Some Things Aren’t So Black Or White


I Have ZERO Sympathy For The American Women’s Soccer Team.

US Women’s Soccer Team Beaten By Sweden . . . No National Team Deserves to be Beaten More than a Team that Shows Disrespect for their Country, Flag & Anthem than do the American Women’s Soccer Team.

I Have No Respect for any Team or Player which or who Agrees to Take the Money & Perks from the People . . . To Represent His Or Her Country & Takes The Taxpayers & Lovers Of Country For Chumps.


I’m Hearing & Reading A Great Deal . . . That Vivek Ramaswamy who is Coming-On like Gangbusters in the Republican Primary and in the Minds of Real Conservatives, Especially with America’s Youth (Males & Females) and Many People who are Ethnic Americans . . . Is Not What He Seems To Be.

The Principle Negative News Against Vivek Ramaswamy Is Thus . . .

1 – Ramaswamy Is A Close Friend Of George Soros’s Son (Alexander).

2 – Ramaswamy Didn’t Earn His Vast Wealth Honestly – Or As We’re Told.

I Have Serious Doubts That The Claims Against Vivek Ramaswamy Are True Or Accurate.

Remember . . . Before Trump Became President Of The United States Of America – Trump Supported Liberal Causes & Democrat Candidates. He & His Entire Family were also Friends with the Clintons. And to this Day, Trump Still Says He likes Bill Clinton. So What Does That Say About Trump & His Family . . . ?

. . . NOTHING – Since People Change . . . And So Do Circumstances & Their Opinions.

Smarter People Than Me Have Suggested . . . that a Presidential Ticket Combining Trump & Ramaswamy would be Tremendous . . . For Which I Agree Wholeheartedly Based On What I Currently Know Of Ramaswamy.


As Soon As Ron DeSantis Looked Like He Could Become The Nominee . . .

How Long Did The Enemies Of DeSantis Take To Dirty-Him-Up? All of a Sudden, Florida Under DeSantis is No Longer the Great Go-To State in America. DeSantis is Against Education. DeSantis is Against Abortion at Every Level. And Now DeSantis is a Racist Equivalent to the KKK, because Ron DeSantis Endorsed a Black History Book that had Just One Sentence in it that Suggested that at Least some Black Slaves Learned Skills while they were Enslaved.

None Of The Anti-DeSantis Slurs Were Or Are True . . . But They’re Enough to Unravel the DeSantis Campaign from Supporters . . . Both Moral & Financial. They Even Attacked Florida’s First Lady . . . The Beautiful & Articulate Wife Of DeSantis (Casey).

I Don’t Suggest that the Ad Hominem (Baseless-Personal) Attacks Against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Have Been Sufficient to Destroy the Chances of the DeSantis Campaign to Win the Republican Primary . . . But I Will Suggest That The Prospects For DeSantis Look Extremely Grim.

For Seven Years . . . The Enemies Of Trump On Both Sides Of The Great Divide . . . Including the Media, Democrats, RINOS & Globalists of all Description (Academia, Unionists, Environmental Fascists, Communists, Corporatists, China, Russia, Iran – Etc) Have Conspired (Colluded) to Destroy Donald Trump by All Means Possible. And Thus Far . . . In Spite Of All Their Best Efforts – The Enemies Of Trump (Freedom) Have Failed Spectacularly.


I Personally Believe . . . That If All Things Remain The Same – A One-Two Punch Delivered by a Trump & Ramaswamy Ticket – Would Devastate the Globalists, Purveyors of a One World Government, Propagandists, Unionists, Environmental Fascists, Communists, Corporatists, Democrats, RINOS – Etc.

Do You Think That’s Enough Reason For Them To Do All They Can To Dirty-Up Ramaswamy?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I very much agree – the ticket should defiantly be Trump & Vivek!

  2. It is incredible how my thinking aligns with what you write almost 100% of the time. I also have thought that a Trump/ Ramaswamy ticket is the way to go. I was a member of the 1976 and 1980 US Olympic teams in team handball. It was the greatest honor of my life to represent this country and to be called an American. The attitude of the US women’s soccer team is as pathetic as their pathetic uniform jerseys. I enjoyed reading of their losses and pathetic performance.

  3. Yes. That is a great combo. Maybe anuda indictment would seal it. Smith darlin’ go for it. In public, if limping trotter uber Smith succeed, we chew my shoes.

  4. De Santis’s one big mistake was entering THIS race. It isn’t his time. I very much admire Vivek!

  5. Nobody has asked Vivek re his policy on Israel. At best he will be pro Israel. At worst he is hiding a nefarious attitude towards our ancestral homeland, especially if he has any connection to the Soros family. He needs to be interviewed by Caroline Glick. We cannot rely on Trump to be as pro Israel as previous, given how American Jews have treated him despite having been the most Pro Israel president. Trump may not be able to differentiate between ungrateful American Jews vs grateful Israelis.

  6. Vivek’s only connection to Soros was at the age of 24/25 when he won a scholarship to attend law school from Paul (Gegory (George’s brother) and Daisy Soros. He never has had any personal contact with any other Soroses. We are FOREVER TRUMP SUPPORTERS but do listen to a few of the conservative contenders for a presidential bid in 2024. One of the worst is the “crisco” man. What a nasty RINO he is. Any team representing our country but refusing to show respect for the country== losers.

  7. I think that the Soccer Team should be removed from competition by their coach. They are a group of very ungrateful, spoiled idiots. Vivek is a well spoken person, who’s thoughts and comments align with Trumps. I would support that ticket. DJT has so many battles ahead in an environment that is very hostile. He continues to fight hard. If he does not win, look for Civil Unrest to break out like never before. Conservatives are finally getting tired of the Double Standards by the DOJ and FBI.

  8. As another gentleman whose opinions I admire is fond of saying, “The left ruins everything it touches.” Many of our sports teams are no exception. Embarrassing and sad. Vivek Ramaswamy impressed me the very first time I heard him speak, well before he announced his candidacy. Of course the left, the “elites,” are going to try to sully his name, and anyone else they perceive to be a threat. Consider the way they have consistently treated Tim Scott ever since his arrival in D.C.

  9. Since Rush is no longer with us, I am so glad I found you, Howard, to second my opinions. Trump/ Vivek looks good to me. I am beginning to think all sports are sick in America.

  10. I felt some time ago that Vivek would be a good VP with Trump. Read 1-2 days ago that he, Pence, DeSantis, Scott & Haley said they weren’t interested in VP or post with Trump Presidency. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

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