloomberg invoke the “C” word inreference to Sanders (“C” as in Communism). Now we can see the contrast between what Bernie is offering and what the American system offers. If this continues, it bodes well for the country.

  4. My Goodness Howard, had no clue, then again, how could I have. WOW ! Push saving the World and everyone gets a back bone and thinks their savior’s of the WORLD! WHEN they can’t SAVE Their Own Home Land! USA Included! Also had no clue on all the BS regarding transporting of oil. I sincerely thought the Pipe Line would have been advantageous for both our Countries. Hmmmm

  5. Dear Howard: I could not have said it better. Thank you ( merci from a former Montrealer) Ray

  6. Canada & the US are in so much trouble, there seems to be NO hope. At least the USA has Trump – we have NOBODY!!! Canadians are so bloody stupid – most don’t even know what’s going on. Not sure if you will forgive me for saying so but I just listened to Maxime Bernier’s first YouTube video & his interview with a guy who knows how really bad our Canadian economy is doing. Not sure what we do about this very frightening situation – we have nowhere to run!!! So, what is your solution?

  7. Just maybe when Canada goes completely belly up the USA will buy Canada that is if we can keep Presidents like Trump. It looks like Canada has no Government to make what is best for Canada. Does Canada have elections to elect someone to be in charge or just someone appointed that is dumber than a box of rocks by some crooks living off of the peoples money. Maybe the best thing for the people in Canada to do is start a war with the USA and loose so the USA can take them over.

  8. The natives get $2,680,540,000.00 WELFARE in Canada per year . I was once told a true blood native has no facial hair. Two gents in Edmonton Alberta walked up to a Railway Barricade, took it down and trucked it away. The protesters backed off. Meanwhile our useless PM sits on his hands in Ottawa.

  9. 100% HG However Natives also get free eye and dental care , Seniors do not. Natives COULD do as well as any Ca.. GET OFF THE RESERVATION, they are NOT incarcerated there. Trudeau is one smart SOB. He never wanted the Pipeline or oil to move forward, so he approved it KNOWING the Natives would block it. WHO CONTROLS THE FEDERAL POLICE (RCMP) if not the government ? OPP will NOT act on a court order ? Fire the Head Cop ! Want to predict where this ends: VENEZUELA sounds about right.

  10. great article! I agree with you 100 % Trudeau is useless and Canada is going to the dogs!!!!

  11. The comment about Canada starting a war with the U.S reminds me of the great, funny movie–“The Mouse That Roared” starring Peter Sellers.

  12. There is a very good book about the reserve system and special race based laws in an great argument to abolish the reservation by author Peter Best, titled “There is no Difference”.

  13. It always seems to amaze me that those who live off the Free Trough of life, take no jobs but have time to protest and block hard working people from doing theirs. They scream from the roof tops of how unfair the Rich are but attempt to destroy the middle class hardworking. They want more but do nothing to earn it, this is in Canada and the US. Now in the US we are going to have Catch and Release of Non Violent Criminals, guess who the crimes effect most, the hard working middle class.

  14. Idiots all. My oil uneducated mind can see Mr. Trump and powers in Alberta and Saskatchewan could strike a deal to build a pipeline straight to Texas refineries giving West Canada control and ousting Trudeau and his cohorts. Oh, I forget, Mr. Obama rejected that idea in his term in office. And, just my opinion, PM Trudeau was probably in cahoots with Obama. Seems like there would be lots of jobs for both countries. Oh well, great article Mr. H. Enjoy Texas hospitality and your family.

  15. Thanks for the clear factual reporting of what is really happening all around us! With all the fake news it’s refreshing to hear how it really is out there. People have been boiling alive like a bunch of frogs for far too long.

  16. The Democratic CANDIDATES are all PHONIES, especially the last 6 who partook in the last debate! Their GOAL is to REMOVE Trump from the PRESIDENCY. They have nothing of POLITICAL SUBSTANCE to say, and when asked a question that they CAN’T ANSWER, they REVERT to ATTACKING Trump! It’s so sad to see Canada’s downfall, due to its PATHETIC SOCIALISTIC CONTROL by Trudeau. The U.S. underwent an 8-year DISASTER with Barack Hussein Obama. Cheer up, Canadians because there IS an end to everything! AMEN!

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