Don’t Believe The Polls – The LEFT’S In Party Breakdown


The LEFT Seems More Interested In Lecturing Conservatives On How To Operate Their Party . . . Than The LEFT’S Own.


I Found It Curious . . . How on Wednesday, February 9, 2021, Pelosi Lectured the Republican National Committee (GOP) on How to Get their Party More In-Line . . . in Keeping with the Democrats.

It Is No Less Curious . . . How Trudeau’s Liberals Want the Federal Canadian Conservatives to Paint the Truckers and their Millions of Supporters as Racists, Nazis, Misogynists, Anti-Semites & Domestic Terrorists in the Same Vein as Does the American LEFT.

And It’s Absolutely Telling . . . How The Media In Both Countries Have Come-Out Against Freedom & Free Speech.

What Really Caught My Attention in the USA, has Been How all of a Sudden, the Mitch McConnell Mask has Come-Off, as McConnell’s Pillorying Members within his Own Republican Party for Taking a Stand Against the Tyranny of the Democrats.

I Think McConnell Knows That His Gig Is Probably-Up Once Conservative Republicans Take-Back The Senate.

AS FOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU . . . Not Only are the Opposition Socialist NDP (New Democrat Party) Starting to Squirm in their Support for Trudeau’s Mandates, but are Becoming Vocal Against them, which is a Warning Sign for the Liberals, since Trudeau and his Liberals NEED the NDP’s Support for Trudeau and his Liberals to Retain Power, Since the Liberals are in a Very Vulnerable Minority Government Position.

BUT WHAT IS MORE OMINOUS FOR TRUDEAU & HIS LIBERALS . . . Two of Trudeau’s Back Benchers (Liberal MP’s Who Are Not Part Of The Cabinet) from Quebec, Have Come-Out & Have Taken a Public Stand Against Trudeau’s Intransigence, with a Real Caution that there are Many Other Liberal Back-Benchers who Feel the Same, But For The Time-Being Are Staying Mute.


Without Having To Read With A Magnifying Glass . . . the Message from the Conservative Side of the Republican Party is Clear . . . If You Were Part Of The Deep State, Democrat Or Republican – When We Take-Over the House and the Senate – Watch-Out . . . Because We’re Coming For You . . . From the Justice Department, FBI, IRS and all the Unelected Committee Mangers Who Have Assumed Power they were Never Entitled To Have.

And If I Was Kevin McCarthy, I Wouldn’t Necessarily Take Bets On Being The Speaker In 2022.

As for Illegal Aliens in America – Or Someone Harboring Illegal Aliens, I’d Start To Be Very Nervous, Since Payback’s a Bitch & Donald Trump has Been Taking Names.


If President Trump Was To Win In 2024 . . . Not Only Will President Trump-47 Undo all the Biden Mandates, He will Undue the Mandates with a Vengeance, to the Extraordinary Detriment to all the Deep-Staters who Took-It-Upon-Themselves to Violate the US Constitution & Run Roughshod Over the Law.

If The LEFT Have Any Hope Of Stopping Trump-47 . . . It’s Now Or Never.


I Only Know What I Read & What I Can Surmise . . . So Don’t Take This To The Bank.

Will Europe Try To Surrender Ukraine To The Russians Like Europe Surrendered Czechoslovakia To The Nazis?

At One Point, I was Somewhat Nervous about the Possibility of a Russian Invasion of Ukraine, But A Lot Less-So Now, as the Fog is Beginning to Lift. That Doesn’t Mean it Can’t or Won’t Happen.

First Of All – I Personally Know Several Ukrainians who I Consider my Friends, and What I Know of these Ukrainian/Canadians, is that they Come from Really Tough Stock. My Grandparents on my Father’s Side were Ethnic Russians from Ukraine.

If Russia Wanted To Invade Ukraine . . . They Would Have Done-It without all the Showboating. The Russians Wouldn’t Have Allowed the Ukrainians to Prepare their Defenses, Nor would they Have Stationed their Troops for the Ukrainians to See & Prepare To Meet.

Also, the Ukrainians are Plenty Well-Equipped (Armed) and will NOT Go Down Without a Bloody Fight, which Would Cost the Russians Dearly in Dead & Wounded, which Would be a Misery to Moscow.

And Then There Are Two Other Factors:

1 – The Russians Don’t Have the Money for a Dragged-Out Fight with a Country that Won’t Surrender Easily.

2 – And Where Will the Benefit of War Be to the Russians if Europe Responds With Massive Financial Penalties.


I Kind of Think the Russians (Putin) Already Have Most of what the Russians Want, which is a Virtual (Tacit) Guarantee that Ukraine Won’t be Invited to Join NATO Anytime Soon, with a Message to Europe, that Russia Can if it Deems Necessary Close the Energy Spigots (Gas & Oil) to all of Europe with the Flick of a Switch.


I Don’t Think China Has The Money Or The National Will To Invade Taiwan.

I Also Don’t Think China Wants to Risk a War with Japan over Taiwan, or even with Other South Asian Countries, which are all Feeling Vulnerable to the Bullying of China.

China’s Economy, In-Spite of What the Mainstream Media Reports, Is NOT Doing Well, Not Even by a Modest Amount, Since the Largest Real-Estate (Owner) Financier (Developer) in China (Evergrande), has Already Defaulted to Lenders, Which Is Worth $300-Billion Dollars LESS Than Its Assets, while the Chinese Real-Estate Market is in Freefall – And It Ain’t Getting Better.

And Without Exports To The West . . . The West Will Survive – China Won’t.


Even Though This Alliance Sounds Ominous, Menacing & Frightful . . .

I Want To Remind People . . . Even at the Time When the Nazis Took-Over Austria & Rolled into Czechoslovakia, and Even just Before the Nazis Moved into Poland, Hitler & Stalin Had a Signed Ten-Year “Non-Aggression Pact” (August 23, 1939) – Guaranteeing that Neither Country . . . Would Go To War Against One Another.

This Pact Made Between Two Demon Leaders (Hitler & Stalin) Against The Allies, Which Died In The Hell It Was Made.

When You Put Two Scorpions In A Bottle . . . Only One will Survive. Maybe Neither Will Survive, Which Happened on June 22, 1941, as the Nazis Began Operation Barbarossa, which was an Unprovoked Sneak Attack on Russia, which Drew the Russians Into a War the Russians were Hoping to Avoid, as the Russians Focused on Carving-Up Eastern Europe while the Allies Fought the Germans in the West.

I Wouldn’t Worry Too Much About Putin & Xi Jinping – The Two New Scorpions In The Bottle.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As an American following the Canadian Truckers, I am so very proud. I’d like add my observation: Trudeau cannot cave because he does NOT work for the Canadian people!!! He works for Klaus Schwab (One World Gov’t). Trudeau is a graduate of Schwab’s training entitled: “Young Global Leaders” —— Bill Gates is also a graduate of the same training. If these Freedom Convoy’s accomplish their goals BRACE FOR IMPACT. It is going to get exciting and quickly.

  2. O Canada we stand on Guard for FREEDOM! Justin Trudeau administration granted lucrative contracts to the Chinese company equipment to fight Covid virus over Canadian firms that had the same capacity. When he leaves office, he will no doubt, like his father did before him be looking for financial opportunities as other politicians have with Selling Canada to the Chinese Communist Government! God help us with these Left leaning people!

  3. A group of my political friends forwarded a list of things for our Patriot/Warrior convoy, so we are starting to pull stuff together for our guys and gals! I haven’t heard of anything definite as to where and when. Bravo for blocking that bridge!! I hope we will be as brave!!! I hope there won’t be many riots – you know how the dems here loooooove to riot!!

  4. More and more are taking to the streets and freeways to show Government’s we the people are sick and tired of them in office where we voted the min there. They have made their millions and cheated it is time to get them out. Yes Robin Greenwood praying helps to keep things peaceful. Be brave and honest if you are going to be in the convoy keep everyone peaceful. Be strong yourself. Howard thank you for the comment space to talk, bless you and your darling Anne and puppieGod be with you .

  5. Howard, you bring up a lot of good points. I like your perspective on these many topics.

  6. To complete what Azevedo, Star, ID, United States wrote in the last editorial about the black population, it is the same with muslims with 3% to 5% of the population in both countries but in Canada, every grocery store has a halal food section. Is it the same in the U.S.A.? The smallest portion of the population imposing their will on the rest of us and I am tired of this. I hope the truckers resist any attempt for them to be removed. Hey police, you work for us and not the elite politicians!

  7. Yesterday, Rivera opened his pie hole as usual, he said the Truckers Are Wrong, they are causing the supply chain to break down costing millions a day. Fox needs to be rid of this piece of Lib Crap like the Cuomos. He is the type person that will continue to cause Racial Discord. Played golf yesterday with a Lib, by the end of day he admitted that WH was totally corrupt. Time for TERM LIMITS and Limits to how much money can be donated by one person or business, STOP Selling Leadership, corrupt.

  8. I watched FOX this morning and it warmed my heart to hear freedom loving Canadian’s express their feelings. Seems they are showing the US the way of freedom! Bravo!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 12th FEBRUARY HOWARD. Make this a great day, donate $10 to for a great man who brings us valuable information and the truth.

  10. Great editorial !! Guess you’ve heard by now that Trudeau thought HE could freeze the donations (yep, $6million) from SafeSendGo for the convoy. Since it’s a US business, he has no authority. He truly thinks he’s a dictator; & he’s really no smarter than the one we have in the WH. Can’t help but wonder if Klaus Schwab & George Soros are related, if not genetically, at least of one mind/one mission – they both covet world domination. One uses his wealth, the other his position.

  11. I believe that if Russia attacks Ukraine, it will be a world war and not very pretty. and will include China. There is a prediction of a world war in the Bible that will be a world war (NOT ARMAGEDDON) but before Armageddon, and that the death toll will be about 2billlion, more than all of the World wars and small wars combined, and that it will be short ( about a year) this could be it.

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