They Hate Us Because They Do


Here Is A Dire Warning To All People Of The United States Of America & Canada . . . To The LEFT & The RIGHT.

History Repeats Itself . . . Of That There Is A Certainty – And One Only Has to Understand History to see the Pattern that is Upon Us, to be Able to Foretell the Future.

What Happened To Donald Trump A Week Ago (August 8, 2022), had Never Before Happened in American History, but has Indeed Happened Repeatedly Throughout History, Including Current History, where Political Power is Used as an Excuse to Upend the Rule of Law and the Governance of a State, Legitimate Or Otherwise.

Make No Mistake About This . . . What Happened To President Trump Last Monday Was A Preemptive Coup D’état.

While the Attack on the Civil Rights & Liberties of a Past US President (Donald Trump), who is Most Likely to be America’s Next President Is Without American Precedent, is No Less than an Expression of the Great Peril that Awaits the People of America, who Can’t or Won’t See the Threat for What It Is.

The Attack On Trump Is Also A Harbinger Of Much Larger Future Atrocities To Befall Humanity Across The Globe.

You Don’t Have to Go Back to Roman or Biblical Times to Analyze the Dangers we are Facing Today – Here & Now . . . Just Think of Nazi Europe, Communist Russia and the Current Brutalities Unfolding Before our Eyes Between Russia & Ukraine. Think of a Nation of More than a Billion People (China), which Operates Religious Based Concentration Camps, Forced Labor, Incarceration for Expression (Free Speech) and a Closed Society that Threatens to Control the Hegemony of the World.

Think About The Jewish Common Victim Of Propaganda – The Primary Cultural (Religious) Excuse For National Depravity.

You Don’t Have To Love Or Even Like The Jewish People. All you Need to Know is How Anti-Semitism has Been the Precursor for Unimaginable Global Atrocities, Destruction & Human Suffering.


Some 80-Years Since The End Of The Holocaust, They Still Hate Jews Overtly & Covertly – Why & Who Are They?

Anti-Semitism Is A Mental Disease . . . Which Isn’t just Restricted to European & Middle East Jewish Communities, but Rather, Anti-Semitism is a Pandemic of Thought that Infiltrates Virtually all Aspects of Global Society, Which Eventually Poisons-The-Well For All People Everywhere . . . Jews & Others.


There Are Those Who Are Ignorant Of History & Facts, who Blame WWII and the Loss of Tens Of Millions Of Lives Beyond the Murder of 6-Million Jews, Because Of European Jewish Behavior. In Other Words . . . To These Sick & Ignorant Minds – The World Went To War Against Germany To Save The Jews.

But Jews Had Nothing To Do With The Nazi (German) Take-Over Of The Czech Sudetenland. Jews also Had Nothing to Do with Germany’s Invasion of Poland, France, Belgium, Holland – Etc . . . And Then The German Invasion Of Russia. Nor did the Jews Have Anything to do with Hitler’s Decision to Lay Waste to Russia and the Terror Bombing of Britain . . . Focused On The London Blitzkrieg.

But Somehow, Jews Have Been Blamed For World War Two, and Now in this “Woke” World, Anti-Semitism has Crawled-Out from Under the Elitist Rocks of Society, to Become Fashionably Mainstream . . . As Anti-Semitism Is Promoted Worldwide, Including Throughout North America – And More So With The Liberal Elites.

The World Might Not Like Jews, But the World Better Understand History, Because the Plight of the Jews has Always Been a Forerunner to the Hate & Insanity to Come.

As I And So Many Others Have Written . . . Jews Have Been the Global Canaries in the Mines of Humanity for Thousands of Years, Who Have Signaled the Arrival of Perilous Times by Rank Anti-Semitism, which Has Been the Harbinger of Terrible Times to Come . . . Today – No Different Than Yesterday.


Jews Of Israel Have Been The Rulers & Occupiers Of Jerusalem For More Than A Thousand Years BEFORE The Birth Of Christ.

The Global Jewish Population Amongst All People On Earth Numbers Just 0.002 Percent Of The Entire World Population. The World in Terms of Total Square Miles Including Oceans is Roughly 170-Million Square Miles of Which Israel Accounts for 0.000047 Percent of the Earth’s Surface . . . With Only 8,000 Square Israeli Miles.

If We Eliminate Ocean Surfaces . . . The Size of the Global Land-Surface of the Planet is 57-Million Square Miles, which would Translate to Only 0.0014 Percentage Of Israel’s Entire Landmass.

But in the Minds of Anti-Semites & People who Choose Not to Know, there are Far Too Many Jews in the World At Just 0.002 Percent Population Occupying About 0.0014 Percent In Land Mass.

And Even Though Every Segment Of Anthropological Discoveries In Modern Israel, Especially In & Around Jerusalem, Completely & Irrevocably Confirms the Existence & Governance of the Jewish People, from the Writings of the Torah (Five Books Of Moses), the Talmud (Blueprint Of Jewish Living), Dead Sea Scrolls, the Christian Bible, the Koran and the Writings of Ancient Historians such as Flavius Josephus, who as a Roman Soldier & Historian Wrote Implicitly of Jewish Life, Victories, Defeats & the Beginnings of Christ & Christianity . . . The World At Large Still Denies The Legitimacy Of Modern Jewish Israel.

Why Would The United Nations & Other Global Organizations Deny Israel’s Authenticity . . . But Accepts the Legitimacy of a People (Nation) that Never Existed, Namely the Palestinians in a Land that was Never a Country (Palestine)?

While It Is True . . . That The Jewish People Are Overachievers, who Strive through Education & Torah Beliefs, Whether Religious or Not . . . that we (Jews) Have to be as Good as we Possibly Can Be, which has Led to Many Horrible Political Leaders, Many of Whom are Responsible for the Negative Brunt of Today, Especially in the Government of the United States of America at the Highest Levels . . .

. . . BUT – It Is Equally True That There Are Far More Jewish People who Have Made Unparalleled Contributions to Humanity in all Aspects of Life, from Politics, Literature, Paintings, Music, Law, Medicine, Science, Engineering, Architecture, Social Benefits, Hollywood – Etc . . . To The Extraordinary Benefit Of The Fabric Of All Our Societies.

Why Are There So Many Brilliant & Successful Jewish Doctors, Scientists, Lawyers, Accountants, Businesspeople – Etc?

For Those Who Don’t Know, Education has For Thousands of Years Been the Commandment of God in the Torah, to be the Bedrock for all Jews to Follow, That Every Jewish Person, Man Or Woman, MUST Be Educated.

The World Can Strip Us From All Our Possessions – But No-One Can Take Away Our Knowledge.

BDS – (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), is the Modern-Day Ultra Anti-Semitic Drive to Disenfranchise Israel (Jews), which is Nothing More than a Ruse to Eventually Disenfranchise World Jewry.

For Those LEFTIST Elitist & Not So Elitist Jews Who Participate In BDS, They’re Participating In Their Own Suicide.


The Last Time the World Acquiesced to this Type of Cultural/Religious Racism Against the Jews, It Ended After A 6-Year World War (1939-1945), with the Destruction of Most of Europe and the Deaths of Tens of Millions of Non-Jewish People who were Non-Combatants.

We Cannot Survive If Knowledge Of The Past & Present Is Tainted By Propaganda & The Truth Suppressed.

SO . . . AS I ASK ON THE 15TH OF EVERY MONTH . . . If You Can Afford To Support – You Will Be Helping to Relieve Me of a Very Heavy Load, Since You are the ONLY Revenue, Besides what Anne & I Contribute, that has.

I Understand, As I Routinely State, These Are Very Hard Times, and Not Everyone is in a Position to Help-Out. But I also Understand that the More Voices & Writers Who are Capable of Telling the Truth & Tying What Seems to be Unrelated Events Together, to Give You a History from Where we Have Come . . . to Where we are Heading – Is Vital To How We Can Avoid Disaster & Be Prepared For The Worst.


As Always – Thank You In Advance For Your Support . . . It Means The World To Me.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You continue to amaze me in how you’ve put the current global elitist plan to take our wealth and to be totally dependent on the state for the roof over our heads, the transportation we take, the stipend to trade for needs and on and on. The elitist want to own everything as the common man owns nothing. All we have to do is read President Biden’s EO 14067. No vote no debate, no amendments just the option to seize our assets by the signature of a failing President operating on a 4 year pla

  2. Your posting I hope will be read andremembered bu all of us. Growing up my parents had many Jewish friends and one of them gave me a summer job, no strings pulled. As an adult we, my Danish wife and I had several Jewish friends who we spent many great hours/days with. I wish that more people would understand what for many years the Jews went thru. Lets open our eyes.

  3. People are ignorant. They don’t know and don’t want to know many historical facts and present-day truths. It is much easier to crawl into a hole and anonymously shout epithets and falsehoods at others to make their petty selves feel important or intelligent. Idiots who don’t want to read, learn or pursue knowledge will always be the greater majority in any society or institution that corrupt leaders and hateful people will prey upon.

  4. I can’t say what I want to for fear of offending someone, but here’s a quick story that might get my point across. My first business partner was an Isaeli Jew who proudly served as a tank commander in the 7 days war. We were really good friends and I looked up to him like an older brother. One day while having coffee at Denny’s he looked at me and out of the blue said “Mark, I love you like a brother, but you’re going to hell, only the Jews are God’s chosen people.” I laughed it off, he d

  5. Howard, as is the norm you have nailed it. We are in for dark times. Not just Jews but everyone who does not kowtow. As a side note – the rosary is now a symbol of extremists, according to some left wing pundit.

  6. What can I say Howard? The world is full of sick minded people. I have Jewish friends and we love one another for years. it breasks ny heart what happen with ww11 one or who knows of the people who were murdered that as snart as Jewish people are that someone could have been the person or more to have discovered what causes so many diseases. They were sick minded then and they have not chaged today one bloody bit. You and family stay safe and stay well , Hope you ffffeel better. God Bless

  7. I;m sorry but I had a fraudulent entry on my card. Am awaiting a new one. Will send payment ASAP when my new card arrives. Thanks, Howard, for all of your editorials. I send them to many of my friends. Keep the faith.

  8. My father was in WWII, being there he saw some of what Hitler, his sick leaders and JEWS did to the non combatant JEWS. They were brutal, had no mercy. Warsaw Ghetto was of their making. History will repeat itself if we allow it. Biden and the Swamp passed a bill for 87K IRS agents, most armed to combat what will be a grab against anyone who has supported DJT. It is their way of intimidation to get weak folks to not support him in 2024. Celebrated Elliot Ness was a brown shirt, remember. Civil W

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