Canada . . . True North Strong & Free . . . My Ass


Who Would Have Ever Thought America Could Be This Vulnerable, Disorganized, Dishonorable & Untrustworthy?


I Realize that Some of my American Readers, One In Particular, Who Took Exception of me for Castigating Ill Informed, Ignorant & Dishonest (Treacherous) American IDIOTS who Voted for the Imbecile who is Currently Behind the Resolute Desk.

While I Stand 100% Behind My Statements Of Condemnation . . . She & Everyone Else Should Know that this Criticism of Mine Is Not Targeted Against Any American Who Didn’t Vote for the Jerk Currently in the White House, Nor Any of the Many Millions of Electors who DIDN’T Vote for Democrat Members of Congress (House & Senate).

As For The RINOS . . . Some of them will Fall After the November 2022 Election, Others will Have to Wait for their Comeuppance . . . But As Long As Biden Doesn’t Invoke Martial Law To Enforce More Cheating At The Polls – Their Day Will Come.


My Canadian Born Father, and His Equally Canadian Born Brothers (3) Went Overseas to Fight the Nazis. My Dad was a Bona-Fide Canadian War Hero, who was in the Pre D-Day Invasion of Sicily, who Fought with Honor, Bravery & Distinction Across Europe from Italy, to France, to Belgium, to the Netherlands to Germany.


My Dad Received Accommodation After Accommodation For Bravery Above & Beyond The Call Of Duty . . . And was Personally Awarded the Bronze Lion Medal by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.

And After The Dust Settled, and the War was Won, My Father (Israel Eddy Galganov) and his Three Brave Brothers left the Military, Came Home and Raised their Families . . . All Proud Of What They Had Done In The Name Of – In The Uniform Of – And Under The Flag Of Canada.


I’m “Telling” You This . . . Because, While Millions of Canadians were Offering their Comfort, Safety & Lives to Fight the Nazis (Fascism), the Father of our Current Prime Minister (Pierre Elliott Trudeau) who was the Right Age & Medically Fit to Serve DIDN’T . . .  But Rather, Chose To Ride His Motorcycle Along The Quebec Countryside Wearing Nazi Regalia.

Liberal Pierre Elliot Trudeau . . . Canada’s Prime Minister During the 1970’s, the Father of Canada’s Current Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was a Professor & Lifelong Supporter of Communism & Fascism Before Becoming Prime Minister of Canada, who had an Open Disdain for Canada’s Military.


If Everything I am Learning from a Large Number of Reliable Sources about Canada’s Efforts to Evacuate Canadians from Afghanistan is True, Even Remotely True, Not Only Should Trudeau Not be Reelected in any Capacity, Minority or Majority in the Forthcoming September 20, 2021 Election as Canada’s National Parliamentary Leader . . . Trudeau Should Be Disgraced & Removed From Government In Its Entirety.

France, England, Germany . . . And Perhaps Others – But Not Canada & Not The United States – are Leaving the “Wire” to Venture-Out Into Harms Way to Save their Citizens & Allies in Order to Bring them to Kabul Airport. Why Not Us?

From What I’m Reading, as Trudeau is Busy Taking Selfies on the Current Election Campaign Trail, Canadians are Being Denied Entry to the Kabul Airport, even if they Make it that Far, are Being Turned Away at the Airfield Gates, Even with Canadian ID, while Canadian Transport Planes are Flying Out of Kabul “Loaded” . . . Only to Seat Belt Capacity (Under 200) with Afghan Asylum Seekers, while American Planes are Flying Out with as Many as 600-Passengers . . . Gives New Meaning To Disgraceful.

The Good News For Canada . . . Trudeau’s Taking A Beating At The Polls.

Just For The Sake Of Context . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau had a Hate-On for Israel, and Went Out of His Way to Disparage the Jewish State at Every Opportunity, Yet Trudeau Successfully Ran for Parliament in the Most Jewish Riding of Canada (Mount Royal Riding), while Soaking-Up Huge Jewish Campaign Dollars.

In Trudeau’s Autobiography Written By Max & Monique Nemni . . . Trudeau Didn’t Hide His Contempt For Jews.

For The Record . . . The Nemnis were (Are) a Married Couple of Quebec University Professors, who Invited Anne & Myself to their Upscale Montreal Condo, to “Chat” over Wine & Cheese. And During our Conversation, the Nemnis Confessed to Anne & Myself How Horrified they Were to Learn Directly from the Mouth of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, while they were Researching their Information for Trudeau’s Biography, How Open Trudeau Was About His Anti-Semitism & Pro Fascism.

I Clearly Remember Asking Both Nemnis, who were Proud of Being Jewish, Why in the World Did you Agree to Write Trudeau’s Biography Knowing that he was a Jew-Hater? And Why Didn’t You Write About how Anti-Semitic & Pro Fascist Trudeau Really was?

Their Response Was Muddled . . . Explaining To Anne & Myself That They Decided To Focus On The Good & Not The Bad.

In Other Words . . . The Nemnis, Jewish Liberal University Professors, who if I Recall Correctly Immigrated to Canada from Belgium Before WWII, Blended Seamlessly with other LEFTIST Elitists – Chose to Publish a Lie Rather than to Write the Truth, which is a Hallmark of all LEFTIST Elites.

Furthermore – In The Early 1970’s . . . The American Diva . . . The Very Liberal Barbara Streisand who Made her Vast Reputation & Fortune Portraying Jewish Characters in Song & Movie, was Proud to be Sleeping with the Israel Hating Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Imagine How Much Fun & Joy it Probably was for Pierre Elliott Trudeau to be Between the Legs of a Jewish American Icon?

What Does That Say About Streisand? And What Does That Say About Trudeau?


In My Entire Lifetime, I Could Never Have Imagined A More Disgraceful North American Leadership.


In All Of America’s MilitaryOnly 14% Are Enlisted Women. Meaning that if all Women in the US Military were in Combat Roles . . . 86% Of All Military In Combat Roles Would Be Men. And I Seriously Doubt that 100% of American Military Women see Combat at the Front Lines . . . So Why Does Biden, The Secretary of Defense & the Secretary of State Lead their Statistics as . . . “Our Daughters & Sons In The Military”, Giving The Impression that Women are a Significant Fighting-Force in the United States Military?

Biden, The State Department, The Military & The Media Focus on the FACT, that the American People Wanted America to Leave Afghanistan, which is Probably True. But What is Happening in Afghanistan HERE & NOW has Nothing Whatsoever to Do with Wanting to Leave Afghanistan . . . And EVERYTHING To Do With How America Left Afghanistan & The Consequences Thereof.

Biden Keeps Making the Case that he Didn’t Want to Send More Troops to Afghanistan, where Not One American Soldier was Killed in the Last 18-Months, which is Why He (Biden) Decided to Pull-Out the Last 2,500 Troops in the Dead of Night, but Had No Remarks For How . . . Biden Now Needs To Send 7,000 Troops With Far More Needed Because Of His Mess.

Bullshit Media Salad . . . Pentagon – State Department – Presidential Press Conferences On A First Name Media Basis.

You have to be as Upset as I am with the American Press Corp, which Treated President Trump with Opprobrium (Contempt), as they Shouted Questions at him as if they were a Troop of Baboons at Feeding Time During Trump’s Daily Press Briefings . . . Where President Trump DIDN’T Read Answers From A Teleprompter . . . Conduct Themselves with Dignity & Respect as Biden Calls Upon Prearranged Journalists Primarily from the LEFT.

The Only Good News . . . The Left Is Going To Take A Shit-Kicking Because Of This.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The modern day Nuremberg Trials will come and I will bear witness to ensure the trials are Truthful. That no Media will hijack the Truth and spread their Fascist Lies. The first person in the Docket will be the Prime Minster followed by his entire Crew and lap dog bureacrats. I am gearing up for the coming fight. Physically, Mentally, Intellectually, Emotionally. Movie Braveheart Freedom Speech … “They may take our lives … but they’ll never take our freedom !”

  2. Trudeau Sr. and Jr, along with Streisand, are 3 of the lowest level humans on this planet. Streisand constantly dishes on Trump, and praises the Commie Obama, as well her Jewish friend Schumer. Absolute scum of the earth. When Trudeau Sr. was running for PM, our entire family and relatives were aware of his Communist leanings. But he was elected, and we always wondered how the rest of Canada could vote for such a morally corrupt person.

  3. Canadians and Americans are conditioned by the brainwashing by academia and media to hate patriots and love tyrants. It’s interesting that it has been proven by releases by the KGB and Venona American counter intelligence that every person outed by Senator Joseph McCarthy was in fact a Stalinist agent yet 70 years later he is still demonized and hated by even the right. Nothing has changed. Trump and Reagan are Hitlers and Obama and Biden are Pattons.

  4. The average American/Cdn voter is dumber than a sack of dirt. It is no longer a matter of preference as was once the truth in politics. It has now come to electing complete incompetent, lying buffoons who do nothing but sell us out for self gain and nonsensical idiocies. If the people cannot spot first class, sham-artists after decades of voting and knowledge then there is nothing to say. Cdns chose an incompetent, corrupt, doofus child and Americans chose a senile, unfit ‘never-was.’

  5. Howard, i see England, and Holland helping, but not France or Germany, or other N.A.T.O. partners, Trump has a good memory and I’m sure payback will be forthcoming. Trudeau,, as much as you don’t like him, has good reason in my mind to be reluctant, REMEMBER THE STAB IN THE BACK BIDEN GAVE CANADA—–THE PIPE LINE, may justify his actions.

    Trudeau is an Idiot who has No Right Not to Save Canadians in Afghanistan because Biden Screwed Canada on the Pipeline – HG:

  6. I am a 77 y/o Caucasian, Male, Heterosexual, Non-Bigoted, Patriot. Born in Canada, immigrated to the United States to pursue a Business Venture…that I wasn’t able to pursue in Canada, (Union Control). “WOKENESS”…is failure! Both Nations will meet their demise is left to the “WOKE”1 God help us all.

  7. Howard–your editorial brings back a conversation I had with a relative during a Stanfield/Trudeau campaign many years ago. She said “Oh, Dave, you wouldn’t choose Stanfield over Trudeau, would you?” My reply–“Give me the next person who comes down the street, I’ll take her/him over Trudeau–he’s dangerous.” I don’t remember many of my conversations verbatim, but that one stuck with me. How prophetic was I?

  8. Had a chat with my 26 year old son who appreciates his so called ” freedom” and how the left are destroying it; said that he would NEVER fight for this Country. I have a feeling most men say the same when they see the disgrace of our leaders and the example they set. Who could you trust? Who would have your back? Sad.

  9. Thank you. Most of the republican POLITICIANS are as bad as the dem politicians or we wouldn’t be in this mess. But We The People must stop settling for mediocre and insist on Constitutional Integrity Your efforts are truly appreciated.

  10. My dad joined the Army-Air Force in January 1942. He learned to be a jet engine mechanic and was sent to Africa. While there he was stationed at a variety of countries during the WW II, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, and others. Unfortunately he passed away at the age of 98-years this past June. I’m sorry for your loss. Knowing you, I realize that he was a very great man.

  11. Yes Howard – I’m as angry, frustrated and appalled as you. It’s hard to imagine, let alone see/experience the USA plummeting like this. There are multiple causes, but the big catalyst is Biden. Remember what Trump said about the Dems interest in the 25th Amendment? This all is so disgusting and painful I could cry.

  12. Biden and his family have profited financially from everything he has done in the last 4 decades. He is calculated and not as cognitively impaired as he has led us to think. He watched Hillary profit from selling American uranium to the Russians. How is it that the Chinese are suddenly coming into possession of billions of dollars of American military equipment including Hummers to fighter jets( for reverse engineering) without so much as a scratch on them. Follow the money.

  13. You can’t count on Biden or Trudeau when the “chips are down.” Tomorrow Bennet will be going to Washington to discuss Iran. In a logical world the U.S. and Israel should jointly take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Biden has been kissing Iran’s rear for over 25 years. Guess what will happen tomorrow? Israel will go it alone and then Biden may deny weapons again.

  14. Seems both our countries are being run by idiots. Ours is brainless & having his strings pulled by those working toward destroying the US for one-world gov’t globalism. Open borders is to overrun US w/millions of non-English-speaking or assimilating people; likely terrorists coming too, all to create havoc in the states, economic issues, & probably to give the illegals amnesty & then voter rights so Dems will continually be in political power. WE must fight this one way or another.

  15. hit the wrong key, How very proud you must be of your father, grandfather and his three brothers going off to a war. What brave young men to do such a thing. How worried your parents must have been but also brave & proud for them. I am sure if they were all alive today they would march down and enlist to go to do what they could in Afghanistan. Both out countries now are shameful with their leaders. But the Lord is their Judges not us. I am sure he will do as he needs to do. Bless U & family.

  16. Friday, my wife and I were at Caldwell Night Rodeo, it was a great pleasure to me and others as all Veterans were honored. A special event happened, 40+ young men and women were sworn in to military service in front of a crowd of 5000+ fans. You would have thought They had just witnessed their home town had won the Super Bowl by the Standing Ovation given. We still have many young Proud people in our mist. Washington is broken, corrupt and stupid. Need to vote them all out or just push them out.

  17. There’s a current version of a 2012 White House Proverb–“Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone with unlimited free minutes, food stamps, section 8 housing, free contraceptives, Medicaid, ninety-nine weeks of unemployment, free meds, and he will vote for Democrats the rest of his life, even after he’s deceased.” Many believe that Obama is RUNNING America BEHIND THE SCENES! Sure makes sense to me! ELDERLY ABUSE is a FACTOR re: O’BIDEN! Meanwhile, Dr. Jill enjoys her present STATUS! AMEN!

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