Biden & Associates . . . The Worst Traitors In American History


Want Not To Destroy Your Credibility & Reputation? . . . Stay As Far Away From The Biden White House As Possible.

It’s a Terrifying Thought Knowing that the Man Obama Wanted to Replace Scalia on the Bench of the Supreme Court of America, is a Piece of Crap, who is Either a Liar or a Dunce . . . But Certainly, An Ass-Kisser Without Conscience.


Imagine . . . The Chief Cop In America (Merrick Garland), Sworn & Pledged to Uphold the Laws of the Constitution, which Were Designed to PROTECT the Freedoms of all American People, Including The First Amendment, The Absolute RIGHT for all Americans to Peacefully Express Themselves in a Manner of their Personal Choice, Believes he (Garland) has the Right to Decide What is Acceptable Free Speech?

For Garland To “Sick” The FBI On Parents Protesting Against Government & Academic Overreach & Abuse Is Sickening.

In A Matter Of Months, Merrick Garland Managed to Eviscerate his Reputation Beyond Repair, in a Fashion, which One Could Only be Described as Imbecilic, Since Garland is Falling-On his Sword for an Imbecile President, while Violating his Oath of Office.

Garland Came-To-Be The Attorney General With A Stellar Reputation. He’ll Leave The Job With His Reptation In The Gutter.

If You Saw the Merrick Garland Hearing . . . You Would Have Also Seen Garland’s Name-Sign on the Desk Before Him . . . “The Honorable Merrick Garland”.

What Is Honorable About Acting Like A Government Stooge?

Let Me Tell You About A Few Things Of Many, Which I Have Come Away-With over my Lifetime, Which Most People Might Brush-Off & Dismiss as Being . . . It Is – What It Is.


A Man Or Woman Who Is Honorable Has No Need Of A Sign (Descriptor) To Create A Truth . . . That Could Or Could Not Be True.


Years Ago (Circa 1996-1997) . . . I was Asked if I would Consider Accepting an Order of Canada Award if Nominated? My Answer Was No – I Would Not.

The Order of Canada is Given to Canadians who Have Demonstrated or Contributed Greatly in One Way or Another to the Betterment of the People of Canada, and is Regarded as One of Canada’s Greatest Civilian Achievement Awards.

In All Reality . . . The Order Of Canada Is A Bullshit Feel-Good Token, Especially when One Considers that Celine Dion was Awarded the Order Of Canada, AFTER Celine Dion Did Two Unconscionable Things . . .

Celine Dion Refused to Accept a Live on Television Award for being The Best English Singer Of The Year . . . Sometime Perhaps in the 1990’s – Because, as Celine Dion Said Live On-Camera . . . She Could Not Accept The Award – Because she was Not English, Even Though Dion’s Extraordinary Fame Revolved Almost Exclusively on her English Songs & English-Speaking Audiences.

At Another Event . . . Celine Dion, Who was Performing at the Montreal Bell Center (Home To The Montreal Canadiens) Before 10-Thousand Fans, Certainly as Many English as French, Dion Spoke Exclusively in French for the Entire Performance EXCEPT For Just One Moment, when in English, Celine Dion Thanked her English Fans for Being there, for Which Celine Dion was Roundly Booed by a Smattering of Quebec’s French Linguistic Racists, which Prompted Celine Dion to Immediately Apologize for Speaking in English.

And This Is Yet Another Person Who Was Awarded The Order Of Canada.

At Another Event On June 24, Also Circa 1990’s – Claude Brochu, who was the President of the Montreal Expos Baseball Team, Decided Not to Offend Quebec Separatists, who were Scheduled to March Into the Stadium to Celebrate Quebec’s Separatist National Day Just Before Game-Time, who REFUSED to March into the Stadium if the Expos Played the Canadian National Anthem Before the Start of the Game, which is in Direct Contravention to the Rules of Major League Baseball.

The Separatist St Jean Baptiste Organization, whose Number-One Goal in Life is to Destroy the Canadian Confederation . . . Gave Brochu An Ultimatum.

So What Did Claude Brochu Do?

Claude Brochu Decided to Play a Tape of the Canadian National Anthem Many Hours Before the Start of the Game in Front of a Nearly Empty Stadium, Except for Several Seat Cleaners & One BLACK American Expos Player, who Went Onto the Field & Stood at Attention During the Playing of our National Anthem (Not His).

How Sick & Depraved Was That Of Brochu?

The American Expos Player was Aghast at the National Effrontery, who Said in a Post Event Interview that this Type of National Disgrace would Never Happen in America . . . Fast Forward Several Generations & I Guess He Was Wrong.

PS – The Expos Welcomed The Separatists & Played The US Anthem Just Before The Opening Pitch.

Giving Celine Dion, Claude Brochu & Others Like them who were Awarded the Order of Canada, It would be Akin to Giving Colin Kaepernick, who Started this Kneeling Crap to the American Flag and the American National Anthem, which also Led to the Great Division & Antipathy Between the Black & White Races . . . The Award For Being A Great & Loyal American.

Almost Like Awarding The Thug George Floyd . . . The Black Humanitarian Man Of The Year.

SO TELL ME . . . How in the World Could Any Canadian who Understands History, Sacrifice, Values, Personal Pride & Conscience Ever Accept an Award that Rewards People . . . Who BESMIRCH The Values Of Everything A Decent Canadian/American Should Believe-In?


How many Times Have We All Heard . . . In Canada or the United States of America, Members of Opposing Parties Refer to a Member of the Opposition – as “My Good Friend”, Especially Now, as the Parties from the LEFT are Hellbent on Destroying the Freedoms that were Painfully Won by our Ancestors over the Centuries by their Blood & Treasure?


It Seems that Every Member of the American House & Senate Has at one Time or Another Referred to Joe Biden as a Great Senator and a Nice Guy, Even as Biden was Routinely Caught Fondling Random Girls & Women.

Biden Was & Is Well-Known for Being a Bald-Faced Liar, an Exaggerator and a Plagiarist who also Often Made Stupid Racist Comments. So How Did the People on the Other Side (Republicans) Who Called This Piece Of Excrement Their Good Friend Explain All Of This . . . “That’s Just Joe Being Joe”.

Everyone Spoke About How Magnificent Merrick Garland Was . . . Are They saying That Now?


Accolades Come Cheap & Plenty To People Who Deserve Them The Least By People Who Themselves Are Of Ill Repute.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are so right. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the news to hear someone say that Biden is such a great guy and a friend. I’m embarrassed by him and think he’s a terrible person. I’m really afraid for America as I see us going down this horrible path.

  2. HG, hope you and yours are doing well. As you know, the Fall weather is causing the NUTS to FALL off the trees. Isn’t this an EXCELLENT analogy for O’Biden’s administration, due to their declining RATINGS—AND for their CAUSING AMERICA’S DOWNFALL! After the NOVEMBER 2022, however, some of those NUT TREES will ROT! There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Pres. Trump and his SUPPORTERS are thoroughly PREPARING themselves for the NEXT ELECTION. LET’S ALL PRAY TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! GO TRUMP! AMEN

  3. I wish President Donald J. Trump would run for congress in 2022, get elected, and become the house speaker to replace the traitor b**ch pelosi and then run again for President in 2024. Many members while in house or senate run to become President so why couldn’t Trump ????

  4. If you are looking for a bald faced liar, look no farther than Ottawa, and the office of our Prime Minister. I read articles today that implicate our Prime Minister in acts of treason. Crimes against our Country. So, where is our Justice system?

  5. You are so very right – on ALL points! Hiden Biden is a disgrace and embarrassment to the United States of America, but his “handlers” are far worse. They are using him to destroy our Republic – his mental confusion and lack of awareness is so obvious to all – made worse by the fact that his “loving” wife, “Doctor” Jill, is right there endorsing the abuse. DISGRACEFUL doesn’t even come close.

  6. There is nothing more dishonest than calling our WH Leadership Honorable People. They are Liars and Crooks one and all. The amounts of money they obtain from Lobbyist is criminal but somehow legal? They sell their souls and integrity to the highest bidder in most cases. Garland, who kissed Obama’s ass to get the nomination, was/is a terrible example of a leader and man. He weaved and dodged every question like a Pro boxer, his answers were lies and a joke, he should be prosecuted and jailed.

  7. Don’t forget these two—Barr and Mueller—-Especially Barr what a fraud!!!

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