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I Have Been Promising For Months – That The’s Web Site Has To Be Upgraded, Rebuilt & Compatible With The Hosts.

Well Here It Is – Finally . . . You Won’t Notice Much Change in the Appearance you Can See on the Blog, Other than for the Slight Increase & Density in the Size of the Text to Make it Easier to READ, Since None of us are Getting Any Younger.

What You Will Also Not Notice Or See . . . is the Total Makeover of the Engine that Drives the Website (Back-Door), Where the Copy I Type is Converted into Legible Characters you Read on the Blog, and all the Security Measures that are in Place for the Protection Of Galganov.Com & The People Who Read What I Write.


It Wasn’t Spam. Wasn’t Hacked . . . It Was Simply A Technical Error.

Two Nights Ago, as Our IT Guru was Testing the Final Product of His Creation, He Activated the Last Beta Test, which Mistakenly Activated the Distribution Part of the BLOG, which Sent 5-7 Older Editorials to Thousands of Registered Readers.


Thus Far . . . And This Is Only The First Day Of The Rebuilt Website, Everything Seems To Be Working Great.

In Addition, we are Also Developing a New MP3 Program, which will Enable Me to Create & Produce Self-Online Contained Podcasts, a New System of Marketing Products such as My New Book, which is in Progress and a Better Way of Managing the Collection of Financial Support from Readers & Listeners.

And As For The Many Thousands Of Galganov.Com Readers & Listeners, the BLOG will be as User-Friendly as Possible, with Easier to Read Script, the Same Ability to Comment . . . And The Same Ability To Forward Galganov.Com Editorials To Others.


Anne, Tavor & I are Currently in Chazy New York, where we Spent the Night to be Certain we Arrived on Time for our NEXUS Card Renewals, which Meant Answering Questions Guaranteeing our Names, Citizenship (Passport), Date & Place of Birth, Place of Residence (Driver’s License With Photo), Work History, Criminal History (Which Would have Negated The Whole Deal) & Whether Either of us had Ever Been Denied Entrance Into the United States  of America.

In Addition To The Fifth Degree By The Americans . . . Anne & I Were Both Fingerprinted on Both Hands with Thumb Prints Separately & Photographed for Facial & Iris Recognition.

As We Were Going Through This Exercise, the Thought wasn’t Lost on Me that while Anne & I were Laying our Souls Bare to the US Custom Agents for the Privilege of Visiting the United States of America . . . MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens are Simply Walking Across the US Southern Border.

It’s Not As If Anne & I Are Vagrants, Uneducated & Without The Capacity To Read, Write & Speak English (Fluently) . . . Or Unaware of American Laws, Moral Standards, Politics, History, Culture and the American Constitution.

Anne & I Travel with a Fusillade of Papers & Documents THROUGH Real Border Stations Every time we Cross Into the United States of America, while Illegals Just Walk Across with NOTHING to Indicate where they’re Really from, as they’re Greeted on the American Side of the Border with More Privileges & Perks than Most Poor Americans can Hope-For, Including the Forgotten American Warriors, Many of Whom are Lucky to Find Some Municipal Sidewalk on which to Pitch a Tent.

Are the Illegal Aliens Drug Dealers? Are they Involved in Prostitution? Will they be Forced into Servitude to Pay Back the Cartels? Are they Enemy Sleeper Agents (Military) to Attack the United States of America . . . Are They Sick With Ultra Contagious Diseases?

I Don’t Know? You Don’t Know . . . But What I Do Know, Is That Anne & I Jumped Through Hoops To Do It Right.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Interesting. Not sure now but years back my Belg wife and self flew in to NY. Zero probs after showing PPs. Some time later we went across, by car. at Niagara. Belgian wife? We were 2 hrs getting an OK to proceed! Illegals walk in as you say!

  2. THANK You Howard…! Been waiting a Long Time for “somebody” to make your print BIGGER! (You “Youngsters” don’t have much Idea what I’m talking about, but just you WAIT…!). Lol… Yes, getting across the Borders “IS a Thing” if you aren’t “Un-Documented”, it seems. You could not PAY me to leave the U.S. of A. right now (and I’ve seen over Half of the World!), as getting BACK IN might pose a problem..! Thanks for all you do for us down here in the “Lower-48”.

  3. Howard, you are correct re the border crossing for those who try to follow the rules. There is now this ArriveCAN app that is used to cross the border that needs to be done 72 hrs ahead. It would be interesting to discover who is helping those illegals even get to the border! They have no money, no food, just bodies that are moving across borders.

  4. And we are supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave. How did we let it get this far? Are we all asleep??

  5. After last night I’m sorry too , for America. How much more is Biden going to digress , just to hold onto power ? I’m sure our own PM autocrat , loved the speech too. Scary times.

  6. Thank you so much for the larger font it is very much appreciated. When I saw all the past editorials I figured it was a website glitch. As for the illegals…that is such a sore subject with us in Texas! I see NY, DC and Chicago mayors whine about getting a bus load of them with no notice. They should take a look at what we endure, 35,000 in a week? We have a 15oo mile border that these illegals cross over leaving their garbage & dead bodies as they come, plus breaking into homes along the way

  7. Didn’t mention the middle eastern “immigrants” invited by Biden and DHS to come quietly into the US under the radar. How many of those are sleeper agents. looking forward, how long before check points going from state to state. Happy travels Mr. G, and GOD bless.

  8. Wow, loving the larger print. Thanks Howard. No apologies necessary, you do a great job. Mary

  9. I can’t cross the border 15 mins from my home to tour or shop. I’m landlocked by Trudeau’s border mandate that requires Covid Passport & ArriveCan to get back into Canada. The border mandate is Trudeau & Freeland’s revenge on the Trucker Convoy protestors for making them (T&F) look the moronic, ignorant despots they are. In addition to border restrictions, masks are still required on trains. Docs are ecstatic over new jab – Caveat Emptor! Howard, Your new editorial presentation is very good

  10. I remember the Communist scare after WWII, when they let in lots of Nazis because they were not communists! Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose!

  11. I too am grateful for the larger print…my browser renders it much better. You have my sympathies for the border hassle, especially in the light of the inconsistent hypocrisy of NOT allowing Mr. Djokovic, one of the more prominent tennis players into the country due to his vaccination status when the illegal border crossers just waltz across to be greeted with all sorts of services. If the administration did not want this to happen it would not happen. Think about that! Best wishes.

  12. Very happy you are back-in-the-saddle again! In reference to The Five and their token liberal, a few blogs ago, ignore Jessica and put your focus on Judge Janine! She’s a fireball and knows of what she speaks! Also, start watching Tucker! Best Regards!

  13. Howard, you did right! I had no trouble with font size just put on my glasses. What a bunch of CRAP you and Anne had to go thru if you flew to MX could have crossed with no sweat. In 1957 I married a Dane in Copenhagen came home while she had to go thru months of paperwork to come to the USA. besides of having a uni degree and speaking four languages still tons of paper. Guess that’s the way it goes. Keep up your fine work !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Carlos Finkle–“Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose”, i.e., “The more things change, the more they remain the same!” Well, I’m happy to say that I can still read and interpret the French language. This quote is so True! Isn’t it maddening that the ILLEGALS are Freely entering the U.S., while it’s a chore for others who have Legitimate Proof. Welcome back to the U.S., however! Would you post a photo of Tavor when you have a chance. Let’s pray for a positive November Outcome! GO TRUMP GO

  15. Good Job done!! Although I still NEED to us “Read Aloud” on my browser, some of your addressees may not be aware of having it available. Good luck with “trouble and hassle free” travel. Cheers

  16. If the system upgrade only resulted in sending out 5-7 previously issued emails. That’s not bad at all. It’s not like thousands got locked out of the website! I am a citizen of the United States. I’m not sure if I should be ashamed, not of my country, but of the political parties/people in power. The system seems to work, did work, when people are ethical, moral and have integrity. Now they don’t. I am at very least angry, at the extraordinary abuses foisted upon us.

  17. Love the larger print, Howard! And glitches do happen, so no apology necessary. Yes, millions of illegals (this includes Fentanyl pushers, sex traffickers, terrorists, and so on) literally walk across the southern border while ‘good people’ jump through hoops.You and Anne pay for your own way when in our country, while illegals get free housing, food, education, medical care, etc. Something in this present U.S. government is terribly wrong…and it starts at the top.

  18. I always enlarged previous editorials using icon on right side of border, so no problem. This version is easier due to spacing between lines. Yes,, got multiple emails of previous issues, also figuring it was a glitch of testing new system. Hope all goes well with your new software system & site carrier. You deserve to not have to worry over it; you have enough on your hands keeping up with events. BTW, did you see/hear Biden’s speech last evening (Sep 1)? Trump & MAGA supporters got a bashing

  19. Out of hospital yesterday, had a TAVR Procedure, replacing my Aortic Valve. Amazing technology. Going to take me a week to catch up on emails and text. You and Anne do things right and our Gov’t seems to be getting more and more Wrong. Took my cousin 6 months + to get his wife here from the Philippines, and a lot of money. She is now a Citizen having passed all the requirements. Biden wants the US in a Civil War so he can declare Martial Law, be Pres. “forever” and trying to take our guns, BS

  20. Dear Howard, just a short note to say THANK YOU! to you & Anne for doing “it”right when coming into our country. Bless you both!

  21. All is well. We knew it had to be an accident & forgave you immediately. Most of us have had similar slips ourselves. March on & smile.

  22. Why are you still capitalizing nearly every word? It makes it harder to read. Cheers, Roger

  23. Thank you for the larger font —— much appreciated. And, O—-biden is / are baiting us to civil violence so “they” can declare Martial Law and stop the elections in a couple of months —– Please do NOT take the bait.

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