Whatever Is Needed To Silence Freedom Of Expression


If You Use Gmail Or One Of Their Affiliates, This Is Important. And If Not, It’s Still Important To Know . . . But First.


What’s Happening Around The World, Especially In Ukraine, Which Is Reprehensible . . . We In Canada/USA Can’t Stop Living

People Ask Me All The Time . . . Please Show Us A Picture Of Tavor. And in this Insane World, Full of Bad News & Trepidation, We all Want & Need Something to Smile About as War & Genocide Rages in Ukraine, Prices for our North American Staples are Heading to the Moon, Violence is Running Rampant in Many Major Cities . . . And No Government On Either Side Of The US/Canada Border Can Be Trusted.


This Isn’t Perhaps All That Important, At Least To Most People. But To Anne & Myself It’s Extremely Smile-Worthy.

Today (Saturday, March 5, 2022) is to the Day One year Ago When Anne & I Decided that Stryker Had Become Too Old, Weak & Infirmed to Carry-On, Before Anne & I Out Of Extreme Love & Heartbreak Laid Stryker to Peace On March 6, 2021. . .

. . . The Day Tavor Was Born.

So Last Night . . . We Actually had a Birthday Party for Tavor with Guests, Who Brought Gifts for Tavor & A Birthday Card. And Yesterday, we Took Tavor to His Favorite Dog Park for a Run on the Trails & Roughhousing with all the Other Dogs.

The Following Picture Was Taken Of Tavor Yesterday (March 4, 2022) On The Trail.


For All People Curious . . .

Tavor is Participating in Serious Obedience Training with Anne, Myself & a Phenomenal Working German Shepherd Dog Trainer, Who Trains Shepherd Dogs for the Military & Police (Tavor’s A Star).

When we Get Back Home (Southeastern Ontario), Tavor will Begin Agility Training, Where Like Stryker, Tavor will Learn How to Climb Ladders, Walk Across a Balance Beam, Go Up & Down a Teeter-Totter, Run Under Tunnels & Weave Between Poles.

Tavor is Somewhat Bigger than Most German Shepherd Dogs for His Age (Over 90-Pounds). And in About Another Year to a Year and a Half, when Tavor Matures, Tavor Should Top-Out At About 100-Pounds Plus, Which Is Larger Than The German Shepherd Dog Standard.

Stryker & Tavor Couldn’t Be More Different (Looks & Temperament) . . . But Like Stryker, Tavor Is Schutzhund Through & Through.

What Is Also Interesting About Tavor . . . Tavor Is 100% European Like Stryker, and in his Genealogy, which we Traced through Tavor’s Papers, Tavor Comes From a Direct Line to the Very First (Foundation) German Shepherd Dog . . . And From A Long Line Of German Certified Schutzhund Shepherd Dogs.

We Knew What We Were Getting In Terms Of Breeding When We Bought Tavor. But We Had No Idea How Special.

I’m Not Writing This To Brag About Our German Shepherd Dog Tavor . . . Well Maybe a Little, But Rather, I’m Writing this to Share Some of our Pride & Joy, Since Tavor is a Major Part of our Life, Who Fills a Huge Void for us in a World that is Lacking a Whole Lot to be Happy About, and if you Have a Dog or Cat of Your Own, You Know Exactly What Anne & I Are Feeling.

So That Was My Happy News Of The Day.


As I’ve Written Repeatedly . . . Galganov.com Is Always Under Cyber Attack.

Galganov.com is Not by Any Definition Amongst the Largest or Most Influential Conservative BLOGS on the Internet. But we Have Become Important Enough to Come Under Constant Attack, and Not Just from Garden Variety Hackers.

Over The Past Few Days I Began To Notice, that When I Responded to Emails Sent to me With the Email Address being @GMAIL, my Response Email to the Senders Bounced-Back as Undeliverable.

And the Reason for the Bounce-Back According to the Bounce-Back Information that comes with the Bounce-Back, was Because my Email Address (Howard @Galganov.com) was Considered by Gmail (Google) to be Spam.

At First . . . I Thought this Might be a Glitch with Several Emails, but then Anne Sent me an Email through Anne’s Gmail Account as a Test, To Which I Responded . . . And Guess What? You Got It. My Response To Anne’s Email Was Also Bounced Back.


I’m Receiving Your Emails . . . But It Seems That I Can’t Respond To A Gmail Account – Which Is Very Troubling.

That Stated . . . I am Receiving your Emails, and the Good News, is that Your Email Addresses Receive New Galganov.com Editorial Alerts, since I Pay to Have the Alerts Sent to Everyone In The Galganov.Com Directory By A Third Party.

As Troubling As This Is . . . In A Convoluted Way, It’s Sort Of Good To Know That Galganov.Com Is Being Noticed.

I Am In The Process Out Of Necessity Of Upgrading, Whether I Like it or Not, Which I Do Not, Because I Like the Look and the Functionality of Galganov.com The Way That It Is. But I Have No Choice, But to Revamp Galganov.com from the Bottom-Up to Survive the Immense Operating Changes & Cyber Attacks, which are Becoming More Sophisticated Every Moment of Everyday.

The Process Will Start In A Few Weeks . . . And In A Couple Of Months, You’ll Notice A Whole New Look For Galganov.com.

In the Meantime, I will See What I Can Do About Gmail, Without a Great Deal of Hope, Since Fighting Google Is Akin to David Versus Goliath. But Please Understand This . . . Thus Far I Read Everything You Send. And When you Have to Change an Email Address in the Directory, which Happens from Time To Time, I Still Make the Changes, but, if You’re Using Gmail, Thus Far I Can’t Let you Know that the Changes were Done . . . But They Are Done.


We Are Looking At Alternatives . . . With Which To Respond To Your Gmail Emails . . . We Don’t Give-Up & We Don’t Surrender.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Tavor is one great looking dog. No doubt, he will be a great dog. Thanks for the “heads-up” re: gmail. This is very concerning but not unexpected. Please keep us posted on how to best respond to this invasion of privacy. Our world is almost spinning out of control —— at the speed of light —— just a Klaus Schwab wants,

  2. Good Dog, for good people. So far my gmail is not interrupting your great editorials. Thanks again for your efforts.

  3. Beautiful dog indeed. I’ve had 4 Shepherds myself. Down to a Cat now but he’s mighty! I’m surprised Gmail let’s me even post here. Your emails do go to my spam folder but I dig them out. If you require a slingshot I’d be happy to oblige.

  4. My name robert.daigneault was used recently to create a Gmail account from a hacker, I don’t have a Gmail account, and an email stating that I needed help for my niece was sent to all of my contact list in my @rogers.com. My email used to and still is for now @rogers.com until I manage to transfer everything to @bell.net. You already know about my @bell.net, so please remove @rogers.com email from your directory. Nice picture of Tavor and Happy Birthday to him.

  5. Tavor probably thinks he is a “Lap Dog” when ever you or your wife are sitting on a couch? He is fortunate to have you & your wife as his “parents”! God Bless.

  6. I too have have had irregularities with AOL. There was a time a few months back where I had to go to my spam to find you. Lately I get the standard notice asking if Galganov.com is spam or not. Thankfully clicking on NOT SPAM everything sorts itself out just fine. All this attention means you are certainly getting their (whoever they are) attention. Love your stuff. Thanks Chuck

  7. Going to go to proton mail. Trevor doesn’t appear TOO spoiled… I always greet the ACTUAL home owner(s) first: Dog(s) and cat(s). I want to live longer!

  8. I use outlook for my e-mail and sadly I’ve had the same issues. If I try to forward something it bounces back and I have to copy paste and do it separate and usually that will send it through. Sadly we are being watched on every level even our e-mails. Our FREEDOMS are gone and I can’t wait for mean tweet to be back so we can be FREE again! I just pray I live long enough to see it! Standing with you always and LOVE the messages they are always RIGHT ON TARGET!

  9. Tavor will not only be a friend for life but also a guardian for you and Anne.

  10. Happy Birthday to Tavor and all I can say is that he is a real BEAUTY!!!!!! Howard, you must be so proud of him.

  11. try using one of Canada’s best emails Hushmail.com. I have been using Hushmail.com for years it works great.

  12. I am proud to share a birthday with beautiful Tavor. It’s great that a sad event like Stryker’s death was followed by the birth of Tavor on the same day. Happy mutual birthday Tavor!

  13. Looks like Tavor will protect you from the bad guys. referring to Trudeau and the Liberal Government own Media! Love Tavor, Happy Healthy Birthday TAVOR!

  14. Thanks for sharing your up-to-date information on Favor, Howard. We really appreciate it.

  15. As you can see, I have Yahoo mail. A couple of your Editorials have been tagged as spam. Very annoying. Handsome dog. Stryker passed on my brother’s birthday. He was 74 when he passed a few years ago. I’ll be 74 in September. My wife and I have a love-child Goldendoodle named Cooper. He is very handsome. My wife has an instagram page for him “Adventures of Coop Dog”. I don’t do Instagram or facebook. I’m on Gab. Great site.

  16. Happy Birthday Tavor. You’re a great friend and protector to Howard and Anne. You are also a fine looking dog!

  17. You should be proud of your German Shepard. I was proud of mine her name was Lady T Rex. She was named by our Grand Son. She was a very large Female weighing 96 pounds. we lost her at the age of nine from twisted intestines. Like all my dogs for we had many she is missed. Enjoy him while he is with you. You friend from Texas, Mickey

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