The Bulb Burns Brightest Before It Burns Out


So Far . . . If It Is Not Trump – I Want DeSantis & If Not DeSantis Tim Scott.

The Problem With . . . If It’s Not Trump – Is that No Other Choice Can or Will Do What Trump Had Done Between 2016 & 2000. And No One Else WILL NOT be Indebted to the Insiders and the Special Interests.


Vivek Ramaswamy Has Talked Himself Passed The Sale.

The Problem With Vivek Ramaswamy . . . Is that he Talks Too Much, and is Too Cocky, Causing me to Think Ramaswamy has Become Self Absorbed with the Persona the Media is Showering Upon Him.

Also . . . I Don’t Think Ramaswamy Endeared Himself to the American People, Certainly Not to Me & Anne with his Over-The-Top Videoed Shirtless Tennis Playing & Exercise Routines.

Who’s Ramaswamy Impressing? America Doesn’t Need A Jock To Run The Country.

Several Other Issues That Are Bothering Me About Vivek Ramaswamy, Include Foreign Affairs, One Specifically that Features Ramaswamy’s Idea To Defund Israel By 2028, as if Israel is some Kind of Charity-Case that Needs to be Cut Off from the American Military Umbilical Cord.

At First Blush . . . This Ramaswamy Policy Didn’t Bother Me, because I & Others like me Believe that Israel is Sufficiently Self-Financed that it Doesn’t Need American Military Largesse. Also – Not Taking American Money Relieves Israel from Having to Pay The American-Piper Every Time a Jerk Like Biden Says-So.

I Don’t Remember Ramaswamy Saying He Will Cut-Off Aid To The Palestinians.

We all Heard & Saw Biden Bragging About How he Used a Billion US Aid Dollars To Intimidate the Leadership of Ukraine. What Do You Think This Sick Piece Of Work Does To Israel?

But That Written . . . Ramaswamy Should Know that all the American Money Israel Receives is for Israel’s Military, which by Agreement with America, Must Spend that Money Buying American-Made Military Products, Creating American Jobs.

Also – What Israel Gives Back To America Vis A Vis . . . Intelligence, Military Technology & Complete Military Supremacy in the Middle East Without an American Military Boot on the Ground in Israel is Priceless . . . And Far Outweighs Anything America Gives To Israel.

I Also Didn’t Like That Ramaswamy Wants To Throw Taiwan To The Chinese Wolves.

FINALLY – Ramaswamy Took Money from the Soros Family for a University Scholarship, which Ramaswamy is Trying to Erase from Social Media. However, when Confronted with this Issue, Ramaswamy Says He “Really Didn’t Have A Choice”.

I Don’t Know What “I Didn’t Have a Choice” Means . . . Since We All have Choices.

Bottom-Line . . . Vivek Ramaswamy Has Lost a Substantial Amount of Credibility with Me Based upon Statements he Made & Should Not Have Made . . . Not just as Presidential Material, but as Vice Presidential Material as Well.


I Will Hope For A Good Performance By Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott & Nikki Haley, even though Nikki Haley Isn’t one of my Favorite People. For all the Others, they Shouldn’t even be there. They Are Nothing More Or Less Than A Distraction.

To Me . . . The Whole Debate Set-Up Is A Joke, When Presidential Wannabes Can Offer to Pay Money for Just $1 Donations To Their Campaign For Them To Qualify To Be A Participant At The Debate . . . Is As Stupid As It Gets.

If The RNC Had A Real Debate Amongst Real Contenders . . . DeSantis, Scott, Ramaswamy & Nikki Haley – Maybe (Probably) Donald Trump Would Have Been there.

But What Does Trump Have To Gain . . . From Being a Punching Bag for Ne’er-Do-Wells Like the Tub of Lard (Chris Christie), Asa Hutchinson and even Mike Pence, all of Whom Have as Much Chance of Winning . . . As Does Our German Shepherd-Dog Tavor?

For The Other Wannabes . . . I Don’t Even Know Their Names.

If it Wasn’t for the 24/7 Hype Fox News is Putting on this Debate for Purely Selfish Ratings, as if it is Akin to the Second Coming . . . I’d Rather Be Breaking Bread With Friends At A Greasy Spoon.

I’m Looking Forward To The Taped Tucker Carlson – Donald Trump Interview.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. At this time only one candidate, President Trump, may be able to obliterate woke Obamatoid decay. Sorry. The others just do not carry the… that…

  2. Vivek went way too far with Israel , Russia etc foreign policy ideas…. His banter is cute and interesting for a while then you think……Too cute and self absorbed…..I have fortunately missed the I am so thin and muscular videos….. get a life….

  3. If President Trump is not on the ballot I will write in DONALD J TRUMP. He is the only person who can save our country. RDS is a fake who will only do what his doners tell him to do. President Trump is the only hope the USA has to survive as a free country.

  4. Ramaswamy had his tuition to Harvard Law School (very expensive) paid for by George Soros!!!! who do you think he will be beholden to? Certainly not the American citizens and the USA. This is probably his reason for not helping Israel and throwing Taiwan to the wolves.

  5. Thanks for info on Ramaswamy. I’ve removed myself from a lot of campaign news. I’ll vote for Trump & will write his name in if somehow he’s not on ballot. I’m tired of all the lashing out, hate spewing, etc. As for Congress, WE must insist on Term Limits AND BACKGROUND CHECKS!!! How many in Congress are members of Socialist orgs (DSA, etc.) &/or adhere to Marxist ideology? Thank goodness GOP removed them from committees! But they’re still in Congress & WH & no background checks.

  6. You’re right in as usual. Good take on Ramaswamy very deceptive. We have a Bibilical mandate to support Israel and I agree with how are collaborative relationship with our brothers is to our advantage.

  7. All of the candidates put together, cannot stand up to the deep state like Trump. As Rob Schmitt on Newsmax said, the dabate will fall flat without Trump per Fox executives. Fox and Rona also decided not to let any of the Trump surrogates take part in the after debate analysis. Rona (Romley) should be replaced! The second debate, controlled by Fox Business will not be allowed to be carried by Newmax which has a larger viewership than Fox Business according to Schmitt.

  8. I like Ramaswamy for many reasons but you give interesting info that I was unaware of. His throwing Israel and Taiwan to the wolves is enough for me not to support him. Not that I could vote for him anyway my being a Canuck.

  9. Amazing how quickly the tide turns in politics. I speak of Mr. Ramaswamy who looked like he had some smarts and at least, some future potential as a leader, until the vagaries of sudden fame came calling and peeled back the veneer. Now he has made the short list as a mere also-ran, and misplaced fool, where he likely will never return from.

  10. Spot on Howard. Seems to me as if Mr. Ramaswamy is nothing but an egotistical, self serving sob (sorry old boy). We all have choices, the choice he made with soros made my choice clear. As to defunding Israel….not!!!

  11. the Debate is for (selling yourself to the crowd). If they choose to hammer at TRUMP , shame on them. I always like to look at their DONORS & the Amounts donated. Trump is beholden to NO ONE, except those individuals who are everyday American Citizens. Everyone else IS tied to DONORS. The debate will be worth watching. But the Carlson Tape will be better!! Donald J. Trump 2024

  12. Trouble with Vivek Ramaswamy , is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has made his money through various ventures in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry! Plus took money from Soros foundation. It has to be Trump as no one will stand up to the Deep State and this time kick out all the Communist Obama, Biden group in the White House personal not a few of them ALL of them!

  13. I am not sure of how many knew Chris Kyle, American Sniper. Chris was a Christian, a Sheep Dog so to speak that protected his Brothers in Arms. He was Raised in a Christian Family with the Belief that Sheep Dogs fought Wolves. We have so many Wolves in our Government that Take more and more while giving back nothing. We need more Chris Kyles in our lives to protect those who can not protect themselves. DJT is a Sheep Dog not beholding to Wolves and will start cleaning house once elected.

  14. The debate: DeSantis strong, quite presidential; Haley, very good, scored points; Scott, steady & reliable but not very agressive. Ramaswamy, many negatives, some positives, by no friend of Americas friends, shot himself in the foot, too young, inexperienced, not presidential material (Trudeau clone). Bye, bye Ramy. The joker, Tub of lard. Hutchinson, shouldn’t have been there. Pence, weak. Too many ‘I did’s’ from the no chance wanabees. MHO and looking forward to next round 27 Sept. Go Trum

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