Why Did Nikki Haley Screw-Over “Trump”?


There was No Greater Icon for Freedom of Expression on the Radio than Rush Limbaugh. I Almost Always Agreed with Limbaugh, even though I Rarely Listened to his Show, because when he was On-Air, I was Always Doing Something Which Precluded me from Listening . . . Nonetheless – What Limbaugh Said Resonated From Wherever You Heard-It . . . From Limbaugh Or Because Of Limbaugh.

THAT SAID . . . No Mega-Media Personality has Ever had a More Positive & Profound Influence on the Psyche – of Not Just the American People, But Freedom-Loving People Worldwide.

I Assure You . . . Even Throughout Canada – Limbaugh’s Voice Boomed Loudly Over Many Canadian Radios.


But Let Me Say This . . . Rush Limbaugh was a Conservative Media (Radio) Pioneer who Inspired no Shortage of Men & Women to Enter the World of Conservative Free-Speech Broadcasting, Which Will Continue.

Limbaugh’s Influence . . . Is & Will Continue To Be Perpetual.


Thank You To The People Who Contributed To Galganov.com. Personal Thank-You Emails Will Soon Be On The Way.


To Me . . . What Nikki Haley Said Vis-A-Vis her Unwarranted & Vicious Assault on Donald Trump, Concerning “Trump’s” Impeachment Acquittal . . . Is & Was 100% In-Line with what McConnell Said in the Senate Chamber About Donald Trump . . . just Moments AFTER the “Trump” Acquittal.

These RINOS Are Terrified Of Donald Trump . . . and Like the Democrats who are all Swimming Together in the Washington Swamp, These Republicans-In -Name-Only (RINOS), will Say & Do Whatever they Believe it will Take to Bring Donald Trump to his Knees in Order to Preserve their Political Fiefdom.

With A Trump Resurgence . . . The Likes Of Nikki Haley & Mitch McConnell Can Kiss Their RINO Asses Goodbye.


The LEFT Is Right – 100% Right . . . There Has Been An Insurrection In Washington. But Not The Way They “Play-It”.

Government In Washington, no Differently than Government in Canada, sees its Role, Not as the Benefactor of a Well Oiled Socio/Economic Machine, to the Benefit of the People who Elect them and Pay their Salaries . . . But Rather, as Elitists – Who See Themselves . . . As The Power For The Few Over The Compliance Of The Many.

I Personally Know Politicians In Canada & The United States Of America.

I’ve Been to the US Congress (Senate & The House). I’ve been to Congressional Hearings, and I’ve had Private Congressional Meetings with US Representatives. I’ve Spoken About Freedoms at a Select Audience at the Harvard Club in New York City, and I’ve Delivered Speeches in Canada’s Parliament Building.


Let Me Make This Absolutely Clear . . . I Wouldn’t Trust Most Of These Bastards To Muck-Out My Horse’s Stall.


As A Retired CEO, which is Nothing More than a Fancy Way of Saying I Owned the Company, which is Light-Years Away from Public CEO’S, who Screw-Up Royally, and Walk Away with Mega-Buyouts – Paid For With Investor Money (Other People’s Money).

Because I Was On The Front Line Of Running My Own Business . . . I Know Quality in People. I Know who Did the Job, who only Got By, and who the Slackers were. I Also Know That It Doesn’t Take A Dozen People To Screw-In Or Unscrew A Light-Bulb.

Almost 40-Years Ago, when I was just In My Early 30’s, a Very Wealthy Montreal Developer, who was a Client of My Start-Up Advertising Agency, who was also a Very Generous Philanthropist, asked me to Take-On the Volunteer Role of Publicist for his Favorite Charity, and as Prestigious as this Role would have Been for Me and my Young Advertising Agency . . . I Very Reluctantly Declined this Generous Opportunity, Only Because I was at that Time Already Inundated with all that was Necessary for me to be Building my Nascent Business.

What my Client Wanted me to do, if I was to do it Properly, would have become a Full-Time Endeavor, which Would Have More or Less Stymied the Growth of my Agency.

I Explained to this Client, that as Grateful as I was for this Incredible Opportunity to Rub Shoulders with High-Society . . . I Simply Did Not Have the Time to Dedicate to his Charity. But, wherever I could Help from Time-To-Time, I’d be there for him

His Response To Me Was Succinct . . . That’s Exactly Why I Want You To Take This Appointment – “If You Want To Get The Job Done, Give It To A Busy-Man”.

I Didn’t Take My Client-Up On His Offer . . . But What He Said Left An Indelible Impression On Me.

I Look At All The Politicians I Have Personally Known . . . and at the Many I Have Simply Met Casually, and Out-Of all of Them, there were just a Few, Far Too Few To Be Worthwhile, who I would Least-of-All Trust my Business to . . . Let Alone the Importance of Running my Country.


In Spite of All The Bullshit We Hear . . . Running A Country Is No Different Than Running A Business.

If the USA, Canada, or any of the Other “Democracies” were Corporations, Even Hot Dog Stands . . . They would be out of Business. Their Employees would be out of Work, and their Suppliers would be Out of a Company to Which they Could Ship their Products or Services . . . It’s As Simple As That!


In The Real World . . . Not the Make-Believe World of the Politicians, who Think they’re the Smartest & Most Capable People on the Planet, which they are Not, They Would All Be Fired With Disgraceful Resumes.


I Am All But Convinced . . . As I Have Been For More Than A Decade – Not All People Should Have The Right To Vote.

Ignorant & Uninformed People Should Not Vote.

People On Welfare Should Not Vote.

Incarcerated Criminals Should Not Vote.

People Without Certified ID Should Not Vote.

And Only Citizens Should be Allowed To Vote.


“Trump” Knows Who These Pretenders Really Are, and they Know He Knows it. The World of the Mega-Corporations (Mainstreet Media, Social Media, Big Tech, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists, Insurers, Academia, Unitions – Etc), who all Feed off the Avarice of these Politicians . . . NEVER Want To See Their Gravy Train Come To An End.

With President Trump . . . Their Days Would Be Numbered. But With Or Without Him – Their Days Are Still Numbered.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Rush was a true media GIANT and he will be sorely missed by millions. I can imagine the grinning and sneering of the twisted wackos on the left. The lunatics at CNN and MSNBC will be tying themselves in knots tonight trying to hide their contempt if they do indeed report on the passing of a genuine American icon.

    Jackson Barry, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • Most certainly Rush Limbaugh will be sadly missed. My wife and I looked forward to his broadcasts when traveling across the Country. (He was not available on N.B. radio) I like your voters list. It was Chretien who gave federal prisoners the vote. Maybe voting should be restricted to taxpayers only.

    R.E.Ted Ross, Miramichi, N.B., 44, Canada
  • Nikki Haley and Mitch McConnell et al are pure manure and I never had 1 iota of use for any of them. I have lived 88 years and looked into polotics as long as I have been old enough. BTW was recently banned from Facebook for being too young at 88.

    Phyllis Wilson, Gray, Tennessee,
  • We lived in the farm lands of Abbotsford, BC. One day I had my grandson in the van and I saw a manure spreader doing its job on a field. I asked my grandson if he knew what they called such a big, green machine. He didn’t know. I told him that they call it a POLITICIAN.

    Jeffrey Zucker, Bellingham, WA,
  • Add workers who get paid from taxpayer dollars to your list of those unqualified to vote. They have a conflict of interest.

    Marty Oshaughnessy, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
  • WOW . . . I never expecting this from Nikki – I’m very disappointed in her. Another abandoner like Betsy DeVos et al

    Kasimira Baxter, Ede, Ontario,
  • You & I both know those, because they don’t know how, as they have never done it, who would not be fit to muck out your horse stalls. This should be required knowledge for all to know, and especially politicians. 2000 + years ago, cicero wrote a great essay on politicians and I would encourage everyone to know it – its true even today. In essence, politicians feather their own nests, and everyone else comes after – so learn to recognize it when you see, & be unafraid to point it out.RIP RUSH

    Mickey Hegg, Mountrath, County Laois R32 P263, Ireland
  • Howard, you say above “ignorant and uninformed people should not vote”. You have just eliminated 50% of the voters! I agree with you 100%.

    Don Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada
  • You said it precisely. The RINOs have been flushed into the open. Note that Graham is desperately trying backpedaling his remarks to the democrat Senator from California to the effect that “2016 was a fluke about to be corrected”, this about two weeks before the… election… Barr proved to be a suave plant as well…

    Shmuel HaLevi, Karmiel, Israel,
  • The reason O’Biden & Nancy P. want to keep the NATIONAL GUARD at the CAPITOL is because they FEAR an UPRISING of THOUSANDS of TRUMP supporters & REALIZE that they wouldn’t be able to CONTROL same. You wrote–Running A Country Is No Different Than Running A Business–which is the reason WHY Trump was so SUCCESSFUL as President. Also AGREE with your listing of WHO should have the RIGHT to vote! Trump is SLOWLY RETURNING and the LEFT is TRULY suffering from TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS)! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,
  • I totally agree with the five conditions for being able to vote. I have worked elections at polling stations. If you question a voter, all he has to say is that he is a citizen. That is not right and we oblige to let let him vote. Your a racist or a bigot if you don’t agree. RIGHT HERE IN CANADA. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta

    Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta,
  • Rush was taken much too soon! Our country has a huge void now. We needed Rush to help guide us through the unchartered waters the democrats are taking us through. They are destroying all the good President Trump did and it seems as if no one can stop them or do anything about it. RIP Rush. You’re in a better place but will be missed so much. God bless Rush and God bless you Mr. G for always speaking the truth. Our country needs great men like you, Rush, and Mark Levin, the Great One

    Lori Gembella, Yucaipa, California,
  • I totally agree with your “do not vote list” but for those saying that government workers should be all on that list, I disagree. Only government workers that fall into the categories that Howard lists. I had 3 government jobs so far. The first is I served in the Canadian Air Force. Should all military personnel be on Howard’s list? The second was at NRC doing research on airplanes for the betterment of Canadians. Now I’m with immigration Canada. Also had lots of taxpaying jobs in between.

    Robert Daigneault, Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • One reason these life-timers keep getting reelected is they mostly run unopposed. When was the last time Nancy Pelosi had anyone run against her–Dem or GOP? McConnell had a contender last time but still (somehow) won. With all the fraud in the 2020 elections, makes me wonder if any incumbent getting back in was real or legal. I watched Mark Warner’s GOP opponent Gade was winning until after I went to bed @11:30. Next morning, Warner had won. FOX called VA for Warner from 8:30 on tho behind.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • There will never be another Rush but he blazed the trail for many. RIP dear Rush.

    Linda Timmes, Queen Creek, Arizona, United States
  • People in our Government have been recalled for being nuts and other reasons like Governors and others. Maybe it is time we recalled Biden and his hoe.

    Dale E. DuBois, Poland, Indiana,
  • IMHO Howard is the closest print version of Rush Limbaugh,

    What a Wonderful thing to Say – Thank you! – HG:

    Bob Newell, Waterdown, ON,
  • Maybe we could just build a wall around the DC Swamp and secede from them?

    David Norris, Wichita, Kansas, United States
  • Haley is a GOPe scumbag, just like McConnell. They used President Trump to get re-elected and then backstabbed him. Scumbags all. We the Trumplicans will not forget this although our votes no longer count.

    Teri Newman, Belleville, Illinois, United States
  • Howard, I agree for the most part. I am a retired Federal employee who was robbed of much of my Social Security benefits that I had already earned before I became a Federal Employee for over 34 years. As for qualifications to vote, Only Citizens who actually pay taxes should be allowed to vote. I cannot understand how the ignorant and uninformed could be barred. Their source of information is the corrupt media.

    Van D Kleiner, Corinth, TX, United States

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