I Watched The Trump Arizona Rally


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As I Have Written Repeatedly . . . I Cannot Do-It all by Myself & During these Incredibly Hard Times Brought About by the China Virus . . . And our Unbelievably Incompetent & Corrupt Governments, which have Driven our National Cost of Living Over the Top . . . Your Help – Helps To Keep Me Going.

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Anne & I were Eating A&W Hamburgers & Fries Saturday Evening [January 15, 2022], Where we were Parked Outside the Restaurant in our Ford F-250 Super Duty with the Full Cab, with Tavor Lying in the Full Back, which is Tavor’s Private Domain, with the Back Seats Pulled-Up . . . as Anne & I Watched & Listened to the Trump Rally on Newsmax on my Smartphone.

We Relished Every Second Of Trump’s Speech . . . And Couldn’t Be More Grateful To Newsmax For The Incredible Live-Stream.

After we Finished Eating, we Drove Back to the RV Park Listening to Trump’s Speech, which was Just as Exciting to Listen-To as it was Watching-It, until we Got Back to the RV, where we Finished-Up Watching the Speech on our Big Screen TV through an HDMI Cable Connected to my Computer.


It Almost Didn’t Matter What President Trump Said . . . Only That He Was On Stage Saying-It.


As Much As The LEFT Tries To Show A Divided Country, How Can The Media Explain Its Own Epic Demise In Audience?


The Truth Is As Simple As Is The Explanation . . . The LEFT has Been Found-Out by a Majority of the Masses, which Until Recently Believed the Garbage the LEFT Peddled about Trump and the Non-Existent Endemic & Systematic Racism Throughout the United States of America.

The People Also Discovered That There Is No Shangri-La, No Safe Spaces & There Is No Something For Nothing.

And the LEFT has Proven Itself to be Void of Ideas & Integrity, Dragging their Media Sycophants Down their Hellhole with them, as the LEFTIST Lies Build Upon Each Other, just as Falling Snowflakes Fall Onto the Slope of a Mountain, which will Eventually Become an Unstoppable Avalanche Destroying Everything in its Path.

As I’ve Written Repeatedly . . . Far Too Often – Before we Can Get-Up on our Feet, we Have to Fall to Rock-Bottom for us to See that the Only Distance Left for us to Fall without Personal Intervention is to our Brutal End.

The Smart People Will Learn & Painfully Crawl Their Way Back . . . The Less Smart People Will Disappear.

The LEFT Gave It Their Best Shot & Lost, Which Doesn’t Mean They Won’t Stop Trying. But it Does Mean they No Longer Have the Support of the People who were Only Too Eager to Believe the Big Lie. And if the Media Wants to Survive in their Ever-More-Crowding Sphere of Influence-Peddling through Cable TV, the Internet [Live Streaming], Blogs, Podcasts and the Developing New Social-Media – Including Texting & Emails . . . Their Window Of Survivability Is Quickly Coming To An End.


I Wasn’t Being Entirely Forthcoming – Sort-Of, But Not Entirely. So Here’s What & How It Happened.

One of our Two Favorite Dog Parks in Langley BC, where the Dogs Run Free & Roughhouse with Dozens of Dogs of all Sizes, Descriptions & Breeds, is the Entirely Fenced-In 18-Acre Uplands Dog Park, which can Best be Described as Excellent, Where we Take Tavor to Run & Play as Often as the BC Weather Permits.

Just To Set The Background To This Story . . . Until just a Week-Ago, there was as Much as 8-Inches of Snow Covering the Ground where we are Staying, Including the Uplands Dog Park, which After it all Melted, the Snow Left an Extremely Soggy & Slippery Mud-Mess just Under the Grass.

So Here Is Where The Story Begins . . .

Amongst the Many Dozens of Dogs at this Park, which are Always Coming & Going, there are Breeds of all Description, Including No Shortage of Pit Bulls & Rottweilers, But Not Many German Shepherd Dogs, since German Shepherd Dogs are Not Known for Playing Well with Others.

So Imagine How Excited Anne & I were to See Two German Shepherd Dogs at Play, One which was a Female of about 75-80 Pounds, with the Other Being a Big Male Over 90-Pounds, which Looked Like a Mature Doppelganger of what Tavor will Look Like in a Couple of Years. But every Indication is that Tavor will Surpass 100-Pounds at Maturity.

And as Soon as Tavor Saw the German Shepherd Dogs, the Game was On, as these Three Dogs Roughhoused to the Max . . . And then Came a Mature Irish Setter with a Chip on its Shoulder.

The Way the Dogs were Running & Wrestling over a Large Expanse of Area, it was Impossible to See them all at the Same Time, then all of a Sudden, the Friendly Barking & Growls Turned Serious, and as I Reeled to See What was Happening, there was our 10-Month-Old Tavor in Real Combat with the Older Setter.


There’s No Way My Dog’s Going To Get Into A Fight & I’m Not Going To Intervene.

So, At Just One Month From Being 72-Years Old . . . I Lunged at the Fighting Dogs & Slipped on the Surface Mud, which Literally Covered me from Head to Toe. And the Harder I Struggled to get Back on my Feet to Break-Up the Fight, the More I Slipped on the Mud.

And Almost as Fast as the Fight Started, the Fight Came to an End with the Setter in Full Retreat. And Before I could even Get to my Feet, the Owner of the Setter was Upon me Profusely Apologizing because His Dog Started it, to Which I Replied, No Need To Apologize – Dogs Will Be Dogs, as my Clothing Literally Dripped Mud.

Please Bear In Mind, this Whole Battle of the Dogs Lasted Probably Not More than 15-Seconds. And as I was Getting-Up, Anne Said to me . . . “What The Hell Were You Doing”, to which I Replied . . . “Didn’t You See That Your Dog Was In A Fight”, to Which Anne Shouted-Back . . . “It Wasn’t Our Dog”.

As it Turned-Out, it was the Large Doppelganger German Shepherd Dog of Tavor, which Was in the Fight. And still Being Somewhat Confused I Asked Anne . . . “Where The Hell Is Tavor”? . . . to Which Anne Pointed Behind Her as Tavor Sat-By Looking Somewhat Amused at the Carryings-On.

We Finished our Long Walk Around the Park Laughing at the Non-Event, as I Continued to Drip Mud, Talking about How the Other German Shepherd Dog Owner Thanked me for Coming to His Dog’s Defense.

We Cleaned-Up Tavor, Covered the Truck’s Driver Seat with Towels & Headed Home with a Funny Story to Tell. However, as Late Afternoon Turned-Into Night, and After I Washed-off all the Mud, the Realization that I Gave My Left Wrist a Serious Sprain while Playing the Dog Fighter Took Away Some of the Humor as I Iced my Wrist & Wrapped it in a Splinted Pressure Bandage.

But Thankfully . . . No Dogs Were Hurt In The Telling Of This Story & I’m On The Mend.


The Moral Of This Story . . . Virus Or No Virus Life Goes-On – And Even When Things Look The Most Dire . . . They’re Usually Not.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Sorry you sprained your wrist; but good on you for your intention to stop the dog fight.. Good boy, Tavor, too!

    Martha J Bellizzi, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina,
  • Great story about the dog park, I too take my rescue dog Sundance II, a mixed Border Collie, (which is more mix than Border Collie, other than the traditional Black and White coloring, he is more Wipit than anything else) and our princess, full bred miniature Australian Shepard, In our Ram 3500 long bed crew cab with the back seats folded up and a 6″ mattress and sheets and pillows for our 2 darlings, and they love traveling with us when we tow our 40′ fifth wheel with a 66 Cobra back.

    BOBBY Scott, FLORISSANT, CO, United States
  • With the exception of you spraining your wrist (not good at all), the story was quite funny. I’m still chuckling. I guess when dogs are fighting it’s hard to tell if it’s yours or not, esp when emotion is involved (owner not wanting his dog to get hurt or hurt another). Glad things turned out okay (except for your sprained wrist). Tavor may be a might young yet to want to fight unless it’s a matter of protecting his owners. Give him a hug for me, he’s a good boy.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • Tavor 1 Howard 0, Anne 1 Howard 0, great story, best of intentions Howard 1 Others 0. That would have made a fantastic video, hope you get better quickly.

    Edward Higginbotham, Chandler, AZ, US
  • Howard you are an awesome storyteller yes I did have some chuckles. Hope Anne and you are well.

    John Loosdrecht, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
  • Fortunately, I don’t have the problem of confusing my Benny with any other dog at the Lacombe Dog Park in St. Albert, AB. Benny is usually the biggest dog there at 140 lbs. 99.9% of the time the only pure white Great Pyrenees. However, one day there was a bully German Shepherd there who was trying to hump all of the other dogs including Benny. As we were leaving Benny saw this dog running with the pack in a large curve. Benny caught up and gave that bully a body check sending him flying.

    Jeffrey Zucker, Edonton, Alberta, Canada
  • It takes some work tp type in the dark. My desk light did it after 14 years, Will try it anyway. Flashlight on. No normal US Citizen could have voted for Hunter’s assumed dad. No way. And. The Harris supplement was a failed item to start with. The true President gave a speech and we all tuned in. Your formidable ability to tell a story is shown again as you tell it all. Thank you. President Trump is my President.

    Shmuel HaLevi, Karmiel, Israel,
  • Thanks for sharing your funny Tavor story. That’s one for the books. I can somehow picture Tavor sitting there looking on and wondering what the heck you were up to! LOL

    Marlene Leavey, London, Ontario, Canada
  • Love any/all stories about Tavor. Happy you are ok.

    Beverly Coleman, Wilmette, Illinois, United States
  • Marlene Leavey could not have said it better. Get well soon

    Daniel Palladini, Lancaster, Ontario, Canada
  • I learned to stay out of dog fights, I think the dogs both win.

    Charles Warren, Houston, Texas, United States
  • We need a good laugh once in awhile. Yours was belly laugh funny.

    Patricia Quinlivan Eubank, Cheyenne, WY, United States
  • Enjoyed your funny dog story. My dog pen has turned into a somewhat snowy/ice rink as I didn’t get out to clear the snow before we had torrential rain and strong gusts of wind. At 87, my footing isn’t what it once was so I sympathize with your slipping on the mud. Sorry about the wrist and hope it heals quickly.

    Marie Quale, Shapleigh, ME, United States

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