Goodbye Kristi Noem – Goodbye Nikki Haley


Many RINOS Don’t Even Know They‘re Of That Political Stripe, Thinking They’re Not, Which Is Why Conservatives Love Trump.

Kristi Noem . . . The Governor of South Dakota was the American Conservative Nation’s Sweetheart, Who Has it All . . . Great Looks, Guts, Talent and the Ability to Really Communicate. And Kristi Noem was so Popular with all Conservatives from the Top to the Bottom, that Kristi Noem Certainly had a Jump-Up on all the Other Wannabe Republican Presidential Candidates . . . that is if “Trump” Decides Not to Run Again.

But Far Too Often . . . People who Think too Much of Themselves . . . Think Too Much Of Themselves, and Wind-Up Forgetting What got Them to Where they Became Superstars.


There Was A Simple Question . . . Do You – Or Do You NOT Support Transgender Athletes Playing Against Girls?

In Other Words . . . Do you think Boys who Think They’re Girls Should Compete Against Real Girls, which Required a Simple YES Or NO Answer, which Kristi Noem Tried to Play from All Sides, as if Kristi Noem was Some Kind of a Philosopher Queen Trying to Have-It all Ways.


And as Kristi Noem Did all She Could to Explain Herself & Backtrack on What was as Stupid & Dumbass a Social & Political Statement for Kristi Noem to Say & Do, because the Consternation from Conservatives was Quick & Clear, all Kristi Noem Succeeded in Accomplishing with her Retreat-Explanation, was to Prove Why Real Conservatives will Never Accept Kristi Noem as their Presidential Nominee.


Nikki Haley Had No Right To Disparage & Obliterate A Major Or Even A Minor Segment Of American History.

I Was Not A Fan Of Nikki Haley, when as Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley Decided to Remove the Vestiges of the American South, Including the Stars & Bars, the Battle Flag of the South, which I Believe was the Precursor to Today’s Modern LEFTIST War on the History (Good & Bad) of the Conservative South.

Nikki Haley, Like Kristi Noem Also Has It All . . . Great Looks, Toughness, Smarts, Great Communication Skills and a Proven Track Record at the United Nations as America’s Ambassador to the Most Corrupt & Incompetent Institution on Earth, And Just Like Kristi Noem, Nikki Haley Had A Fast Track To Win The Republican Presidential Primary If “Trump” Didn’t Run . . . Nikki Haley Blew-It.

WHEN THE LEFTIST MEDIA & AMERICAN NEO-CONS . . . Were Kicking the Hell out of President Trump for the Contrived Riot at the Capital Building (Congress – January 6, 2021), Nikki Haley Couldn’t Help Herself . . . And Just Like Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley Needed To Get A Few Kicks-In At “Trump” Too.

Haley & Noem Both Would Have Had The Endorsement Of Trump. . . Maybe Not So Much Anymore.


Far Too Many Republicans Are Buying The Big Lie . . . that the LEFT has Already Won the Socio/Political War, and if Not Already Won-It, then it is Inevitable that the LEFT will Win Soon Enough, Because Conservatism is all but Dead and the Republican Party is in the Throes of Demise.


The Truth Is . . . The Political Right has just Begun to Fight-Back and the Fake Republican Conservatives (RINOS), which are the Enemy From Within – are in the Crosshairs of Real Constitutional Conservatives.

If You Remember “Propaganda” Baghdad-Bob . . . According to Baghdad Bob, America had Already Lost the Iraqi War, as Bagdad Bob was Speaking to the World Media, American Troops were Marching through the Streets of Baghdad, Past the Studios from where Baghdad Bob was Broadcasting.

Even Near The End of WWII, as the Allies were Marching-On Berlin, Many Germans Still Believed the Propaganda that the Nazis were Still in the Fight. And the Russian Communists were Touting the Soviet Union as the Great Society, while Russians and their Satellite Communist Partner Countries Struggled to Put Basic Needs like Food on their Tables.


In Biden’s Pretend Press Conference . . . Biden Blurted the Concept that there Might Not be a Republican Party by the Time of the Next Election, to Which I Agree, Because the Republican Party has Become Nothing More & Nothing Less than a Feeding-Trough for Republican Men & Women to Gorge Themselves, by Pretending they are Worthy of the People’s Conservative Trust & Money.


The Reality . . . is that Biden, through his Mental Fog, Actually Uttered Something Truthful & Factual, which Wasn’t Contrived for Him by Biden’s Handlers, which is Why the LEFT (American Neo-Communists) are Going Nuts to Disparage Conservative Republicans . . . Before Conservative Republicans Can Drain Their Own RINO Swamp.

Biden & His Puppeteers are Aghast at States Like Georgia, Amongst Many other Swing States, which Today are Passing Reasonable Voting Regulation Laws, which will FORCE all Georgian American Citizens to Prove they’re Legitimate & Eligible American Voters, Even if the Voters Want to Vote by Absentee Ballot. And to Remove all the Voting Shenanigans Perpetrated by the Democrats.

But It Gets Worse For Cheaters . . . Everyone In Georgia Will Have To Abide By Voter Transparency.


ACCORDING TO THE LEFT – (Democrat Neo-Communists) . . .  Making it Harder to Cheat During an Election Creates a Huge DISADVANTAGE to Black & Brown People . . . From Which I Have to Believe – That the Democrat Neo-Communists Have Concluded that Black & Brown People ARE TOO STUPID to be able to Vote by the Same Rules, Which Govern White People.  How Racist Is that?

It’s Like Saying . . . Certain Races are Too Smart – So Let’s Dumb-Them-Down, while the LEFT are Saying that Blacks are Too Stupid . . . So Let’s Help Them Cheat.


You’ll Notice . . . That At The Bottom Of This & Every Editorial Page Is A Link To My Latest Podcast.

I Want To Expand The Reach & Message Of . . . And it Seems that there are Quite a Few Readers of who Want to Hear what I am Thinking as Well as Just Reading my Thoughts. So, I have Decided to Produce a Variety of Podcasts, which will Specifically Shine a Light on What it Takes Emotionally, Physically & Financially . . . From A 100% Personal Perspective . . . TO BE A RIGHTS ACTIVIST.

Each Podcast Will Be No Less Than 10-Minutes & HopefullyNone More Than 20-Minutes . . . and the Link at the Bottom of the Editorial Page will Open to a Different Page, which will Still Allow the Listener to Stay with the Editorial Page.

And Listeners Can Comment On Either The Podcast, Editorial Page Or Both.

I Will Do, Write & Say Whatever It Takes & Whatever I Can Afford . . . to Bring the Readers & Listeners of every Semblance of Truth, Honest Opinion & Accuracy as I Can . . . With ZERO Embellishments, since we all Deserve Much Better than What we Have been Dished-Up to us  in Terms of Media . . . Than What We Are Getting Now.

As Always . . . I Will Do My Best To Live Up To Your Standards & Expectations.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We conservatives are at a huge disadvantage because the playing field is far from level. Not only does the fascist left have the corrupt mainstream and social media on their side, but it is assumed that they are just as sane as we are. Obviously they are not. What is more, they are self-righteous, ignorant and nasty. While we play by the rules, they are allowed to twist them to suit their interventionist narrative. Too bad the gross injustice of this arrangement is not obvious to every American

  2. I disagree that Haley had the inside edge for 2024 Howard. She’s dissed Trump for a while now. Despite Noem’s waffling, I take great delight that transgender women are suddenly entering an area that is problematic. The issue cannot be cherry-picked where transgenders can use women’s locker rooms and restrooms with nary a dissent, yet when the situation truly becomes an issue (and I’d hate to see girls sports ruined) I take great delight in watching the fallout as the chickens come home to roost.

  3. I can’t understand Noem’s problem. Biological males competing in women’s sports is a stupid idea perpetrated by brainless leftist idiots. End of argument.

  4. Have to disagree about Kristi Noem, Howard. She used the style and form veto to send it back to the legislature, and they can still pass it with that veto, but signing the bill as it was would have caused challenges from feds and others. The legislature will not pass it. They will use her veto to try to compromise her. Don’t fall for it. As for Haley, she bit the hand that fed her. Just dumb.

  5. I have the feeling that most people commenting on Kristi Noem have not listened to the full narrative. If I heard her correctly, she stated that if she flatly said no to this farce, the NCAA would take her to Court where leftist Judges would drag this out for years and that would spell the end of competitive sports for females. I wonder what these trans people see when they take a shower ? Duh!

  6. I agree with you about Nikki Haley but I think you’re too hasty on Kristi Noem. I agree with Pamela Dale above me. She says that she wanted the Bill reworded to ensure she’d win the court challenges. She did say openly that with the Bill as is she’d lose any challenges in court – accent on a lose definitely in court. Why? Because she stated that the judges she would have to deal with were all appointed by Obama!!! I like that. What you disagree on is minor. I’ll wait a bit.

    Since When is NOT Standing-Up for a Clear Values Principle, is Doing the Right Thing? – HG:

  7. I’ve said this over and over about Womens Sports.—IT IS UP TO THE GIRLS COMPETING, TO CHANGE THIS MESS!! Line up as usual and when the gun goes off—DO NOT PARTICIPATE—Let the shemail run, swim, jump all alone!! Let the gender confused compete all alone, because, that’s what they want, to be the star of the show. Do this at every competition no matter the sport and eventually the joke will solve itself!!!

  8. Howard have had my son here with me all this month doing a honey do list for me. So have not been on line all that much. Knowing you as a wonderful person and good soul that you are I am sorry that I have not had much time to write back to your voice mails and your editorials. My son leaves on Wed. of this coming week so hopefully he is finished. I will catch up to you then. As for as I have seen on T.V. about Biden take him home where he needs to be. The best to you and Anne God blessings 🙂

  9. I have to agree with the others about Kristi Noem. I personally think she handled the issue wisely. As for Nikki Haley, up until the day she decided it was ok to trounce on Trump, I was all for her. Being a Jew, and watching her in the UN how she continuously fought for Israel, I had to like her. However, stabbing Trump in the back was crossing the line for me, and it was also very disappointing.

  10. Howaard, I, too, agree with those who have expressed support of Governor Noem. Might I suggest that you read section 2, 13-67-2 of the proposed bill? The language therein, and more significantly the absence of language, affords a party such as the A.C.L.U. fodder to successfully challenge the bill. Although males are prohibited from participating in female sports, females are not prohibited from participation in male sports. “Equal treatment.”

  11. From 10000 miles away. Hunter’s dad and Harris. Few doubt that such duds could have been truly elected. Corrective Action Plans. For as long as the setting includes the old pseudo conservative flotsam, President Trump should carefully consider if to run again. Should his expert operatives successfully cut away that stain, then the President has an nationwide open field, pending .expulsion of all illegal residents, media and election fraud clean up down to the core. Daunting, all of it

  12. I support Kristi. She just wants the Bill rewritten so that the Trans folks cannot use the women’s facilities. The idiots are asking for some real bad things to happen. My daughter is an adult, my grand daughter is a teen, if I saw a cross dressing wanabe female go into the same bathroom as my grand daughter, I am not sure how strong my reaction might be. These folks are saying “God made a mistake, by making me Male/female, and I want to fix it” Wrong. People/parents create the mistake for them.

  13. I am not ready to knock the legs out from under Kristy Noem. Waiting to see if the bill comes back in better shape than the original. If not then I will be ready to jump aboard you ship.

  14. Howard, I looked up Father Joe Sullivan and found he had died on Nov. 5, 2014 at 84 yrs. old. Also looked up Chief Billy Two Rivers and found he had been a champion wrestler, which I didn’t know.

  15. Yep, Kristi and Nikki pretty much blew their chances. Had hopes for Kristi Noem, but she caved to Chamber of Commerce pressure then tried to fix it by rewriting certain parts; damage already done. I liked Haley’s job at UN but her what seemed to me as dislike/disrespect of South’s history continued to shout at me, not to mention her rebuffs of Trump when she resigned & later. I can’t help but wonder if Eric Trump might run for POTUS; might be good replacement. Have to see…

  16. “…Kristi Noem Tried to Play from All Sides….” That’s the problem with ALL politicians. None of them say what they truly believe. Instead, they all try to play to soundbytes and maximizing votes.

  17. Noem was a spendthrift while in Congress like the rest of the pea-brained SD congressional delegation members past and present. A pox on all their houses!

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