Crossing A Line With No Return

Israel’s Response Is Not The Slap On The Wrist The Palestinians Were Expecting.

On December 21, 1973, South African Born, British Educated Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations – Abba Eban Declared . . .


Far Too Often . . . They Do Things Far Dumber Than That.

In This Case . . . The Arabs are Palestinians from the PA (Palestinian Authority), Hamas (Gaza), Lebanese Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad & Syrian Arabs who are Seemingly Rethinking How Far they’re About to Go Before they Cross the Rubicon . . . The Line Of No Return By Declaring An All-Out War Against Israel.

The Palestinians Never Expected the Extreme Blowback from Israel for their Bestial Sneak Attack on Unarmed Israeli Families, Partygoers & Unsuspecting Military Encampments.

I Think the Palestinian Monsters who Organized this Inhuman Slaughter on October 7, 2023, Believed their Massacre of Unarmed Jews would Garner the “Usual” Strong Response from Israel, But Nothing Like The Israeli Response That Is Already In Progress.

Israel’s Response Is Not The Slap On The Wrist The Palestinians Were Expecting.

I’m Not Certain That The Planners Of This Outrage Took Into Account, that the Palestinian Butchers would Participate in Such an Inhuman Blood Lust, to the Point where Any Response from Israel . . . Could Not Be Less Than The Total Eradication Of Hamas In Gaza . . . Including Gaza Itself,

The Fact That Jordan, Egypt, The UAE, Morocco, And Saudi Arabia Amongst Others . . . are Doing Nothing More to Side with the Palestinians than Offering Lip-Service, is Not What Iran Anticipated through the Slaughter of Peaceful Jews at the Hands of Lunatic Palestinians.

While it is True that Much of the World’s Anti-Semites are Strutting their Stuff in Large & Loud Numbers, Is No Surprise . . . But What Is A Surprise, is How Many of the Jew-Haters in Academia and the Media are Percolating What will Become Permanent Blow-Back, Especially Once Conservative World Leaders Like Trump In America & Poilievre In Canada Gain The  Reins Of Power.


All The Reports That Say Biden & Trump Are The Least Popular Candidates For 2024 Are Bogus.

Assuming That The Polls Are Either Accurate Or True, Which I Don’t Assume . . . Biden is Indeed the Worst President in American History. He is also the Most Rejected Sitting President Perhaps in the History of all Presidents Including Jimmy Carter.

Now Juxtapose Biden’s Popularity & The Popularity Of President Donald Trump.

The Democrats Cheated To Steal The 2020 Election, but President Trump Received More Votes for an Incumbent President in 2020, than any Other Sitting President in American Presidential History.


Let’s Look At Here & Now . . . Almost 80% of the Democrats Do Not Want Biden to Run Again. And that’s with No Real Primary Challenge, While A STRONG 60% Of Republicans Unconditionally Stand For Trump.

So Who Is It That Is Saying Trump Can’t Win?

Chris Christie The Tub Of Lard? Chris Sununu, the Son of John Sununu, the Former Governor of New Hampshire and the Past Chief of Staff for President George HW Bush who Pushed the Concept of a One World Government after his Iraq War? Or is it Karl Rove (Bush’s Brain), Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley – Etc . . . Plus The Mainstream & Social-Media?

Funny Thing . . . They all Say that it is Only Trump’s Hardcore Base who will Vote for Him, which Sounds like that’s a Bad Thing and a Losing Proposition, When in Fact, Trump’s Hard-Core Base Represents More than Half of the Republicans who Have  a Voice & Use it.

How All Of A Sudden . . . Is it No Longer Important to Have a Serious Base, when for as Long as I Can Remember, the Parties and the Media Always Promoted the Fact that You Can’t Win an Election Without a Strong Base . . . That Is Until Trump Came-On The Scene.

What Is The Strong Base For Biden? . . . Or for the Likes of the Political Floozie Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Joe Manchin, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis or Anyone Else . . . Whose Name Is Not Donald Trump?

The World Is Indeed Changing – But Not The Way The One World Government Wants.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sadly the whole world is in a real mess. Israel must stand firm and clean up Gaza and the West Bank. No two-state situation as some are calling for either. One of the gentlemen that I coffee with made the observation that it was recorded that the Nazis’ would regularly get drunk after a killing spree showing that maybe they felt guilty about deeds done. Whereas Hezbollah celebrate the deeds done. Showing that they are completely wicked. When will the Lord return??

  2. Good post Howard. However, you totally misname the creatures. They are demonic, barbaric, & inhuman monsters. They are blood brothers with the nazis. If memory serves me correct, the moslems loved & idolized hitler. The occupants of Gaza celebrated the attacks by handing out sweets & dancing in the streets. No empathy or sympathy from here. Can’t wait for Trump to be elected & hopefully he will clean out cia, state dept, doj and fbi. If he doesn’t. look for repeat of 1st 4 yrs.

  3. The leaders of Hamas know nothing about history. Especially regarding the Mossad. Just ask the perpetrators of the Munich massacre, or Entebbe. All eliminated one by one. There are pictures of the Hamas leaders living in luxury in penthouses in Yemen I believe. You can bet those pictures are on the wall of the offices of the Mossad. This time they will not stop until all of Hamas is eliminated. No matter how long it takes.

  4. Perfect, strong, truthful comments about what is happening to Hamas ( Gaza ) thanks to Israels steadfast purpose and over here politically as well. Bravo Howard for a wonderful editorial. No doubt at all as to what you and we readers think and hope for!

  5. Good article Mr Galganov. Sleep joe aka joe biden is in the pot along with peanut man aka jimmy carter , slick willie aka william jefferson blieth clinton and obozo aka … obama. Birds of a feather n

  6. For the 2024 campaign, the Demrats have brought a courthouse to a gunfight, and they will lose big. Long live Israel and US universities should live long in shame.

  7. I feel Israel’s reaction and steps in Gaza are justified. Anything less would only invite more from Hamas and/or embolden others to do the same or worse against Israel. Loved your Last Statement!!! Hope/pray you are correct, for a change for the better. But for someone (me) who prays “Come, Lord Jesus, come”, the world situation will worsen greatly if indeed the Lord Jesus comes within the next decade or so. Only God Almighty knows when that will be.

  8. Howard, I hope that You, Anne and Falcon are enjoying our fair city, and spending some time at the beach. Please if you would be interested let me know a good time to meet with you in person, ok I’m just needing some puppy loving.

  9. This column tells the absolute truth. And Netanyahu is NOT listening to talking heads in our administration or in any other place. Today is, Nov. 14th, Tuesday, and the IDF has taken back Gaza!! Fortunately Israel will take nothing but a total finished and won war started again by terrorists who are revered by a majority of the people in Gaza who call themselves Palestinians. Neither Trump nor Netanyahu may be “loved”, but they both follow through with promises that make positive impacts.

  10. Watching the mass pro-Hamas protests is like watching mass pro-Nazi protests during WW II which reflects how ignorant, stupid, moronic, and decadent the West has become. Whodathunkit

  11. Whodathunkit indeed, David C.!! I honestly don’t recognize much about my country anymore, though I do believe it shouldn’t be a surprise, given that we’ve given free rein to a small handful of Napoleon types, many unelected; and, in large part, cut God out of our lives. There are consequences! Right now, I just pray that we hold up our end for Israel while they continue their work. I have little faith in our current administration.

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