Canada – The Conservative Trendsetter?


If You Are Not A Canadian . . . You Don’t Have A Vote – But You Have A Real Interest.

Because Canada is such a LEFT Leaning Country, No One would Criticize You for Thinking that the Liberals and other Socialist Parties in Canada would Have a Lock on Who will Form the Government of Canada . . . THINK AGAIN!

How Canada’s Current Election (September 20, 2021) Is Going . . . Is A Harbinger For America In 2022.

Let Me Make This As Succinct As Possible . . . Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, in his Personal & LEFTIST Arrogance Called an Election Several Years Before he Had-To, Primarily Because Trudeau Needed a Majority Government to Fulfill his Aggressive Agenda to Communize Canada as Part of the One World Government, Where there would be No Chance for Protestation from the Opposition.

In Canada . . . A Majority Prime Minister Is King.

But A Strange Thing Happened On The Way To Winning A Majority Government. Like Biden in the USA & Biden’s Partners in Crime . . . Pelosi & Schumer, Trudeau Thought He Had-It-In-The Bag, Because Trudeau thinks the World of Himself & Believes the Rest of Canada Feels the Same Way About Him Too . . . However, in Politics – A Campaign is No Different than Playing Roulette . . . You Never Know where the Spinning Wheel & Bouncing Ball Will Stop . . . Regardless How Much Faith You Might Have In Your Own “System”.

As It‘s Turning-Out From The Beginning Of The Campaign . . . Trudeau Looks As If He’s About Take A Real Beating.


During The Past Conservative Leadership Contest I Supported The Real Conservative Candidate Derek Sloan – Who Didn’t Win.

During The Previous Conservative Leadership Contest . . . I Supported Maxime Bernier, who Also Didn’t Win, but Came Real Close, Losing by Only with a Few Points. Since that Contest, Bernier Left the Conservatives & Formed his Own National Party Called the PPC (People’s Party Of Canada) to Which I Joined and Have Contributed to Financially, Same As I Have Contributed To Derek Sloan.

And Now All Of A Sudden – Years Before the Dated Need for Another Election – Trudeau Thought this Would be his Best Opportunity to Win his Majority by Catching all the Opposition Off-Guard, Especially Now, Because the Conservatives just Recently Elected a Non-Popular & Un-Proven Leader Who’s Busy Cleaning House from Hardcore Conservatives in his Own Party . . . And the Very Socialist NDP (New Democrat Party) whose Showing in National Polls to be a Disaster.


I’m Not A Fan Of Erin O’Toole . . . And I Believe he will Not Necessarily Make for a Good Prime Minister, to Which I Might be Wrong, Because, for a Conservative, O’Toole Leans Too Far to the LEFT for my Liking . . . BUT HE ISN’T TRUDEAU!

Derek Sloan Has Left the Ontario Riding which he Served as an MP (Member Of Parliament), Because O’Toole Threw Sloan out of the Conservative Party, Making it Almost Impossible for Sloan to Win as an Independent Candidate Against a Party-Conservative Candidate, and has Decided to Run in Rural Alberta as an Independent Candidate, Where Sloan Thinks he has a Chance of Winning. I Don’t Think Sloan Will Win In Alberta . . . But That’s A Different Story Which I’ll “Tell” You Why Shortly.

I Would Very Much Like To Support Maxime Bernier . . . But Bernier has Had to Scramble in the Last Few Weeks just to Find Candidates to Fill his National Party Claim, who in my Opinion are Most Probably just Names Without Personal Gravitas. And even at that, Bernier is Not Fielding a Full National Slate.

I Really Hope Bernier Wins His Riding (District) Just Outside Quebec City In Beauce, Which has Mostly Been a Conservative Bastion for Many Years . . . But Even To Me That’s A Stretch.


It Turns-Out That Trudeau Is So Unpopular With Every Facet Of Society . . . That People Just Don’t Want To Vote For Him.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . It Turns-Out that O’Toole, Who Very Few People Know Much About has a Higher Favorability Rating than Trudeau, whose Favorability Rating is in the Crapper, Except for the Smallish Group of Ignorant Trudeau Diehards who Still Support Trudeau’s Socialist Arrogance.

It Appears from the Polls, which are Generally Skewed by the Canadian Media to the LEFT – Indicates to me that O’Toole Might Actually Win the September 20, 2021 Election if Not as a Majority Prime Minister, then as a Minority Prime Minister . . . Which To Me Is A Victory Either Way.


The Way Politics Works In Canada . . . We Don’t Vote Directly For Our Prime Minister . . . We Vote For The Party.

And the Party with the Most Amount of Elected “Seats” (Members) Gets to Form the Government, with the Party Leader Assuming the Role as Prime Minister.

And In Canada . . . Which Is A Multi-Party System – The Party That Wins Just 30% Of The Vote Often Wins The Election.

Canada Has 338 Ridings, Meaning a Majority Government Needs to Win at Least Half (One Hundred & Seventy – 170) Seats, which Means that the Party with the Most Amount of Seats, but Not Enough to Become a Majority, can Cobble Deals with Smaller Parties to Give the Prime Ministership to the Party with the Most Combined Seats . . . But Not Enough On Its Own, Which Is Where Trudeau Stood With A Comfortable Minority Lead Before Calling This September 20, 2021 Election.


In Canada . . . If the Opposition Party which is Supporting the Minority Government Decides to Withhold Support (Primarily On Passing A Money Bill) from the Government & Refuses to Support a Government Bill . . . It Means There is No Confidence in the Existing Government, Which Instantly Triggers A NON-CONFIDENCE VOTE.

If The Non-Confidence Vote Goes Against The Government . . . The Opposition Parties are Given the Chance to Meet with the Governor General who are Given an Opportunity to Form Another Minority Government with a New Party & Leader in Charge, Which Is As Doubtful As Snow In Florida In July.


I Assume Trudeau was Positioning Himself to be Tabling an Extremely Socialist (Anti-Capitalist) Budget Moving Canada Inextricably Closer to Communism, the UN and a One World Government, which Would Have Triggered a Non-Confidence Vote Trudeau Couldn’t Win, which Encouraged Trudeau to Drop The Writ (Call An Election) Now, as Trudeau thought his Popularity would Carry his Day . . . Trudeau Was Wrong.

Because of all the HARD-LEFT things Trudeau Wanted to Do to Socialize (Communize) Canada, INCLUDING the Carbon Tax Forcing the Cost of Fuel to Obscene Levels, the Indiscriminate Spending of Canada’s Tax Dollars, to the Helter-Skelter Flooding of Immigrants to Canada and the Seizure of Privately Owned Firearms to List Just a Few Trudeau Outrages . . . Trudeau Tried For A Bridge Too Far.

It Seems To Me . . . That Such A Disparate Number Of Canadians Want Trudeau Out & Gone . . . That People who would Have Normally Never Voted Conservative are Going to Do just That.

It’s a Terrible Pity That Canada’s System Of Voting Is To Vote For The Least Objectionable & Not The Most Palatable.


And No Matter How Much I’d Like To See Bernier Win . . . I Want To See Trudeau Lose That Much More – It’s Critical.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, completely agree with your opinions on this subject. Would not even consider voting for Bernier or ppc. Am voting for best team to win against Trudeau, vote splitting ensures (like last federal election) Trudeau receives another term of office!

  2. You are so correct that we vote conservative to rid ourselves of the scourge of Trudeau. No vote splitting this time. We must pray that eastern Canada wakes up to vote against this humankind representative. My fear is that the fix is in considering his ties to the US Democrats. Be aware! He’s grasping at straws right now by pushing the old canards of abortion and gun control. Mere deflections from the real issues I’ll dance in the street, naked if need be, if he were to lose his own riding.

  3. As I vote from my “HEART”, Bernier gets my vote!!!.. 🇨🇦 🍁🇨🇦🍁 It’s such a pity that more people don’t actually vote for what they believe in, or from their heart, as things would be quite different in “far left” Canada!…. I pray that Max wins his riding and many more seats as well????….. What can I say as I’m a “TRUMPER!” 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Joe Magdall…. Tsawwassen, British (leftist) Columbia….

  4. As we Americans agree with your stated reasons for doing. I’m sure we also hope for the removal of Trudeau from office. Thanks for bringing us up-to-date.

  5. Agree, but I do hope Bernier wins his riding. First we must rid CANADA of Trudeau and his tribe.

  6. Greetings: Since 1957, Canada’s Failed Parliamentary System Has Had the Following MINORITY Governments: Diefenbaker (1957–1958, 1962–1963, PC), Pearson (1963–1965, 1965–1968, Lib), P.E.Trudeau (1972–1974, Lib), Clark (1979–1980, PC), Martin (2004–2006, Lib), Harper (2006–2008, 2008–2011, (PC), J.Trudeau (2019–2021, Lib)… A Total of 29 of 64 Years… ALMOST 1/2 OF ALL CANADIAN GOVERNMENTS IN RECENT MEMORY, HAVE BEEN MINORITY GOVERNMENTS!!! MAIN REASON? QUEBEC VIRTUALLY ALWAYS VOTES LIBERAL!

  7. Howard, you have given this topic a good airing. This election is such a difficult one because there are lots of angry people on different issues. There are lots of people genuinely confused because Socialistic ideas are so enticing – free anything is always good if you don’t need to worry about who’s going to pay. Splitting the right-wing vote is a real problem – I’m still very undecided. My problem is – who is the Best of a Bad Bunch of politicians? We must not encourage non-voting!!

  8. Do you trust the elections, or do you think that they may be tampered with like in U.S.?

  9. Gordon Steinberg, St Augustine, Florida, United States comments above is added proof that our election system sucks. Howard as you stated a government can operate with only 30% of the vote. I am totally in favour of PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION. TRUDOODLE DE DUM PROMISED IN THE PREVIOUS ELECTION TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE. Did he? – OF COURSE NOT. IF IT WAS NOT FOR POLITICS AND FAMILY CONNECTIONS he would still be in BC as an instructor. I’m supporting MAd MAX and the PPC. H & A “Happy Rosh Hashano

  10. If I compare the election platforms of Liberals, Consertive party, and PPC, my values are much more closely aligned with PPC than the rest. However, I will vote Conservative in an effort to oust Trudeau. Conservatives will then form a minority government. The first budget will get a non confidence vote, and another election called within 18 months. During this time, Cons need to find a stronger leader, and adopt PPC policies. Then they just might get a majority! Hoping!

  11. After O’Toole the red Torrie is now supporting vaccine passport’s my vote for sure will be for the PPC the only party that stands for true freedom.

  12. The country is so screwed up I don’t think any good guy wants to be prime minister. I’ll either intentionally spoil my ballot or vote for Maxime Bernier. In the USA they have to take note of spoiled ballots. That’s a message they have to consider but not in Canada – remember the 10% spoiled ballots in the last referendum. There’s no saving Canada. I think I’ll give Maxime my vote anyway as my encouragement for him to hang in there. He, so far, is the only voice of sanity – I think.

  13. In the last election Gordon Steinberg, queeeebec voted bloc. Before the election, the bloc was down to two seats and was on its way to disappearing. Because in the last election queeeebec wanted to vote for neither liberals nor conservatives, they voted bloc which brought the party back from the brink.

  14. O’Toole wants a federal vaccine passport. That sealed it for me. I will NOT vote for someone who intends to keep me as a second class citizen! To support an apartheid system is unacceptable even if it means Trudope wins. I am voting for Bernier. No question about it. I attended the anti Vax passport rally in old Montreal today. Huge crowd, huge show of support for Bernier. O’Toole will lose plenty of support as a result.

  15. Bernier could do much better within the Conservative party, he should go back in.

  16. I believe Canada is having the same wishful thinking that Conservative US is having. it is going to take more than wishes to change the Corrupt Government we have. People with Steel in their backs and Faith in their hearts are going to have to come forward and force change. The idiots that have stole the election in the US and I believe Canada want a one world order to make massive amounts of money, power and control can only brought down with the blood of true patriots and the fire of the lord.

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