Before You Can Fix The World . . . Fix Your Own House


We’re Still On The Road (Erie Pennsylvania).

We’re Tired & Looking Forward to Being Home by Friday (April 22, 2022). But as I Promised, I will Take the Time at the End of the Day, or at the Beginning of the Day to Write Whenever I Can.


“Border Crossers” Kind Of Takes The Sting Out-Of-It . . . Don’t You Think?

The Euphemisms Are Killing-Us . . . Instead of Calling it What it is and Who they are – Invaders, Illegal Aliens, Smugglers, Felons – The Media & Politicians, Even Many on the Republican Side Simply Call these People who Break-Into America Thorough the Southern Border – “Border Crossers”.

Anne & I Are (Were) Border Crossers A Few Weeks Ago, But we Had to Jump Through Hoops to Cross the American Northern Border from Canada into the USA with all of our Citizenship Papers, Nexus (US/Canada Favorite Traveler) Cards, China Virus Vaccine Certificates, Proof of Truck & Trailer Ownership & Where We’re Traveling-To in America and for How Long.

They Also Wanted To Know What We Were Bringing Into The United States Of America.

We Never Felt that we Would be Denied Entry. Nor were we Treated Threateningly or Rudely. But it Shows just How Screwed-Up American Priorities Have Become.


Before a People are Willing to Resort to Violence – Politically or Physically, Whether as Gangs or Government . . . It Always Takes Words To Be The Catalyst.

For Example . . . From The Time Of The Civil Rights Act In America (1964), Racism in the United States was on the Decline, so much so, that America Voted-In & Installed Black People to Positions of Incredible Trust & Prestige (Supreme Court Justices, Secretary Of States, Joint Chief Of Staffs, Vice President, President – Etc), Yet, to Hear it from the Democrats, American Socialists & Self-Hating Americans of all Description . . . In Spite Of All The Evidence To The Contrary, America Is Awash With Endemic Racism (White-On-Black).

It Took Words . . . Not Deeds – But Words First, to Gin-Up a Nation (America) to Erase the Incredible Progress Made by Black Americans, to the Point where so much of America was Burnt to the Ground, Looted & Subjected to the Type of Nationwide Violence, which People my Age Never Before Witnessed.

It Was Through Propagandized Words That America Lost So Much Of What It Had Achieved.

It Took Words . . . To Destroy so Much of President Trump’s Successes. And it Took Words to Create the Road to a Dystopic Society in the United States of America, which has Become Violent, Non-Productive & Unaffordable to Most. And it is Taking Words to Remove Many of the Protections of the American Bill of Rights & US Constitution.

But Not Just In America . . . Canada Is No Less Vulnerable To The Words Of Lies, Hate & Totalitarianism.


It’s As Often, As In What Is NOT Said That Is As Injurious To Our Freedoms Than The Words That Are Said.

SUPPRESSION OF FREE SPEECH (EXPRESSION), Coupled to Propaganda and to Learned Ignorance, is as Calamitous to a Free People as are the Bludgeons, Torture & Bullets, which are Certain to Follow . . . In The Quoted Words Of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – “Unacceptable Views”.


Why Do I Say This & Why Do I Think It’s Important To Say It?

Jews Are The Canaries In The Global Socio/Political Coal Mine. For the Past Thousands of Years, Certainly since the Time of the Death (Crucifixion) of Christ and the Exile of the Jewish People from their (My Spiritual) Homeland In Israel . . . Jews Have been Welcomed, Unwelcomed, Shunned, Accepted, Unaccepted, Deprived, Disenfranchised, Ridiculed, Plundered, Beaten, Raped & Murdered Throughout the World . . . How & For What Reason?

The Reason Is Always The Same – Anti-Semitism . . . The Oldest Hatred In The World – For Which I Don’t Know Why.

But What I Do Know Is This . . . Racial Hatred Is Not Inculcated Genetically, Nor Is Racism Taught In The Womb . . . It’s All About Words. It’s About Lies, Propaganda and a Lack of Verbal Defense.

The Nazis Didn’t Invent Violent Anti-Semitism. Long Before the Holocaust, Jews were Targeted Throughout Europe. In Russia for Example, the Czars Propagated the Great Lie (Book) Known as . . . The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion, which Purported a Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy to Take-Over-The-World.

The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion Was Made-Up. But Make the Lie Big Enough & Tell it Often Enough and the Lie Becomes Fact & Truth. Isn’t that what the Democrats & American Communists Did, or Attempted to Do to President Donald Trump with the Russia Hoax (Big Lie)?

Isn’t The New “1619 Project” Founding Of America Made-Up?

Isn’t that What the Democrat Senate Attempted to do with the Supposed Drunken Rape Story Against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, which was Claimed by a “Victim” who Couldn’t Remember When her Non-Rape (Fondling) Happened, Where it Happened & Who Witnessed this Non-Confirmed Sexual Assault Between Teenagers?

Even Though This Spurious Accusation Couldn’t Be Proven By Any Measure, It Came Close To Destroying An Innocent Man.

In Nazi Germany . . . Jews, Financially Successful or Not, were Targeted to be Parasites of Christians, by Stealing Away Christian Wealth by all Nefarious Means Possible. But for those who Weren’t Convinced of Jewish Vulture Capitalism, the Nazi Propagandists Painted German Jews to be Communists . . . Talk About The Ability To Suck & Blow At The Same Time.

In Middle-Eastern Countries (And Europe Too), Were The Jewish Blood Libels, Accusing Jews of Kidnaping Non-Jewish Children During the Time of Passover, when the Jews would Murder Non-Jewish Children for the Purpose of Draining the Children’s Blood for the Purpose of Making Passover Matzos.

If You Want to Know How Strong these False Claims Have Been for Hundreds of Years & Still are, the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion & The Blood Libels Are Still Believed by Many Throughout the World.


And Today . . . After all Evidence that Israel is a Socio/Political Free Society with No Racial or Religious Restrictions, where Jews, Moslems & Christians Can Participate Equally & Freely in all Aspects of Israeli Life . . . The Lies About Israel Are Gargantuan, Leading to the Big Lie of Israeli Apartheid, Israeli Abuse of Israel’s Arab Citizens and the Mistreatment of “Palestinians” on the West Bank and in Gaza, Where The “Palestinian” Arabs Are Self-Governed & Financed Globally.

Nonetheless . . . Israel is Consistently Targeted by the United Nations, to the Point where the United Nations has Set-Up a Special Committee Exclusively to Monitor Perceived Israeli (Read Jewish) Misbehavior.

There’s No Such Committee For China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba – Etc . . . Why Not?

And How Potent Is This Form Of Propaganda? . . . LEFTIST Jews Who’ve Willingly Bought into their own Anti-Israeli Conviction, are Too Ignorant to Even Know that they’ve Bought Into their Own Anti-Semitism (Jewish Self-Hatred), And Not For The First Time In World History.


The Propagandists With Their Invaluable Media Accomplices Are Using Words To Destroy Our Freedoms.

All Of A Sudden . . . People who are Opposed to the Elected Governments in the United States of America & Canada are Deemed to be Domestic Terrorists and are Unworthy to Even Campaign for Political Office.

THAT’S THE POWER OF UNOPPOSED WORDS . . . And It’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

Why do you Think the “Establishment” World is so Terrified of Elon Musk’s Quest to Wrestle Control of Twitter . . . the Global Village Square’s Ultimate Purveyor of the Communist One World Government Propaganda?


Welcome To My Club . . . You’re Now The New Jews.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have never understood a Christian who is Anti-Semetic. After all we worsip a Jew. Tell that to an anti-semetic christian and he will blow your head off. THAT’S HATRED AND RACISM AT ITS TRUEST AND MOST BRAINWASHED FORM Communism thrives on separation bigotry, racism, division, hatred, lies and brainwashing. WE ARE THERE!!!

  2. Jews and Gentiles, like me, MUST work together to thwart the constant attack by the Left, Libs and Communists, by following the example of the “never give up attitude” of the Jewish people and Israel. After all the Jews have been around for over 2,000 years and with all that experience, they are not going anywhere, thank God. CA

  3. The history of the World has been a basis for hatred! Hatred for another’s beliefs, religion, actions. Don’t like what someone else owns, steal it, don’t like their religion, ban it or kill them. Just watched a BLM founder talk, he says “Along as there is poverty amongst the Blacks, there will be killings and no justice.” Well I say get off your lazy butts and go to work as I did as a poor white man and make money to better yourself. Take a job, millions of them, and start your way up from

  4. You are a ‘border crosser’ – legally. But those on southern border crossing, not at checkpoints but in open areas, are illegal. Anyone with an ounce of sense can figure out the difference. What Dems, leftists do is, as you say, relabeling to put a lie over the truth. Ok, so now they are ILLEGAL border crossers. There are an increasing # of anti-Americans battling to destroy this country & sick part is, it looks like they’re winning. I guess we are the “new Jews”. Mad world we live in,

  5. I have only had love for the people in Israel and always will. I cannot say it but over & over again this planet is so messed up it is just pitiful. the News said tonight from three colleges of young people they will vote for Biden. As I have said this planet is so screwed up Breaks my heart to see my country go down the tubes. I am glad you are almost HOME Howard, Anne, & Tavor. Even the dog will be happy to be there. They know there own place it is their own sense they have. Welcome Ho

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