Soros Just Spoke The Truth


Alex Soros Has Said Openly What People Like Me Already Knew As Fact.

If Donald Trump Is To Win The Presidency In 2024, According to the Son of George Soros (Alex Soros), Trump’s Victory Would Set-Back The One World Government Movement To The Point Where It Could Imperil Internationalism, all the Way from Globalist Organizations like the UN, WHO, Paris Climate Agreement, WEF & Even the European Union (EU) Itself.

Is That Not Enough In Itself To Support & Vote For Donald Trump In 2024?


Let Me Make This Clear . . . The Free World Has Been Invaded by Elitist Communist Autocrats through Enemies from Within, who are so Determined to Govern in Tyranny, that they Have Thrown-Away all Pretenses of “Democracy” in Countries like the United States of America.


Democrats Are . . . The Socialist/Communists Who Are Easily Recognized.

Conservatives Are . . . Just Some Republicans Who Are Constitutionalists.

RINOS . . . Pretend To Be Conservatives But Are Nothing Of The Kind.

Deep State Are  . . . The Unelected & Unaccountable Bureaucracy That Drives The Nation.

Make No Mistake About-It . . . The Uni-State In America Is Real.

In-Spite of the Pretense Within the Republican Party that they are Conservatives, Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth, Because if they Really Were Conservatives, Paul Ryan, When he was Speaker of the House in the First Two Years of Trump’s Presidency, Would Have Worked To Finance The Wall & Promote Trump’s Agenda. Ryan Did Neither.

If The Republicans Were Truly Conservative, they Would Not Have Reinstituted “Earmarks” & Would Not Have Continuously Raised the Debt Ceiling Limit or Created, Forced & Passed Ludicrous Budgets Under Ryan and then Under Pelosi, which are Swamping the US Dollar, While Murdering The US Economy.

There Are Many Problems With Politics . . . But The Worst Are The Politicians.


Who Is Going To Be Next To Save America From The Evil Donald Trump?


The First American Savior Was To Be Ron DeSantis . . . Unfortunately for DeSantis and all of DeSantis’ Supporters, the DeSantis Campaign Went from Bad To Worse almost Overnight, to the Point that I see Very Little Chance for a DeSantis Turnaround.

Then For A Short Period Of Time . . . It was the Very Affable Senator Tim Scott From South Carolina – Very Short.

After Scott . . . The New Great Hope Was Vivek Ramaswamy, who Came-On Like a Force of Nature. But like some Forces of Nature . . . Ramaswamy Is Proven To Be Thunder, Rain & Wind . . . With Not All That Much Impact.

Now The Flavor Of The Day Is Nikki Haley . . . The Former South Carolina Governor who Proudly Identifies as the First Southern Govern to Remove Southern Civil War Statues, Relics & Memorabilia . . . Including The Stars & Bars – who Can’t Even Come Close Enough to Trump in the Primary . . . To Scratch The Surface In Her Own State.

The Never Trumper Republicans Tried To Recruit Governor Sununu Of New Hampshire. They Tried with Governor Younkin of Virginia. And they Gave a Shot to Governor Kemp of Georgia . . . All To No Avail. I Guess None Of These Governors Were Prone To Committing Political Suicide.

Doesn’t It Strike You As Being Curious – VERY CURIOUS . . . That the Republican House & Senate Leaders are NOT Screaming from the Rafters at the Unbelievable Banana Republic Style Persecution of Donald J Trump, Who Is Light Years Ahead Of All His Primary OpponentsCOMBINED!?

If you want to Know why Republican Never-Trumpers from Republican Insiders and the LEFTIST Controlled Media are Doing Everything they can – To Stop Trump In Any Way They Can . . .

. . . Re-Read The Top Paragraph Of This Editorial That Spells-Out The Fear Of A Trump 2024 Victory To Alex Soros (The Evil Spawn Of George Soros).

I Felt That In 2022, Insider Republicans Didn’t Want the Republicans to Win Either the House or the Senate. And No-One Will Ever Convince Me That The 2020 Election Wasn’t Rigged & Stolen.

Soros Said Exactly Why The LEFT Is Terrified Of Trump . . .  Now It’s Up To You To Prove Him Right.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Speaking of UNELECTED WORLD AUTOCRATS… – After WW2, a number of papers were published about the “new” united nations hiring (what many thought to be) way too many former German-regime “bureaucrats… Proponent at the time said not to worry… these are just very efficient workers, nothing ideological about them. Looking at the current situation with the UN/WEF/WHO, one has to wonder about that. [/TINFOIL HAT ON]

  2. I am praying that “we” can still save the USA. Trump is the only person who can do that. But the various & corrupt voting systems and cooked legal system are very much against Trump! And, no one seems to give a damn about correcting them —– NO ONE PERSON!!!

  3. I doubt seriously that ole’ George is too happy with Alex spilling the beans. But I’m glad he did because it confirms what a large number of us have felt for a long time. DJT put a temporary halt on their plans in his 1st term. His 2nd will see even more far-reaching moves/actions from DJT that will put the screws to globalist agenda & rebuild US sovereignty. Makes me excited to even think about it. His next term will be as effective as dynamite exploding but to US citizens’ benefit.

  4. Excellent post Howard. Absolutely correct on the analysis of each person. If those in congress/senate who refuse to get behind Trump when elected are deep state and are close to treasonous. Replace all these rinos and so called republicans who are working behind the scenes with the vile soros demorat party to stop Trump. He is not G-d but he will work for America and not the OWG and the farce un.

  5. No truer words have ever been spoken or written—The so called Republicans are spineless wimps, they have no desire to get down in the gutter and slug it, like they should. Unfortuately it is the lesser of the two evils and a third party can not win, so you have to move those real conservatives up the ladder w/in the party. Personally Howard, i think we are on the brink of a civil war, especially if Trump goes down on any of those false charges or is not the candidate.

  6. It is critical to quietly organize for the inevitable show down. Soetoro Hussein-Soros and RINO led vast arrays are readying for their planned putch. In turn…the free people “Martha’s Vineyards” central must be defined. Quietly means outside the “media”. CQ…

  7. SPOT ON. Conservatives are the engaged “with eyes wide open, understanding the outcome of the choices facing America. Democrats are sleeping “ oblivious to the difference in today’s party vs Grandpa’s. The Deep State are the self appointed benefactors “ of pulling the wool over the eyes of ignorant, uninformed masses, who are willing to sell their birthright for a bowl of soup. The Rinos ( self-indulged prostitutes) are the idiots who think they will get a piece.

  8. I not at all religious but it’s not just America that sorely needs Donald Trump back in control it’s the entire planet.Yet so many in America and everywhere else are, Covid be damned, infected by an even more insidious pathogen called Trump Disorder Syndrome. History is repeating itself where a Saviour of Mankind is vociferously crucified. If Trump fails to win back the White House and gain back control over the levers of power, the entire population of the planet will be irrevocably doomed.

  9. The WEF, One World Government, would set humanity back thousands of years. Years of tyranny, Deception, Starvation, Is that really your plan for your children? I really don’t think so. We have always strived for BETTER. So, Let’s wake up and confront the issues, Tell Klaus, Trudeau, Freeland and the the other warped minds to “Take a hike”, we are in control and we want our Country back.

  10. GREAT AS ALWAYS HOWARD. I agree the Republicans should be ashamed of them selves not to be backing Tump up. As for Soros and his family go eat dirt. That is as nasty as you will allow us to say ha ha. Other than he is a mean old man. I pray and pray for President Trump to win and become our President once again. They do not like the way he talks to bad. He gets the jobs done he says he is going to. Go Mr President Trump I vote again for you. God be with you sir.

  11. Excellent Editorial!!! We need to be very watchful as of right NOW as to what is going on with those ‘in charge’ of the ballots, polling, PACs, Voting Machines, etc. & DROP BOXES. Get involved, volunteer at Voting Stations. If you See Something, get enough people involved and Say Something. The media won’t help only We The People can make this an HONEST Election. Working together in tandem can make a difference. Donald J. Trump 2024.

  12. Right on! I honestly wonder how many of our younger folks, say ages 18-40, are really paying sufficient attention to what’s going on globally? If all they’re focused on is keeping DJT out of office, at any cost… I pray that’s not the case.

  13. Correction Ted, we are not in control but hopefully will be if Poilievre can win the next election. As said above, If Trump doesn’t win the presidency the world is doomed to be ruled by the WEF/WHO/UN & the evil elites like our own Trudeau and Freeland. The beaurocracy, public service & government is grossly over staffed & needs to be cut back to the basics. Hand outs $$$millions to foreign countries, even to China must be stopped; the money belongs to the hard working Canadian taxpayers

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