Finally – The Dichotomy Is Clear


There Is No Equivalence Between Good & Evil Or Right & Wrong. Finally – The Dichotomy Is Clear.

You Can’t Chant Empty Slogans like “Peace-Now”, “Kumbaya” and use Feel-Good Euphonisms to Make Evil Appear to be What it is Not.

The Global Islamist Movement Is Evil, which Doesn’t Mean Moslems are Evil, who are in Some Ways Victims of the Same Islamists – Physically, Emotionally & Culturally, who Now Have the Opportunity because of What Hamas had Done to Innocent Israelis, For Moslems Everywhere To Move Towards A Life & Culture Of Freedom.

I Know Moslems, I’ve Done Business With Moslems & I Have Broken Bread With Moslems. When we Had to End the Life of our Beloved 11 1/2-Year-Old German Shepherd Dog Stryker Some 3-Years Ago while we were Spending the Winter in British Columbia, A Moslem Man with Whom Anne & I had a Passing Relationship-  REFUSED to Allow Anne & Myself to Drive Stryker to the Veterinarian for Stryker’s Last Day on Earth, Before He could Give Stryker a Tearful Kiss & Hug for the Final Time.

And After Our Return From The Veterinarian, this Gentleman and His Wife Made Sure to Drop by our Place to Offer their Condolences, Shake my Hand and Give Anne a Warm & Gentle Hug.

Moslems Are Not The Problem. Islamists Are The Problem. And if Ever we are Going to Progress in Peace, Security & Global Harmony . . . The Evil Of Hamas, Global Jihad, Hezbollah, Iranian Mullahs, The Moslem Brotherhood & All Their Tentacles Must Be As Fully Eradicated As Possible.


Global Anti-Semites Exposed Themselves – The Time For Their Bullshit Is Over.

This Episode In History Has Finally Drawn A Red Line Between Hate & Ignorance Versus Decency, which is Opening the Overall Debate to More than Just the Evils & Threats of Islamism, to the Threats of so Many of the Social Issues we are Facing Today, which Includes Trans-Bullshit, Debauchery Taught in our Schools Plus Socially Contrived Racism for Political Purposes.


When This Is All Over & Israel Delivers The Death Knell To The Curse Of Islamism, the World will Owe Israel a Massive Debt of Gratitude that in all my Estimation, could Never be Repaid, Not just for Dealing with this Islamist Scourge Upon Humanity, But Also For Bringing Our Social Malaises To The Forefront.

I’m Sure There Is A Prayer For The Safety & Victory Of Israel’s Military – So Thus I Pray.


If You are Ever Wondering How I am able to Garner as Much Accurate Information Upon which I Write Facts & Opinions, it is because I am an Insatiable Consumer of History & Pertinent Current News Media, Enabling Me to Glean from Sources Worldwide, Much Of Which I Pay For.

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During these Unparalleled Times in our Modern History (Since I Was Born 73-Years Ago) – I Cannot Imagine When Truth, Accuracy & Honest Opinion of Events are More Important as a Constant Diet of Information to the Masses than it is Today.

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  1. Well said. Islamic monsters are it. At this precise moment thousands are being sought and terminated. Iran may come in to never get out. It may be longer than hoped for… Once and for all each country should come to terms to reality.

  2. That’s why I became agnostic. If there is a God, why permit all this atrocity and are there 2 Gods, one for Christians and Jews and allah for the muslim? What I hate the most is although most muslims are peaceful, they never condemn all these atrocities committed by the islamists. If there is a God, why are babies born with cancer or other terminal diseases? They haven’t done anything yet in life to deserve this.

  3. Howard, I listened to this with great interest and found it, for the most part, to be very informative. Their podcast is “All In” on 13 Oct I removed the link as per the rules. I am a very conservative Vietnam Vet! I believe they are all libs but seemingly knowledgeable and, with one exception, looking for real answers. Trump and Kushner are given their due and Obama and Clinton are undeservedly praised briefly. They pulled scab off of the lack of balance issue and stated what must be d

  4. Howard, what is the difference between a Muslim and an Islamist! I certainly think that most citizens of Gaza do not support Hamas.

  5. Howard, Judaism needs to clean their own house. The so called Judaism rabbi leaders and those other religious leaders in Jerusalem have just taken a dump on the victims of last weekend. They have just called for humaness for those who committed the atrocities last weekend. This is so unreal it is revolting.

  6. Well said!! I guess my question would be, how did such a perverse GROUP become so indoctrinated. Education. We see it in the universities, etc. Saul Alinsky followers Divide & Conquer theme is working. Obama lives by this theme. He is serving his 3rd term as president thru Biden & his minions from the Obama era. Will WE ever be able to CHANGE THIS? They are creating fear. After this weekend I notice many are not as quick to support Israel in real time, but they do it quietly. God Bless

  7. If Iran dares to fire a rocket I feel something extremely terrible will happen. This morning, Mark Levine (Foxnews) asked the question, “Do you think Israel will allow this to happen?” he went on to point out Iran has 100k plus rockets but Israel has nuclear capability. Note, a very wide area in Israel, east of Gaza, is being cleared of civilians and is for now a ‘No Go Zone’. Palestinians are being warned to get out of northern Gaza. Very ominous signs that something really big is imminent

  8. For more than 5000 years wars have been brought in the name of Religion. Leaders of Churches have caused the start of so many wars against folks who had their own way of worship, being not to the Church Leaders liking they were Attacked and terrible things happened. During Viet Nam we were trained to go after the Viet Cong, for all the terrible things they did to Non Viet Cong. We lost that war, and lost Afganistan. Religious Zealots and Politicians need to be eliminated to ever achieve peace.

  9. I’m happy to support you, even if it is small. I would have more to give if stupid didn’t shut off the oil which increased all the cost of living for us “old” ones. I’m 89 and the past 3 years have been torture for me and a lot of others. Can’t rub two cents together to afford a dinner out once a month. Thank you Howard for the truth and common sense you send to us. Whoever voted for this idiot should be so ashamed of themselves and send a very generous gift to Israel to help them out

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