We Don’t Always Have To Be The Good-Guys


Every Now & Then . . . Especially when you’re Fighting for your Life, and the Lives of your Family, Friends, Neighbors & Country – It’s OK To Kick Your Opponent In The Nuts If That’s What It Takes.

I Produced A Podcast A Few Days Ago – Extolling the Virtues of Fighting Beyond your Worst Fears, when the Alternative was Surrender. Everyone in my Circle of Politics Thought I was the Bravest & Toughest Streetfighter in Town. And even Quebec’s French Separatists thought I was so Scary, that they would Compare me to the Monster that Lurked Under the Bed at Night.

And As I Related In My Podcast, I was Riddled with Doubt & Fear, so much so, that I Wished it was Someone else Doing & Saying the Things I Did & Said Instead of me. But It Was Me . . . So I Hid My Fears Of Personal Physical Harm, Financial Ruin, Public Ridicule & Failure – I Sucked-It-Up & Came Out Fighting With Whatever “Weapon” I Could Conjure.


When In 1968 (18-Years Old) . . . I Joined the Montreal JDL (Jewish Defense League), I Trained with some Bad-Ass Instructors with the “Art” of Street Fighting, by use of Krav Maga with Nunchucks. In The 1960’s, Especially the Later 1960’s, Community Gangs (French & Black) in Certain Parts of Montreal, which Housed Large Working-Class Jewish Populations, were under Constant Physical Gang Attacks Against the Area’s Young Jewish Community.

Prior To 1968, I was just Another Young Canadian who Went to University during the Night, Worked during the Day and Tried to have as much Fun as Possible in the Interim Between University & Work.

I Wasn’t A Rough Kid . . . But Being a Young Red-Blooded Canadian, I Played Plenty of Hockey Amongst other Aggressive Full Contact Sports, where you Either Give it or Take it. I Preferred to Give it, but that’s Not the Way it Always Worked Out.

Essentially, I Was A Good Kid Who Never Looked For Trouble & Was Always Ready To Help When & Where Needed.


Then the Issue Came-Up with Roving Street Gangs Beating-Up On Jewish Kids, only Because they were Jewish, and the French Montreal Police Force had a Policy of Blindness when it came to Serving & Protecting Jews, Especially in that Mostly Jewish Enclave in that Multi-Ethnic Area . . . Someone Had To Step-In & Step-Up.

So – When I Was Asked To Join The JDL – They Didn’t Have To Ask Me Twice.

We Weren’t A Gang Of Thugs & Street FightersAt 18-Years Old, I was the Youngest. And Even though I was the Youngest, I still had Serious Obligations to Family, School & Work. And Except Perhaps – for One or Two other JDL Members, all the Rest of us were Responsible Young Adult Citizens with Jobs & Families, Many of Whom Never Threw a Punch in Anger . . . But Enough Was Enough.

If the Montreal Police, and the Quebec Provincial Police Weren’t Going to Do their Job and Defend the Set-Upon Jewish Community – We Would Do It Ourselves.

The People Who Organized The JDL – Understood that we were Motivated to Defend our Community, but were Untrained, Undisciplined and Ill Prepared to do the Things we Wouldn’t be Proud to Brag About Later-On . . . But Most Importantly . . . The Organizers Knew the Mindset of the Thugs we had to Deal with, and Went about Finding those within our Ranks, who would have No Compunction in Doing what had to be Done.

We (JDL) Were Taught Several Vital Lessons:

1 – If You’re Going To Fight . . . Fight To Win!

2 – If You’re Going To Win . . . Win So Big To Make The Loss For The Other Side So Painful They Won’t Ever Want To Fight Again.

3 – If The Other Side Shows-Up With Fists . . . Show-Up With Baseball Bats.

4 – If They Show-Up With A Few People . . . Show-Up With An Army.

5 – Contrary To The Rules Of The Marquis Of Queensbury, The Best time To Kick Your Opponent Is When He Or She Is Down.

6 – Always Let As Many People Know Who You Are – What You’ve Done & Why.


It Took Two Or Three Fights Under These JDL Rules . . . Which Led to Outrage in the Media, Including the French & English Media & Jewish LIBERAL Pansies who Likened Us to being Jewish Nazis.

All The News Reports – All The Time – Reported On The Jewish Thugs . . . who were Involved with Street Brawls that Led to Young People (Anti-Semitic Thugs) being Sent to Hospital . . . So Let Me Tell You What Happened – Within Less than a Month the Anti-Semitic Community Thugs Disappeared . . . and there was Never Another Assault on Jewish Kids Coming or Going to School.


When I Started QPAC (The Quebec Political Action Committee) . . . Right After Quebec’s 1995 Referendum to Leave Canada & Mostly Make the Use of the English Language in the Province of Quebec Illegal . . . In Conversation (Interview) with Quebec’s Largest & Most Circulated French Nationalist (Daily) Newspaper (Journal De Montreal), I Intentionally Mentioned (In Passing) that I was a Member of The Montreal Jewish Defense League Back In The Late 1960’s, Fully Anticipating This Would Jerk Some Reaction.

My Feeling Was . . . If They Want To Create An Anglo Monster – I’ll Help Them.

And NOT To My Surprise . . . they Didn’t Disappoint, with their Following Screaming Front-Page Headline Heralding . . . “ANGLO JUIF GALGANOV”, which Translates to the English Jew Galganov, which Portrayed me as much as a Nazi, Thug & Terrorist, Implying that I was Somehow Aligned with the Kind of People you Don’t Want to Mess with . . . But Nothing Could be Further From The Truth.

And Following This Journal De Montreal Headline . . . The Anglo Jew Became The Headline In Virtually All The French Media.

Then One Day, Not Long After . . . While Giving a Live Television (In-Studio) Interview (In French) on Canada’s Largest & Most Watched French Language Television Station (CBC – Radio Canada), I interrupted the Moderator and said (In French), before I Answer your Question, Please Explain to me Why the French Media Insults the Entire Jewish Community by Always Referring to Me as The English Jew?


The Interviewer was So Caught-Off Guard by my Question, that he Humbly Said; “But I Never Called You That”, to which I Interjected, Just About all the French Media Call me The English Jew, even though I was Born in Montreal, My Parents were Born in Montreal, and Here we are Speaking in your Language (French).

“Is That Not Anti-Semitism? . . . That Because I’m Jewish – It Doesn’t Entitle Me To My Opinions?”

What Would you Say if the Rest of Canada Referred to Quebec’s Premier (Bouchard) & French Quebeckers As Those French Catholics . . . in what Could Only be Construed as a Cultural Insult?

Within a Few Months of the Founding of QPAC, English Language Signs Began to Emerge Again, French Quebec Nationalists Started “Explaining” Rather than Intimidating, French Nationalist Thugs Started Threatening, but kept a Respectful Distance, because the Last thing they Wanted was to Test their Fears . . . And Now That I’m Gone From Quebec – English Quebecers Lost their Resolve, Lost their Courage . . . And It’s As If QPAC Never Happened.


Here’s The Bottom Line For All Of Us . . . Drop The Nice Guy Shtick, Get In Their Face & Do What Has To Be Done.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Another spot-on commentary about the total hypocrisy of a large portion of the population. Please keep up the good work. Be safe. Thank you, pH

  2. Many of my friends are French-speaking Quebecers. We always talk to each other in French. Wanna know what bugs them the most? Multiculturalism. They take pride in their French identity and see it being diluted all around them every day as Canada strives to accommodate increasing numbers of immigrants. The down side to this nationalism is their insistence on exporting their French identity across the entire country. They’re blind to the glaringly obvious hypocrisy.

  3. As always, you are spot-on. I am praying that PresidentTrump will apply / use the “6 Vital Lessons” you mentioned.

  4. so sad the way we are manipulated politically to think that this in a united Country with all the attention give by our federal gov given to our poor french province, this province is a barrier to our freedom as a complete Country, the best for all of us is for separartion of Canada and quebec

  5. Our President is surrounded by sewer creatures, Rinos, Libs and Moderates wanting their Hog Trough left alone. Lindsey Graham is a Rino, hee begged the President for help then turned on the moment he could. Term Limits is the semi fix and being able to fire one when they are found being corrupt would help. I agree with you it is time to stand fast, be aggressive when they open their mouths and be willing to take a hit if necessary. My wife stands with me on this as we train self defense now

  6. Howard, your Editorial “says it all”! The REPUBLICANS have played the “Good-Guy role” long enough. There is NO choice but to “get in their face and do what has to be done”! The PEOPLE have become PREDICTABLE thus also became VULNERABLE! Trump has “fought to win” but without the cooperation of the RINOS! The following quote represents you to a tee! “Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says…Oh! S**t…he’s awake!” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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