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Welcome To The Continuance Of 2019 . . . 2020 On Day-1, was Really No Different than 2019 On Day-31 Of December, with Only an Extra Digit Added to the Year.

I was Reading the New Year Comments of Hollywooders & Assorted other Entertainers, of Whom, they Still have a Demented Hate-On for President Donald Trump, while they Still Love the 21st Century Version Joan Of Arc . . . The Teenage Nut-Job With The Nazi Face & Googly-Eyes . . . Greta Thunberg.

As I was Reading the Mountain of Comments & Opinions from these Performers, I was doing my Best to Relate to WHAT they had to Say & Write, to the Way they ACTUALLY Said & Wrote it, to WHAT in the Real World they Actually Did . . . And Here’s What I Came-Away With.

Most of the Performers who so Terribly Wanted to Opine about how Much they Hated President Trump . . . Couldn’t Write Or Speak Worth A Lick, Without Someone Writing the Words for Them.

Further To This Point . . . These Bad Actors also Couldn’t Create a Whole Sentence without Injecting some Real Profanity, Enough to make a Drunken Longshoreman Blush.

And then I Thought about their Personal (Of What We Really Know About Them) Lives & Their Public Persona. I Thought about their Multiple Marriages, their Boozy One Night Stands, Addictions, and their On-Screen Nudity & Gratuitous Sex.

I thought about how they are so Brazen to Change Sex Partners Compared to the Near Frequency of how Many Times a Regular Person Changes his or her Underwear.

I Thought about their Lifestyles, at least those who Seemingly can Afford It, as to Where they Eat, Where they Live, the Types of Parties they Throw, and how they Travel by Private Plane, Yacht or by Ultra Luxury Car. And how they are so Rapid to Criticize the “Little People”.

What I Didn’t Think Of . . . was their Talent. How well they Sang, Danced, Played Musical Instruments, Composed, Acted, Read from Scripts – Etc, because I have to Take it as Fact, that what they do to Titillate so Many People (Fans) – is in Itself a Real Talent. But That Doesn’t Necessarily Make Them Smart.

After They’re Done From Performing . . . When they Step Away from the Microphone, or Away from In Front of the Camera, or Off the Stage – Who & What Are They Really?


Are They Really the Two-Fisted Gun Fighters & Heroes they Portray Themselves to be on Camera? Are they Really the Brilliant Thespians Speaking their Words from their own Mind, Heart & Soul? Or are they just Empty Suits Regurgitating the Words and Actions the Writers Created, The Directors Direct like a Conductor Conducts a Symphony, and the Editor Cobbles Together?

When you Read & Hear what the Performers have to Say on Their Own, Without the Benefit of Writers, Composers, Special Effects People, Directors, Editors & Producers . . . What You Read & Hear Is Really Who & What These Self-Purported Geniuses Really Are – Empty Suits With Super Inflated Egos Created By Others For them.

It’s One Thing To Be Tough In Real Life . . . But It’s Another Thing to be Tough in the Make-Believe World of Hollywood, Small Screen & Stage where it Really Doesn’t Matter.

It’s One Thing To Sing Beautiful Music . . . It’s Another Thing to Create that Beautiful Music Oneself & Sing It Without Millions of Dollars in Special Effects, Staging, Lights, Orchestras, Back-Up Singers, Voice Synthesizers – Etc.

It’s One Thing To Be Hilariously Funny On Screen . . . It’s Another Thing to be Funny Without the Writers, Laugh-Tracks & Back-Up Straight-Men & Women.

To Some . . . It’s Incredibly Funny to Stand on Stage Slinging Verbal Pornography . . . But it’s Another Thing Entirely to Be Really Funny without Being Vulgar.


When One Considers just how Ignorant, Disparaging & Vulgar – Virtually all the these Performer Opinions are Against President Donald Trump, we all have to Consider that these Performer-Opinions are also No Less Hateful to all the People who have Voted For Donald Trump in 2016, and who will Vote Again or for the First Time or to Re-Elect President Donald Trump in 2020, which Opens-Up an Entirely New Perspective.

These Entertainers are Sending ALL AMERICANS a Clear Message . . . If you Don’t Vote for Whom we Say you Should Vote for . . . Hillary Clinton was Right, and You’re Nothing but a Deplorable American.


There are Millions upon Millions of Americans who See & Hear these Performers as the Fictional Persona Created By & For Them, who Take What they Say & Write Seriously, because they Believe the Fictional Characters of the Performers, and Can’t see their Hypocrisy Staring them in the Face.

And these People will Vote along the Lines of what these Pretenders Say & Write.


No Matter What The Entertainers Say & Write – Nor Whom these Crass & Uninformed Performer-Haters Endorse . . . It Won’t Make a Hill-Of-Beans Difference to the Final Election Outcome(s) in 2020, Because Reality “Trumps” (No Pun Intended) Fiction. And as Real Life has Displayed Countless Times, the Performers are doing More Damage to Themselves (Reputations & Careers) and to Their Favorite Candidates, than they are to President Trump and the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party.

Remember This . . . Hillary Clinton had the Endorsement of Barack & Michelle Obama, Virtually all of Hollywood, Television, Singers, Pundits & the Media . . . And Clinton Still Had Her Ass Handed To Her In 2016.

There’s A World Of Difference . . . Between People who Pretend to be Heroes . . . and People who Really Do Heroic Things –  And People who Pretend to be Something or Someone who they’re Not. And People who Really Are Something.

During WWII & The Korean War . . . A Great Many Men & Women gave up Incredibly Successful & Burgeoning Entertainment & Athletic Careers to Serve Their Country, Whether on the Battlefield, on the Home-Front or Overseas.


During WWII, the Korean War and the War in Vietnam . . . I Couldn’t Possibly Count the Number of Men & Women . . . or Remember the Names of the Incredible People who Served Under Uniform & Not, for the Purpose of Bringing Comfort and a Link, Somewhat to Back-Home, by Patriot Entertainers.

In 1991, Bette Midler, who is Worth a Fortune, who has Starred in a Multitude of Movie Roles, Including On-Stage as a Singer/Dancer/Comedian, Starred in an Award Winning Fiction (For The Boys) Recounting Performers who Toured with the USO at the Front Lines During the Vietnam War.

Bette Midler was Already a Big Name before Midler Starred in this Fictitious War Story. As a Matter of Fact, Midler was Already a Big Star before the end of the Vietnam War, Which Ended In 1975.

So Where Was “The Devine Miss M”, as Midler Loved to be Referred to by her Publicist, Studio, PR Agents & Fawning Fans, when the Real Boys Of Vietnam who were Fighting & Struggling in South East Asia could have Used her Comfort & Touch of Home to Boost their Morale?

The Equally Famous, Multi-Talented & Extraordinary BeautyAnn-Margaret . . . Made Three Separate Complete Tours of Vietnam with the USO to Provide Real Comfort to the Americans Serving & Fighting so Far from Home. While other Performers, the likes of Bob Hope were Legendary in their Support of the “Boys”.

Yet Today . . . Here’s Bette Midler, the Mega-Million Dollar Entertainer who put Nothing on the Line of which I am Aware, who Hasn’t Built Skyscrapers, Hotels, Golf Courses – Etc . . . Who Never had the Temerity to Run for Office, Whose Great Current Claim To Fame – Is To Do Nothing More Than to Insult, Defame & Curse the President of the United States of America, who Thinks of Herself as Being so Important.

I Don’t Mean to be Picking Only On Bette Midler, who used to be one of my Absolute Favorite Performers, who Today . . . I wouldn’t Cross the Street to See or Hear, even if I was Paid to do so.


Bette Midler Is Just One Of An Army . . . of Entertainers who’ve Done Nothing but get Rich because of their Entertainment Value, Who’ve Contributed BUBKES to the Overall Wherewithal of our Society, Who are Using their “Stardom” to Try to Destroy a Presidency.

As I Wrote In The Last Headline . . . The Good News – is that Thinking People of the World, but Especially of the United States of America, Couldn’t Give a Rat’s-Ass to what these Self-Important Fake & Privileged People Have to Say.

Election-Wise . . . 2020 Should be A Very Good Year For Conservatives In-Spite Of The Crap We Hear.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Are you able to set you editorials up so we can print them as my husband loves being able to read them as he is handicapped.

  2. Howard, perfect overview of the elite left Hollywooders! I’ve changed my entire outlook as well as my spending habits about entertainers like Midler, Di Niro, Messing and many many more…..Just today Opie, (Ron Howard) made some disgusting, disparaging comments that now change my thinking about him as well. These people are in the make believe world of entertainment and having them continually in our faces telling us how bad our President is… a total turn off to me! Go TRUMP 2020!

  3. You are correct, Howard. There have been dozens of WW II Hollywood famous people who stopped their careers and enlisted in our military, but came home and continued their careers. Many of their audience were not aware of what they did for our country. It’s a shame how much our fellow countrymen and women have forgotten them. The only current person is Pat Tillman who quit football, joined the military and died for his country. The majority just spout hateful nonsense (e.g. Robert DeNiro).

  4. I use to really like Di Nero .. I heard him run down Trump, and now I have no use for the man. and there is more, just like him.

  5. The Hollywood elite, without their writers and directors to make them look good, are like most self-centered lefties, a low class lot. Their high paying, spoiled profession does not make their opinions worthier than the average working Joe. If anything, living in their utopian bubbles of fame and fortune, they should be less.

  6. One great entertainer that I know of because my mother still loves him a lot and I grew up listening to his music was Glen Miller and after becoming famous went overseas during WW2 to entertain the troops and while in an airplane flying from England to Paris, his plane was shot down and he died in 1944. Other names come to mind like Jerry Lewis and look what he did for so many years for Jerry’s kids with muscular dystrophy. Where are Hollywood types like these used to be? Gone forever I guess.

  7. You hit it right on as always, the movie stars and all of them have lots of money this is true. I don’t go to movies anymore I sit at home watch Hall Mark clean movies. I salute Gary Sonic spelled it wrong but he has helped our troops and sick children from St,. Judes, John vought dislikes Hollywood people, so does Clint Eastwood as well as many others. The others wanted to leave if Trump made it said they would leave this country have not seen them leave yet,. Happy New Year to you and Anne.

  8. Don’t forget Meathead, (All In The Family), and dozens more! I had a list of those Hollywood elites including Alex Baldwin who claimed they would move to Canada if Trump got elected. So far, they are all still here! Correct me if I am wrong.

  9. Please, every person who reads these editorials, pass along to your friends. God is in control. I don’t understand or question why He gave us Obama (maybe a wake up call?), but He gave us Trump! For that, I am thankful. Go God! Go Trump!

  10. You are so right. There are many actors that I loved their movies, today I look at who is in a movie and if one that has bad mouthed our President I do not spend money to see them. Is it not interesting that a majority of these actors never served in uniform or whose children never served anyone other than themselves. How many have been to Drug Rehab, AA or in front of a judge for crimes only to be excused. They pretend to be someone they are not, zero integrity foul mouthed losers.

  11. Hollywood elite’s housing, jets/yachts, limos/expensive cars = 1 more Leftist hypocrisy. They rail at business execs for using such to create products & add GNP yet indulge the same & contribute nothing really valuable. Sadly, nightclub comedy is all vulgarity anymore. Makes me feel I’m back in gradeschool & kids are in a far corner of the playground cussing well out of earshot of the teacher & giggling. If Hillary Clinton et al think I’m a Deplorable American, I take that as a compliment.

  12. At one time, “HOLLYWOODERS” could HIDE behind their FACADE [window dressing]. They can NO LONGER do so, due to our PRYING SOCIAL MEDIA. Their TRUE LIFESTYLES are now very easily REVEALED and no longer as REPLICATED as they once were. They do, however, TRY very hard to PORTRAY themselves as KNOW-IT-ALLS regarding the POLITICS OF THE DAY, but all they do is ATTACK Pres. Trump! To be RELEVANT, one CAN’T be FAKE! Hence, the so-called DEPLORABLES will AGAIN RE-ELECT Pres, Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. Superb column, HG. What you wrote is on the minds of most, as usual. I too was a huge fan of Midler for decades, but no longer. I seem to be losing entertainment icons daily. Last Sunday, there was a 2 hr special on CNN about the life of Linda Ronstadt. I thoroughly enjoyed it and being it was taped, I planned to watch it again. But a search exposed her vile remarks about Trump, so now I know I’d feel sick watching her again.

  14. Thanks again for those thoughts about the useless people that are in the movie business. They lead many people in a direction that is a broad road to destruction. I pray for many to “wake up” before it is too late! You mention Bette Midler as a sad example of a person. Jane Fonda is an even sadder example of someone that should be charged with treason and accessory to murder relating to what she did with the POWs! I guess I should be praying for her!

  15. Great editorial Mr. G! Perhaps H. Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” would be appropriate for all those lefty idiots!

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