Turncoats For Whatever Reason Are Turncoats


During All Wars, Whether the Occupiers were Brutal or Not, there were Those Amongst the Occupied who Collaborated with the Enemy for Comfort, Safety or Treasure.

One of the Great Collaborators of our Recent History was George Soros, who as a Young Man Collaborated with the Nazis in his Home Country of Hungary. Today, the Spin Doctors (PR Professionals) are Spinning a Yarn that Soros was Just a Boy who Did what He Had to Do just to Survive . . . Which Is Not True.

The Problem For George Soros, is that in 1998, Soros Did a CBS 60-Minute Interview with Steve Kroft, which is there in all its Testimony for the World to Watch.

Spare Me The Crocodile Tears . . . A Turncoat Is A Turncoat Is A Turncoat.


Kroft To Soros: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

Soros: Yes. Yes.

Kroft To Soros: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from your fellow Jews, friends and neighbors.

Soros: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

Kroft To Soros: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many, years. Was it difficult?

Soros To Kroft: No, not at all. Not at all, I rather enjoyed it.

Kroft To Soros: No feelings of guilt?

Soros To Kroft: No, only feelings of absolute power.

Here’s A Man With Zero Remorse For What He Did, To Whom He Did It & Under Which Circumstances It Was Done.


George Soros Is An Atheist, Which is Soros’ Prerogative & Doesn’t Make him Evil, Much Like Bernie Sanders, which Doesn’t Take Away from the Fact that Whether they’re Believers or Not, they were Both Born Jewish. And whether they Like it or Not (Which They Don’t), Until the Day they Die, they will Always be Jewish . . .

Which Doesn’t Make Them Antithetical To Being Anti-Semites.

Some Of The Greatest Anti-Semites In The World Were & Are Jewish, Possibly More-So than Non-Jews, because of their Own Religious Self-Disdain, that, like an Indelible Tattoo . . . Can Never Be Entirely Removed.

A Great Number Of Jews . . . Tried to Renounce their Judaism Before Hitler Had a Go at Them, which Changed Nothing, since in the Eyes of the Nazis and Assorted Anti-Semites, even if just one of your Grandparents was Jewish, you Were Considered to be a Jew . . . And Off You Went To The Gas Chambers.

In The Case Of George Soros & Bernie Sanders . . . Their Contempt for Israel & Zionists (Unabashed Supporters Of Israel) Like Me, Coupled to their Revulsion of the Jewish Faith . . . Make Them Classic Jewish Anti-Semites To The Maximum.

In The Later 1990’s . . . I Had A Montreal Jewish Lawyer (Julius Grey), Who was A LEFTIST, but was Considered to be One of Canada’s Best Constitutional Lawyers, who Besides his Private Practice, Taught Law at McGill University, which is a University Considered to be the Canadian Equivalent to Harvard.


Julius, as it Turned-Out, was very Much in the Mold of Many Prominent Jewish Anti-Semites like Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders & George Soros – Fox News’ Chris Wallace’s Father (Mike Wallace), Once Went on a Television Rant (Which I Saw) About Not Being A Self-Hating Jew. He Could Say Whatever He Wanted . . .

. . . But To Me – If It Looks Like A Duck, Swims Like A Duck & Quacks Like A Duck – IT’S A DUCK.

In 1989, Thomas Friedman . . . Currently with the New York Times, had Written a Best-Selling Book Titled . . . From Beirut To Jerusalem, which I Couldn’t Wait to Read (This Book Was Published 31-Years Ago), Because Here was a Prominent Jewish Author who Could Give an Honest Opinion on the Mess Israel Found Itself in During the Lebanese Civil War.

What Struck Me As Being Strange From The Outset . . . was that During the Lebanese Civil War, with Israel Chasing-Down Arafat, Friedman Had Unfettered Access to the World’s Pre-Eminent Terrorist – 24/7.

And as I Continued Reading, it Dawned-On-Me . . . that Friedman’s Book was a Criticism of Israel and a Whitewash for the Palestinians, who were Tearing the Guts out of Lebanon after they were Driven out of Jordan for Trying with Syria to Overthrow the Jordanian Government (Black September).

I Didn’t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Realize Why Friedman Had Unrestricted Access To Arafat.

Even Today . . . Every Opportunity Friedman Has To Screw-Over Israel & Demean America, is an Opportunity Friedman Always Takes. He is Indeed an Enemy From Within . . . Who is Encouraging Americans to Swarm Georgia to Cheat (Vote Illegally) by Voting for the Two Runoff Senate Elections, even though the Americans he’s Cajoling to Vote . . . Don’t Live In Georgia.


I’m Reading Now . . . How so Many RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) are Lining up to the Biden Trough, for a Position in his Not Yet Won White House. And How Many RINOS are Encouraging President Donald Trump to Concede the Election, even as Mountains of Electoral Fraud from Rigged Computers, Offshore Tabulators, Unsolicited Ballots, Unverified & Unverifiable Ballots, Ballot Harvesting, Switched Votes from “Trump” to Biden, Tossed Pro-Trump Ballots, Secret Vote Counting . . . and on and on, which are being Routinely Uncovered.


There Will be Audited Hand Counts with Vote Watchers Up-Close & Personal, Unlike the Restrictions of Observance Imposed Previously on Republican Poll Watchers.

And When all these Votes are Legitimately Counted, even though Many Illegal Votes have already Made their Way into the Mix, President Donald Trump will Win the Election by a Landslide . . . Game Over!

Let’s Assume The Democrats Won’t Cooperate In A Legitimate Vote Recount . . .

As Of The last National American Poll . . . More Than 50% of the American People do Not Believe Biden Won the Election . . .

So What Happens When The Republicans Go To The Supreme Court To Rule On The Veracity Of The November 3, 2020 Election?

The Supreme Court Has Two Choices . . . They Can Rule One Way or the Other, Choosing who will be America’s Next President, which Would Lead to Massive Social Unrest, since Courts should Not Decide upon Such Political Issues, since Elections are the Exclusive Purview of the States.

Besides . . . I Don’t Think The Supreme Court Has The Balls To Make Such A Ruling.

Or . . . the Supreme Court of the United States of America can Toss this Back to the States as is Required by the 12th Amendment in the US Constitution, where I think it Will and Should Go, If There Is No Other Acceptable Resolution.


In the Event, there is so Much Confusion & Controversy over who Wins a Presidential Election for a Myriad of Reasons, the Supreme Court would Invoke the 12th Amendment, which the States by Constitutional Law (12th Amendment), to Each Choose ONE Representative to Go to Congress, where Each State will have Just One Vote, Regardless of the Size or Population of the State, to Choose who will be the Next President of the United States of America.

And Since the Republicans Control the Majority of the States . . . Trump Will Be Sworn-In as the Next President of the United States of America.

Biden Is As Much The President Elect Of The United States Of America As Stryker Could Pass Himself Off As A 97-Pound Cat.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Biden Is As Much The President Elect Of The United States Of America As Stryker Could Pass Himself Off As A 97-Pound Cat.” Stryker as a 97 pound cat would be a hoot for next year’s Halloween, costume! As always, bang on Howard!

  2. Soros justified himself to Kroft by saying “If I hadn’t done it, someone else would have.” What a creep. As for the Georgia senatorial run-off in Jan, it has as much impact, or more, than the presidential outcome since it could mean a total Dem sweep if Biden won. If that happens, I’m wondering whether to literally head for the hills, or move to Sweden (no masks mandate). Again, how can a man who can’t get 500 people to rally or speak seriously on a topic get more than 1/2 USA votes? No way!

  3. Years ago, my brother-in-law gifted me with Thomas Friedman’s book. He was with the Canadian Foreign Service at that time. I was unimpressed.

  4. Wish I could remember the source from this last week or maybe an exit poll, since I live in FL, President Trump received the highest percentage of Jewish votes for a Presidential candidate in a really long time. It has always amazed me so many Jewish votes go for the left. Maybe that will be over after this fiasco.

  5. George Soros should have dealt with like any Nazi collaborator/war criminal scam of the earth, but unfortunately he was smart enough to escape to the US where the Mossad left him alone, have he stayed in Europe or South America…

  6. In my depression the democrats and their ilk are attempting to perform the second crucifixion and for the same reason. And, if they succeed, with the same result. And with another 2000 years to clean up the mess. God help us.

  7. Howard—Great editorial! Thank you for explaining the 12th Amendment. Just love your “STRYKER” comparison…….ha……..ha………ha…. Let’s HOPE and PRAY for a POSITIVE OUTCOME. I still BELIEVE that Pres. Trump WILL be RE-ELECTED! AMEN!

  8. Howard, I have a question for you. Why is it that Liberals never want to talk about politics? Is it just my imagination, or is it that they don’t know what the issues entail and that they are just that, Liberal.

    The Liberals are more invested in Social Engineering through Power than Politics. I Think to the LEFT, Politics is only the Means to their End – HG.

  9. An excellent observation Howard. But in my opinion, if I did not misunderstand the SC could just refuse to hear the case. Is that the same as referring it back to te states?

    Good Point. I don’t know. But it seems to me that this has gone too far for anyone to just dismiss it until, it’s played-through – HG.

  10. I ended a friendship yesterday, Jerry and I have played golf together for 5 years. I knew he was liberal and as a family councilor working for the government, we have had some lively discussions. He told me “Just get over it, Biden is the President” and was not interested in my telling him that it was not over as there are so many issues of fraud in this election that it will take some time but President Trump will remain our President. He said “Trump was neve my President.” At that, I left.

  11. Exactly!! The 12th Amendment will be the final result. Trump and his lawyers know this. So does Broom Hillary, which is why she told Biden not to concede, no matter what!!! Except she didn’t remember the part about the 12th Amendment, where it says 1 vote for each state, it’s not one vote for each representative.

  12. i hope you are correct Howard. America is finished if we lose President Trump.

  13. I truly believe that Biden stayed in his basement and stayed quite was that he was aware that the fix was already in. All he had to do was sit quite and wait.. God bless President Trump and may God bless America!

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