Black, Ignorant & Unskilled – Who Are The Real Racists?


We Had Some Serious Security Issues Over The Past Few Days With The Blog . . . which have been Resolved. However, Now that We’ve had the Back-Door of the Website Redone, I Discovered (Thanks To My IT Expert) that there were Quite a Few Automatically Rejected Comments, of Which I Wasn’t Aware, Many from Commenters I Usually Like to Read.

I Personally Remove Comments That Are Unbecoming Not Realizing The Number Of Automatic Removals.

Here’s Why They Were Rejected . . . I’m Not the Language Police & I am a Stalwart Defender of Freedom of Expression. But at the Same Time, I Don’t Want Trash-Talk on, even if it at First Seems Innocuous. And as you all Know or should Know, I Won’t Accept Calls to any Kind of Violence . . . or Talk about We Have More Guns than they Do – Etc.

It’s Like Giuliani’s Broken Window Theory . . . Let Some “Innocent” Rough Words Be Used & Then All Rough Words Will Follow.

1 – Most of the Rejected Comments were Rejected because the Writers Used the Word SHIT in one Way or Another. So Don’t Use the Word Shit in any Manner or other Words of this Sort, and your Comments Won’t Be Rejected Because of Language.

2 – Another Prime Reason for Comment Rejection was the Use of LINKS. I Couldn’t Have Made it Clearer, which is Posted in Bold Red Leters Right over the Rules & Conditions of Commenting . . . NOT to use Links or the Comment will be Removed.

3 – I Will also Not Accept Lies & Defamatory Comments with Speculative Personal Insults, that Especially have No Bearing on the Topic.

4 – I Do Not Want Threads Between Commentators Like so Many other Comment Sections, which Allow “Broken-Telephone” Type Debates that are a Useless Expression of Time & Space.

I Want To Read What You Have To “Say” & Not What You Think Of, What Someone Else Had Said.

5 – AND FINALLY . . . In Canada, Words have Become a Serious Issue, where the Federal Government, NGO’s & Literally all LEFTIST Special Interests are Doing all they Can to Punish Expression they Don’t Like or Agree With . . . and Everything that is On my Blog ( Inevitably Reflects Upon Me . . . And Fighting The Hackers Is Tough Enough Without Having To Fight In The Courts As Well.

Please Understand I Love Conservative Comments . . . Whether I Agree with Them or Not. And the Readers of have Directly Expressed to me that they LOVE to Read the Opinions (Comments) of a Cross Section of Americans & Canadians, so Please Bear that in Mind when you Comment . . . But Please Feel Free To Comment.


This Coming Sunday . . . August 15 At 1:00 PM – I will be at the Tim Horton’s Restaurant (Coffee Shop) in Lancaster Ontario, which is Located just off the Trans-Canada Highway (401) at Exit 814.

The Tim Horton’s Is On The South Side Of The Highway, 1000 Feet Or So South Of The Esso/MacDonald’s.

I Suspect there will be a Few People who will Want to Get Together who Live within a One Hour Drive to Enjoy a Chat, Coffee & Maybe even a Tim Horton’s Sandwich.


The Worst Racists In America Are WOKE Black Americans, Ignorant LEFTIST Academia & Compliant Political Democrats.


This Is To Remind Everyone . . . That Up Until Emancipation Before the End of the American Civil War, it was Against the Law for Black People to Learn how to Read, Write and do Arithmetic, because the Democrat South Understood that an Educated Black Community would Become a Far Less Compliant Community . . . So Ask Yourself, Given The School Curriculum, Especially for Black Students, where a Pass is Given Just for Showing-Up (Sort-Of) . . . Isn’t That No Different Than It Was For Black People Prior To The End Of The Civil War?

Many Years Ago, At Least Twenty Or Maybe Even Thirty Years Ago . . . A Group of Black Students at Cornell University in Ithaca New York, Decided to Live Separately from the White Students on Campus, because of their Skin Color & Black Culture.

I Remember Thinking How Racist These People Were & Contrary To The Huge Gains & Sacrifices Made By Anti-Racist Giants.

At The Time . . . I was Quite Enraged Hearing that After all was Said & Done by Martin Luther King, A Giant Of Our Times Who Was Murdered On April 4, 1968 BECAUSE . . . of Martin Luther King’s Untiring Efforts to Bridge the Color Gap Between Black & White Americans.

I Was 18-Years Old When Martin Luther King Was Gunned-Down, but even Though I was still a “Kid” of 18-Years Old, I Understood the Momentousness of the Murder of this Paragon Of Racial Harmony – Riots Aside.

I was Just 13 Years Old . . . But I Remember Hearing the I Have A Dream Speech (August 28, 1963) where Martin Luther King Said in a Booming Voice . . .

“I Have A Dream That My Four Little Children Will One Day Live In A Nation Where They Will Not Be Judged By The Color Of Their Skin, But By The Content Of Their Character”.

Just One Year Later On July 2, 1964, a Democrat President (LBJ) Bucked his Own Democrat Pro-Slavery, Pro-KKK, Pro-Jim Crow Party, And ONLY With The Help Of The Republican Party . . . Passed The American Civil Rights Act Which Led To The Voting Rights Act In 1965. . . Finally Emancipating Black Americans.

After 58-Years Of The I Have A Dream Speech, 57-Years Of The Civil Rights Act & 56-Years Of The Voting Rights Act . . . Ignorant White Socialists & Stupid Black Nationalists Are Destroying the Entire Legacy of Martin Luther King, who was Not the Greatest Modern-Day Black American, but Rather . . . One Of The Greatest Americans Of Any Color & Cultural Heritage.


When Democrat (LEFTIST) Educators, Including Teachers and the School Boards SEGREGATE Black Students from White Students . . . What’s The Message?

Is it that Black Students are Too Good for White Students? Or are Black Students Not Smart Enough to be in the Same Class as White Students? Or that Somehow White Students are Infectious?

Or Perhaps . . . There Are Two Americas. A White America & A Black America. Is That What Black Nationalists Want?

Do The Black Nationalists Want The 87% Non-Black American Population . . . to Stop Paying for Black Welfare, Black Education, Black Entertainment, Black Healthcare & Mostly Black Sport Franchises (Leagues) Including the NFL, NBA & MLB?


How Could Young People Graduate From High School Who Can Barely Read, Write & Do Basic Math?

And Then There Is The Greatest Racist Democrat Insult Of Them All . . . and the People are Ignorant to Even See It or are Too Politically Correct & Frightened to say it in Public . . . That Black People are Too Stupid to Understand how to Vote Under the Same Rules & Regulations that all White Voters Must No Less Adhere to.

How Can Demanding In-Person Voting, Voter ID Cards & Same Day Voting Be Racist?


How Racist Is It That Black Thugs Are Not Held To Account Because They’re Black?

Nobody Wants To Say It . . . Especially Amongst The Media – ALL THE MEDIA, Because Everyone is Too Frightened of Being Called a Racist . . . But All Statistics, Especially Based on a Per Capita Basis According to FBI Files and the Justice Department, is that Much of Black America is a Failed Society, which Exemplifies Poor Inarticulate Education, Unskilled Adults, Great Number Of Welfare Recipients, Fatherless Children, Gratuitous Sex, Rapes, Gangbangers, Community Violence, Shootings, Beatings, Murders & Thieves (Looters) in Comparison to White People & People of all Colors . . . Other than White.

Be Careful For What You Wish & The Direction You Wish To Follow . . .

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. YOU…are a bright light…in the darkness! Please view this with your family, and friends…I think once you watch this…you will understand…why. This was shared with me by a wonderful friend I hold in the highest regard. I love her very, very much, and know her outstanding character. God bless you, and yours as you will remain in my prayers. ……sincerely, from my heart. You will remove the link by this Jewish doctor, but…please…you watch it for yourself.

  2. Are the unvaccinated welcome?

    Not Vaxed, No Mask and I Will Look Foreword to Shaking your Hand – HG:

  3. The Democrats from the time of LBJ and the Great Society have put the Blacks of America back onto the plantation. I just read of a Black Woman Principal of a grade school who segregated her classes: 2 Black and 6 White. The lady governor of Oregon just signed a bill saying that BIPOC students didn’t need to pass a minimum 3 R’s requirement to graduate. She is harming those kids more than any White slave owner ever did. God help all of the children in school today.

  4. Right on as always Howard. But just wait A.O.C. will take Schumers job and all will be well.

  5. By Charles Osgood, “Pretty Good” There once was a pretty good student. Who sat in a pretty good class And was taught by a pretty good teacher. Who always let pretty good pass. He wasn’t terrific at reading; He wasn’t a whiz-bang at math; But for him education was leading Straight down a pretty good path. He didn’t find school too exciting, But he wanted to do pretty well. And he did have some trouble with writing, And nobody had taught him to spell. When doing a

  6. When I was discharged from the Navy straight from Vietnam after 4 years tracking aircraft over NVN–I found a very different USA to come home to! Despite being a decorated veteran–I could NOT find a job with anything like my skills or training despite a shortage of linemen or power plant operators or aircraft controllers or even computer-appliance repairmen! I was told by an agent at FP&L that I could not be hired because they had a quota of blacks and women to fill-first! Thanks LBJ!

  7. LBJ put racism back in place with quotas. I was out of the military, great shape, scored in top 5% of fire fighting test, was passed over because of quotas. I managed to do 24 years with a company that hired many minorities, many of which could not read well, follow directions well or were just plain lazy. Firing them was a task, it was usually for late, missed days or safety violations. I was in hearings many times justifying why a person was fired, in most cases the question was, what took so

  8. Meet Liberalism, the new racism (and sexism). Funny how how all the goals of segregation from supremacists are ironically coming true from the Left and leaders like our idiot PM, Trudeau. Leftist policies and actions do nothing but split the races that have worked so hard to come together. Now’s the chance for the KKK to go back to their Democrat roots. They all share the same principles. And people are dumb enough to buy it.

  9. Your editorial, Black, Ignorant, Unskilled…Racist, is so true. The young and many of the older Black people have received the worst education possible and so many of the white woke are the most terrible of the white persons. And they are unashamed of their actions. Unless the Blacks themselves decide to change, I see no hope for them. One American Black I often use as an example of what can be done is ‘Ben Carson’. I love his story. LaVerne Phinney, Stony Plain, AB

  10. One of the worst events in our history was the assassination of Dr King. He was revered by the black community and truly a great man dedicated to uniting the country. He never would have put up with the race bating of the likes of Al Sharpton or the leaders of democrat party. I believe we would be a much different and better country right now.

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