Trump Did It

I Guess Trudeau Never Heard Of President Trump’s America First Policy.

I Really Don’t Want to Speak (Write) Badly about the Country of my Birth (Canada), Since the Canada I Grew-Up-In was a Large Country with a Small Proud Population of DOERS.


We (Canadians) Took Pride in Hard Work, Respectful Values, Family, Country & How we Conducted Ourselves on the Global Stage, while Fighting Two World Wars, the Korean War and the Silent Cold War Against the Scourge of Communism.


Now . . . A HUGE Percentage Of Canadians Live On The Dole & We Give To Other Countries What We Borrow From China.

CANADA . . . Is A Huge Territorial Country (Second Largest In The World) – with a Small Population . . . Currently at Around 37-Million People, which was Always Counted-Upon to be There . . . When Being There Was Necessary.


Canada Always Paid Our Own Way . . . Until The Father Of Justin Trudeau Created The Debt That Only Grew With Time.

And Now – Because Of A Massive Debt . . . Nationally, Provincially & Municipally – Canada Can’t Even Afford to Outfit our Military, so We’re Busy Buying Used Fighter Jets from Australia, because Canada Reneged on our Obligation to Buy F-35’s from the USA. So Canada Relegated itself to Buying the Dregs of Australia’s Used Airforce, which is  Proudly Procuring our Canadian Allotment . . . Of State Of The Art F-35 Fighter Jets.


More Than That . . . Canada Has Also Reneged On Our Signed Commitment To Pay 2% Of Our GDP Into NATO.

When the Canadian Population was Far Less in Number than What it is Today, Major Countries Leaned on Canada as a Reliable Ally when we all Had to Pull Together . . . No Matter The Cause . . . Because Canada’s Allies Knew That Canada Would Be There Front & Center.

Today . . . To My Enormous Embarrassment & Sadness – Canada Is Competing With 3rd World Countries For The China Virus Vaccine.

The Last I Read (Currently) About Canada’s Place In Vaccinating Canadians, we are Beyond 40th Place in the World for Vaccinations Per Capita, to the Point, where Canada (Trudeau’s Liberal Government) Is Saying That Canada Will Not Be Able To Be Fully Vaccinated Until Sometime In 2022.

And Who Do You Think Trudeau Is Publicly Blaming . . . For Canada’s Abysmal Handing Of The China Virus . . . If you Guessed Donald Trump, you Get to be on the Liberal Canadian Pogey (Welfare) Bandwagon . . .

In-Spite Of The Facts That . . .

1 – Trudeau Wanted to be the Big Man on the Chinese Campus and Gave All . . . if Not Most of our PPE (Masks, Gowns Etc) to the Chinese, as the Chinese first Acknowledged the Virus (Of Their Own Making) . . . Trudeau Left our PPE Cupboard High & Dry.

And When we (Canada) Needed those Masks & General PPE, the Chinese were Only too Happy to Sell us their Inferior Products, which we Grabbed-Up like the Beggars We’ve Become.

Why Blame “Trump”?  . . . Because Trudeau has No-One Else to Blame, so Trudeau Blames President Trump, not Because Trudeau Himself is a National & Global Screw-Up, But Rather Because Trump Didn’t Send Masks and other PPE to Canada Soon Enough, which Set Canada Back Several Months.

I Guess Trudeau Never Heard Of President Trump’s America First Policy.

2 – As President Trump was Going Full-Tilt to Create a Vaccine to Combat the China Virus – “OPERATION WARP SPEED” . . . Along with Other Western Allies, Trudeau Threw Canada’s Lot in with Communist China to Develop their Vaccine.


I Won’t Feed Stryker Dogfood Made In China.

Not Only Did Canada Lose All Of Our Money With The Chinese, we Also Lost any Chance at Being at the Top of Recipients for the Pfizer, Moderna And/Or AstraZenica Vaccines, which has Put Canada at the Bottom of the Vaccine Food-Chain.


People Have Already Been Forcibly Arrested.

In the Separatist Province of Quebec, where the Unrestricted Use of the English Language is Against the Law . . . There Is An 8pm Province-Wide Curfew, and there is No Contact Allowed, even between Neighbors, Close Friends & Family Members.

As For Restaurants . . . Forget About It. For Non-Essential Shopping, Except For Pharmaceuticals & Grocery Food – Don’t Even Think About It.

The Province Of Ontario Isn’t Far-Off From Quebec. And even Between the Maritime Provinces and the Rest of Canada, Travel Needs Government Approval Coming & Going. And in British Columbia, where Anne & Are Right Now, there’s a Partial Lock-Down Vis-à-vis how many People are Allowed in Restaurants, Mandatory Masking, Social Distancing – Etc . . . But there’s Also No Fraternizing between People Outside of your Frigging Bubble, which No-One understands How the Stupid Bubble is Supposed to Work.

And To My Great Mortification, here in LEFT-COAST British Columbia, I can Puke at the People I see on the Jogging Paths who are Wearing Masks as they Run, Including People Walking on the Sidewalks with other People or by Themselves. Even People Riding Bicycles are Wearing Masks. Talk About The “Stepford” People.

And In The Canadian Prairie Provinces . . . They’re All Over The Board On Everything.


Anne & I have Canadian Friends who Managed to Fly to the USA, Mostly to Florida to Get Away from the Winter, to Escape the Draconian Lockdowns and to Get the Vaccine.

However . . . When these Friends Fly-Back to Canada, they will Not be Allowed to Come Into Canada (Their Home) Unless they Can Prove they Have a Negative Covid (China Virus) Test No Older than a Few Days, if they Don’t Want to be Quarantined for 14-Days . . . And Even With A Negative Test . . .These Canadians MUST Be Quarantined In A Hotel (Like A Holiday-Inn) For Three Days At A Fixed Government Cost Of $2,000 Per Person.

And How Quarantined Do They Have To Be? . . . Quarantined Enough Not To Leave Their Hotel Room.

And Even Though – Statistically . . . the Spread of the China Virus Seems to be In-Freefall & Hospitalization Cases are Considerably Less – Including the Number of Real Deaths that Can Actually be Attributed to the China Virus . . . The Heavy Hand Of Big Brother Is No Less Heavy.

And While Of This Is Happening, Canada Wants to Keep as Many People as Possible Unemployed & Dependent Upon the Canadian Government for Everything. And as Many of the Small Businesses, which the Politicians & Bureaucrats Decide are Un-Essential are Going out of Business because of the Shut-Downs – The Huge Chain Box Stores & On-Line Retailers are Raking-It-In.

So How About It? . . . Do You Think It’s A Good Idea To Be Like Canada?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with you Keith T. only we did it in the U.S. along with letting in the thousands of people who come from Southern country’s who will get everything FREE. Yes, there was no way our voting this time was not hacked. God help your country and ours the United States. Thank you Howard once again a great editorial, my best to you and to Anne. Puppy dog and how ever many horses you have. You have never said. God be with you all. :))

    Two Big Quarter Horses & A Rescue Pony – HG

  2. Let’s see now. Dominion voting head office is in Toronto. Trudeau swept the country against one of the best Prime Ministers we ever had (Harper). See where I’m going here? I will never accept any other explanation how Trudeau came in with such a large majority government first time around. I look at him and say, “Now there’s a reason to limit the PM to 2 terms max, because if Trudeau gets in again, we are toast!!

  3. Things are bad in USA so no, don’t need to be like Canada. We’re bad enough as it is.

  4. And I thought things were bad here in Oregon (USA), although not as bad as California. We have relatives in Ontario, but don’t hear much from them. I’m guessing they are very depressed! I would just caution everyone on one thing: don’t be in a hurry to get the so-called vaccine; do your research and become informed about its dangers. Build up your immune system and you will be a healthier individual with no fear of the Covid.

  5. Right now in Ontario we are told the lines will open on March 15th to call the medical folks to make an appointment to get the vaccine . Appointments will be for folks over 80 years of age after March 15th. They are the first to get the vaccine after long term homes and medical workers. Canadians are depending on foreign countries for our vaccine when we have companies right here who can make it. That’s what out gov. Calls planning ahead.

  6. The Cdn. govt/system is such a sad mess. And people have been significantly pacified and brainwashed to ignore it all. The communist operation to dummy us down to nothingness has been a success. With the Trudeau govt and this last US election I have lost all faith in any North American greatness or accomplishments. The doofuses in power are nothing but non-thinking, liberal robots themselves. No different than the dozens of CNN-watching, empty-headed fools I encounter every day.

  7. I would agree things in Canada are dismal, but now under our new socialist leadership we in the U.S. seem to be following in Canada’s footsteps.

  8. I’m ashamed to be a Canadian. Justin’s father Pierre was first elected in 1968. It has been downhill ever since. I live in a very Liberal jurisdiction. It’s embarrassing just to walk my dog.

  9. There are only 2 parties left in America, the Uniparty and the Trumplicans. Trump has revealed the utter corruption of the Uniparty which would’ve been a huge service to America even if he had slept through the rest of his term. I am not a Republican, I am a proud Trumplican.

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