Fear Is Their Weapon – Freedom Is Ours


Over The Last Short While, I’ve Received Several Emails From Readers Who Are Too Concerned To Comment.

One of the Readers of this BLOG (Galganov.com) Recently Wrote to me Via Email, that he is Worried About Forwarding my Editorials to Others, Because of Possible Government Retaliation . . . And He Doesn’t Want To Be Placed On A Government List.

I Understand His Concern & Worry . . . However, I Don’t think the Government has any Intention of Labelling or Putting Every American on an Enemies of the State List for Expressing, Forwarding or Supporting a Non-Violent Political View – Because, if that is Indeed the Case, we are Already Done-For and the Fight to Retain our Freedoms is Over.

There is No Question In My Mind . . . None Whatsoever, that the Government Already Knows Too Much about all of us and Has Too Much Power, which is Not To Say we Should Cower at the Feet of the People who Purportedly Work for Us . . .To The Contrary . . . This Fearful Mindset of our Own Government Should Empower all of Us to Do to the Government, Any Government, What the Government is Doing or Trying to Do to Us.

The Moment We Take A Knee To Government Is The Moment We Stop Standing For Freedom.


They’re Already Spreading The Word Of Another Insurrection – This Time At The Polls . . . Do You Wonder Why?

There Are Ranking Members In Government . . . Starting with the Imbecile Joe Biden at the Pseudo Top, the Witch of the House Nancy Pelosi and the Senate Leader (Chuck Schumer) who Lives in Terror of Being Primaried by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and No Shortage of Prominent Members Aligned Closely to the Government in the Bureaucracy, as well as in Big Industry, Unions, Banks, High Tech, Media, Academia – Etc, Who Have Everything To Lose If & When The People Win.


There Are More Than Enough Bad Actors Who Are Indictable For Egregious Crimes Against The Freedoms Of The People.

The LEFT Has Dug a Hole so Deep for Themselves, that they Can’t Stop Digging, which Much Sooner Rather Than Later will be the Hole Into Which they and their Communist One World Government will be Buried.

Also As I Wrote In My Last Editorial . . . What Terrifies The LEFT Most – Is That The People Have Figured It Out.

My Understanding from What I Heard Directly from Republican Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Own Lips, is that McCarthy is in the Process of Writing A Gingrich-Style 10-Point Contract With America, as Gingrich did so Magnificently in 1994, which Swept the Republican House, Senate & State Republican Legislatures & Governors to an Unbelievable Midterm Election Victory.

When Biden Whispers . . . “What Do The Republicans Stand For” Through His Ludicrous Smile – Be Careful For What You Ask.

The Democrats from the House & the Senate, with the Assistance of the Real Insurgents Pulling Biden’s Strings, will Do Everything in their Power to Create Maximum Havoc to the American Constitution as they Can, BEFORE they will be Wiped-Out in November 2022, which is Part of the Reason Why I Wrote in a Preceding Paragraph . . . Why I Believe They Will Not Stop Digging Their Own Hole.

When There Is Real Opposition – The Lies Become So Unbelievable . . . The People Simply Stop Believing.


I Don’t Want to Disparage Canadians Who Live on the Canadian West Coast Away from the British Columbia Interior, since we’ve Met Many Decent People who Live Near Vancouver & Vancouver Island, but for the Most Part – Away from the British Columbia Interior, British Columbians are a Very Different Breed of People who for Too Long Stopped Thinking for themselves . . . In Trade For The Government To Think For Them.

I Have Never Seen so Many People so Eager to Acquiesce to Government Mandates, Including Paying the Obscene Costs of all Fuels, Property Values & the Acceptance of Over-The-Top Rules & Regulations for Virtually Everything . . .

When We Hear . . . “Rules For Thee – But Not For Me” . . . That Best Describes Mainland British Columbia.

Yesterday, Like Every Day when it isn’t Raining, we Take Tavor to the Dog Park where Tavor Can Run, Play & Wrestle with Dozens of Other Dogs of all Sizes, Breeds & Temperaments . . . There Are Just Two Simple Park Rules:

1 . . . Pick-Up After Your Dog, Which Most People do, Except the LEFTISTS When  No One Seems to be Looking.


Tavor Is Now More Than 90-Pounds, which Qualifies Tavor as being a Big Dog. But Tavor is just 10-Months-Old, which still Qualifies Tavor as Being a Puppy . . . And Tavor LOVES Roughhousing with Other Likeminded Dogs of all Sizes.

And For Whatever Reason To The Good, if Another Dog Does Not Want to Play with Tavor or Growls at Tavor as a Nuisance Warning, Tavor Simply Backs-Off & Finds a Dog which Wants to Play with Him.

You Have to Understand that the Dog Park is Huge (18-Open Acres), with a Separate Area (All Fenced-In – Also Large) for Dogs that Don’t Play Well with Others . . . So Yesterday, a Woman who I Guess was in her Late 30’s Perhaps Early 40’s was Throwing a Ball with a Throwing Stick for Extreme Distance for her Dog to Chase & Fetch.

And it is Clearly Understood by Everyone in a Public Dog Park, that Whatever you Throw for your Dog Becomes a Public Game for all the Dogs. So, as Soon as Tavor Saw the Woman Whip the Ball Far Down the Park, What do you Think Tavor and all the Other Dogs in the Vicinity did?

As Tavor Reached the Area where the Ball had Landed, this Woman’s Dog Literally Attacked Tavor – No Damage Done, at Least Until this LEFTIST Idiot Castigated Anne for Having a German Shepherd in the Park . . . BECAUSE Her Dog Doesn’t Like German Shepherds.

So Let Me Tell You A Little Bit About Anne . . .

50-Years Ago, When Anne & I First Met . . . Anne was a Girlie-Girl. But Over the Years, Certainly Since Anne & I Started Courting, Anne Made Every Effort to Participate in the Rugged things that were a Major Part of my Life, such as Rough Camping under the Stars, Way-Off in the Quebec Bush, Where the Only Bathroom was Behind the most Sheltered Tree, Where Drinking Water Came Directly from the Lake, where also Behind every Bit of Bush was Possibly a Moose, Bear or Wolf.

And Breakfast, Lunch Or Supper Was What We Caught From The Lake.

And Over The Years . . . After Living Unflinchingly with Armed Bodyguards because of my Rights Activism, No One Is About To Intimidate Anne.

I Should also Mention that Anne was a Cross Country Equestrian Eventer who has Been Hospitalized Several Times as a Result of Serious Equestrian Accidents, None of Which Ever Stopped Anne from Getting Back on the Horse.

And If That’s Not Enough . . . If Anyone Wants to Get into a Live Shooting Match, they would do Very Well Not to go One on One Against Anne, who is an Extremely Accomplished Action Shooter, who Loves to Buy & Handle Guns More than Most Women Love to Handle & Buy Jewelry.


Anne Is Generous To A Fault, Kind to all Animals & People . . . And is Fully Aware of the Real World – But if you Really Want to Have the Wrath of Anne Rain-Down on your Persona, Just Screw With Anne’s Dog & Wait For The Whirlwind.

The Preceding Highlights Two Truths . . . Don’t Screw With Anne’s Dog & There Is Something Really Screwy About The LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Don’t mess with me or mine, and I won’t mess with you or yours. Sounds about right to me. Good on ya!

  2. LOL Yes Anne really loves Tavor but wow has he grown from the last time that we saw him. Anyway I know that both you and Anne would take care of Tavor if any one would try to hurt him.

  3. Every time I went to the dog park at Piedmont Park in ATL, there was always one person there with an aggressive dog, and that person thought it was perfectly fine for their dog to bite someone else’s dog. They would always claim that their dog was provoked…every single time.

  4. Too bad you had to travel all the way to the “Left Coast” to get away from winter. I live by the Rockies in SE, BC. This is a conservative area. But I know what the left coast folks are mostly like. Just an extension of Left Coast US. Multiculturalism had ruined that beautiful part of Canada, as it is continuing to do so across the country. We are losing our identity as a Judeo Christian nation, and moving rapidly towards Cultural Marxism. Sad but true!

  5. Yes, Anne is a very brave person – am a great admirer of Anne. She’s also a very accomplished woman & you are very lucky to have her as a life partner.

  6. Winning office to represent true conservatism is a thing of the past in Canada. Don’t think we will ever have representation again , at least at the federal level. O’toole and his supporters have become centrist liberals , so they can get elected. Principles be dammed. Way to many indoctrinated dummies coming up through the ranks. Unfortunately I believe the same phenomenon is happening in the USA. Only a matter of time before conservatives are outnumbered there too.

  7. Three cheers for Anne. I hope that other woman’s ears ring for a very long time!!! Yay!!!!!!!

  8. Great comments, as always. My concerns are about the voting: “It is NOT who votes, but WHO counts the votes.” I.e., as in the most recent elections. Also, once again, to quote FDR (whom I despise): ” In politics nothing happens by accident.” In other words, we did not get there by accident. This is all intentional —— very Interntional. Just as Covid has been very Interntional to scare the great unwashed ——- and, they have done a damned fine job of doing exactly that!.

  9. Excellent Editorial. Something IS screwy with the LEFT. They ain’t pulling the strings on this puppet show. Gates, Soros, Schwab, Barack, The Bilderberg Society ARE the ‘wizards’ behind the curtain. On another ITEM I may have wrong thinking—Why are WE sending Flights of Ammunition to the Ukraine? Europe needs to take care of this.Biden wants OUR people out ASAP, but he left OUR people in Afghanistan. What am I missing here? The Pandemic was planned..it went askew a head of time. AMEN.

  10. Not sure how many times, my wife and I watched Shindler’s List sp. It always compels me about history. If you do not learn it, you could die by it’s repeating. What Hitler’s people did to the Jewish population was devastating, cruel, and without heart. But they did not fight back early on, or should I say only a few did. This country needs to heed what is written, as sheep will be slaughtered. My family are Sheep Dogs, with big teeth but will use our vote first and our steel second, Love Anne

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