The Crumbling Of America


I’m Reading a Great Deal of LEFTIST BS – that (Republicans) Conservatives are Sore Losers and Have to Get Over the Fact that they Lost the Election . . . So I Did Something Terribly Painful – I Read & Watched Some Mainstream LEFTIST News Providers.

And This Is The Conclusion Of What I Read, Saw & Heard . . . You Can’t Know The Facts If The “Facts” Are Slanted & Withheld.

There Are Multiple Ways . . . for the Media to Mislead the People – ONE is through Lying about the Truth. TWO is about “CREATING” the Truth. and for the Purpose of this Editorial . . .THREE is for Not Reporting the Truth.


I Would Like To Say How Disappointed I Was With What I Saw, Heard & Read . . . But It Was As I Expected.

SO WHEN A LIBERAL TELLS ME . . . To Get Over It – Suck-It-Up & Take the Loss, all I Can Do is Shake my Head in Regret as to How Uninformed Democrats (Liberals) on Both Sides of the Border Really Are.

I Remember Obama . . . On His Way Out – Saying . . . The Jobs will Never Come Back to the United States Unless “Trump” has a Magic Wand. So What Happened?

With President Trump’s Business Alacrity, Not Only did the Jobs Come Back to America, President Trump Ushered-In the Greatest Job Recovery & Employment Average in American History. The Mainstream Media Never Reported This Or Played It Down & In Spite Of Obama’s Own Words . . . They Gave Obama Credit For “Trump’s” Successes.

The LEFTIST Media Also Predicted a Complete Collapse of the Stock Market if Donald Trump was to Become the President of the United States of America. But Instead of the Collapse, the Market Set Weekly Records and Went over 30,000.

Again – The Mainstream Media Never Reported This Or Played It Down & In Spite Of Obama’s Own Words . . . They Gave Obama Credit For “Trump’s” Successes.

The Mainstream Media & Obama all But Promised that President Trump will have America at War With North Korea Within The First Year . . . Once “Trump” Takes Office. But Not only Did this Not Happen, to the Contrary, North Korea has been Uncharacteristically Quiet for the 4-Years Of President Trump’s Administration.

And Even At That . . . The Mainstream Media Did All It Could To Demean & Diminish This Tremendous Achievement.

A Primetime Traitor (Vietnam), Secretary Of State & Jerk . . . John Kerry – and all the Useful Israel-Hating Politicians, said the ONLY Road to Middle Eastern Peace Runs through the Palestinians and their Concept of a Two State Solution, where Israel Must Surrender it’s Ancestorial  Lands . . . or there will Never be Peace in the Middle East, Which Proved To Be Bullshit Of The Highest Order.

When President Trump Did What all the Other Presidents Promised to Do & Didn’t Do, which was to Move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Which Historically has Been Israel’s Capital For 3,000 Years, the LEFT Predicted Doom & Gloom.

There Was No Doom Or Gloom . . . And the Arab World – for the First Time in History, as a result of President Trump’s Deal Of The Century, has Been Clamoring to Make Peace with Israel. And What did the Mainstream Media Make of this Unbelievable Diplomatic Success – They Called It A Political Election Stunt.

I’m Not Going To Write A Dozen Or Dozens Of Pages . . . Listing the Unbelievable Accomplishments of the Trump Presidency, In Spite of all the Nefarious Roadblocks Put in President Trump’s Path, because People Reading this Editorial Already Know of “Trump’s” Magnificent Successes for the American People . . .

Ranging from Border Security, Trade Deals, Military Supremacy & Energy Independence . . . Etc-Etc-Etc, Even though Most of the American/Canadian LEFT Don’t Have a Clue . . . It’s All True Whether The LEFT Want To Believe It Or Not.

One Of The Biggest Insults Amongst So Many Gargantuan Insults – Is How The LEFT Portrayed “Trump” & The China Virus.

To Blame President Trump . . . for the China Virus & How the President Handled a Crisis, which No One in the World Expected or Could Have Been Prepared For, was Especially Egregious, Given how Unbelievably Quick & Efficient President Trump’s Administration Met all the Challenges from Ventilators, to Field Hospitals to Masks and other Medical Necessities.

To Hear From All The LEFT . . . Biden Especially – Mocking President Trump’s Promise, that he will Have a Vaccine Created to Begin Mass Distribution before the End of the Year (2020) is Particularly Galling, Considering that President Trump Met this Unbelievable Promise . . . While Biden & His Sycophant Legion Are Working Hard To Take Credit For This Unparalleled “Trump” Accomplishment.

It’s Interesting That Canada’s Media & Dysfunctional Socialist Government (Trudeau) . . . Ridiculed President Trump & President Trump’s Administration for the way they were Dealing with Finding a Vaccine for the China Virus, by Ignoring what the Americans were Doing while Throwing-In Canada’s Lot with the Chinese, who Screwed us (Canada) Royally.

So While The Western World Is Already Vaccinating . . . Canada Barely Has Enough Vaccine to Cover Just 125,000 People. Even Israel, with 9-Million People – has just Announced they will Use their Surplus Vaccine to Vaccinate the Palestinians, while Canada has just Announced that all Canadians “Might” be Covered by December – NEXT YEAR (2021).

If The Only Media You Subscribe To Is Mainstream & Social Media – How Could You Be Blamed For Being Ignorant Of The Truth?


How Insulting Is It To America . . . That More Than Half The Country Believes The Georgia Runoff Elections Are Already Rigged?


Every Pissant In America – Elected & Appointed . . . Thinks He or She is the President of the United States of America. And the Mainstream Media is Absolutely Convinced that they Can Disparage the President of the United States of America through Lies & Innuendo with Impunity, which they Get Away with, because the People Believe the Mainstream & Social Media.

So What’s The International Community Supposed To Think . . . When the Media, Political Opposition, National Security (FBI, CIA, Justice Department, Military) and even the RINOS Within the President’s Own Party, Denigrate the President to the Point where Half the American Population Believes the President of the United States of America is a Liar, Cheat, Thief and a Buffoon?

Imagine How Far America Has Fallen When Simple Judges Set National & Global Policies Contrary To What The President Wants?


It’s Your Prerogative To Be As Ignorant As You Wish . . . But Whether you Want to Know the Truth or Not . . . KNOW THIS – At Least Half the American People Believe The 2020 Presidential Election Was Rigged To Some Degree, Starting with Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, a Propagandized Media, a Censored Social Media, Crafted Lies about the President’s Racial Views, Contrived Social Justice Riots, Manufactured ”Truths” of American Racism, Restrictions on Republican Poll Watchers, Unconstitutional Electioneering Rules, Ballots by the Hundreds of Thousands Showing-Up in the Dead of Night for Biden, Disinterested  Courts to Accept Republican Challenges, Unverifiable Ballots & Unregulated Foreign-Made Vote Counting Machines – Etc.

Whether President Trump Decides To Concede Or Not, which I’m all but Positive President Trump Will Not, and if Biden/Harris Make it to the White House, What Kind of Ride do these Two and all the Other LEFTISTS Think they’ll Get from the Hundred Plus Million Americans Who Truly Believe They Were Cheated?

And How Do They Think The Rest Of The World . . . Will Look at President Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris & the United States of America after they’ve Derided the Essence of their Own American Constitutional Freedoms?


I Don’t Care Who, What Or Why . . . Eventually – You Always Reap What You Sow. And Invariably Pay The Reaper.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Here’s a leftist media (Trump style) question for Biden that you will never hear ” Your son Hunter, the dishonest, junky that left your daughter in law for your other daughter in law and is paying you off with a share of the influence peddling that you are in plausible denial of is going to court for tax evasion. Will you corrupt the justice system to get him off?

    Unbelievably Well Stated – HG:

  2. Indeed we will reap what we sow, eventually. I’ve gotten angrier since Trump became president over politicians’ poor concept of what it means to be a representative of the people. Their behavior is appalling yet they continue to be re-elected. Makes me wonder if they’ve bought their way in all these years. I hope we get to see the reaping of what they’ve sown, if not in this life, in the next. If Biden gets in WH, it will be worst 4 yrs since US revolution & civil war. There may be another war.

  3. Here is another question that I would like somebody to please asked Joe Biden who claims that he did not take one Chinese penny: How did you manage to buy & own four (4) luxury homes and live a Millionaire’s style on $174,000 a year (today’s Senator salary)?? The tax returns that he released did not reflect higher income. He must be a financial genius to do that, which in this case he should be writing a book.

  4. My eyes,my head tell me Biden is in,but my heart tells me Trump’s not going anywhere.2020 has been crazy and I think it gets even crazier.If you look at all the corruption that is being exposed it seems like the dam is ready to break.If its Gods plant to put a demented 78 yr grifter and a Jezebel in office then so be it,but Jan 6 is a couple weeks off.Jesus showed up late for a funeral but it didn’t end the way people thought it would.

  5. I subscribe to The Epoch Times, Newsmax, OAN, and The Gateway Pundit. After reading an article I like to scroll through other readers’ comments. More and more I see how fed up people are and the talk always seems to point to the same thing. Feelings of abandonment by SCOTUS & The Republican Party, save a few that still have the balls to fight. The main theme that seems to resonate from most of the comments is the necessity to take this matter into their own hands. I see a civil war coming!!

  6. The most of us know that there was major voter fraud in the election. The uninformed were led to believe that voter fraud never happened. Also there are some people who never vote and could care less about who ends up the winner. The proof has been found but no court will take in on and no judge has the balls to do something about the fraud. Even the United States Supreme Court won’t do anything. I think these people have been threatened and they just want to stay alive.

  7. Yesterday, my wife and I went to a popular eatery in Liberal Eagle, Id. We sat at a table close to a table of young business folks that were obviously Libs. I overheard several comments about how Trump should concede to save the US. Also, how Kamala was going to do great things. Almost could not eat. On leaving, I stepped over to their table and said ,”I do not care what flavor of politics you are, but I feel sorry for you young folks as you will suffer the most over this election, Apr 15.

  8. What the LIBERALS have done and continue to do to AMERICA is just plain DISGUSTING! Their promises of FREE STUFF have reinforced our YOUTH’S LAZINESS. The WORST effect of their RADICAL AGENDA is a LOSS of MORALITY where AMERICA has become an “ANYTHING-GOES” society. Very few people have a SENSE of RIGHT and WRONG, so while Rome BURNS the LIBERALS are playing their FIDDLES! GOD help us all! Without sounding gloomy, if Pres. Trump isn’t RE-ELECTED, AMERICA will SOON be DOOMED! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  9. I believe before the Biden regime is ended, there will be a civil war in the U.S. Biden and gang are on the very thin edge of going to far w/ their communist manifesto. The left is pushing blk lives matter over the edge. The real American patriots have just about reached their limit of tolerance.

  10. Each morning I pray, and I ask forgiveness for the people that are helping the communists take over our country. I say, Father forgive them for they not not what they are doing, forgive them, for they vote out of ignorance. I say a prayer for them, the rest is up to God.

  11. Does anyone know how much John Durham is getting paid ? Maybe thats why its been two years and counting ?? Maybe another example of information suppression ? Do you think ?? In the interim ignorance remains bliss !!

  12. and we sit here in Canada and watch quietly as trudeau buys the next election this spring

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