A Quickie From The Road


I’m Bushed After Driving So many Mils. So I’m Going To Be Brief.


I’m Not As Young As I Used To Be . . . And I Can’t Drive the Long Hours I Did . . . Not That Many Years Ago Between Stops. But the Fact that I Can Still Schlepp a Huge RV (41-Feet) Across the Continent, Setting Up Each Afternoon & Breaking Down Each Morning (Anne & Me) . . . Helps To Keep Me In The Game.

It’s Killing Me That I Can’t Be Hammering-Out Editorials Non-Stop, During all this Political Action, but it Would Bother-Me Even More, if I Would Not be Spending the Winter . . . In The Conservative Sunshine State Of Florida.

They Couldn’t Stop Netanyahu & They Won’t Stop Trump.


I Don’t Want To Say I Told You So . . . But I’m Really Happy To Say – “I Told You So”.

They Did to Netanyahu What the LEFT is Trying to Do to Donald Trump. But they Couldn’t Silence “BIBI” and they Sure as Hell Will Not be Able to Silence Trump.

In Fact . . . After the Israeli People Got a Taste of a CENTER-LEFT Government, Governed by Ideologues (Let’s Make A Deal Type-Characters) . . . Not Only Did Netanyahu Garner an Enormous Number of Votes in Israel‘s Monday National Election . . . Even The Parties Further To The Right Of Likud Did Far Better Than Anyone Imagined.


The Final Tally Won’t Be Confirmed For Another Day Or So – But Bibi’s The Man.

And Now that Netanyahu is on the Brink of Forming His Government, Unless there will be Some Kind of Evil Surprise . . . The People Who Lost To Netanyahu Are Warning “BIBI” Who Should Be In His Cabinet & Who Should Not.


Let Me Remind You . . . More Than 6-Months Ago, I Predicted A Huge Red Wave.

I Cheered the Endorsements by Trump of Candidates like Kari Lake, JD Vance, Dr Oz and a Massive Number of Others, Many of Whom are Going to Perform Better than Anyone Imagined . . . So Much Better . . . That These Trump Acolytes Will Be The Ones Calling The Shots.

The RINOS, the LEFT & Republicans who For Whatever Reason Threw Trump Under the Bus, all Said that Trump Endorsees were Going to Bury the Party & Could Cause Republicans to Lose House Seats and Lose the Senate . . . Surprise-Surprise.

The Democrats Were So Convinced That Trump Was A Dead-Man Standing . . . Because of all their Nefarious Attacks on Every Aspect of Trump, that they Even Went so Far as Financing Trump Candidates in the Primaries, Believing that the Name of Trump Being Associated with these Candidates, would be Enough to Bury them in the November Election.

And Now These Trump Candidates Are Kicking LEFTIST Ass From Coast To Coast.

And What About McConnell, Who in Many Ways Tried Desperately (To Little Avail) to Defeat Trump Candidates in the Primaries & Even in the General Election?

I Can’t See How McConnell, The Let’s Make A Deal Republican, Could Hold his Senate Leadership, Once the Conservative Trump Republicans Take the Senate. There Are So Many IOU’S Coming From The Trump Endorsees To Trump, even from Candidates Trump Didn’t Endorse, that I Can’t See How Trump Can’t Take Full Credit for a Massive Red Wave . . . That Will Utterly Destroy, As In Wipe-Out The Over-The-Hill & Socialist Arm Of The Democrat Party.


I Will Save My Schadenfreude For The Evening Of November 8, 2022 . . . When I will Celebrate with Friends & Family who will be Congregating Together for a Victory Party at the North Ocala RV Park, Where we Will Drink some Manischewitz Wine & Eat some Fabulous Brisket of my Making.

And Then . . . I’ll Be Only Too Happy To Tell All Who Will Read & Listen – “I TOLD YOU SO”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ah! Natural Bridge, that was my second stop on a trip to Florida back in 1989 and the next day I drove 20 miles and stopped for another day. Prior to that I was rushing like there was no tomorrow, then suddenly realized, I was retired!! Enjoy your trip and the relaxation at your destination.

  2. Safe journey south. It would be fun to be with you on the eighth. We will be watching and praying too that your predictions come true. BTW……I watched the nonsense going on in Ottawa this afternoon. Pat King was on the stand and the left lawyers tried to make him out to be the king pin of the trucker convoy. They asked if he was involved in the slow roll around the airport to which he responded yes. Then was asked how many vehicles were involved? He responded “all of them.” Lol. Gr

  3. If you drove down I-81 to Lexington, you passed within 8 miles of my home!!! My daughter is Registrar at Washington & Lee Univ there in Lexington (as is still there as of 7:45pm). Was glad to read it was looking as though Netanyahu was going to win. It rather seems to be a conservative-type wave in most of elections in European area & looking forward to same here next Tuesday. Stay safe the rest of your journey to Ocala, & I know you three will truly enjoy (& relax) your time there. God bless

  4. Glad the trip is going well. Be Vigilant as you travel trough some scary blue areas, crime is high and they love travel targets. I keep my hopes up that we can control both house and senate. Get rid of McConnell as soon as possible along with a bunch of ugly RINOs. We need Change fast, Biden needs to be washed out ASAP even if it means dealing with the Idiot VP. We are headed for a mess either way. Be Safe.

  5. Howard, give me a break. With all of the excellent kosher wines available, you are going to celebrate with Manischewitz Wine. I have been to an excellent kosher winery in Napa Valley and Herzog is from the central coast of California near Santa Barbara. Of course, Israel has developed a reputation for fine wines. I am sure that in Florida you can find much better than Manischewitz. Maybe a kosher Champaign or sparkling wine.

  6. I’m counting down the days. This coming Tuesday is the tipping point for civilization…the world that we know and love and want to get back. My only secondary wish is for Donald Trump to become Speaker of the House for the next 2 years. Oh the revenge he could heap upon each individual corrupt Democrat. Jail. And Howard…you and Anne, and the magnitude of the occasion, deserve a better bottle of vino than Manischewitz!

  7. Prayers for continued safe travel for the 3 of you. And I am PRAYING we have no shenanigans with the Dominion Voting Machines all over the U.S….In Michigan, nothing would surprise me after the last election. That Red Wave better happen!!! We need to take America Back and drain the cotton pickin’ SWAMP. I am Praying there are no EVIL surprises in Israel. I continue to believe ‘BiBi’ will be elected. PS: The Biden Dollars are coming. God Bless.

  8. Howard, your theme song should be ” Don’t Let The Old Man in” written by Toby Keith for Clint Eastwood. On the eve of his 88th BD Eastwood and Keith were playing golf and Keith asked him how do you stay so young. His answer was ” Don’t let the old man in” A refusal to let age impede him. Keith went home and wrote the song for Eastwood’s upcoming movie he was working on ” The Mule” with a gruelling schedule for an old man. Give it a listen if you haven’t already. I share his philosoph

  9. Di it right Mr. G! Psagot wineries in Israel, located in Judea/Samaria which was started by a Jewish Russian immigrant and which puts out the best wines from Israel. Do it right with their Pinot named after Mike Pompeo. Not even Trump has an Israeli wine named after him (yet)!. On your way back to Canada the Duty free shop at Champlain, NY (American side) usually has a good selection of this brand. I am sure you can find it in FLA, and not just in Boca.

  10. I am not normally a big fan of the month of November. Setting the clocks back an hour, days getting dark at 4:30 pm. Not my cup of tea. However, come November 8, I may have a whole new outlook. Congrats to Bibi. Baruch Hashem that the Israeli people woke up!

  11. What a sad sight last night. With Biden flailing away more than ever , a red wave is imminent. I predict that if DeSantis decides to run against Trump for 2024 he will win. Both are good conservative leaders. Regardless , either one will still have a tough road ahead of them. Alot of damaged / brainwashed minds in the way.

  12. Drive safely and stay well! Read a great quote the other day–“What we are communicates far more eloquently that anything we say or do!” Although the O’Biden administration has tried to Convert their opponents with Lies & Deceptions, they certainly have proven what they ARE & how they’ve destroyed the U.S. within the last 2 yrs. It sure looks like there Will be a Red Wave next Tuesday. Maybe some of the Swamp will be drained in 2023! Let’s make America Great Again [MAGA]. GO TRUMP! Amen!

  13. Safe Trip Howard and Annie, Glad you are coming to Florida as it is great to be living in a Conservative State. where freedom reigns! As a Canadian I’m so scared of Crime Minister JustinTrudeau and Chrystia Freeland, also very disappointment in the conservative P.M. Doug Ford in Ontario. what is he hiddening from? Freedom is Gone in Canada. Alberta is looking good!

  14. Safe journey for you three. Yes – there is a ‘change’ in the wind. I hope Tue. is a giant tidal wave. DHS/Biden people colluded with FaceB to censor anything THEY didn’t like. All unraveling now. Expose the true anti-American traitors, RINOS, and make-believe Repubs like McConnell. The ‘sleeping giant’ is now awake! Thank you for writing Howard.

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