Say It Loud Say It Proud – CONSERVATIVES ROCK!


Just A Quick Note . . . I was Asked by Several Readers – How Can I or They Distinguish Between Legitimate Stories & Unfounded Conspiracy Theories? The Answer Is Simple. The Remedy is More Complicated.

I Verify Everything With As Many Non-Related Sources As I Can Before I Open My Mouth Or Put It To Text.

I Invest An Enormous Amount Of My Time Doing Research. If I’m Not 100% Convinced of the Veracity of What I Would Like to Say or Write, I Neither Say-It Nor Write-It, even if the Story is Broadcast or Published in the Mainstream Media.

Let Me Relate To A Current Story . . . Dr Mehmet Oz Is Running For A US Senate Seat In Pennsylvania.

I Like Doctor Oz – So Imagine my Disappointment when Anne Told me that Dr Oz is in Favor of Gun-Control, which she Read on the Fox News Website. But Last Night (December 7, 2021) I Saw Dr Oz Interviewed on the Sean Hannity Show, where Hannity Asked Dr Oz Directly about Guns.

And to my Pleasant Surprise, Dr Oz Said . . . He Fully Supports The Second Amendment, He has a Carry Permit and that he Owns many Guns.

This Morning, I Received an Email with a Link that Showed a Very Believable Video of Kamala Harris Giving a Speech Repeating Over & Over Again . . . How Only Vaccinated People Are In The Hospitals With The China Virus – & Only Vaccinated People are Dying in the Hospitals with the China Virus.

I’ve Seen How Video Manipulation Can Make Anyone Appear To Say Anything The Manipulator Wants The Audience To Believe.

I Really Don’t Like Kamala Harris. But there is No Way Kamala Harris ever Said those things which she Appears to Say in the Video that is Now Streaming Across the Internet. I Know Where Kamala Harris Stands Publicly On Vaccine Mandates.

And During The Trial Of Kyle Rittenhouse . . . Susan Li of Fox Business News Stated as Fact – That Kyle Rittenhouse Should Not Have Crossed The State Line With An Illegal Firearm. Problem is . . . Kyle Rittenhouse Never Crossed the State Line with any Kind of Firearm.

Susan Li Works Primarily For Fox Business News & Was on the Greg Gutfeld Show when she Made that Claim. The Greg Gutfeld Show is the Number one Cable Show in America During that Time Slot, and Susan Li Speaks Extremely Well, is Very Attractive and is Not Known to Make Outlandish Statements . . . So She’s Really Believable.

So, as Far as the Millions of People who Watched that Episode of the Gutfeld Show, they Have to Believe Rittenhouse was Guilty of a Crime He Never Committed JUST Because Susan Li Said-So.

How Does Fox News, Greg Gutfeld Or Susan Li Walk-That-Back? And What About The Reputation Of Kyle Rittenhouse?


I Know that the Title of this Editorial was Stolen from the 1968 James Brown’s Civil Rights Anthem. But Regardless . . . like the Black Liberation Movement in the Earlier Decades of the Civil Rights Movement . . . Being A Moral Constitutional Conservative Today Is No-Less A Civil Right!

It’s Like Christians who are Too Intimidated to Wear a Cross Around their Necks, or Jews who are Too Timid to Wear a Kippah or Star of David for Fear of Provoking Anti-Christian or Anti-Semitic Backlash . . . Conservatives Hide In The Closet – Who Are Too Frightened Of Being Cancelled.


I was Reading Recently, that at Least Dozen Red States, where American WOKE Banking is Targeting the Oil & Gas Industry, are Organizing to Target Big Banking . . . To The Tune Of Just Under One Trillion Dollars, in Punitive Investments. That’s Fighting Back.

I’m No Fan Of Big Business – But, when you Need to Run Any Entity (Corporation Or Nation) as Efficiently as Possible, it’s Managed NOT by Committee, But Rather Through Strong Leadership, which is Predominantly Why the ELITIST LEFT & RINOS Hate Donald Trump, Precisely Because the Buck Really Stopped at the Desk of President Donald Trump, Who Did Whatever Had to be Done Without an Army of Shmucks, who Never Really Created or Ran Anything, but Somehow Knew How Everyone Else should Do It.


Joe Biden & The Communists Can’t Fix The Supply Chain . . . But Guess What? Giant Retail Corporations Can & Will.

I Read Yesterday How Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and other Significant Retailers are Either Leasing, Buying or Ordering their Own Ocean-Going Cargo Ships, which they will Manage Through the Most Efficient Port Networks in America.


The Term Pogey Is (Was) An Eastern Canadian Term For Welfare. But we Can’t Use the Word Welfare any Longer, just like we Can’t Use the Word Pogey, because to the LEFT, Welfare is a Derogatory Description for those People Who Live on Taxpayer Dollars. And we Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone’s Feelings who are Living-Off the Hard Work of Others (I Am Writing Facetiously).

So Instead . . . Welfare Morphed Into Social Assistance, Which Is Now Just Another Form Of Income.

Just After WWII, when My Parents Met & Married – They Were Poor – I Mean Really Poor . . . But Regardless of How Poor they were, their Children (Myself & Two Sisters) Never Felt Poor, and my Parents Were Far Too Proud to Live on Welfare.

So my Dad Worked at some of the Most Difficult & Unrewarding Jobs He Needed to Find Available, Until my Dad Found Better Work. Also . . . Even Though I Never Felt Poverty, I also Never Felt Entitled to Live-Off what we could Get from Other People.


It’s Time For All Of Us To Return To The Values Of Yesteryear. North America Wasn’t Built By Hangers-On.

You Want To Work – Work, And Take the Jobs & Salaries you Can Get Until you can Get Better. You Don’t Want to Work – Don’t Work & Live-Off The “Bare Minimum” Taxpayers Will Subsidize You Through Welfare.

There’s A Horde Of People Out There Who Would Die To Have Any Jobs & Income Available . . . So for our North American Society which Thinks that Somehow they’re Too Good to Work at Any-Old Job . . . Think Again!

When I Was Just Starting Out In Marketing . . . Sam Berger, the Ottawa Born Son of a Rabbi (The Owner) of the Professional (CFL) Montreal Alouette Football Team & Great Philanthropist, Offered me a Promotional Job with his Nascent Professional Soccer Team, which I Turned-Down, because I Wanted to Do Promotions & Marketing with the Alouettes, which Sam Burger Also Owned.

Sam Berger was an Extremely Wealthy & Generous Community Minded Man who was Self-Made, who Lived a Simple Life NOT Surrounded by Luxuries, who Asked me if I Spoke Yiddish After I Turned Down His Offer, to which I Said Yes . . . and Sam Berger Said the Following to me. . . “With One Ass You Can’t Dance At Two Weddings”.

These Are Words The LEFT Should Understand Who Want To Be At The Top When They Haven’t Even Started At The Bottom.


Devin Nunes Is One Of The Very Bright Lights In The US Congress With A Great Political Future Before Him . . . So, for Devin Nunes to Announce his Retirement from the House, for Him to Become the CEO of Donald Trump’s Pending Social Media Web Site “TRUTH SOCIAL”, to Take-On & Compete with Twitter & Facebook is No Small Deal.

The Potential Investor Revenue Could Exceed $10-Billion Dollars Given All Venues Of Investment.

As It Sits Now . . . There is an Estimate of $1-Billion Start-Up Dollars from Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms to Get this Trump Initiative Off The Ground. And Imagine This . . . More Than 74-Million Americans We Know-Of Voted For Donald Trump In 2020.


There are Probably More than 100-Million Potential Conservative Americans who will Sign-Onto the New Trump TRUTH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, which Will Give President Donald Trump Perhaps the Biggest Microphone in the Land, which is Scaring the Crap out of the American LEFT, as the LEFTISTS are Already Starting Investigations Through the SEC to See if Donald Trump is Playing by the Rules.

Say It Loud Say It Proud – CONSERVATIVES ROCK!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Let us begin by boycotting books, mags, movies and cable. Their contents of confusion, false narratives and lies are pushed on to us through their funnel of distortion. It’s the only way they may change to include our views.

  2. Sounds good. One or three questions, since our great conservative hope is Trump and he is good at leading , did he start at the bottom and how many times has the leader been bankrupt and lastly whi helped him financially through the bankruptcy.

  3. The Bible says “a man who does not work, does not eat”. I have personally known “free loaders” who received welfare for no legitimate reason. But the are no worse than most of the congressmen we have today.

  4. My friend’s granddaughter lives in GA and gets welfare. She calls it “getting paid” as if she works and that is her paycheck.

  5. If Trump’s new media were to go public, I’d buy stock (if priced low enough). I think he’d be good as Speaker of the House and Ron deSantis were President. Can you imagine what they could accomplish together? But also need McConnell replaced with someone who is conservative all the time, not just when it suits him. TERM LIMITS for Congress just might pass under such a set-up. Then we’d have to figure out how to media moguls OUT and do a MSM reset. Talk about loud & proud conservatives..!!

  6. Be careful about the phrase “conservatives rock”. With a small “c”, absolutely true, but in Canada with a capital “C” totally false!

  7. No economy ever thrived when weighed down with dead pay to deadbeats.

  8. My family was on Welfare in the 60s as my father a WWII vet spent a year in the VA Hospital. It was a time when we went to the County to get our Govt food and health care. If they gave out money us kids were not aware of it. All 9 of us Siblings grad from HS and worked. Non have drawn Welfare since that time. Now, Welfare is mailed in significant sums along with phones, Med cards, and food stamps, makes it easy to be a lazy person who could work one of the 10 million jobs open today

  9. Azevedo, I also was from a family of 9 siblings and we all worked as soon as we could – baby sitting, carrying golf bags, helping in a mom and pop store, going to Boston to train in an office. Wherever we could work, it made us proud to be able to buy our own clothes and contribute to the family. It sickens me to think that people are content to stay at home and get “welfare” even though there are thousands of help wanted signs wherever we go. They will never get anywhere or improve their live

  10. I see a common theme here from your readers: conservatives aren’t afraid to work and do not rely on government handouts for survival. It’s one thing to get temporary help from the government so one can get back on their feet; and it’s quite another to milk the welfare system so one never has to work.

  11. My dad was from 7 men & two sisters They all worked 3 brothers owned their own businesses. & brothers worked in the stores, future’s and the other grocery stories the . Sisters worked in either stores as taking care of the money. My family never asked for anything from the Government, they all worked hard. We lived in nice homes, our cousins worked in the stores and were paid for it.. We girls helped our mothers do house cleaning and got paid a allowance for it. .

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