Give-It! . . . You Don’t Have To Take-It.


In My Mind, I Had This Great Editorial Composed, To Deal With How Senator Rick Scott’s 11-Point Plan Would Work In Canada.

I was Going to Write About the Decrepit Canadian Conservative Party (Conservative In Name Only), and How the Fake “Conservatives” were Retreading a Flat Tire (Jean Charest), which Wasn’t all the Road Worthy in its (his) Best Day.

I was Going to Write about Pierre Poilievre, a True Conservative who is Running to Lead the Fake Conservative Party of Canada, who the Fake Conservative Back-Room Boys will Try to Stop from Winning at all Costs in Order to Keep the Canadian Conservative Party Fake. . . Hence The Retread Jean (John) Charest.

But Something Happened (Semi-Violent) On The Way Back From A Walk With Anne, Tavor & Myself Which Led To This Editorial.

As I Wrote In My Last Editorial (March 13, 2022) . . . This Past Friday (March 11, 2022) . . . the Jackasses who Run this Ultra LEFT Province (British Columbia), All-Of-A-Sudden Removed the Forced Mandate of Wearing of Masks in Public Venues, which Came as a Total Surprise to me, Since just a Few Days Prior – Dr Bonnie Henry, British Columbia’s Version Of The American Little Prick Fauci, was Musing just Before Announcing the Change of Heart About the Mask Mandates, that it is More than Likely, that all the Mandates in British Columbia will Probably Stay in Place Until Late June.

So What Happened . . . Why The Overnight 180-Degree Turnaround?

 It Turns-Out . . . that a Forensic Study Commissioned by a British Columbia University, was Just About to be Released to the Public, which Showed NO Significant Success in the Fight Against the China Virus with the Wearing of a Mask or the Other Useless Forced Mandates.

So How Long Can Pieces Of Work Like The Abominable Dr Henry & The Disappeared Fauci Hang-Onto Their Power?


As The Days Pass, More & More Reports & Studies are Surfacing from Government Institutions, Hospitals, Universities, Cities & Even States, which Confess to Bloated Reports that Showed Dishonest Numbers of Deaths Accredited to the China Virus.

These Reports Should Demand Criminal Negligence Charged Against Those Who Stole & Destroyed Two Years From Us.


Anne, Tavor & I Went to Costco to Shop for Food Items on Friday, which we Originally Planned to go to on Thursday, but Decided to Wait Until Friday When the Mask Mandate would End.

And Before Going Into The Store I Mentioned To Anne, That I Bet Many Of The People Will Still Be Masked.

I Was Right . . . If I had to Guess at a Percentage of Masked Shoppers Compared to Un-Masked Shoppers & Unmasked Costco Employees Compared to Masked Costco Employees, I Would Have To Say The Percentage Of Masked People Was Probably 90% Or More.

It Literally Sickened-Me . . . to See How Compliant the People Have Become to Government Mandates, Especially Given the FACT that Masks are Not only NOT HELPFUL . . . BUT ARE IN REALITY COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.

People who Can so Easily be Bamboozled to be so Acquiescent to Government are People who Can be Convinced of Anything, Even to the Self Surrender of their Rights & Freedoms for the So-Called Common Good.

And then Anne Had a Run-In of Sorts with a Neighbor in this RV Park where we are Wintering, who is so Proudly to the LEFT, that her Underwear is Probably Blue, and Told Anne that the Mask Mandates Should be in Place & Enforced Until the Government Makes it Absolutely Clear that Taking the Masks-Off is the Right Thing-To-Do. Because in her Words . . . “We Elect The Government After-All, For The Government To Tell Us What We Should Do, Because On Our Own, We’re Not Capable”.

Until We Leave This Forsaken Part Of Mainland British Columbia, We Can’t Go To War With Our Neighbors . . . So Anne Held Her Tongue, Smiled & Walked Away.

But When Anne Told me of this Encounter, I Wondered if this Ignorant LEFTIST Piece of Human Excrement, would have Said the Same About Following the Mandates of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceaușescu, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Xi Jingping & Vladimir Putin to Name just a Few?

Why Not . . . The Government According To Her . . . Is There To Tell The People What To Do.


With Every Report I Read & See About What The Russians Are Doing In Ukraine, and the Absolute Hand-Wringing & International Cowardice Exhibited by the EU, NATO and the Used-To-Be American Powerhouse the World Leaned-On for More than a Hundred Years . . . I’m Watching A Slaughter Happen Before My Eyes.

My First Thought – After Total Revulsion Is . . . Seeing What We’re Seeing Unravel Before Our Eyes In Real-Time In Ukraine – What Chance Does Israel Have To Defend Itself, KNOWING from all that we are Seeing Happen, as it’s Happening to Ukraine, Where Beautiful Ukrainian Cities & Infrastructures are Being Devastated, with More than 2-Million People who’ve Already Fled their Country for their Lives, While More than 40-Million Others . . . Have No Where to Go & Nothing to Eat or Drink for Themselves & Children, While Russian Tanks, Missiles, Planes & Troops Lay Waste To Their Lives?

Thank God For The Brave Ukrainians Who Are Not Giving-Up Without A Fight To The Death! This Sends an Important Message to China, that Taking Taiwan Isn’t Going to be the Cakewalk, which Xi Jingping Might Have Thought it was Going to Be.


Ukraine, With a Population of Slightly More than 43-Million People, is the Size of Texas. Israel is the Size of New Jersey, or for a Different Perspective . . . ONE EIGHTH THE SIZE OF FLORIDA – and Has a Jewish Population of just Under 7-Million People, Out of a Total Population of 9-Million People, Including About 2-Million Arab Israelis.

How Many Of The Israeli Arabs Do You Think Are Going To Fight & Die For Israel?

When The Time Feels Right For Iran & Iran’s Proxies To Attack Israel, Knowing What we Know Today, Especially Given Ukraine’s Close Proximity to Europe & NATO Countries, That For All Intent & PurposesUkraine Is On Its Own Fighting To The Death Against The Russian Behemoth . . . Which Country Will Come & Fight For Israel?

If The Israelis Thought They Could Depend On The USA – They Should Now Think Again.

Given All That I’ve Just Written . . . Including the Stress of What’s Happening in Ukraine, the Tyranny of Canadian Politics, the Imbecile in the White House, Coupled with Living in British Columbia Between the Never-Ending Rain, Cloud-Cover & Dampness, Extreme British Columbian Inflation, Usurious British Columbian Taxes – And People on the LEFT who are Smug, Arrogant & Unfriendly, the Vaccine & Mask Mandates, People who Love to Tell Everyone What to Do, What to Say & What to Think . . . Yesterday Came To A Head.

Anne, Tavor & I Went For A Late Afternoon Walk On The Trails Between The Raindrops, when we Came Upon Two Couples, I’m Guessing in their Mid To Late 30’s  who were Walking 3-Small Dogs In The Opposite Direction, Two Off-Leash, Where The Trail Signs Clearly Say . . . ALL DOGS ON THE TRAIL MUST BE LEASHED.

It’s Remarkable How The LEFT Love To Tell Everyone What To Do – But Don’t Do It Themselves.

If you Step in Dog Poop on the Trails . . . Thank A LEFTIST. If your Dog is Harassed by a Loose Dog on the Trail . . . Thank A LEFTIST. If you Smile at Someone on the Trail & Get a Dirty Look or No Look at All in Exchange . . . You’ve Just Been Told-Off By A LEFTIST.

So – As We Passed These Two Couples With Their Loose Dogs – The Bigger of the Two Men with the Dogs Gave me & Tavor (Who Was Leashed) a Dirty Look. I Guess he Didn’t Like German Shepherd Dogs or was Worried about his Two Little Unleashed Dogs.

So I Said to Him, And Not in an Abusive Way . . . “Are You Aware That Dogs Have To Be On A Leash”? – To Which he Replied in a Condescending Manner, something like, I Should Mind My Own Business . . . And That Was Enough For Me.

At That Point We Were Separated By About 20-Feet. I Stopped. Turned Around & Let Loose With Some Very Loud (Shouting-Loud) Aggressive, Challenging & Threatening F-Bombs.

After My First Salvo, Which Led With . . . “Who The “F” Do You Think You Are”? One of the Women in the Group Said “My God He’s Using Vulgar Language”, and then Mr Tough-Guy Flexed his Chest & Opened his Mouth, to Which I Simply Clenched my Fist on my Right Hand, Pulled Tavor Closer to me with my Left Hand & Went Straight at this Big Mouthed LEFTIST Hero-In-His Own-Mind, when I Heard the Other Guy in the Group of Four Yell at his Friend “He’s Coming, He’s Coming”, which at that Point they all Ran-Off Like Frightened Little School-Girls.

And Even Anne – Who Doesn’t Like-It When I Get To Be Like That . . . Wasn’t Taking A Back Seat – Nor Was She Silent.

I Don’t Recommend You Do What I Did. But Then Again, I Don’t – NOT Recommend you Don’t Do What I Did, Because for Far Too Long, we on the Moral Conservative Side of Things . . . Have Been Silent, Passive & Too Understanding.


When Asked . . . Only A Few LEFTISTS Would Fight If America Was Attacked. Conservatives – A Totally Different Story.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wow what a great post today, Howard. It is truthful, pithy, and certainly to-the-point. And I love your new term, CINOs. We, here in central Texas, are looking forward to your next visit. We wish you and your family the best.

  2. Hey Howard. Thanks for what you said and what you did. Regarding masks and the rest of the nonsense, it looks like the BS train finally hit the “TRUTH” sign and the whole exaggerated social structure is being derailed. Time to rebuild our lives.

  3. At age 88, I would fight using my own guns and having my wife reload one while I use the next gun. I dropped a wild hog running away at over 200 yards with one shot. I was hacked off due to them tearing up my fields on my farm. And Yes, I learned to shot in the Army many years ago. If one does not fight for their country, they should move out of that country. I pray that Ukraine wins against Russia and Putin stands trail for his crimes.

  4. Bravo, Howard! The world has become a boiling pot simmering away and ready to explode!!!! And like you I worry about Israel and Ukraine. Gawd!!!What a mess we’re in.

  5. You did right, Howard. We, every one of us, will come across that “straw”. I salute you for not taking any more crap.

  6. Good editorial on what’s happening in the Ukraine and what could happen to Israel and Taiwan..there are a number of powder-kegs around the globe ready to explode….as well as many of the people. WHERE IS FAUCI.? He should be charged for his crimes to. I still see people in their cars all alone and wearing a mask even after every mandate in Alberta has been lifted..BRAINWASHED SNOWFLAKE MORONS. Glad to hear you standing up to those idiots that think signs are for everyone except them.

  7. Joe said “Go get’ ‘em”. Good for your HG. I feel your frustration. I am not too sure I could of held back either. I am wicked as to what is happening across the entire globe, and Joe is leading (well not actually), us right down the tubes. How could 50% of the US population be so stupid. We are doomed.

  8. It is time to become brash with the Lib Idiots. Here in Idaho, it is lawful to carry a weapon. My wife and I entered a cafe to eat lunch, I was armed with a .38 that you could only see the tip of the holster. After we ordered, a young man came over to us and said “We do not allow weapons in our place of business” I responded that it was my legal right and state law allowed. They had no sign saying no weapons. I told him to cancel our order, he said it was on the grill, we ate our lunch, an lef

  9. What the last years have taught me is that people don’t think for themselves. It is a skill they’ve lost long ago because corrupt media and weak govt’s keep dummying people down into passive, compliant sheep. Then they go so far as to label independent thinkers and analyzers as nazis, racists and blah blah, so as to ostracize them and turn them into pariahs among the non-thinkers. Thinkers make suitable fodder for attack from those who no longer have an independent thought in their head.

  10. Thank you for doing the right thing. Even though you were outnumbered, they turned and ran away. That speaks volumes about the character of left leaning people.

  11. Great article and YES, we have been silent too long. Every time I post something on social medial about the truckers (our U.S. truckers in DC), some liberal tries to get in an argument and bad mouth the truckers.

  12. Good for you Howard! Standing one’s ground against these liberal skunks is long overdue for all conservatives. One of these fruit punch-drinking liberals approached my wife in a big box store, chastised her for not wearing a mask, then scurried off as she approached him… fleeing in fear as if she were Typhoid Mary. It is a good thing that I was not there when this coward verbally accosted my wife… Life would have become very unpleasant for him during the next few moments!

  13. That is as the same for me although not as bad as Costco. I went to pick some stuff up at a local grocery store in the valley. None of the staff were wearing masks anymore but probably still 50% of the shoppers. Sick is the right word Howard people don’t know what freedom is anymore even when it stares them right in the face. You don’t take it you loose it.

  14. Thanks for your editorial, HG. Don’t worry about Israel–she has stood tall for generations. Israel is a tested and tough nation of people. Ever since statehood, they have not been defeated and the Bible shows how she will continue to play a special role til the Messiah returns. NO ONE will defeat Israel. Israel is better able to defend herself than most other nations in the world, even the US, where limp-wristed leftists would cut & run. It is Israel’s enemies who should quake.

  15. Howard I am sure you read the first one I wrote, I do not know what a link is that you are talking about. So I will say I think what you did was great. You, Anne, & Tavor are hero’s. Was a great Editorial as always. You did a good job on the trail with wife & your loving dog.

  16. Howard, I warned you about the Left Coast! We have lived in Cranbrook, BC the last few years. It is a very conservative area, totally the opposite of the left coast. And you have probably noticed how condescending most of these leftists are. Gas 195.9 here today. Thanks Trudope and Horgan. They’re truly in the same IQ camp as Biden, Kerry, Pelosi. We desperately need Pierre Poilievre. Hopefully Bernier joins forces with him!

  17. To respond to Frank Cyzick, Tavares, Florida, it wasn’t 50% of the population that put o’biden in, it was the cheating and corruption used to steal the election that put o’biden in. The same can be said in Canada about how many stupid sheeples they are here also voting for turgrope time and time again no matter how many scandals he does or did. Too many brainwashed sheeples all around the world that do exactly as you describe it Howard in your editorial. We are doomed and WW3 is here !!!!

  18. Last Monday, the 14th at 12;01 am the Mask mandate was ended in New Brunswick. My wife and a friend went shopping at Walmart. They saw a man in his driveway, alone, shoveling snow, with a mask on.(?) 90% of the people in Walmart had masks on (?) and they glared at my wife and her friend who were unmasked. It was going to turn ugly so they put masks on. I truly wish I had been with them. Things would have been different. I may be in my late 80’s but I can still stand my ground. You did well.

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